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T he two memorials for fallen soldiers in the cemetery; the older, smaller monument to the Laubenheimer soldiers fallen during the Franco-Prussian War was originally on the market square but , under the Nazis, was moved here.

Timeline of Strategic Aviation – 1944

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A military memorial service will be held at St. The date and time of the memorial service will be announced as soon as possible. The family suggests for anybody who wishes to make a memorial donation to send something to a service member overseas, a veteran or local service member and present it as a gift from PFC Ross McGinnis. On December 4, , while on duty in Baghdad, Iraq, McGinnis used his body to smother a grenade, saving the lives of four fellow soldiers.

McGinnis died from the blast. His remains will later be transferred to Arlington National Cemetery. The grenade flew past McGinnis and down through the hatch before lodging near the radio. He gave his life to save his crew and his Platoon Sergeant. Two of them have returned to duty. The fourth soldier is recovering in Germany. In it, he was referred to as a Private First Class.

His company commander, Captain Michael Baka, had signed a waiver to promote McGinnis the morning he died. McGinnis was posthumously promoted to Specialist, Baka said. Clair, Stars and Stripes Thursday, December 14, A Schweinfurt, Germany-based infantryman who jumped on a grenade to save other troops is being recommended for the Medal of Honor. Soldiers in his unit said he used his body to cover a grenade that had been thrown into his Humvee by an enemy fighter on a nearby rooftop. Smith was honored posthumously for his actions during the battle for the Baghdad airport in , when he killed as many as 50 enemy fighters while helping wounded comrades to safety.

Dunham, who also used his body to smother a grenade and protect two of his fellow Marines. A date for the presentation ceremony has not yet been given. If approved, it would end with Congress.

Because of this, the award is often erroneously referred to as the Congressional Medal of Honor. A Silver Star already has been awarded to McGinnis for his bravery, and even if he is eventually awarded the Medal of Honor, the Silver Star will stay on his record. Ryan also said that if the Medal of Honor is not approved, it could be downgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross.

Don't forget to honor his parent's request to send a note or gift to the men of Charlie Company. On his 17th birthday -- the first day he was eligible -- Ross McGinnis stepped into the recruiting station and joined the Army through the Delayed Enlistment Program, she said.

Ross McGinnis was bright but restless and wasn't a stellar student. He later became a car enthusiast while taking automotive technology at the Clarion County Career Center. He couldn't sit still," Tom McGinnis said. Ross was 6 feet tall, pounds, and a lefty, and he was a good shot with either hand: During his infantry training, the left-handed McGinnis qualified as an expert shooting left-handed and as a sharpshooter -- one step below expert -- shooting right-handed, she said.

McGinnis arrived in Iraq in early August and his unit was sent to Eastern Baghdad to help quell the brewing sectarian war. Mostly, due to the sentencing of Saddam, no one really seemed to notice that Charlie had taken out 50 insurgents during a violent period following the verdict. McGinnis, as a machine gunner, had been awarded nominated for a Silver Star for his actions in that fight.

He was granted a waiver for time in service to be promoted to Specialist, too. McGinnis was manning his armored humvee's machine gun. From a position above the humvee, an insurgent lobbed a grenade that arced through McGinnis' hatch and fell to the humvee console lodging in the radio at McGinnis' feet. McGinnis said then he didn't know how he would act, but when the time came, he delivered.

For saving the lives of his friends and giving up his own in the process, McGinnis earned the Silver Star, posthumously. His unit paid their final respects in a somber ceremony here December 11, His chain of command is considering nominating him for the Medal of Honor. Ross will be buried in Arlington. His parents have an interesting way for you to honor Ross's memory: A military memorial service is being planned at 2 p.

His remains will then be transferred to Arlington National Cemetery. His family has suggested for anybody who wishes to make a memorial donation to send something to a service member overseas, a veteran or local service member and present it as a gift from PFC Ross McGinnis.

Gifts to his unit may be sent to: What they have to say is after the Jump It was a thrill, he loved everything about it. He was one our best Soldiers. PFC Ross McGinnis' platoon was conducting a combat patrol to deny the enemy freedom of movement in Adhamiyah and reduce the high-level of sectarian violence in the form of kidnappings, weapons smuggling, and murders. The combat patrol made a left turn onto a side street southwest of the Abu Hanifa Mosque.

There were two-story buildings and parked vehicles on either side of the road. His primary responsibility was to protect the rear of the combat patrol from enemy attacks. He immediately yelled "grenade" on the vehicle's intercom system to alert the four other members of his crew. PFC McGinnis made an attempt to personally deflect the grenade, but was unable to prevent it from falling through the gunner's hatch. His Platoon Sergeant, the truck commander, was unaware that the grenade physically entered the vehicle and shouted "where?

When an average man would have leapt out of the gunner's cupola to safety, PFC McGinnis decided to stay with his crew. Unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his own life he announced "the grenade is in the truck" and threw his back over the grenade to pin it between his body and the truck's radio mount.

When the grenade detonated, PFC McGinnis absorbed all lethal fragments and the concussion with his own body killing him instantly. His early warning allowed all four members of his crew to position their bodies in a protective posture to prepare for the grenade's blast. As a result of his quick reflexes and heroic measures, no other members of the vehicle crew were seriously wounded in the attack. His gallant action and total disregard for his personal well-being directly saved four men from certain serious injury or death.

PFC McGinnis' extraordinary heroism and selflessness at the cost of his own life, above and beyond the call of duty, are in the keeping of the highest traditions of military service. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his country. T he flag-draped casket of Keystone High School graduate Ross McGinnis is carried past several American flags and past and present servicemen and women Sunday afternoon outside St.

Paul Lutheran Church in Knox. McGinnis, 19, died Dec. Interment will be at a later date in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. McGinnis may have started out a "scrawny teen-ager" who didn't want to take life too seriously, but he will be remembered as the homegrown hero devoted to the well-being of his four fellow infantrymen rather than his own. Army Major General David H.

He gave his life for his fellow soldiers and for his country. The soldier shouted a warning to the other men before hurling himself onto the grenade - lodged near the Humvee's radio - shortly before it blew up, killing him.

Huntoon formally presented the Silver Star and Purple Heart at the service. It was estimated that more than members of the community attended the service at St. Paul's Lutheran Church with a large group filling the basement and participating in the ceremony while watching from a TV monitor.

There were also dozens of military service men and women and members of area veterans groups in attendance as well as a strong showing of the Patriot Guard Riders - a motorcycle-riding veterans organization. Local funeral director David McEntire organized the service, which included broadcasts by speaker outside the facility.

School and shuttle buses were used to transport individuals through the countryside from parking areas a couple miles away at the Interstate 80 exit. Army reserve headquarters in Pittsburgh. McGinnis, a Keystone High School graduate, is now being recommended to receive the Medal of Honor for his actions on December 4, Debbie Jacobson, pastor of St.

John's Lutheran Church in Emlenton. McGinnis, the son of Thomas and Romayne, did not serve and die for honors but "in an attempt to shield his beloved brothers" so they may live, she said.

Bagpipes played as the soldier's coffin was slowly carried into the building. He would have rather put in long hours to build ramps for jumping his BMX bike but not so "willing to mow the lawn or take the garbage out," she said to laughter. He then enlisted in the Army at the age of And his actions on December 4 showed "what a percent kind of guy would do," she said.

Huntoon is the commandant of the U. Army War College in Carlisle. He said McGinnis was part of a mission that requires equal measures of courage and compassion. It is clear to the Army that he was "an outstanding leader and always looked out for his fellow troops," he said. A company colonel has been quoted as saying McGinnis demonstrated the most selfless act of any man he's ever known. We salute his honor and inspiration and we remember his brilliant example of selfless service.

He will not be forgotten by his country or by the U. Area legislators attending the ceremony included U. Congressman John Peterson, state Sen. Mary Jo White, state Rep.

State police, Clarion County sheriff's deputies and others provided additional services. The ceremony "was a great tribute to Ross and he deserves that. Kayla Rhoades and Heidi Snyder, both graduates of , were among those in attendance. Both were touched by the community support shown at the service. McIlhattan, a Knox resident, had also requested that all Pennsylvania flags under Gov. Ed Rendell's office be flown at half-staff on Sunday in recognition of McGinnis' sacrifice.

McGinnis, whose promotion to specialist became effective at the time of his death, will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia at a later date.

The year-old Army gunner from the outskirts of Pittsburgh was on patrol in Baghdad's Adhamiyah neighborhood Dec. McGinnis, 19, saved four soldiers. When he realized the four soldiers inside would not be able to escape in time, he leapt into the vehicle and covered the grenade with his body, taking the full brunt of the explosion. He has also been nominated for the Medal of Honor. Just after 11 a. As the Riders' motorcycles rumbled, hundreds of mourners stepped into the warm sun and silently gathered behind a yellow rope.

McGinnis's family sat in green-draped chairs at the grave. The military funeral rites took place around them with characteristic efficiency, and the crowd watched with customary solemnity. But the chaplain's eulogy was fiery. He spoke passionately of the young man's heroic deeds, gesturing dramatically and stomping his feet.

But Thomas McGinnis said the grief he felt when two Army officers appeared at his front door to tell him that his youngest child was dead will continue for a long time. In kindergarten, he told his teacher that he wanted to be an "Army man. Military life apparently suited him. In an article in the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, soldiers in his platoon called him the "combat cameraman," because he was almost never without a camera, and recalled that "shooting big guns and getting paid for it" was his dream job.

Thomas McGinnis said his son was friendly and funny, not particularly inclined toward school but fascinated with cars. On his return, he planned to study automotive technology and pursue a career working on high-performance vehicles. When Thomas McGinnis learned of the circumstances of his son's death, it made sense that Ross gave his life for his friends, he said. I just immediately reacted and did what I had to do," says Lucas, 79, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who today still has shrapnel in his body after somehow surviving the blast on February 20, On the second day of the island invasion, Lucas and three other Marines were fighting near an airfield when two grenades landed in their trench.

Lucas saw them first, yelled a warning and dived over another Marine to reach them. He jammed the butt of his M-1 rifle onto the explosive he recognized as a grenade that can explode into fragments, and pushed it several inches into the ash. The other device, a concussion grenade designed to stun enemy soldiers, failed to detonate.

In his autobiography, Indestructible, Lucas describes what happened next. I never lost consciousness. The force propelled me into the air, rotating my body degrees. I dropped to the earth. Except for an intense tingling sensation, I had no feeling. I had suffered over entrance wounds. Lucas was the youngest Marine ever to receive the award.

He remained strong, even serving in the s as a U. Army paratrooper, but time and the grenade wounds have taken a toll. Lucas still carries more than pieces of shrapnel in his body. A fragment in his spine requires regular pain-medicine injections. In recent years, deterioration of a right lung damaged by the blast has left him needing oxygen from a portable tank. Muttermal, Sehnen, Zysten und Biopsien z. Diese mikroinvasiven Methoden sind für die Patienten schonend und werden oft bei Vorsorgeuntersuchungen durchgeführt.

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