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Features - DEEPMAX Z1

Faults produced by the operator or the environmental conditions like overload signals from nearby metal objects for example will be immediately seen when comparing the six channels. Das muss man dann nachregeln.

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Convenient desktop charging stand keeps the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC headset charged, ready and within easy reach. Some signals appear on one scan and disappear on others to give the operator more advanced information on the kind of metal decay of the eddy currents or the surrounding ground conditions.

It is possible to separate two or more different metal objects which give only one large indication in the Delay channels but two on the conductivity reading or Ground channels. Some ferrous metal objects lying horizontally in the ground will cause a special triple signal with two high and a low indication when looking at the Ground channels.

Signals with a fast decay of the eddy current like foils, thin plates small nails will generate a negative peak in the vertical Z direction in Ground 1 and 2 channels, At the same time Metal objects with a long decay of the eddy currents like massive copper, bronze, aluminum or silver will cause a positive peak in Z direction.

Ferrous metal objects will only give weaker signals and therefore a small indication in Z direction in the three dimensional surface maps only When looking at the Ground channels most of the ground and some of the smaller ferrous items will no longer be displayed comparing them to the Delay channels. On the conductivity reading pictures stronger signals which generate a conductivity reading will produce mainly a single color dot corresponding to the delay reading on the display of the DEEPMAX Z1.

Neutral ground will cause a purple indication. Different nearby metal objects lying in close proximity will give different colors in most cases for better selection.

See table of conductivity reading indications with a 1m x 1m frame coil: Dimensions Electronics control box: Accessories and coils - ask for special offer and package price! The maximum detection depth is limited by the size of the object and the coil. In some cases it is easier to pinpoint very small metal fragments with this coil rather than with a double D- coil.

This search coil can be useful while pinpointing large metal objects which have been located with a frame mounted search coil before. Deeply buried metal objects can be out of the range of the small 26 cm search coil and therefore can only be detected with frame mounted search coils. The 26 cm search coil is waterproof and therefore can be used in saltwater for example. Depending on the type of ground sometimes DD- coils are less affected by extremely mineralized soils but pinpointing will be more difficult than with a single loop coil.

Nuggets smaller than 5mm in diameter should rather be detected with a 26cm search coil than with this coil due to poor sensitivity to very small metal bits and pieces. It offers extreme depth ranges on either single coins or bigger objects buried deep in the ground.

Depth ranges of more than 1 m for a metal object of the size of a soft drink can 0,33 l or up to 50cm on a single gold coin with 25mm diameter make this coil interesting for a lot of different search and locating purposes. Those extreme depth ranges on medium sized and bigger metal objects make frame mounted search coils unnecessary in some cases. Small items can be eliminated by increasing the distance between the coil and the ground.

This 45 cm coil covers much more ground than a 26cm coil does and therefore makes very effective searching possible. Coins with a diameter of less than 15mm should rather be detected with smaller search coils. Universal cable coil 8 m perimeter This extremely lightweight and easy to transport universal cable offers a variety of different search coils for different search applications.

The cable coil has to be fixed with tape on a frame which can be made of PVC-tubes for example. The following search coil configurations are mainly useful for the location of metal objects with a surface of at least 6cm x 6cm or hand sized metal objects for example. Small metal pieces like single coins or nails will be indicated with poor sensitivity or will even be eliminated in some cases because they are out of the range of these frame coils.

It is very easy to cover a large area with frame coils in a short time. This is especially useful when looking for bigger deeply buried metal objects while ignoring those smaller metal pieces at the surface. The following frame mounted search coils have to be carried by two persons with adjustable carrying straps.

The search coil should be hold in parallel to the ground at a constant distance of 10 to 60 cm. The electronics control box should always be carried far away from the field of the search coil. It is also necessary not to wear any clothes, belts or shoes with metal when operating the detector to avoid false signals. Never use any metal screws for the construction of a frame!

This is the smallest frame mounted search coil which offers extreme detection depths for smaller and medium sized objects. Metal fragments and some coins will still be indicated. The maximum detection depth is limited below the bigger frames but higher than with a 45cm diameter coil. Searching with the 1m x 1m frame coil is mainly advisable when looking for hand sized or bigger metal objects buried deep while ignoring small coins, nails and pieces of foil at the surface of the ground. The possible detection depths with this particular frame coil are very high compared with standard sine wave VLF-TR-detectors.

This is one of the reasons why this particular search coil is used for most professional applications.

Large areas can be covered in a short time. Best results are achieved with metal objects having a surface of at least 10cm x 10cm. Because of the size of the coil most of the small metal fragments will be ignored. Most of the nails and other metal fragments can be easily eliminated by increasing the distance between the search coil and the ground.

Even at distances of 50 cm or more there will only be negligible detection depth losses when locating large metal objects. This frame coil has to be carried by two persons with carrying straps. The high depth range of the 1mx1m frame coil is achieved with intense and therefore deep going magnetic field transmitted.

In some cases detection depths in wet, conducting ground are slightly higher or lower than listed. For even higher detection depths use the 12m cable coil which can be arranged similarly to the 8m cable coil to 1m x 1m, 1,5m x 1,5m or 3m x 3m. This particular search coil covers four times as much ground as a 1m x 1m frame coil does. It should only be used when searching for metal objects with a surface of at least 20cm x 20cm pointing towards the coil.

Smaller targets will be located less effectively than with a 1m x 1m frame. This is mainly because it will become more difficult to pinpoint those smaller objects with the large coil. The maximum detection depth is very high and can only be increased with the 12m cable coil arranged to a 1,5m x 1,5m or 3m x 3m frame. The 2 m x 2 m frame coil can be carried by two persons without any carrying straps at a distance of about 80cm above the ground.

This is particularly useful when trying to ignore medium sized metal objects which are smaller than a horseshoe for example. Coins and nails will no longer be detected when doing this. Wenn wir ein Problem mit den Eingabegeräten haben, dann ist es das Design der linken und rechten Maustaste des Pointsticks: Lenovo nutzt ein ergonomischeres Design, bei welchem sich das Touchpad nach unten zu den Tasten neigt - im Grunde wirken die Buttons "erhöht", obwohl sie nicht über das Tastatur-Verdeck hinausragen.

Der Touchscreen reagiert auch an Kanten und Ecken schnell und genau. Dell unterstützt keinen Stift oder Stylus, doch jeder kapazitive Stift sollte gut funktionieren. Im Konfigurationstool bietet Dell sowohl HD 1. Das Lenovo-Notebook schneidet zirka gleich gut wie unser Testkandidat ab.

Die durchschnittlichen DeltaE-Werte 4 bzw. Farben sind ziemlich gut Zielwert: Allerdings weicht im Besonderen Blau viel stärker von dem Idealwert ab als die anderen Farben. Eine schnelle Kalibrierungen wirkt sich auf die Farbe Blau fast gar nicht aus, doch sie verbessert die Farbbalance.

Insgesamt wirken die Farben ziemlich natürlich und die Genauigkeit ist definitiv für einen Business-Laptop angemessen. Die Verwendbarkeit im Freien ist vergleichsweise schlecht: Die Blickwinkel sind ausgezeichnet. Farbveränderungen sind nicht erkennbar, obwohl die Helligkeit bei Abweichungen in vertikaler Richtung stärker zu fallen scheint als wir es bei anderen Panels beobachten konnten. Allerdings wirkt sich dieser kleine Helligkeitsabfall bei alltäglicher Verwendung nicht aus.

Das ist für ein Mittelklasse-Modelle definitiv weit entfernt von preisgünstig. Wir haben während der Tests keine Abstürze oder Leistungsprobleme erlebt. Einige Laptops - besonders passiv gekühlte - zeigen einen deutlichen Leistungsabfall, wenn die Last längere Zeit anhält. Im Falle der Core iU beträgt die maximale Taktrate 1.

Gelegentlich konnten wir Einbrüche auf bis zu MHz beobachten, doch ein Anstieg folgte unmittelbar. Auch nach langer Laufzeit konnten wir keine deutlichen Veränderungen erkennen.

Während des weiteren Testverlaufs konnten wir keine anderen Veränderungen beobachten. Unigine Heaven simuliert realistische Last von Gaming und anderen anspruchsvollen Aufgaben. Bemerkenswert ist, dass der Systemlüfter einige Minuten nach Ende der Last weiterläuft - viele andere Notebooks zeigen eine nahezu unmittelbare Verlangsamung der Lüfterumdrehungen.

Im Idle-Betrieb bleibt der Geräuschpegel immer unter 30 dB. Niedrige bis mittlere Last bringt den Lüfter dazu zu beschleunigen und das Geräusch steigt von 33 auf 42 dB. Der beobachtete Maximalwert beträgt 47 dB, doch dazu muss das System unrealistisch hoher Last ausgesetzt werden, die im Normalbetrieb nur sehr unwahrscheinlich auftritt.

Auch bei maximaler Last klingt das Latitude niemals übertrieben aufdringlich. Alle anderen Laptops in unserem Vergleich sind allerdings nicht annähernd so laut. Die Idle-Temperaturen sind ziemlich niedrig. Die Stereolautsprecher befinden sich an der Vorderkante und schallen nach unten sowie nach vorne. Wie bei einem kleinen Business-Notebook üblich ist die Soundqualität nicht gerade eine Offenbarung. Während der Bass schwach, jedoch vorhanden ist, sind die Mitten überraschend ausgewogen.

Die Lautsprecher werden ohne zu verzerren ziemlich laut und Stimmen klingen sehr klar und sind leicht verständlich - was sicherlich ein Bonus für ein Business-Notebook ist, das für Video-Konferenzen herangezogen werden könnte.

Wie immer empfehlen wir für bessere Klangqualität externe Lautsprecher oder Kopfhörer. Frequency Comparison Checkbox selectable! Das Testmodell ist diesbezüglich einfach konkurrenzlos. Mit sekundärem Wh-Akku ausgestattet, könnte das ThinkPad T laut unseren Schätzungen möglicherweise zirka 14,5 Stunden durchhalten.