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Once in a while a real beauty will work in a Pattaya BJ bar but most of the best lookers are working in go go bars where they can make big bucks. Golden Girl had a long history on the street before it shuttered in Two other bars on the street called The Pump Station 1 and The Pump Station 2 operate in similar fashion though they have more women on staff.

They charge Baht for oral in private rooms above the bars. Neither of those bars operate like the original Pump Station which had a bar with curtained covered cutouts underneath so customers could get blown while imbibing their beers! The women are mainly in their twenties and although they always bring it up immediately like their counterparts at Wood Bar they do offer oral services in private rooms upstairs for Baht.

The price is typically Baht. At My Friend You and Click Bar the services are rendered on couches inside the bar that are only surrounded by flimsy curtains. At King Kong the action takes place in a private room accessed through a secret door in the wall. Customers who want service in a private room above any of these bars have to pay an additional to Baht for the privilege though that also usually includes full service as a matter of course.

The women on staff wear uniforms like the ladies in Bangkok and offer oral in private rooms with reclining chairs upstairs for Baht.

There is also a large bar and a pool table inside the bar that only occasionally gets some use. They have locked doors so customers have to ring a bell to gain entry. Once inside every customer who enters or leaves is greeted in unison by the women on staff. When a customer buys a lady drink the women they buy the drink for drops her top and gives the customer access to her breasts. Bliss Lounge on Third Road is a blowjob bar in a converted restaurant.

Because of that it looks very nice inside with well decorated walls, a big bar and a quality pool table. The women on staff wait for customers in front of the shop and offer oral services in private booths upstairs for Baht. These clubs are staffed by attractive women who usually wear uniforms of some kind. They are clean and modern and have big bars and lots of semi-private booths.

They also have private rooms upstairs. The front doors remained locked until customers rings buzzers to be let inside. That allows for all sorts of activities to happen right on the main floor. Prices are usually Baht for oral on the ground floor or for more private action upstairs.

At one point there were only two bars of this type on Soi Full Inn. Tipping at Thai blowjob bars is not expected but some customers do hand over extra cash whenever they feel it is deserved. Hong Kong has plenty of prostitution that ranges from the legal to the gray market and beyond but there is only one blowjob bar in the territory. The service is meant as a teaser to get customers to take women out of the bar at exorbitant prices though customers who request it can be finished off by mouth right in their bench for a negotiated rate.

The day of the blowjob bar seems to have passed in the Philippines. Customers will still occasionally get oral service inside a go go bar on the Walking Street portion of Fields Avenue but it is much more common further up on Perimeter Road.

Even there the service is never a sure thing. Increasingly common bar raids probably has a lot to do with that. In Vietnam blowjob barbershops are much more common.

Although there are some adult oriented cafes including a few where the staff offers oral to customers the blowjob barbershops locally refered to as hot toc om or cat toc om are much more common. To be clear, not all barbershops in the country offer oral relief.

Most do not even if they have good looking women working in them. Some are legitimate hair salons, some are hand job shops, and some are just places local guys go for eye candy while getting a trim or an ear cleaning. The salons that offer oral range in scope. Some employ only one or two middle aged lady in pajamas. Others are staffed by dozens of skilled and attractive women in their early twenties. All blowjob barbershops follow a similar model. Customers walk inside and select one of the available women on staff.

They then walk to one of several private booths or rooms with a massage table and a sink. After the session completes the customers get dressed and head back to the front where they pay their tab. The customers are also expected to tip their service providers.

Most give an amount equal to the house fee though some will give more. The blowjob barbershops are completely oriented to local guys but they all accept foreign customers too.

The women on staff rarely if ever speak any language other than Vietnamese. The popular Thien Phu is no longer in operation. At one point in the not so distant past there were a few bars in Phnom Penh where oral services were offered at incredibly low rates. Those bars have all been closed for years now but they were so legendary that they are still talked about today. All in all the country is still very conservative. Customers occasionally receive hand or blowjobs in hostess bars or karaoke parlors but it is rare.

There are definitely no specialized suck shops around even if there may be one or two bars with a special room in the back that gets occasional use. There are no blow job bars in Indonesia but there is a large and vibrant commercial sex industry. While most of the prostitution in Jakarta is aimed at locals, the infamous Blok M is full of bars that are mostly patronized by westerners.

Or it could be because there is a semi-secret room in the back. In that room and even in some dark corners of the bar some of the older women will occasionally perform hand or oral service for customers willing to pay.

Public oral service is also sometimes offered in some of the bigger sex clubs when guys tip big money or buy a lot of lady drinks for dancers. Legend has it that all blowjob bars can trace their heritage back the the pink salons of Japan but further research would be required to confirm that. Apparently this too is a part of not being labeled an adult shop or at least shows that there are no knocking rooms inside.

Most pink salons play cheesy music but at a level much lower than the average night club. People in Japan are generally very polite and privacy minded. Pink salons are pretty straight forward and all operate on the same model. Customers walk in, pay a set fee to a manager at a front desk, then get led to one of several restaurant style booths in a dimly lit shop.

After waiting for a while in their booths the customers are greeted by their service provider. After a bit of small talk customers are asked to take their pants off. After that they go to work delivering the oral services they specialize in. Some service providers go the extra mile and allow customers to touch them all over or even get into the 69 position and do mutual oral sex but for the most part straightforward head is the norm.

As an example of this a lot of shops will offer specials like 2 girls sucking for the price of one or buy one BJ get one free. Some shops even have point cards. After customers come ten times they show their point card and cum again free.

Some of the cut-rate places will have lines literally out the door when they offer big discounts, as odd as that may sound. Although they mostly look and operate in the same way the different such shops in Japan have different setups. Some have themes and accompanying uniforms.

Some employ beautiful young women. Some employ housewives and some employ anyone they can get. Although pink salons are all over the place only a select few are open to foreigners. Rumor has it that with pink salons it is because they are mostly owned by people who happen to have a thing against people from other countries.

As with anything else in Japan tipping is not expected at the pink salons. There is no specific blowjob bar scene to speak of in South Korea. South Korea does have its own unique type of shop called a lip cafe however. These shops are technically a form of kiss bang where customers are supposed to pay a set fee to make out with an attractive woman who is usually still in university.

At some kiss rooms individual women occasionally offer oral sex to customers for an extra fee. At the lip cafes oral sex is basically a given and all the women on staff offer it. The lip bangs are somewhat underground and mostly rely on the internet to advertise.

They rarely post their locations publicly, instead preferring to have customers contact them with smartphone chat apps like the local favorite Kakaotalk. That way they can screen customers and go meet them in person in a public street before leading them to their shops.

All of the blowjob bars in the world are concentrated in Asia. This gives credence to the tales about all suck saloons originating with the Japanese pink salon model.

But back in a lot of stories started appearing in the press about plans to open a pickle polishing coffee shop in the Swiss capital city of Geneva. According to these reports the place was set to have women available for selection who would blow customers while they enjoyed their cup of joe.

The ambitions of the people who wanted to open their cock sucking cafe were quickly scuttled however. Not long after the initial reports emerged word came that the place would run afoul of rules against pimping. Of course no Swiss fellatio cafe ever came into being. You print your own ticket or can simply show it on your smartphone or laptop screen. Alternatively, tickets can be sent anywhere worldwide for a small fee.

I recommend registering when prompted, rather than booking as a guest, so you can always log in and check or re-print all your bookings.

See the train travel in Germany page for a beginner's guide to train travel in Germany, including how to buy tickets online or by phone and an explanation of the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket and Lander tickets. See the London to Germany page for train times and more information. The German railways website www.

Availability is limited as DB only has a small quota on Eurostar. If you don't see any attractive prices, split the journey and book Frankfurt to Brussels at www.

You can buy tickets at the German Railways website www. Click More means of transport and change admit changes to direct connections to see just the direct trains. You print your own ticket. Stay overnight in Marseille. Marseille to Nice takes just 2h There's wonderful scenery along the Cote d'Azur between St Raphael and Nice, past rocky headlands, bays, harbours and millionaires' villas.

You can buy tickets at www. You print your ticket on A4 paper Letter size paper is fine or you can download the SNCB Europe app and show the e-ticket on your smartphone. Both these websites can book tickets from Frankfurt to any Belgian destination including as Bruges, Antwerp or Ghent as one transaction for one inclusive price.

ICE3 2nd class seats. ICE3 1st class, with leather seats. Book these at www. In the search results, look for journeys by train involving just one change at Koblenz. Avoid journeys involving a bus. Book these trains at www. You can even book through tickets from Frankfurt to places like Luzern, Zermatt or St Moritz this way, at one cheap price if you pre-book.

Option 1, in a day through the Alps - the scenic option A new direct Frankfurt-Milan train started running on 10 December , operated by a bullet-nosed ETR with restaurant car as shown in the photos below. It leaves Frankfurt Main Hbf at You can reach Venice Santa Lucia at See if you can book through fares from Frankfurt to Venice, Florence or Rome at www.

To buy tickets, split the booking like this Step 1, book from Frankfurt to Basel or Zurich at the German railways site www. You print your own ticket or you can simply show it on your smartphone or laptop screen. It's ticketless, you just quote your booking reference on board.

Do a dry run on both sites first. It's actually easier to start with step 2 as the Basel-Milan trains are less frequent. Find a suitable Basel-Italy option, then marry this up with a suitable Frankfurt-Basel train as these run every hour. I'd allow at least 45 minutes between trains in Basel.

If you don't find a suitable Basel-Italy train, try Zurich-Italy instead as these run every 2 hours. The restaurant car on an ETR Dinner in the diner, northbound This is Lake Maggiore, seen from the restaurant car of the Option 2, by sleeper train - the time-effective option An excellent Austrian Nightjet sleeper train leaves Munich Hbf at Another Nightjet sleeper train leaves Munich Hbf at You can easily pick up these trains by taking a late afternoon train from Frankfurt to Munich.

The German Railways website www. If you have any problems, book each train separately. More information about Nightjets. Austrian couchette car or liegewagen.

This takes longer and must be split over 2 days, but it's fabulous and well worth the extra time. It involves the most spectacular Alpine panoramic scenic train of them all, the famous narrow-gauge Bernina Express.

And I'll show you how to do it really cheaply You can lave as late as Book this at www. Stay overnight in Zurich. For something special, consider the wonderful Hotel Schweizerhof located right next to Zurich station. One of my favourite hotels, they'll even send a uniformed commissionaire to meet you at the station and carry your bags across the road. If you're on a budget you can book inexpensive private rooms in a one-star hotel or backpacker hostel near the station using www.

Alternatively, you could stop overnight in the pleasant town of Chur instead. Day 2, travel from Zurich to Chur early morning, then by the fabulous Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano and by afternoon connecting regional train to Milan Centrale. You can reach Venice or Florence or Rome that evening. See the Bernina Express page for full details of times, prices and how to buy tickets. You simply pay online and quote your booking reference PNR on board. Bernina Express 1st class seats The Bernina Express descends from the Bernina Pass Frankfurt to Spain in one day, by high-speed trains Cross Paris by metro or taxi to the Gare de Lyon.

This train has a cafe-bar and all seats have power sockets. I recommend an upstairs seat on this mph double-decker train for the best views. Book this train at www. Step 3, stay overnight in Barcelona see suggested hotels near the station and take an onward high-speed train next morning from Barcelona to Madrid, Seville, Malaga etc, booked using either www. Alternatively, the whole trip can easily be booked together in one place at www. Book from Frankfurt to Barcelona looking for the morning departure train with 1 change.

Add this to your basket. If travelling beyond Barcelona, then book from Barcelona to anywhere in Spain for the following day, add to your basket and check out, paying for all tickets as one transaction. All international credit cards are accepted, there's no booking fee and you'll get print-at-home tickets for all trains. Frankfurt to Spain with overnight stop in Marseille Spend the night in Marseille , suggested inexpensive hotels with good reviews just outside Marseille St Charles station: Step 3, book onward high-speed trains from Barcelona to Madrid, Seville, Malaga etc, using www.

Alternatively, this whole trip can easily be booked together in one place at www. Book from Frankfurt to Marseille looking for the direct afternoon train with 0 changes. Then book from Marseille to Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Alicante or anywhere in Spain for the following day, add to your basket and check out, paying for all tickets as one transaction.

Luggage goes on the racks at the car ends or above the seats. Seen from the train and one of the highest peaks in the mighty Pyrenees, the 2,m 9, feet high Mt Canigou dominates the skyline all the way from Girona to Perpignan Frankfurt to Spain with overnight stop in Paris Or there's a later train around Cross Paris to the Gare de Lyon.

Stay overnight in Paris , see suggested hotels near the Gare de Lyon. From early June to late August there's also an earlier departure if you prefer, leaving Paris at Step 3, now take an onward high-speed train from Barcelona to Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and so on. If you take the Alternatively this whole trip can easily be booked together in one place at www.

Book from Frankfurt to Paris looking for a convenient direct train with 0 changes. Then book from Paris to Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Alicante or anywhere in Spain for the following day, add to your basket and check out, paying for all tickets as one transaction.

All international credit cards are accepted, there's no booking fee if you use a credit card and you'll get print-at-home tickets for all trains. Step 1, take the Change stations in Paris. Step 2, leave Paris Gare Montparnasse at A cafe-bar is available on board, there are power sockets at all seats and this train usually has free WiFi. Check times and buy tickets at www. Step 3, take the overnight Sud Express trainhotel sleeper train leaving Hendaye at Booking for this train only opens 60 days ahead, sometimes less than this, although sometimes more, give it a try but be aware that this can be the limiting factor.

If you have problems booking it from Hendaye to Lisbon, book it Irun to Lisbon instead. Alfa Pendular mph tilting trains or slightly slower InterCity trains leave regularly. See the London to Portugal page for full details of the Paris-Lisbon journey with photos, simply disregard the London to Paris bit. If necessary, travel from Cologne to Paris the night before and stop over in Paris.

On board the Sud Express from Irun to Lisbon Courtesy of Ron Baker. Gran Clase sleeper, in evening mode with the seats folded out Grab a barstool early, it gets crowded later on! They convert from beds to seats as shown. See panorama photo of 4-berth tourist class sleeper. There are plenty of trains between Frankfurt and other cities in Austria, including Salzburg, Hallstatt, Graz or Innsbruck.

Check Austrian Railways www. There's an excellent Austrian Nightjet sleeper train from Frankfurt Flughafen Simply use a local train to connect from Frankfurt Main Hbf in the city centre. Book at German Railways www. You can also buy tickets at www. Take a bottle of wine and a good book and put your feet up. You'll usually find departures from Frankfurt Main Hbf at It's an interesting experience in its own right - you must leave the train and go upstairs into the ship's passenger accommodation during the minute crossing, although you can leave your luggage on the train.

A Danish IC3 train at Copenhagen station There are regular departures right up until the evening. Stay overnight in Hamburg. Day 2, take the It's an interesting experience in its own right - you must leave the train and go upstairs into the ship's passenger accommodation during the minute crossing, but you can leave your luggage on the train.

For Malmö or Gothenburg , Öresund Link trains run hourly from Copenhagen to Gothenburg in 3h48 and every half hour or better from Copenhagen to Malmo in 34 minutes. Day 1, travel from Frankfurt to Copenhagen by luxurious ICE train with bistro-restaurant car with just one easy change in Hamburg onto a EuroCity train. You'll usually find departures from Frankfurt am Main Hbf at Take a bottle of wine and a good book and put your feet up!

Stay overnight in Copenhagen Hotels in Copenhagen near the station with good reviews: Day 2, if travelling to Stockholm: Travel from Copenhagen to Stockholm by mph X train in around 5h11, there are regular departures.

For example there's usually one around Day 2, if travelling to Gothenburg or Oslo: For Oslo, take the How much does it cost? The fare varies, book early for the best prices. If travelling to Stockholm or Gothenburg, go to www. This will give you a hour stopover in Copenhagen. Click here for a link to bahn. Adjust the overnight stopover time as necessary to get the trains you want. If travelling to Oslo, go to www. Now add a connecting Gothenburg to Oslo S ticket using either www.

A mph X train from Copenhagen to Stockholm. Self-service buffet car on the X to Stockholm. More info on X trains Back to top. Stay overnight in Kiel. In Kiel it's just a minute walk from Kiel Hbf to the Color Line ferry terminal, but allow several hours between trains and ferry for the ferry check-in and in case of any delay. Step 2, sail from Kiel to Oslo by luxurious overnight Color Line ferry, with a full range of en suite cabins, suites, bars, restaurants and lounges.

This photo is taken from the exit of Kiel station, so you can see how close the ferry is. It's a minute walk across the harbour, with a street lift up to a connecting walkway which takes you to the ferry terminal. You'll also have priority boarding of the ship. Photos courtesy of Andrew Leo. Boarding the Color Line ferry to Oslo in Kiel A 5 Star Suite on the ferry More cruise liner than ferry!

Wake up to this For Finland, you'll find ferries the best bet from either Travemünde or Rostock in Germany to Helsinki, see www. Then simply use www. Allow at least hours between train and ferry to allow for any delay and the ferry check-in time. Unfortunately there's a problem with the German Railways website www. If you ask it for Frankfurt to Prague, it keeps trying to put you on the DB-run motorway rail-replacement bus from Nuremburg to Prague, which of course you don't want, you want a train.

So here are two solutions for a comfortable and civilised all-train ride at cheap prices, some even cheaper than the bus Go the the Czech Railways website www. Frankfurt Main Hbf depart And so much nicer than enduring a bus. Booking opens 90 days ahead. The red train on the left is the German regional train just arrived from Nuremberg.

You cross to the blue Czech train on the right about to leave for Prague. Photo courtesy of Lennart Verbraeken. Courtesy of Arnaud Loneux.

I've set up this link to bahn. Sit on the left hand side for the best views of the river! This takes an hour or two longer than the bus, but it avoids a lengthy confinement in a cramped long-distance bus on an ugly motorway.

If you'd like to spend a few hours exploring Dresden on the way, no problem, click Add intermediate stops , enter Dresden and any stopover time up to Dresden is well worth a stop, even for a few hours, left luggage lockers are available. A meal in the Czech restaurant car as the Berlin-Prague express snakes along the beautiful Elbe river south of Dresden. Photo courtesy of Philip Dyer-Perry. If you'd like more time in Vienna between trains - perhaps a stop for lunch or even overnight - simply click Add intermediate stops before running the enquiry at bahn.

It's sometimes cheaper to book Frankfurt to Vienna using the Austrian Railways website www. That gives you more flexibility as to when you take the Vienna-Bratislava train, too. The hourly regional express train from Vienna to Bratislava Hlavna, about to leave from Vienna Hauptbahnhof. Behind the locomotive there's usually a smart Slovakian air-conditioned intercity coach, whilst the rest of the train consists of more basic non-air-con Austrian City Shuttle carriages, with interiors as shown in the photo above right.

Find a seat in the more comfortable Slovakian car if you can! Option 1, by daytime trains - the leisurely daytime option The German railways website, www. Total journey around 10h01, a chill-out day with a good book, take a bottle of wine and put your feet up Railjet first class , with black leather seats Economy class on RailJet , in open saloons with picture windows.

Some seats around tables, most unidirectional. Option 2, using the Munich-Budapest sleeper train - the safe, comfortable, time-saving option How about taking the For typical Bavarian cooking try www.

The sleeper fare includes morning tea or coffee.

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