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Knock- Out Produkte vollziehen die Bewegung des Basiswertes 1: Optionsscheine ermöglichen die gehebelte Partizipation an steigenden Call und fallenden Put Kursen eines Basiswertes. Dabei wird der Preis nicht nur von der Bewegung des Basiswertes, sondern auch von anderen Faktoren wie z. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserem Basiswissen.

Die Marktteilnehmer sind nach wie vor nervös. Auch der heutige Handelstag konnte keine klare Richtung vorgeben. Die mühsam erarbeiteten Kursanstiege wurden zunächst schnell wieder abverkauft. Wie an der Schnur gezogen markierte der Index ein Hoch nach Erzielen Sie die gleiche Wertentwicklung wie Top-Trader: Daily DAX vom Das obere Ziel kann heute Unterseitig kann heute bei Daily Aktien vom Daily Öl vom Die Chance ist gegeben, die Rally bald weiter auszudehnen. Wenn es gelingt, die 78,00 USD zu überwinden, könnte der Anstieg nach der kurzfristig intraday abgeschlossenen Bodenbildung bis 79,70 USD ausgedehnt werden.

Unterhalb der 76,93 USD wird es alternativ bärischer. You want to come across as some objective technologist, and then you make simplistic comparisons like this. One dimension, one use case, etc. Why pay bucks when you can pay , or for that matter, 40? But, as everyone well knows, people increasingly use smartphones for all sorts of things, for increasing amounts of time per day. If it was, you might have a point. The more actively, intensely, pervasively, comprehensively, productively, profitably, trustfully, comfortably, confidently, etc, etc, etc.

Indeed, as it replaces other things cameras, paper and pen, gps devices, watches, etc. Especially if the quality and durability as you already admitted above allows its use to be extended a couple of years. If every price and sales figure in the world is drastically wrong, then why did you waste your time doing the calculation? I guess the use of money is entirely futile because its value is random and incomparable.

Not maybe, not in the small. Hey, you learned something to day! Or you could have! That is essentially the definition of irrationality here…. Frankly, I skimmed it.

I had my share of its kind 30 years ago when I was studying. Details change, the gist stays the same. At the least, for photos and social media, etc.

Apple is making the quality of their product of value to as many people as possible in different ways. The economics such as in this article bear that out. Everything we know about how the brain works in general and how buying decisions are made in particular is wrong then. As recent facts have revealed, resale value should be discounted by the cost of a replacement battery after about 1.

Now, maybe Macs had twice the longevity of iPhones, but iPads? Of course it does! Just not on the immediate gratification scale that typical manufacturers are locked into. Did you even read what Horace wrote? I have no problem if you want to keep your head buried in the sand and ignore reality. Thanks for the wonderful analysis. By example, the the first generation Apple TV is going out of support in iTunes.

I think that there is —I have no idea how it affects numbers— a decrease on the number of decade-old devices. Heh, bit of an understatement I think. Another key question is, what of the fate of the 1 in 3 devices that is no longer in use? To what extent is the size of the resale market being artificially depressed by trade ins being diverted to recycling instead of resale? To what extent are people just dropping their devices in drawers and forgetting about them which would be another vector for approaching the mystery of satisfaction?

Presumably, devices becomes too old at some point to be effectively used. I buy a new iPhone every year and have a chain of hand-me-downs first my kids, then nephews. And I continue to see occasional 4s phones small with a glass back on my day to day travels through Toronto.

In particular, such phone likely need a fairly costly battery replacement the battery replacement cost is comparable to the resale value of the device. I suspect a fair number just get damaged and lost. In particular, I hear a lot of parents complain that their kids broke their iPhones through negligence.

An interesting side note would be the effect on active devices if Apple continues its low cost battery replacement program indefinitely. Update cycles would lengthen, but customer value would continue in the form of greater trade in value when they do decide to upgrade.

Very interesting, thank you! Do you have an estimate about the usage ratio of androids? As I say in another post, Statista says that, as of November of , there were 2. Which explains why nobody ever talks about installed base of iPhones…. Google only reports 2 billion active Android devices which includes tablets as well as phones.

You need to compare all iOS devices, not just iPhones to get the installed base iOS which after all is the important figure. It could go both ways:. On the one hand, Apple devices are well-built and should withstand time better. On the other hand, Android devices are sold to poorer people who have a bigger incentive to care for them and care less about ugly protective cases. On the one hand, most Android devices get OS updates for a shorter time.

On the other hand, OS updates mean a lot less in Android than in iOS security updates, core apps even features are independent of the OS. As such, with iOS devices making up between 1. I did my own calcs a while back. And of those, According to Statista, at the end of November there were 2.

It also said there were only M iPhones in use. The funny thing about all these speculations is that Apple should have these statistics up the unit and minute, with probably no other company in that position. How much would hurt them to publish them in detail, specially having in mind that these numbers are perhaps way better than usual estimates by market analysts? Besides, why remove all doubt from the minds of their competitors about how well their strategy is doing?

Why encourage them to double down on trying to emulate it?

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