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An antisemitic feature film entitled Pettersson and Bendel is produced in Sweden.

AutoScout24: Europaweit der größte Online-Automarkt.

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To keep the film from becoming relentlessly morose, von Trier chooses the eternally creepy Udo Kier as a well-meaning but befuddled wedding planner. One look at his face indicates the nuptials are doomed, but who knew he had such a wonderful sense of humor?

Melancholia moves at a measured but steady pace and remains gripping despite its two-and-a-half hour running time. The Descendants Reviewed by Dan Lybarger. George Clooney became a star because he projects a sense of authority. Simply by standing in front of a camera, he commands attention.

For all of his legal gymnastics, Matt has spent far too much time at the office. His wife Elizabeth is in a coma following a boating accident. Prior to the accident, the couple had been drifting apart, and Matt had left raising their two daughters Alexandra Shailene Woodley and Scottie Amara Miller to her.

As Matt discovers, this was a mistake. The year-old Alexandra and the year-old Scottie need all the attention they can get. The firstborn child is in sort of a reform school, and the younger daughter sends hateful, profane text messages to her classmates.

Alexandra became furious with Elizabeth before the accident because she caught her mother cheating on Matt. The storyline for The Descendants sounds rather glum, but Payne manages to squeeze quite a bit of humor out of the scenario.

Scottie also has a knack for committing acts that are unthinkable. Matt feels a sense of loss at never having the opportunity to make up for his failings as a workaholic husband, and Clooney coveys it effortlessly.

As The Descendants unfolds, he comes off like a child learning to walk when Matt learns that he owes as much to his children and to his ancestors as he does his clients.

Hawaii, the actual location of the film, looks expectedly great, and Payne includes dozens of regional songs on the soundtrack. Both establish the setting without slowing down the story. Arthur Christmas Reviewed by Dan Lybarger. Believing in Santa Claus can be a tough challenge for a youngster, especially if he or she ever thinks much about logistics. Arthur Christmas gets off to a terrific start by letting inquisitive viewers know how the guy in the red suit manages to get all those toys to two billion kids on a single evening.

His older son and potential heir Steve Hugh Laurie supervises the operation from a hidden air traffic control center on the North Pole. Legions of elves, who operate like commandos, slip in and out of houses delivering the right gifts to the right children. Having only one glitch in two billion deliveries is a record any courier would envy, but it would sure be unpleasant to be young Gwen Ramona Marquez in Cornwall on Christmas morning.

Despite all the tools and the quick thinking, her pink bicycle is still at the shop on the North Pole. Angry at having been passed over, he convinces Arthur to join him and the long retired reindeer for one last unauthorized run. If you can imagine what Fred Claus would have been like if Vince Vaughn were charming instead of obnoxious, then you might get an idea of what makes Arthur Christmas work.

Smith stages lots of jaw dropping flight scenes and finds several creative ways for the trip to go into disastrous side turns. The characters are generally appealing, including Imelda Stanton as Mrs. Claus and Ashley Jenson as Bryony, an elf who can do with wrapping paper what McGuyver can do with everything else. Sadly, the movie loses some momentum toward the end and feels padded.

A good ten minutes could be lost without being missed. Do they really have to take that many wrong turns? Nonetheless, the appeal of Arthur Christmas is that the folks who made it have acknowledged that believing in Santa Claus requires a good deal of imagination. The Muppets Reviewed by Dan Lybarger.

The late puppeteer-producer Jim Henson is still mourned because of his remarkable ability to make viewers care about felt-skinned characters whose eyes never closed. Walter and Gary are two brothers who are very close even though the two bear little resemblance.

Mary is dismayed because the two siblings are inseparable, even though she and Gary have been a couple for a decade. Walter, however, is horrified to discover that the studio is now barely a tourist attraction. An aged tour guide Alan Arkin is the only occupant on the lot.

Gary, Walter and Mary team up in an urgent quest to reunite the Muppets so they can put on a show to save the studio. As with the TV show and the movies that followed, there are a lot of cracks in the fourth wall, oodles of in jokes and tons of celebrity cameos.

Thankfully, most of these are quite funny, and having Adams burst into song and fix cars and other machines is another plus. They somehow manage to give the characters an expressive body language that compensates for the unyielding faces.

The absence of snark is actually rather welcome. My Week with Marilyn. Reviewed by Brandon Whitehead. Partnered with an older and somewhat disillusioned Sir Lawrence Olivier Kenneth Branagh , and married at the time to what this movie portrays as "the world's biggest asshole" Arthur Miller, Marilyn is a fractured, pill-popping mess who turns to our young Colin for some comfort, mostly while she's nude.

If you've kept up with the buzz on this flick reviewers are pretty much eating this thing up. Period piece about early filmmaking?

Current actors portraying famous deceased ones? Portraying the beautiful and famous, as flawed people with no fault of there own to blame? Sure- as directed by Simon Curtis, William's performance is perfect: She nails the way Curtis has picked Monroe to look, speak and act.

We see her as the flirty sexpot, the struggling method actress, and the abandoned child who can never get enough attention to fill that emotional hole. It should be compelling As the filming goes on, Marilyn is often late, doesn't know her lines or even her "line" , and is as dependent on others as she is manipulative and, frankly, kinda stupid. One would expect a book written from someone who actually knew the real person to have some insight — but here she's almost more of a cartoon version, more a Jessica Rabbit than a famous and complex icon.

While it's true that Michelle nails her character, she's just not a very interesting one. She looks like Marilyn, talks like her, even moves just right, but in the end it's a lot of effort for little return. While I'm probably in the minority here, unless you happen to be a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, My Week with Marilyn is about five days too long.

Like Crazy Reviewed by Dan Lybarger. Director Drake Doremus may have collaborated with Ben York Jones on the script, but much of the dialogue is improvised. Jacob even makes custom furniture for the object of his affection. When she attempts to return to the States after having spent too long in Los Angeles before returning to England, Anna is detained at LAX and is unceremoniously deported.

Jacob goes to great lengths to be with her despite the distance, the expense and the time difference. Marrying Anna can potentially expedite her return, but immigration officials, afraid of attracting undesirables, treat Anna as one. The strength and the weakness of Like Crazy is that it acknowledges that even the most all consuming love can vanish or even fade away once barriers arise.

Naturally, Jacob gets torn apart by the situation, and no one involved benefits. It would seem obvious that taking the Department of Homeland Security lightly is not a smart move, making Anna and Jacob seem unsympathetic at times. That said, finding a rational person deeply in love is as practical as unicorn hunting. Furthermore, many of the restrictions that Anna and Jake face seem pretty arbitrary. Anna might be rash, but she could become a welcome addition.

Is the struggle that Anna and Jacob have waged really worth it? Because both are young, they might eventually regain their bearings and move on. The two might have been more sympathetic if they were older or had been in a longer relationship, where it would have been harder to start over.

Throughout it all, Yelchin and Jones are convincing as enamored, if misguided, youths. Such is the case with his latest teaming with frequent collaborator Antonio Banderas. He was an escaped loon in Tie Me Up! Vera spends most of her days lounging and doing yoga exorcizes in a flesh-colored leotard. Apparently, Vera is sporting a new type of prosthetic skin. As we gradually discover, Robert has wasted little time bothering with ethical issues. His wife died shortly after a terrible car wreck and might have been saved if his invention had been available earlier.

His tone and handling are unusually low-key. The glaring colors of his earlier films are muted, but the restraint may be his attempt to maximize the shock value. Reconnecting with Banderas is another smart move.

When we discover how low Robert has sunk as a scientist and a human being, if anybody but Banderas was playing the role, viewers would dash through the exists long before the ending. Banderas manages to make Robert both a tragic and a menacing figure that is capable of obsessive love and appalling recklessness.

The ADIF Developers Group produces the ADIF specification and is open to developers of logging software, web sites, amateur radio applications, and others who have a vested interest in the ADIF standard and who will actively participate in its definition, maintenance, and promotion. Applications may define their own fields. To avoid naming collisions, such fields must include the name of the logger, converter, or utility that either created or will process the ADIF file in which they appear:.

Data-Specifiers used to convey data in an ADI file are composed of a case-independent field name F, a data length L, and an optional data type indicator T separated by colons and enclosed in angle brackets, followed by data D of length L:. The data length L is a sequence of ASCII digits representing an unsigned decimal integer with value greater than or equal to zero. Leading zeros are import-only. Field definitions do not specify a maximum length.

ADI-exporting applications can place as much data in a Data-Specifier as they choose. ADI-importing applications can import as much data from a Data-Specifier as they choose. Data type indicators are case insensitive; they are optional, and typically omitted when obvious, e. Here's an ADI Header that includes text, and uses Header Fields to convey the ADIF version number, the name of the generating application, and the definitions of three user-defined fields:.

To facilitate importing, display, and editing by other applications, instances of application-defined fields should include the optional Data Type Indicator , as shown in the above example, which can be for any Data type except Digit and Character. The Judischer Kulturbund is established in Berlin.

The Institute of Sexual Studies in Berlin is destroyed by pro-Nazi students, likely because of its academic interest in homosexuality. The Jews of Paris hold mass demonstrations to protest the anti-Jewish campaign in Germany. The Jewish organizations of Silesia hold a conference to discuss the safeguarding of rights of German Jews.

Unknown assailants murder Chaim Arlosoroff , a Labor Zionist leader. The law is endorsed by the American Eugenics Society. Nazi government signs Reich concordat with the Vatican. However, by this action the Vatican helps legitimize the Third Reich in the eyes of the German Catholic hierarchy and laymen as well as of the international community. As a result, the concordat helps pave the way for the Nazi totalitarianization of German society and later German attacks on the European state system.

Approximately 30, people are by now interned in Nazi concentration camps. Heinrich Himmler is appointed overseer of all police units in the Reich, except Prussia. The Second World Jewish Congress is held in Geneva and resolves to organize an anti-German boycott throughout the world. The Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden, the central representative body of German Jews emphasizing education, is established; it is led by Otto Hirsch and Rabbi Leo Baeck.

It is the only organization officially allowed to represent German Jews. Exclusion of Jewish writers and artists. German Jews are banned from the fields of journalism, art, literature, music, broadcasting, and theater. Hitler approves the decree forbidding German Jews from the occupation of farming. Liaison office for aid to German Jews by Jewish organizations in the U.

Exclusion of Jewish editors. The Editor Law calls for racially pure journalism and forces the dismissal across Germany of Jewish reporters and publishing executives. A codicil strips newspaper editors of power over content. Germany leaves disarmament talks at League of Nations.

Germany withdraws from the League of Nations. October 27 Arabs riot in Palestine to protest immigration of Jews. November 12 Nazi candidates win 93 percent of the vote in the Reichstag election. However, only the Nazi Party was permitted to nominate candidates.