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In , the Glenn Miller recording on RCA Victor was inducted into the Library of Congress National Recording Registry which consists of recordings that are "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. The arrangement has two solo sections; a " tenor fight " or chase solo—in the most famous recording, between Tex Beneke and Al Klink —and a bar trumpet solo by Clyde Hurley. Lyrics were added by Andy Razaf. The main theme, featuring repeated arpeggios rhythmically displaced, previously appeared under the title of " Tar Paper Stomp " credited to jazz trumpeter and bandleader Wingy Manone.

Under copyright laws, a tune that had not been written down and registered with the copyright office could be appropriated by any musician with a good ear. In this recording there was a baritone sax duet rather than a tenor sax battle.

Before offering it to Glenn Miller, Garland sold the tune to Artie Shaw in , who chose not to record it because the original arrangement was too long. However, he did perform it in concert. The band subsequently performed a shorter version. The Hayes recording was over three minutes in length to fit on one side of a 78 record. The tune was finally sold in to Glenn Miller, who played around with its arrangement for a while. Although the arrangers of most of the Miller tunes are known, things are a bit uncertain for "In the Mood".

It is often thought [10] that Eddie Durham who contributed other arrangements on the recording date of "In the Mood", August 1, as well , John Chalmers, Chummy MacGregor the pianist, composer, and arranger in the Glenn Miller Orchestra and Miller himself contributed most to the final version.

According to the account by MacGregor, "all they used of the original arrangement were the two front saxophone strains and another part that occurred later on in the arrangement. Miller probably edited some of the arrangement along with MacGregor.

Two editions of the sheet music are in common circulation. Haring , is in G and has lyrics beginning, "Who's the livin' dolly with the beautiful eyes? While it led the Record Buying Guide jukebox list for 13 weeks and stayed on the Billboard charts for 30 weeks, it never made the top 15 on the sheet music charts, which were considered by many to be the true measure of popular success.

The popular Your Hit Parade program ranked it no higher than ninth place, for one week only It is one of the most recognized and popular instrumentals of the 20th century.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It appears in a TV commercial for Heinz ketchup. Its designation was V-Disc B. The recording was also released as a Navy V-Disc as A.

This piece of music was not new in Europe. The song charted at number 16 in in a version by Johnny Maddox. In December , the rendition of "In the Mood" that Ernie Fields and his Orchestra recorded had peaked at number 4 by means of the Billboard popular hit parade and number 7 by means of both the Rhythm and Blues [20] and the Cash Box hit parades.

In the s, former Bando da Lua musician, producer Aloisio de Oliveira , wrote a humorous Portuguese lyric to this song, re-titling it as "Edmundo". In a Ferranti Mark 1 computer at the University of Manchester played "In the Mood", one of the first songs to be played by a computer, and the oldest known recording of digitally generated music.

In the winter of , a novelty version by the Henhouse Five Plus Too employing the sounds of clucking chickens entered the U. Billboard 40, [22] Cash Box 37 [23]. Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers recorded a version of the song as part of a medley entitled " Swing the Mood " which went no. The record reached No. It was the 2nd best-selling single of in the UK.

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