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People all around you are living lives just as complex as yours, with problems of equal value and intricacy. They are as unique as you, me, the Captain, and every other person on this planet. Just that the way you address them and state them says a lot about underlying attitudes that maybe needs to be addressed.

Specially the instructions on how to not be a Nice Guy, and the insight into the current feminist conversation. Now is the time you are free to pursue interests and hone your life skills. What if, after investing in your passion, you were to organize events around it? Events need volunteers, —outreach. Often without any context other than the random ambiance surrounding your chance meeting. This can be exhausting, and also, inefficient in matching you with somebody you find interesting.

Call it the [insert your town here] [insert your interest here] Festival and start small. Burning Man started small. In addition to interests and passions, try volunteer at an organization that has people your age doing the same thing.

It is a timing thing. There are gentle ways and clunky ways. After a series of emails with just date and time info—no rambling preview poems or such and a couple of interesting meetings things got going. It took a while before things picked up between us, but once it did, once we were through the early stages of feeling-eaching other out, and the cat-was-out-of-the-bag as far as me being able to make a move… I asked her: Something that was missing from the list of activities to try was dancing.

Try ballroom dancing, or salsa, or modern jive or whatever else may be available at your uni. The kind of dance you do eventually with a partner. Even if you are terrible at it, you can have fun! This is useful practice. You would be amazed how nice it feels, as a woman, to dance with a man who can lead.

I married the man who taught me to rumba! I suspect I am not alone in feeling this. Therefore, if you learn to dance, you will be able to give women happy feelings! Chances are that in any non-macho dance class, there will be a lot more women than there are men. Really, I cannot understand why the savvy guys are not all taking ballroom dancing classes…. It is not at all like being at a club where it seems like you are supposed to Just Know How to Dance.

Let me recommend contra dance! I did try it, my mobility issues got in the way. Such a good suggestion. I particularly recommend swing and folk based dances to beginning dancers. Also, I strongly recommend learning, or at least trying, both roles when you are a beginner, if you have that option. In my experience this makes dancers safer and more creative which is more fun for everyone. LW, I was a guy who never really dated in college or for years afterward , and it worked out fine.

I think what was most helpful for me about getting comfortable and confident with meeting is learning to be ok with, and celebrate, baby steps.

Little by little you will make the progress you want, and the first steps are the hardest! So treat it like one!

Just be really nice to yourself after. The rewards help you recharge and reinforce to yourself that you did a good thing. Once you get comfortable going to that meeting for an hour, maybe ramp up the goals—more social outings a week, talking to 1 or 2 people at the thing you went to, etc. But keep rewarding yourself and giving yourself that recharge time. I met my boyfriend via online dating, and one of the things I instantly noticed about his profile is that he had female musicians on it, female authors, movies with great female characters, etc.

It was a bad ass concert and one of those moments for me that really solidified that he saw women as people and appreciated their art and abilities. That kind of stuff really matters. The Breeders are fucking awesome.

Honestly, this is a really dodge thing to say. Women making different decisions to you, or the ones you would like them to make, should not make it hard for you to treat them with respect. Emotional abuse is appalling. Cruelty to animals is appalling. One night stands are not, remotely, appalling. Honestly, a lot of your letter makes it sound like you look down on those around you. You can out-argue anyone.

Combine that with the statement I quoted from you above, you come off like kind of a jackass. I think you already know there is some work to be done. Social skills can be learned. Try looking at it like this:. See how much nicer you sound as a person there? You should try to start thinking about yourself like that, and start looking for the positives in other people too. Those people in your dorm who drink a lot? The people having one night stands are owning their bodies and their pleasure and desires, and seeking out what they want in the moment rather than worrying about judgement.

You sound sad, and kinda bitter. I always used to avoid anyone even slightly different from me because it would remind me of how crap I was.

So I put up barriers of why I was different and better and justified my pretension and judgement and isolation with it. What helps is trying to take joy in others. Now I have trouble not respecting other people, but respecting myself, no matter what I do that voice in my head will always find something that was, that is inadequate and in a dorm of people who are either stoned, drunk or make very loud noise it gets hard to make myself see that I should start to treat myself with respect.

However, with the next few months being very very important in my field, maybe people may actually not mind it for once. You are right about me being more then a bit bitter. I had it all, and bit by bit everything I valued is either gone or going. I no longer see that as a bad thing anymore. I was so arrogant, so terribly arrogant. How about being trying to be the kindest person in the room instead?

Try to be kind instead. I went through a phase of trying to date the smartest person in the room. I still perv on intelligence, but the older I get, the more I realize it comes in different forms and is not always announced with a brass band and a parade. Stop being so smart. Sometimes being smarter is a quantitative fact. The people around in said event usually tell me or treat me so.

Are those groups you want to fit in with? In addition to what Book of Jubilation said above, can I suggest that you maybe trust yourself? I can empathise with that. Neither of those things made me happy. Picture all the things you love.

Would you give all of that up if you could, to be normal and fit in? Picture what that would look like: Now what do you do? Does that sound fun? Does it sound like you?

Now take a look around your university. Do you see people there in your classes who are also outsiders, also not normal and not fitting in? They might be more likely to be Your People than the ones who are normal or can pass for it. But you ARE allowed to fuck up. You ARE allowed to hurt people accidentally and then fix it if you can and live with the consequences whether you can or not. And most of all, you ARE allowed to not be normal, not fit in, and still have a good life, still have relationships and closeness and warmth.

Those three sentences resonate too much with me to not reply. Jedi hugs if you want them! All I can say is… it gets better? As the people around you get older, they get more life experience and more self-confident. And because this might be a bit vague, this is how it was for me specifically: I was always pretty quick to grasp things at school, had an easy time, and had strong, lasting interests in my hobbies.

The fact that I had little interest in popular activities such as partying and happened to be fairly mature emotionally did not help. And yeah, I learn things easily the school way, so I was the smart one with the weird interests… But whereas, back then, I was stuck with a class and they all had the same subjects as me in which I usually did well , I now spend time with people from different backgrounds. There are so many people who have knowledge of processes and subjects I barely know the basics of, I now only rarely get the feeling of being the odd one out with the weird interests and the school smart.

You have male privilege, which means culturally getting the benefit of the doubt and being assumed to know things about stuff, to be more rational, etc. What you CAN do is keep in mind that you have this current pushing you up the scale of perceived smartness and adjust accordingly.

You probably fit at least one stereotype about being good at thing XYZ. The best thing I did for both my social and dating life was to learn to be okay with feeling foolish. There is a dynamic that can happen with people who are insecure where they lean too much on the things they know they are good at.

It was weird at first, but it allowed me the space to really start seeing people and interact with them in an authentic way. Finding people to attract and be attracted to was much easier when we had some idea who each other was. The range of people who were attracted to me broadened and shrunk in the same way.

For every 3 guys who no longer tried to bang me, there was one person who was very much interested in getting to know me intimately. LW, this bit really, really stuck out to me: Please do not make the mistake of thinking that.

That struck me as rather ironic, not in a good way or bad way, just noticing. A man is brooding about his isolation from the human race! I will come and love him and fix him and he will prize me above all things! LW, in addition to all the fine advice above just wanted to offer some food for thought re this: I went through a period of this and after a lot of soul-searching, figured out that it was maybe just a coincidence but really probably at least in part because of a fear of intimacy.

Just keep that in mind when you are feeling the gushy feelings. Sometimes they are telling us different things than what we realize. Yes, that does make sense. A lot of sense.

The sparky feelings with unavailable people are teaching you how to feel the spark, giving you the chance to learn what qualities spark you, and letting you practice not being overwhelmed to the point of incoherence while feeling sparky. Chances are very good that if you just act mindfully accepting of your sparks aimed at unavailable people, while also doing some of the other things people are suggesting, that one day, your life will be such that you feel safe or ready, and you will find yourself sparking on available people.

Work towards making your life safe for this sort of thing, and you will most likely stop trying to protect yourself from it. It was totally about the avoidance of intimacy. Rather, I want to say that sometimes things work out whether or not you manage to fix your issues first. In the meantime, try to take those feelings as evidence that the right people for you are, in fact, out there, and eventually one of them will come along and actually be single and interested.

LW, you remind me of a younger me. You probably had good reasons for that; I certainly did. But it is what it is. Your peers put more of their time into learning social skills, and thus had less time to develop other skills.

Personally, I view maturity as a combination of life skills like making a budget for yourself and people skills like knowing how to make a conversation enjoyable for both parties. I spent a lot of my college and post-college young adult doing social skills catch-up.

And since most of your peers are going to be teenagers or young twentysomethings, I strongly suspect you both have more development to go in both areas anyway. People are vast, we can contain multitudes. But basically, you need to be less hard on both yourself and on others. More accepting of both yourself and of others. They can be equals with different strengths and weaknesses than you have since they do have different strengths and weaknesses , but the things you are good at are not inherently more valuable and worthy than the things you are bad at, such that you are superior to others.

I read it the way Maureen does. Those are two separate ideas in the same sentence. The LW is a romantic, and he comes from a culture that frowns on mixed gender socializing. They are connected in his mind because its challenging to be a romantic and at the same time have cultural baggage about mixed gender socializing.

Gregarious large families they may be, but you very rarely meet people of the opposite sex for most of your early years and non-schooled interaction. Think Punk Rock child with extremely conservative church going parents in a small community. Thank you for clarifying; that makes sense. I think something that would help you is to learn more about how realistic loving relationships work.

Most things out there give a pretty weird and unrealistic view of them. I suspect some others might have ideas though. I definitely think the advice that Book of Jubilation gave, focusing on love in all its aspects. Learning to have strong, good, caring friendships is very, very useful for building skills necessary for a loving, romantic relationship. The basics of respect, kindness, caring, listening, fun, mutual enjoyment, and so forth are present in both friendships and romantic partnerships.

Getting good at being a friend and accepting friendship will probably help you feel more comfortable taking steps toward romance. Especially given your other comment about quite possibly having a fear of intimacy, it seems a good thing to work on.

You can build up social skills and relationship skills, while getting to have and enjoy good friendships. Sounds like the 19th century!! Also, from your other reply-comments, there is a Secret Incident — very 19th century as well! Conservative Christian religions are very bad for creating this notion of destiny around romantic relationships. You will refrain from sexual expression of your feelings until your wedding night, when you will begin a lifetime of beautiful, fulfilling lovemaking together.

Christianity in a less restrictive form is still an important part of my life. But having passivity sold as romance for most of my life was not helpful to me at all. I was socially isolated from boys as a teen.

My mother realized I was crushing on a female acquaintance, and after that isolated me from my female friends as well. You have that access now when you are ready to take advantage of it. But not everyone is having all the sex, there are people in your city and at your school who would be excited to go on a date or three before making out a little. It can lead to ignoring opportunities to date actual real messy people who are imperfectly attracted to you, because you are caught up in grand romances with the perfect version of your crush that exists only in your head.

This line encapsulates it perfectly: Younger Me really could have done with hearing and understanding that. The bit about simultaneously being arrogant and having low self-esteem was painfully true: Unfortunately, that realisation only came about because of a whole heap of bitterness and burned bridges.

I pushed my anger out either into fights or retreating into books and learning or by playing some very aggressive football. Not to long ago, there was a girl I liked, and I think she liked me, and I put my foot in it bad and it destroyed any chance of anything growing there.

Bottomline for me is, when reading your comments: Give yourself a lot of time and compassion. You have figured out a lot of things you did wrong, you started moving in the right direction, you know what you want to work on and now give it time. Allow yourself a learning curve.

I do not think that your case is lost socially, but that you, like everyone else, need to do a lot of messing up to figure out what works. Also, the maturity thing: Do not listen to these people. Allow yourself to be immature, insecure, awkward. Allow yourself to express your emotions freely without hurting others, as usual.

But do not stop stumbling forward, becoming more vulnerable in your interactions without oversharing. Yes to this comment. It might help to alter your style somewhat. Maybe select clothes that are more typical of other college students, or change your hairstyle. A new haircut or a few new shirts is a lot easier, and takes much less of your ongoing attention, than changing how you talk, which is also an aspect of style. I have dated a ton of guys and girls just like you. Also, 20 might seem old to you, but I assure you, 20 is not too old to be starting this, not by half.

Kindness and compassion can go a long way toward making people want to stick around you, in whatever capacity turns out to be right for the two of you. Are you Alternate Universe Me? I will happily spend hours talking to someone like that and get starry-eyed over it. I try to temper that with self-awareness and empathy and give the bulk of my affections to those who do the same. The dust of my leaving has long since settled, however, on more than one person who wanted to be right more than they wanted to be my friend or lover.

Totally agree with this. To go for the pop culture analogy, I would hang out with Leonard, but I would stay as far away from Sheldon as humanly possible. What that kind of youth leaves you with is emotional malnutrition.

Malnutrition does sometimes have lifelong consequences like bones permanently warped by rickets , but by and large you can treat them by making sure you get the nutrients you need. Love is a nutrient. For whatever reason, you did not get it. But as an adult I can say, I have not met a child unworthy of love, and the children I meet who have been neglected, abused, ostracized, or bullied do not deserve that treatment, but were just in unfortunate circumstances.

So the solution is, like with physical malnutrition, to reintroduce love into your metaphorical diet until you get back to healthy. Just gain familiarity with the substance. How love comforts in moments of disappointment and failure. Get used to it. Learn to love all of humanity, in all our stupidity and wonder; think about how there might ever be a day when you feel love for popular kids and the drunks who wake you up at 3am.

Do your best also to remember that even if it felt like you were alone during the hard times, you are not the only one who has felt this way. Your experience was remarkable, but not uncommon. If you let it, that knowledge can lead you into compassion for and solidarity with other people. A lot of people are just as scared as you of being fundamentally unlovable.

It means when we share our stories, we are always quietly fighting for the prize of being the worst off, and getting a tiny scrap of sympathy. That keeps us from getting together and asking, why are our circumstances so bad and how can we make them better? It means only one person gets to complain and that person does it alone. As opposed to people working in concert to change their lives, to give each other strength and advice and encouragement.

And hey, I figure that learning to speak Human as an adult is kind of like learning any other language at that age. Kids can pick up languages super easily, but the older you get, the more effort it takes. Unless you pick up languages super quick, in which case replace that with learning a musical instrument, or a complicated form of dance, or something.

Have you considered SCA? When I started out it meant a lot to me to have a coin or ribbon or scroll which I always kept right next to my bed that I could physically hold, to remember that someone thought I was polite or helpful or talented or just neat.

Society for Creative Anachronism. There are events where people dress in costume from the time period and people will happily lend you stuff to wear for your first event.

People do weaving and glass bead-making and all sorts of other arts, or play board games from the time period. Rather than having paid performers putting on a show for spectators, everything is volunteer-run. Hmmmm interesting, I like archery, before injuries took their toll I was getting my membership at a local archery club sorted. SCA sounds amazing fun! I had no idea something like that existed. I hope you have a group near you.

Every group differs, but mine has a weekly archery practice, with plenty of loaner equipment anyone can use. LW, have you considered that you might be on the autism spectrum? Social cues ARE Swahili to us! But if you are on the spectrum, knowing that you are, and understanding the differences with NTs, how they think, what they expect, can be quite helpful.

When looking for information about social rules, I have found the most accurate advice comes from other autistic people, or women of color. White NT therapists will often sincerely explain to you what their Platonic ideal of the rules are, which are NOT the real rules. Can you submit a comment in this vein where you talk about your own experiences without suggesting an internet diagnosis of a stranger, per the site policies?

Please do take that one down and this one I hope is more helpful. If the LW is on the autism spectrum, they should consult a professional and not get diagnosed by someone over the internet. I may have missed this advice, but I wonder if LW would be better off getting out of the college environment and looking at social groups in the community. Academic groups tend to favor more intellectual discourse as do religious ones. I hear what people are saying about LW being judgey, and I agree it can be socially problematic.

Dating someone with radically different morals seems… unlikely, difficult, needlessly complicated? But they are out there, maybe in a pro-life group or a conservative political party? Are you a member of any liberal-leaning student groups? Those were the environments where I made a lot of friends in undergrad.

Does the group have officers, and if so, are there slots you would want to volunteer for? I was bad at picking partners, but I was awesome at dating and I like to suggest lunch dates to people. Much less romance pressure than dinner with the flowers and the white table cloths and the violins and ….

Also, unlike open-ended dinner dates, lunch dates have a natural end. You have to get to class or back to work or whatever. It takes a TON of pressure off. Also, everyone needs to eat lunch. Specifically, if you have one nearby, lunch at a museum cafe is usually cheap ish , nice, classy, and you can look at the exhibits before or after. Also, I always liked museum lunches because they were one of my secret weeding out tools. Dude who lectured me about paintings, no second date.

Dude who asked what I thought about the paintings got a second date. Ooooh, that is a great dating strategy—everything from choice of time and location to criteria for getting a second date. I could be totally off base, but the whole letter kind of spooked me. I got the vibe of someone using the language of self awareness, but really still driven by entitlement.

My advice would have been more related to inward work, than how to meet more people. Fortunately we have a robust comments section where people like you can offer dissenting or supplemental advice.: What would you suggest the LW do?

The only thing in life I feel entitled to is the chance to find happiness and give happiness to others. See, I think this is all backwards. Because no one is entitled to give happiness to others.

My advice would be to turn your attention to developing your own self regard and self value completely independently of the effect it will have on other people, how you regard them, and how they regard you. This is not good, either intrinsically or practically. So my advice would be to forget for now about the goal of romantic love and just try to figure out fun rewarding stuff that you like to do for its own sake, including stuff that involves other people.

The more you do that, the more likable and lovable you will become as a natural consequence. People are attracted to other people who are loose and comfortable in their lives and intrinsically happy with their internal lives, not to people who happiness is wholly dependent on external relations and the extent to which those external relations satisfy their needs.

Sorry to sound so pedantic about this, but it took me a long time to figure this all out, and it was only in my mid-twenties that I finally found myself enjoying loose comfortable love relationships, after having been limited by some of the same misconceptions I find in your letter. Tried to leave a detailed response and seems like WordPress ate it. So more schematically and this is based on my own difficult experiences as an adolescent and young adult:.

And the kindness and understanding of others must not be a prerequisite for you to be kind and understanding. If you are kind and understanding to others because you genuinely want to and intrinsically enjoy it, and not as a quid pro quo, then others will treat you with kindness and understanding. But only if you treat them as ways to become happier and more comfortable and confident with yourself.

Yes, this was not written very clearly, and you have clarified well! Most of the time people are either rude to me or blank me until they want something, which usually means my help. After me looking at myself and finding that I was an ass I became a lot more polite, less prone to arguing and got rid of the God complex.

Even people who were supposed to be close friends. I learnt that during my nice guy tm episode. Please, please, please spend more time seeking out feminist art and literature. Will some people be really kind and understanding? Will that maybe help you develop a clearer picture of how to exhibit those behaviors yourself? Will you actually become kinder and more understanding, without any work on your part, just because the people around you are kind and understanding?

Honestly, in my observation, no. I was captain of my high school and university debate teams and also participated in mock trial. But still they filtered in, year after year, certain they were going to wow everyone with their amazing debate skills. As a lady in this world I spent a lot of time being awkwardly chatted up by our young heroes.

You can make some small noises of disagreement, but then let it drop. Learn to talk about things other than your interests. People can have different values than you and still be interesting, cool people. You may not have meant it, but your letter comes off as very judgmental towards your peers that drink and date casually. You know that you have some work to do on the social skills front, but twenty is really very young no matter how mature you feel.

You, and all the people you know right now, are going to change a lot in the next few years. You are not, and never were, incapable of being loved.

I really dig the second! I had noticed in the past when I talked to people, I always responded by framing it in my own experience. Not judgemental towards those, just a particular bunch who act dangerously. I really really should have worded that better.

Quite often, that situation just leads to two people, each of whom believes that he and it so often is he knows The Truth and is duty bound to enlighten the other, talking past one another. People are allowed to be wrong, and you do not really have to carry the burden of enlightening all the people who are wrong. Learn to state your truths and then change the subject to something of mutual interest.

A lot of people are wrong about lots of things, big and small, and it becomes obnoxious to try to point out all of it all the time. I think the context is also really important. Personally, I also make a distinction between misconceptions that are actively harmful and misconceptions that just exist.

And be at least slightly less controversial than political examples. So, when things like this come up, it might be helpful to think about the context and about what the most helpful thing you could say in the situation is. Otherwise, I generally leave people to it. A friend of mine is a serious fashionista.

She is so, so on top of her look, digs bright colors and wild shoes. Loves gossip and partying and boys. Myself, I was one with low self-esteem and super nerdness and lots of one-night stands. Turns out you can play Starcraft and sing in a renaissance choir AND have sex! Inside each stereotype hides an actual fully-developed nuanced human being. Just a comment about online dating. Young men are also stereotyped and people have also experienced it as wanting to sow wild oats, not wanting to settle down, and not knowing what they want which might put off slightly older women interested in long-term relationships.

It would probably be good to have a balance between online and real-life attempts to meet people. I think it is so obvious and yet so radical in comparison to most other dating advice. The critical stuff may be hard to look at, but I wish my friends had been as constructive and blunt when I was in the throes of my own infatuation.

It may have pulled me out of my own obsessive spiral early enough to have only wasted a few months, rather than a year and a half. Take your time with this thread, and maybe reread some of the comments several times so you can really process the content. Learning how to grow past that and not perpetuate the same cycles is kind of terrifying, but if you were to follow what the Captain is saying, I think you would be on the right track.

The church is still standing. East End Baptist Church, Still standing, among a lot empty lots. Note the steeple is no longer there. Wes Miller helps us with that as well; " I remember the big church bell being kept down in the basement of the church after that. Evelyn explained a lot of that student body came over from P. On the right is class from Hendrix Street has its own page, click here. The first view is looking north, toward Atlantic Avenue. The smokestack is from the old Borden's plant.

The view on the right is looking east along Liberty from Schenck. Doering's fishing tackle store is visible on the right.

These are closeups from an alternate take of the second view along Liberty Avenue. Liberty and Schenck, Ironically, this collection included an accident on the same corner in ; the bar at the time was the Liberty Tavern and we can see the fishing store on the right. Schenck Avenue, looking east along Pitkin Avenue From our blizzard series.

This one has a nice big street sign but I still had to consult insurance maps and Google maps to confirm the location. As you can see from the update shot, nothing is still standing but there's real improvement.

The closeup is the southwest corner. Schenck and Sutter Avenues, circa The first view is east along Sutter; in the second the camera has turned degrees to face west down Sutter from Schenck. One oddity; the sign reading "Stop here on Red Signal". The nearest light is a block away? This block, between Sutter and Blake, was completely cleared in the s. Ilene also sent in her father's class picture from P. Schenck Avenue, looking north to Blake Avenue Also from the blizzard series. This one is unconfirmed.

My suspicion is the one-story structure on the left was once the Blake Theater. It has the look of a small theater, but everything in this section is gone so more research is needed. The store on the northwest corner of Blake and Schenck was Taube's Superette in the late 's and early 's. I went to school with their daughter, Lena. The commercial building on the southwest corner during the same time frame, I believe was a plumbing supply company.

I think it was called Blake Plumbing Supply. I remember delivery trucks backing up to the roll down gate delivery area and seeing piles of pipe etc. New Lots Reformed Church Dated: From 'Old Days and Old Ways'; "The timber was cut in the woods of the farmers of the congregation, who not only gave it but cut, hewed and carted it.

A part of it had to be sawed, and they dug a ditch for a pit, over which the logs were placed abd sawed by hand, as saw mills were were few and far away in those days. The second view was taken by P. Own RG Across from the church sat the original schoolhouse, built in This later structure was built in and eventually moved to Barbey to make way for a brick school. The church's graveyard sat on both sides on New Lots Ave.

This version of P. This building is no longer standing, replaced by a branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Therese Xuereb lived across from this location and recalls the school came down circa The library was dedicated September 10, You may not be able to see it in your copy, but the floor is diagonal tongue in groove 3" wide planks identifying the room as "the girls gym".

All other rooms had wider planks of lesser quality. The distinctive scroll work in the vent grill was in every room as was the bell. Also, a picture of George Washington and a walnut wall clock with roman numerals. The boys didnt have a gym and no one thought to protest. Lessons included churning butter and hatching frogs eggs. Teachers names that I remember are Mrs. Broome and the only male teacher, Mr. Jennette or Benedict cant remember The main building fronting New Lots Ave was built in according to the inscription over the door.

Sometime later additional buildings were added. The basement construction was red brick, similar to the exterior, and basement rooms were dark with roman archways and seperated by large sliding warehouse type doors. The school was abandoned by the city in , but not by the school children.

The availability of a schoolyard with basketball courts and a large building begging to be explored in minute detail without adult supervision was too much of a temptation. On the left, Howard Rubin sent in this image of himself by the school in He recalls being transfered to P.

After a fire in revealed the dangers of the old building, the Board of Education quickly closed the school amidst local protests. Which means Howard was part of the last group to attend P. The building remained vacant and unmaintained, and this Eagle article in highlighted the dangers of the decaying property.

Rod notes the Tony Ia Danza was born at Pitkin, several doors down. On the left is Leo "The Limp" Piccola who lived on the 3rd floor and Rod himself in Rod noted he slept right behind that window. On the right, from Vito 'Willie' Capitelli Warwick St. Pitkin Avenue, east to Jerome Street It's a shame Rod Maggio has passed, because Brian Merlis recently sent over this image from and Rod's house at Pitkin is visible, one in from the left. He probably could have ID'd the woman standing in front.

The building on the left, Pitkin, is still standing as seen in the image. Jerome Street, This great shot from Rod dates to his sister's confirmation in The view is north towards Atlantic in front of the Convent. Own BG There is now a page dedicated to St. Michael's church and School, located here These two postcards show the original church and the school around Synagogue Demetrius Pestun is helping us backfill the missing synagogues from the site. Pictured is the Sons of Judah Temple, built I believe around Located on Sutter Ave.

Rod Maggio believes Rev. Elijah Pope bought or rented the building around the same time he bought his building at Pitkin, and quickly drove out all the long term tenants. I have yet to uncover details of its history during this time period, but I believe the building was originally constructed for the Bank of the United States in JoAnn Montgomery tracked down the tax photo for us, but it did not reveal any details.

Yeshiva Toras Chaim, A big thank you to Zevi Isseroff who supplied a history and several pictures for this Yeshiva. I do not remember the synagogue having daily services.

It probably had services only on sabbath and Jewish holidays. I believe that Rabbi Shmidman also served as the synagogue Rabbi. Yeshiva Toras Chaim On the left, Zevi supplied this advertisement; " My wife's uncle, Pincus Phillips, was a child prodigy super-star cantor when he was 11 years of age He was sought after by many congregations and led many services.

I've attached an advertisement from a Yiddish newspaper in at the Congregation in the Yeshiva at Belmont, where the wonder child Pincus Phillips was to conduct services for the 2nd day of Passover. Tickets were 50 cents and 35 cents. Rabbi Blau is seated in front. Zevi recalls; "My most vivid memory was in , when on the holiest day in the Jewish Calendar, Yom Kippur night, I was attending services on a synagogue on Ashford street between Blake and Sutter.

A few members from the Yeshiva congregation walked over to our synagogue and asked for some volunteers--they did not have a quorum of ten men for the services. We realized that Jewish life in East New York was rapidly coming to an end. Compare this to the image and you can see all the ornamentation connecting it to the Yeshiva is gone. Rod Maggio recalls back in the s they used to turn the lights on for Yeshiva on Friday nights, and sometimes crashed the weddings held in the basement ballroom!

Ted Maciag sent in this great picture taken in front of Warwick Street, which is just south of Pitkin Ave. The El can be seen on the right.

We need a car buff to ID the great car in the shot. Can you guess where this is? Lou Schreiner sent in these shots from Continuing south lived several families, then a junk yard, then all the marshes that were eventually filled in where Starret City, the Belt Pkwy and so forth are today. Also there were several riding acadamies heading east on Linden from Pennsylvania.

The Boulevard Houses were the first large scale housing project down there, built in Their website has some old pictures and stories from those who lived there. The Linden Houses were completed in , and Al's family moved in about from Brownsville.

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Great transport links to many popular destinations and good amenities close by There are many advantages to living in Hailsham: A good choice of amenities and services right on your doorstep Schools for young children within easy reach Hailsham has a choice of local shops and services beneficial to everyone. A historic castle and grounds, and the popular towns of Eastbourne and Brighton Excellent transport links close to home Located just 7 miles from Millwood Park is the beautiful Hertsmonceux Castle and Grounds.

Eastbourne The attractive coastal town of Eastbourne is just 10 miles away. Brighton New builds in Hailsham are also within easy reach of the vibrant and hugely popular seaside town of Brighton. Transport and Travel Anyone who needs to commute will find these new homes in Hailsham to be very well connected. Ways we can help you move.

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