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Topic 5 The Cold War To what extent did decisions about post-war Germany contribute to the breakdown of East—West relations between and ? Des Weiteren bieten wir im Premium Bereich die kompletten Profile unserer männlichen und weiblichen Escorts an, die im öffentlichen Bereich nicht gleich alles preisgeben wollen und somit durch ein verkürztes Profil dargestellt werden.

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Main Gate, Peden Bks, Post gym and chapel , Main gate area, Würzburg Military Post March - December Würzburg District - Article describes plans to build a stateside-style shopping mall at Leighton Barracks. Need some assistance in locating the following units, activities on Faulenberg during the s thru the early s or even earlier if possible: The year was and the construction progressed rapidly. Albert Kesselring inspected the base in February and presented the unit with its colors.

Later that year, in June, the people of Giebelstadt held a festival at the airbase as part of the celebration commemorating the town's 1,th year of existence. The bombers flew many missions against various targets located to France. As the war moved away from Giebelstadt, the base was converted into a training facility, and from to German pilots, observers and radio operators were trained at Giebelstadt.

Between and , the base was used for experimentation and development of secret aircraft, including the jet-powered Messerschmitt ME and the rocket powered Messerschmitt ME The base was placed "off-limits" to all personnel except those specifically authorized by the Air Ministry.

In order to maintain the utmost in secrecy, the name of Giebelstadt was deleted from all German maps. The secrecy surrounding the base was successful and although many missions were flown against the base only two ever found their mark.

In April , Giebelstadt was captured by the 12th Armored Division, and shortly thereafter, the war in Europe came to an end. A year later the base was again operational, but this time as a U. Spatz, Commanding General of the Army Air Force visited the base in July and witnessed an aerial review of the newly acquired Ps of the 55th Group. On August 20 of that year, the 55th Group was replaced by the 31st Group which remained at Giebelstadt until The th Engineer Aviation Battalion arrived in February to extend the runway to feet in preparation for bomber operations.

Upon completion of the runway program, the base was then used as a training base and a temporary support for Bs of the Strategic Air Command during temporary deployments to Europe. Then the base was completely closed and all U. The years between and found the base used to billet transient units.

These units practiced implementing a dispersal program to Europe. During one of these temporary stays, the Duke of Edinburg visited the airbase. When the nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron was permanently assigned to Giebelstadt in , that started the longest stay any of the U. The th Aviation Company was assigned to Giebelstadt in June This unit was later redesignated Co B, 3rd Aviation Battalion Combat and was the first element of the battalion to occupy the base.

These were high-flying, long-range spy planes. Gary Powers, the American U-2 pilot was shot down over Russia in , also flew out of the forward deployment base at Giebelstadt. When Czechoslovakia was annexed by Germany in March , people of the Western Hemisphere got a bit worried.

Then, as Hitler's devastating "Blitzkrieg" overran Poland in the Autumn of , and Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France in the early half of , western eyebrows raised and western mouths dropped in amazement for Americans were opening their eyes to the menace of the "Hitler Method" of warfare.

How could this be happening? Where did Germany get the troops, the equipment, the planes and pilots that made his "Lighting war" such a success?

What had happened to the Treaty of Versailles? This was no haphazard thing, this was real war. Cool, calculating, quick, deadly. This was a war carried on by military genius and well trained men. But how were these men trained, the pilots for instance? How could Germany build itself such a powerful Air Force without the world being aware of it? Here is one way. There was built in near the small town of Giebelstadt, 17 kilometers 10 miles south of Wurzburg, Germany, an air field with 6 hangars, an aircraft maintenance shop, billets and administrative buildings.

This school turned out experienced airlines pilots. Nothing here that broke the Versailles Treaty. The world was glad to see Germany struggling to regain its feet. Let's look at why Germany picked Giebelstadt as one of the main points for her Air Force. The town itself is small, unassuming. It is located near the center of the German Empire. The large nearby town of Wurzburg is conveniently located on the Main river, this allowing supplies to be easily brought into the area.

The weather in the vicinity is about the best flying weather in Germany. Many woods are in this area allowing excellent camouflage. The camouflage was so good, in fact, that often the base could not be found in order to be bombed.

In the base did receive one bad bombing, but this did not stop the bombers that were stationed here. Repairs were made and during the end of the people in this area were amazed by the sight of the Messerschmidt , a propellerless aircraft capable of unbelievable speed. Germany had developed the first jet type aircraft and Giebelstadt was chosen as the second great German Jet Air Base after the first, Lechfeld near Augsburg , was destroyed. Again in , Giebelstadt took a terrific bombing, so much so, that planes often had to use the main road leading into Wurzburg as a taxi strip to their hangars which were located on the side of this road.

How did these jet planes take off then, with their runway broken up? Giebelstadt become the testing site for some of the first "jet rocket assist" take off. The pilots were a little afraid of these new, fast aircraft. Flights hat to be short, because of the great fuel consumption. Flights had to be made during daylight hours only, for too many men misjudged the speeds of these planes. Many techniques had to be learned by these pilots. Different experiments were made, such as fying in the prone position.

The ACW Sq took over the main base function on July 20, and has continued this up to the present time. Giebelstadt Air Base has and will play a very important part as a link in the chain that holds together the NATO nations. Each day Giebelstadt helps to keep people free the world over.

Familiar face fades from Kitzingen scene By Louise Eaton. On March 4, , the last time Anneliese Funk saw her father alive, he told her, "The only thing you can do is get over to the West, as far and as fast as possible.

The journey that began in in northwestern Poland hasn't ended. Funk is retiring after 38 years working for the American military in Kitzingen and she plans to spend part of her free time traveling to the States, looking up old friends and seeing for the first time the country she has worked for for most of her life.

She describes how her life gradually grew out of the situation in That took me to what is now Poland, near where my father was stationed When he told me to go, our NEO plan didn't work. First, I took a boat that broke down and turned back.

There were twelve refugees crowded in that boat; it just took us out to an island and left us. When Funk reached Hamburg, she learned that Kitzingen and Wuerzburg had been bombed and that no trains were running there.

My mother was at our apartment in Kitzingen and when I rang the bell three times, she knew I was home. You think," she relates "I have to find a job, any job, and that is when I started with the Americans - just until things get back to normal on the German economy, I told myself. The only reluctance I felt was that it might affect my father, but it turned out that he didn't live to learn about it. They counted what I produced for them, not my past.

I had had six years of English in school, but it was rather hard in the beginning to get used to American English. Sometimes they laughed and didn't say why. I know it was because I said things wrong or not the way they should be. I hated it but I couldn't quit because the German economy still was not going.

She transferred to be the administrative assistant in G-4 of the new Kitzingen Quartermaster Sub-Post. In she transferred yet again to become secretary and administrative assistant at the commissary which was then located in the old candy factory downtown by the river. There was a German core, maybe about 50 of us, who began to realize that these could be permanent jobs. Each family had a charge account. You could not pay in cash. But the biggest administrative problem was with the milkmen.

There was home delivery of dairy products daily. The dairy products came from Denmark and Holland and the meats from Yugoslavia. People put in a milk order at the commissary and they could only change it every ten days. Then the milkmen took it each day to wherever they lived and we had to charge it to their accounts.

But it was a good working atmosphere, with a good crew. We put in many long hours, but it was a good job. I will never forget my supervisor. His last name was Jackson, his first name was General, but he was a civilian," she laughingly says. Funk moved with it. She shook her head and said, "At the time of its construction, that commissary was designed for a maximum capacity of about families.

But there was still a lot of work because all our accounts were separate from Wuerzburg. Funk stayed on until to do the administrative transition, but then she began looking for another position because she didn't want to commute daily to Wuerzburg.

It was a very dry job. Because I was not satisfied, I went to school in the evening to improve my English. I thought seriously of turning back to the German economy and thought that with improved English, I could find a position with an international firm. In eighteen months at the night school, she completed a course of study that usually took two years for full-time day students.

I stayed on and applied for his position. Connolley, was the senior officer in Kitzingen and thus the spokesman for the American military community. The transition was easy for her. What mattered most were the first two difficult situations.

Once you gave successful advice and they heard it, trust developed. It is most important that whatever you do is accepted as a fair contribution for both sides, that both sides feel, 'Yes, she is looking out for our interests. As part of the war generation, I understand well the necessity of the NATO alliance to deter aggression from the east. I had long since resolved all doubts about working for the Americans. They were people with heart who made sincere efforts to live together harmoniously.

I remembered a black second lieutenant named Cartwright who worked with me in G-4 in ; he was commander of an honor guard then. I waited until General Cartwright came to Kitzingen to see if it was the same man. He saw the sign on my door and came in and said, 'Frau Funk, you are still here! Many of the young officers I had known came back with one or two stars and they all remembered me.

But, now, most of my age group has retired. The job was so much a part of my life. I feared that lack of fulfillment, of mission, of tasks, the empty times. Late last year I made the decision and faced the uncertainty of what will come after. I practiced retirement by using up accumulated leave, and now I'm glad to stop because the years in PAO were all-consuming.

You know what's funny is how out of a temporary job grew a very permanent thing, and then it became a mission. In addition to these requirements, the soldier had to be quite verbal, able to speak clearly and well. I don't know where I found the time to do all that. He asked me to trace his natural mother. I started in Bremerhaven where he was born, but I lost her when she emigrated to Sidney, Australia.

You can't keep going until you shake. My heart will always lie with this work and my outlook will always be that of public affairs, but now it is time to think of myself and enjoy retirement while I still have time.

Für Rückfragen oder Notfälle am Tag des vereinbarten Dates, stellen Sie bitte sicher, dass Sie möglichst jederzeit telefonisch erreichbar sind. Bitte haben Sie Verständnis dafür, dass Sie unsere Begleiter nicht direkt anrufen können. Halten Sie bitte Ihr Mobiltelefon kurz vor dem Treffen immer empfangsbereit.

Für den Fall, dass eine Barzahlung vereinbart worden ist, übergeben Sie bitte zu Beginn des Treffens das vereinbarte Honorar in einem nicht verschlossenen Umschlag. Bitte bringen Sie Ihre Begleitung nicht in Verlegenheit danach fragen zu müssen. Alle Begleiter und Begleiterinnen handeln im eigenem Namen und auf eigene Rechnung. Sie sind neben ihrer normalen beruflichen Tätigkeit, oder neben ihrem Studium gewerblich selbstständig tätig.

Wir vermitteln weder illegalen, noch sittenwidrigen oder unmoralischen Service. Auf Anfrage bieten einige unserer Begleiter ein einstündiges Kennenlernen im Bereich ihrer Homebase an. Bitte sprechen Sie uns an! Das einstündige Kennenlernen kann nicht kombiniert werden mit Private-Time oder nur Begleitung! Um Ihnen ein unverbindliches Kennenlernen zu ermöglichen, bieten einige unserer Begleitungen ein Treffen ohne Option auf Erotik an. Diese Möglichkeit besteht nur am Wohnort der Begleitung.

Um die Verfügbarkeit und die Preise zu erfragen, bitten wir Sie uns vorab zu kontaktieren. Es fallen keine Fahrtkosten für ein Treffen am jeweiligen Wohnort der Begleitung an. Für ein Treffen an jedem beliebigen Ort, ist das Bahn, bzw.

Flugticket für den Hin- und Rückweg, sowie eine Fahrtkostenpauschale, je nach Entfernung, zu bezahlen. Eine Geldempfangsvollmacht der Escorts liegt uns vor. Selbstverständlich kann auch mal was dazwischenkommen und Sie müssen das Date absagen oder verschieben. In diesem Fall wird die Anzahlung, abzüglich aller bereits angefallenen Kosten Tickets für Flug oder Bahn, Reservierungs- oder Stornogebühren, Organisationskosten , für Ihre nächste Buchung vorgehalten.

Sollte innerhalb eines Zeitraumes von 6 Monaten keine weitere Buchung von Ihnen getätigt werden, verfällt die Anzahlung. Die angegebenen Preise enthalten die z. Zur Buchung Fragen und Antworten Wer sind wir? Wen wollen wir ansprechen?

Ist unsere Plattform kostenlos nutzbar? Sie zahlen an die Agentur weder Gebühren für die Kontaktaufnahme, für die Freischaltung des Premiumbereiches, Buchungsanfragen oder für die Vermittlungen an die Begleiterinnen und Begleiter. Auf welchen Wegen kann ich eine Buchung tätigen? Was passiert mit meinen Daten, wenn ich eine Buchungsanfrage schicke, oder mich für den Premium-Bereich registrieren lasse? Keinesfalls werden Ihre Daten an Dritte oder die Escorts weitergegeben.

Hiermit werden sämtliche von Ihnen im System hinterlegte Informationen gelöscht. Diese Daten werden lediglich für interne Zwecke genutzt! Warum bekomme ich vielleicht einen Rückruf, wenn ich mich für den Premiumbereich registrieren lasse? Des Weiteren bieten wir im Premium Bereich die kompletten Profile unserer männlichen und weiblichen Escorts an, die im öffentlichen Bereich nicht gleich alles preisgeben wollen und somit durch ein verkürztes Profil dargestellt werden.

Wenn Sie sich für den Premium-Bereich anmelden, sind alle Bilder komplett sichtbar ohne Verfremdungen, sowie die kompletten Angaben zu den Escort Männern und Damen zu finden. Damit wir uns Ihre Angaben bestätigen lassen können, werden wir uns eventuell kurz telefonisch bei Ihnen melden, nachdem Sie sich für den Premium-Zugang registrieren haben lassen. Bitte lassen Sie uns über das Registrierungsformular eine Nachricht zukommen, falls wir uns zu einer bestimmten Zeit bei Ihnen melden sollen. Kann ich selbst den Kontakt zur Begleitung aufnehmen?

Dies geht leider nicht! Um diese zu wahren, werden wir keinesfalls private Daten der Begleiterinnen und Begleiter weitergeben. Wir möchten Sie hiermit bitten, dies zu respektieren und die Escorts nicht beim Date nach privaten Angaben zu fragen. Wie sind die Preise für die Begleiter?

Die Preise für spezielle Anfragen, wie Urlaubsbegleitung oder Reservierungen über mehrere Tage, bitten wir vorab direkt bei uns zu erfragen. Wir sind verpflichtet erst Rücksprache mit dem jeweiligen Escort zu halten, um Ihnen im Anschluss die Auskunft über die Verfügbarkeit mitzuteilen. Wie bezahle ich meine Begleitung? Im Normalfall wird die vereinbarte Summe in einem unverschlossenen Umschlag, direkt am Anfang des Dates, an den Begleiter, oder die Begleiterin übergeben.

Bei Reservierungen über einen längeren Zeitraum, oder einer Anreise über 50 km, wodurch eine Anzahlung fällig wird, gibt es die Möglichkeit, die abgesprochene Summe direkt nach der Buchungsbestätigung, auf das neutrale Konto der Agenturinhaberin zu überweisen, oder per PayPal zu zahlen. Bei Zahlungen aus dem Ausland über PayPal, können höhere Gebühren anfallen, die vorab zu erfragen sind. Was mache ich bei speziellen Vorlieben und Wünschen?

Um auf Ihre erotischen oder auch spezielleren Wünsche einzugehen, bitten wir Sie vorab Kontakt mit uns aufzunehmen. Sie erreichen uns telefonisch zu den angegebenen Bürozeiten oder Sie schreiben uns einfach eine Nachricht über das Kontaktformular, oder senden uns eine E-Mail. Wir melden uns dann gerne zu der von Ihnen gewünschten Zeit, in der Sie ungestört mit uns telefonieren können.

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Kann ich eine Buchung stornieren? Selbstverständlich ist es kein Problem, wenn Ihnen aus wichtigen privaten oder beruflichen Gründen mal was dazwischen kommt. Wir bitten Sie uns zeitnah hierüber zu informieren. Wenn Sie es wünschen, dann verlegen wir den Termin einfach auf einen anderen Tag, an dem es bei Ihnen besser passt.

Fallen bei einer Stornierung Kosten an? Selbstverständlich kann auch mal was dazwischen kommen und Sie müssen das Date absagen oder verschieben. Da Buchungen für Reisen einem Stornoschutz unterliegen, können die Kosten für bereits gebuchte Bahn- oder Flugtickets meist nicht erstattet werden. Was ist, wenn ich mir meine Begleitung anders vorgestellt habe? Falls zwischen Ihnen und dem ausgewählten Escort der Funke nicht überspringt, teilen Sie dies dem Herrn oder der Dame bitte beim Treffen direkt mit.

Das kann vorkommen und wird nicht persönlich genommen. Selbstverständlich haben auch unsere Escorts die Möglichkeit, das Date vorzeitig zu beenden. Unsere Escorts sind selbstständig und entscheiden nach eigenem Ermessen darüber, welche Termine sie annehmen.

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