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Identical energy is felt in her production as well, and she proved her talent in May , winning the first place among hundreds of applicants on Remix Contest "Stefano Noferini - Papi".

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Single des Album "Bend Ova" aus seiner Feder. More and more the world of dance music is changing every year; it is complemented by new names, new characters, new styles and trends. Precisely this distinguishes Spartaque among many names, and his name has been a matter of respect and admiration for hundreds and thousands of clubbers and other artists for many years. It does not matter which city, which time zone, who are the people around him and what language they speak, what time of a day, has Vitalii slept before or has been awake waiting for his flight, he will come to the DJ place and perform his set as if it is the best party of his life.

Exactly for this quality, for this shine in his eyes and for this true energy lovers of club music are waiting for his performances. And certainly this is the reason for full dance floors on his parties. Back in the unknown Spartaque first gained access to the big stage, performing at the first major festival in Ukraine - Global Gathering. Having conquered the audience with his energy, he became a resident of this event, every year delighting people with his explosive sets.

And this festival was not the only one for him - people at such iconic events like Love Parade, Kazantip, MayDay, and many other big events on both sides of the Atlantic could see personally that Spartaque knows his onions, as he leaves a piece of himself on the dance floor every time! Spartaque succeeded in this - Supreme radio show first appeared on the radio station in on the waves of Kiss FM, at that time a cult radio station not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS.

It has become a guide to the world of Minimal Techno for true dance music lovers in the post-Soviet territory. Since , this nomination has been removed from the list, but it does not prevent the podcast in gaining its popularity. Supreme by Spartaque has been holding his position as the most demanded radio show about the techno culture in the CIS for the past 5 years according to the results of a prestigious interactive rating PromoDJ.

Also in mix show changed Ukrainian production on the British, and jingles for podcast since then has been recorded by some of the best English-speaking voices of our time. Currently Supreme is a real machine, locomotive, carrying the unrestrainable energy to techno fans from all corners of our planet. Performed podcast has about 10, listeners using various resources in the first day after downloading to the network.

But most important is the fact that, regardless of how the trends are changing, each Supreme from the first to the most recent episode has always its traditional feature - the uncompromising selection of the tracks for the show. Perhaps the principle that each episode should contain the freshest and most qualitative material has become a key moment in the rapid popularization of the podcast and continues to lead it and its creator to conquer new heights.

An important point in the development of any DJ is the fact of composing music. Many DJs, realizing this fact, grabbed their sequencers in panic. That is how a career of DJ Spartaque has begun", - says Vitalii in one of his interviews. Indeed, being completely unknown, but very ambitious young artist, writing his own tracks brought a lot more fun than walking with friends and flirting with peers.

Nevertheless the dream of becoming popular seemed distant, until one cold November day in far , Vitalii had received a call from the CEO of the largest company in the Ukrainian club culture Virus Music, Dmitry Feliksov. It is not necessary to explain how much remarkable event was the very first trip to Kiev for a years old Spartaque.

Very difficult to express in word those emotions experienced by the musician, holding the official CD with his work released for the first time. Over the years much has changed: It is not so much free time to catch a muse, as much more time is needed to spend on management than on creativity, hereby the board of aircraft has become the main place of writing tracks.

But the most important is remained, and this is the sincere belief that the DJ is, first and foremost, a musician. Touching upon the labels, it should be noted that in thanks to DJ Bruno and Spartaque, Ukraine saw the first independent imprint Perfect Groove Foundation. At that time it became the real breakthrough and the stronghold for slightly inexperienced performers of Ukrainian dance scene. The experience gained while working with this experiment, which lasted for a year, became invaluable for Spartaque.

At the same time one of the most recognizable logos had been created, which became the symbol of Techno music for many on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and far beyond its borders. After successful festivals, series of parties in the popular Kiev club Forsage had been organized, that consequently became a cult franchise. At the moment, active preparations to launch another label together with indefatigable Ukrainian sound producer Konstantin Yoodza are conducted, which aims to actively promote commercial techno sound involving a wider audience in this culture.

Situation repeats in For four years in a raw holding the first place in the ranking TOPDJ, in Vitalii yields it to a worthy opponent - Omnia, taking second place in the nomination "DJ". But he confidently maintains his leadership position in the interactive rating PromoDJ. Com, entering the top five leaders of CIS countries for the past 5 years. So ambitiously started his way with a performance in front of 30 thousandth audience in the central square of his native town Kharkiv in , Spartaque goes forward, following his main principles - to increase the speed constantly, not to be afraid of daring ideas, to set unachievable goals and to reach them without noticing the obstacles.

And of course be incredibly grateful to those who appreciate his creative work and support his undertakings, as without this support nothing would exist.

Marika Rossa is a Ukrainian techno dj , famous for her strong performances at major Ukrainian electronic music festivals, such as Kazantip festival and Global Gathering Ukraine, and countless sets across whole Europe and Mexico.

Being rated as the 1 female techno dj of Ukraine, now Marika Rossa is becoming one of the most recognizable female djs in Europe, and is making a considerable impact in the process. Kerosine Machine Willkommen beim Härtegrad 1. Gekonnt gleitet er in seinen Sets zwischen humorvollen Intros mit verrückten Vocals aus alten Filmen und brachialer Musik am Rand des Wahnsinns hin und her. Als Remixer und Produzent hat sich der gebürtige Hachenburger Westerwald seit seiner ersten eigenen Release einen Namen als Workaholic gemacht.

Seitdem hat sich vieles verändert in seinem Leben, aber eines ist geblieben: Sebastians Herz schlägt BPM und schneller. Text von Martin Camphausen. He presents his own taste and his love of techno music in the form of self-produced tracks and stunning DJ sets. At an early age he started to listen driving electronic music and celebrated it at festivals like Time Warp, Syndicate or Nature One. He discovered a dark, driving force in techno music which was built by the A-Brothers and Niereich in their tracks in early Suddenly he changed his style and was living the scene with full of passion and began his own sets to mix and thus its own flavor to give the people dancing.

His works inspire the people and thus he had a good entry into the global techno scene. Since the summer of he plays in a duo with his good friend Manu.

W as "Underground Factory" On techno events. With recent releases on labels like Drumcode, Figure, Octopus Recordings and Phobiq, Mikael has earned the support and attention from the key players all around the globe. With a busy schedule of gigs all around Europe, including several stops at legendary Berghain in Berlin, Mikael have had the pleasure of sharing stage with talented colleagues such as Adam Beyer, Len Faki and Joseph Capriati.

Starting out as a drummer in early years, attending municipal music education, led to the later interest in electronic music. Hard struggle in the studio and behind the decks, in combination with being a highly sought after producer in the international techno-scene, has resulted in a variety of high quality releases topping the techno charts over a significant period of time.

At the moment Mikael continues to build his own intricate sound, characterised by expert sound design and his attention to details. Artistry through techno, style.

Gomez, Techno DJ since He hosted the first weekly techno radio show in his hometown for several years. Hours seeks input from a broad range of music to inspire his own twisted and progressive creations.

His unique style and taste range across groovy ambient sounds, house tunes right into heavy techno. Releasing hardcore punk records back in and , the German producer looked forward to expand his musical horizon and started HOURS in , a project dedicated to atmospheric electronic music with plenty of raw textures and grooves. Throughout this time he produced, mixed and mastered countless underground records for various German bands and artists, ranging from Hip-Hop to Death Metal.

After refining his sound for over two years, he finally released his debut on Driving Forces Recordings and followed it up with an EP for London based Records in Right now this ambitious young fellow is preparing even more material to be released in Asked if this broad in- and output of such diverse musical influence could have any adverse effects on his own material, his usual answer will be: There is a time and place for anything.

Born in , Mike and Raffy discovered electronic music in the year During those trips abroad they discovered the magical feeling between Djs and their crowds.

Growing up, they started to open up to new sounds, especially the ones created by techno guru Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman. Mike and Raffy radically changed their musical tastes: Thanks to their skills and love for music, Mike and Raffy went on to play at several important clubs in Italy. In a new project came to life: MiniCoolBoyz have been at the forefront of the Italian and European Techno and Minimal scenes for quite some time now: In , they founded Amazing Records, their own label to use as a platform for their projects and to launch the career of fellow young and upcoming producers.

Now in its 5th year, it has seen acclaimed names and it has gained enthusiastic and positive feedback from most Djs. From October onwards, they have embarked on a new adventure, choosing a brand new name for themselves: A bold move and step forward for the Italian duo which will see them take their career to the next level, creating their new Techno language from old school vibes mixed with new sound horizons, in a unique personal style.

Starting his career in he firstly concentrated on djing itself. His tracks are veritable "dancefloor-bombs" and his own distinctive hand writing was to be recognized early. This hand wariting particularly expresses itself through the right feeling for timing and arrangement. Indeed Frankyeffe was not only acting as a producer during that time. He also spent three seasons as resident-dj at the Rashomon Claub in Rome,which surely is one most influental clubs for electronic underground music in the italian-capital.

Through his productions he also quickly gained an excellent reputation beyond the italian borders,which led to increased dj-bookings in different european countries. Furthermore he is constantly working on new material as well as touring as a dj and one can be curios about the progression in the near future. Raphael Dincsoy, a Techno addict from Stuttgart.

He wakes up and he is falling a sleep with Techno in his mind. But this isn t enough. Besides all of this, Raphael Dincsoy is well booked as a Dj. He did the next Step and joined the well known booking agency, Abstract at the end of As a producer he is always busy in the studio. Current releases on labels like Micro. Gruener Starr was born in and always interested in beats and music. He discovered his passion for electronic music when he was He started DJing in The next years he used to improve his technics and started to organize some techno parties, mainly in the underground.

Finally he has found his own dark-minimal-techno style. He has recorded sets that are known for their dark sounds with some hypnotic minimal noises and creepy vocals. Later, he went a bit further and began to produce his own dark music. Mitte erblickte unser neues Projekt "Mischkonsum" die Welt. Fortan wurde nicht an Hirnschmalz gespart um die Entwicklung unsere zu dem Zeitpunkt nur aus Schall und Rauch bestehenden Idee in die richtige Spur zu lenken.

Das gab sich aber relativ schnell als klar wurde dass das Projekt trotz Anwendung des Minimalprinzip im Vorantreiben schon fast auf eigenen, wenn auch wackligen Beinen stand. Somit wurde die Chance darauf "Mischkonsum" tatsächlich in nicht all zu ferner Zukunft laufen zu sehn mehr als wahrscheinlich. Als frisch gebackene Eltern eines neugeborenen zuwendungsbedürftigen Projekt wurde uns schnell klar dass die unbeschwerte Sturm und Drang Zeit der Vergangenheit angehört, und jetzt die Verantwortung wie "Mischkonsum" aufwächst und langsam Erwachsen wird voll und ganz in unsere Händen liegt.

Jetzt wird alles in unsere Macht stehende getan um "Mischkonsum" die Umgebung zu bieten die es braucht um ohne Sorgen aufzuwachsen, die nötigen Werte zu vermitteln um einen Charakter zu entwickeln der in unserem Sinne ist und irgendwann am besagten Tag X "Mischkonsum" unbesorgt in die Welt ziehen zu lassen. In diesem Sinne freuen wir darauf unser Kind aufwachsen zu sehen und laden jeden dazu ein daran Teilzunehmen.

Wir freuen uns auch über unseren Nachwuchs Marc Dopamin Synaps , der mit seinem Sound einfach super zu uns passt! Man darf gespannt sein ;. StrickStrack, oder einfach nur Strecker geriet vor 3 Jahren zum ersten Mal bewusst in Kontakt mit elektronischer Musik. Schnell begeisterte ihn nicht nur die Wirkung verschiedener Konstellationen elektronischer Klänge, sondern auch die Möglichkeit sie selbst gestalten und kombinieren zu können.

Auch hat es ihm die harte und teilweise düstere Seite des Techno angetan, da er mit dieser wesentlich mehr Energie und Druck auf den Zuhörer überträgt. Im Fokus seiner Musik steht der Kompromiss aus Melodik und treibenden Bässen, die gemeinsam einen besonderen Effekt des Fliegens und Fallens erzielen sollen.

Dennis aka Technoracle begann unter dem Synonym Bassfist das auflegen. Bis Anfang beschäftigte sich Technoracle hauptsächlich mit Hardstyle, wo ihn vor allem die harten Bässe und Melodien überzeugten. Damit möchte Technoracle eine Anspielung auf ein Orakel machen, welches mit technoiden Klängen, wie in einem urtümlichen Ritual, seine Vision der Musik auf den Tänzer überträgt. Freude und Liebe zur Musik ist das, was Technoracle seinen Zuhörern mitgeben möchte. It did not take long until the unique sound of Cortechs became attention in the global underground scene of techno music.

After multiple releases on various prestigious labels, Cortechs earned his rightful position among the most important producers and performers of the german underground techno movement. With his first album "The End Justifies The Means" which was released on his regular label "Machine Box", Cortechs was able to give his sound a very personal touch and gather enough raw materials to use and intuitively play with in his exquisite Ableton Live sets.

Having been on tour through Germany a lot of times, he always found inspiration for producing new sounds. In even more live gigs came around. This automatically resulted in much new material again which directly found ist way into his ableton sessions.

This was also the biggest influence for his next big Project, his second LP "Waste of Humanity", which will be released on Steil later this year. So if you are looking for atmospheric and massive bassline tracks, make sure to look out for Cortechs! In an age of short attention spans and constant media bombardment, Subfractal have unquestionably cemented their position as powerful techno tastemakers. Their brand of brooding, driving, beautifully dark minimal techno has been propelling them up the ranks of the electronic music scene with breakneck speed.

Since then, their releases have seen success in the Beatport Top Techno Chart on several occasions. Acclaimed performances at WMC in Miami, the Detroit Electronic Movement Festival, Tresor Berlin and other clubs around the world have seen Subfractal rip dancefloors apart with their showcases of booming underground techno and dark heavy minimal.

Fahad and Syed currently operate out of Toronto and New York City respectively, and continue to demonstrate their versatility. He has released his music on labels like I. Paul and many others. Virgil is running two successful exclusive labels - I. All releases on I. At a very early state Ralph Mirto discovered the possibilites of personal expression by the use of gears, computers and sound.

He is a real nerd when it comes to work on sounds and the way to shape them and making them sound unique. Each single of his tracks is a very personal and mood-reflecting example of how music can influence your mind and general being.

Productions on established labels like Nachtstrom or the fact that he was invited to contribute a track to the 25 Years Of Loveparade Charity compilation, that is refreshing the basic idea of the Loveparade with finding and giving a platform to new faces and talents, are undoubtly showing his huge potential. Tom Gotti was born in June in Vienna Austria. As Tom came in contact with Techno for his first time in , he was stunned and excited about a crowd of people who all had the same spirit.

His passion for Techno Festivals was awaked and years of enjoying those passed the land before he decided to buy his first equipment. So he started mixing in and after a lot of practicing and experimentation Tom Gotti found his own style in combinating straight- driving- hard hitting- and dark Techno. Just one year later in he started creating his own Technomusic and finally in the first half of he had his first EP release, and other followed quickly on Labels like: Now he is head and founder of Tool Cabinet Recordings a record label for high quality underground techno music based in Vienna Austria.

Watch out for this gifted guy and keep yourself updated what comes next of Tom Gotti. Ende durften die Jungs von strobetech ihr erstes Release für das Label "Berlin Aufnahmen" herausbringen. Durch dieses Ereignis motiviert, fuhr strobetech mit dem produzieren fort und holte sich mehr und mehr Plattenverträge ein.

Strobetech is a young Swiss DJ and producer duo, which is fixed on Techno and Dark Techno The guys from Strobetech have known each other from an early age. The two began to produce music together when they realized that they both liked the same music style. Strobetech is known for their driving and underground techno sets, as well for their own techno tracks which make the crowd cheer again and again.

Today, they are already represented in numerous record labels around the globe, and they already had the chance to meet a variety of high names in the techno-scene such as, Virgil Enzinger, Citizien Khain, Spartaque, and many more.

What to say organic matter and groovy sounds, worked into a minimal labyrinth with very much love for the details. He is resident dj at the oldest existing technoclub of europe called Airport www. There is in Madrid a musical effervescence that nothing can tame.

If the secular bleakness fits well the dark, sullen, industrial compositions of some of its famous musicians, an older tradition, looser, of dedication to the suave, stretched, paced nighttime, finds its natural extension in the talents of young artists like Psyk and Alberto Pascual.

Beyond the city that has both seen them grow up, the two producers share a common vision of an exciting, immanent techno. Their collaboration for swedish Drumcode LTD vouches for their ambition: Ascent, Permanent, Descent, three limpid tracks, scrupulously carried out, providing an irresistible outlet to the audience, oscillating from sweet languor to euphoria.

He has been producing on his own, keenly, delivering indisputable groove material to the crowds. Constantly evolving, his technique is not to debate, Last train to Party and Vertigo, two of his releases on Plus 8, speak on its behalf: Used to international stages , in addition to his favorite court, his appearances have left no one indifferent.

In the steady dynamic of his, together with the experience and maturity he gleaned over the years, Alberto is now engaging himself in the creation of a raw, solid techno that is to be kept closely under watch. Kalden started off his career in when he began making music from his basement in montreal, a few months later, His first release hit the shelf and went on TOP10 on the first week.

Recognition came fast for the young producer who then got the chance to play alongside the likes of Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Sasha, Gary Beck, Dustin Zahn, and many more techno titans. At the start of , Kalden launched the Ground Factory label to promote his music. By doing so, he quickly made a name for himself with his quality brand of techno. Hard work and dedication has ensured that Ground Factory Records is now running alongside the best techno labels.

Since , Kalden left Montreal for Barcelona where he dedicate himself to making music and making people dance all over the world. Deux im ToY Stuttgart statt. Earnest Lukosian entwickelte im Laufe der Zeit einen eigenen und speziellen Sound, welcher sich keinem Genre direkt zuordnen lässt.

Fest steht, dass eine Vorliebe für treibende, druckvolle und melodische Sounds vorhanden ist. Music that is cool but also fun and highly danceable. Whether they are producing mad, peak time bombs, or setting dancefloors on fire with their awesome live sets, these guys are definitely ones to watch and a bright shining light for the shape and sound of techno to come!

The fusion of their combined experience in the studio allows them to construct dark, sinister sounds mixed with twisted, haunting vocals and unnerving, atmospheric foundations. High rulers in the underground scene, their live shows feature rave-inspired, melodic, razor-sharp beats and their menacing releases hold the key to packing out hot, sweaty, dance floors every weekend. Seine Sets sind stets wohl durchdacht und und immer auf dunklen, hämmernden Techno getrimmt.

In Fabio moved to London where he spent hours in the studio developing his own unique style, combining techno and tech house — up to his first release in Touched by the positive support, Fabio worked hard to shape his own vision of music also through his dj sets. Never satisfied, he sees himself in constant search of music, tools and new equipment to stand out from the crowd. During that time Fabio was lucky to listen, dance and experience many of his own productions played by the best djs on the most talked about dance floors in the world.

Fabio now took control of the dance floor like never before and in became a resident at the ENTER. This residency has launched Fabio at lighting speed onto the international circuit, and garnered many fans for the Tuscan native.

There is no stopping. Sophie Nixdorf zählt momentan zu den gefragtesten weiblichen DJs Deutschlands. Ob auf Festivals wie der Winterworld, als ehemaliger Resident des berühmt-berüchtigten U in Frankfurt oder bis heute als Resident bei den legendären Palazzo-Events — Sophie bringt jeden Dancefloor souverän mit ihrem treibenden Sound zum Kochen.

Doch nicht nur an den Plattenspielern versteht sie Ihr Handwerk. Auch als Produzentin hat Sophie sich so einige Lorbeeren verdient.

Diggler und Matt K. Sophie kann ihre Finger nie lange still halten — neue Projekte sind schon in der Pipeline. Nicht zuletzt ist Sophie Nixdorf auch zweifache Labelownerin: Chris Laconi hat elektronische Musik von klein auf fasziniert.

Anfang der 90er begann er sich seine ersten Turntables zu kaufen und fing an kleinere Privat- und Undergroundparties zu beschallen, um danach immer mehr und mehr in Clubs aufzulegen. Seiner Vorliebe für das schwarze Gold ist er bis heute treu geblieben. Chris hat immer ein Gespür für die richtigen Töne und versteht es, sein Publikum mitzureissen.

Sein Style ist vielfältig und trotzdem unverwechselbar. Egal ob Primetime oder Afterhour, seine Gigs sind für jeden ein Erlebnis.

He is called MesU. Very early he also started to be interested in everything around the Dj. After several approaches he got the resident place in the tunnel Gosheim where he got to know then also S. With Him he organised once a month to divide very successful parties in the disco WOM Balingen under the name "Symbiosys". Then he did small-time above all with S.

Since he plays in whole Germany and has created it also to a resident place in the club Soho Spaichingen. He still has big interest in producing. His first publication "Zukunftsmusikclown Ep" comes out on Chaos Netlabel. Other tracks of him are quite ready and he works on and on it. At the same time he has also founded the agency Feierkind with your activities can look after an artist all around and support.

Out of this also originated the idea for his own label Feierkind-Records. With all what has lately done itself with MesU. He would describe his style as follows: Good Techno ;- He plays still with Vinyl! But for the most part my job is to make people happy.

They come and want to have a good time. Beide für sich kaum noch aus der deutschen Techno Szene wegzudenken. Unzählige Releases, Alben und Gigs. Es gibt nur wenige Auftritte der beiden zusammen.

We would tell you all about Redshape, but we don't know who he actually is. He hides his real identity behind a red mask at all times, even wearing it onstage at his club dates around Europe, which of late there have been many.

We do know the man behind the mask lives in Berlin, he does a rocking live act and he's released half a dozen tracks over the last year or so on labels such as Delsin, Styrax Leaves and Music Man. We also can reveal he has studied a lot of old Detroit techno records: He was also the resident Dj for the IN nights in Titos Palma from to but had to stop as the Mallorcan Techno scene came to a halt because of the economic recession.

This is when Alberto began to spend much more time in his studio, acquiring all types of classical synths and rhythm machines of brands like: Korg, Moog, Roland etc. It only takes a week for Alien to get to number 1 of the Techno charts and then stayed at that position for 9 consecutive days.

Is also included on TopTracks of Techno , Beatport Charts. From that moment Alberto began to get noticed by bigger record labels such as Suara, Elevate,Terminal M,Noir Music, Deeperfect, Bla Bla, Transmit recordings and has produced and remixed with world renowned artists such as: If any producer can be known as a wayfarer, then Knobs truly ecompasses this archetype. Having lived and traveled across Africa, Asia, North America, Australasia and Europe since his birth in Rome, his experiences are wide, varied and are now echoed through his musical production.

Since childhood he has had a strong passion and curiosity for a variety of musical genres. Growing up listening from Hip Hop to Grunge and Dub he later discovered electronic music through artists such as Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and The Prodigy whose sounds seduced him to indulge in the realm of electronic music. Additionally inspired by the analog sets at the raves in Rome, he began to experiment with his own creativity.

Knobs has a passion for acquiring inspiration from the sounds surrounding his life; stretching from different musical genres to all urban and natural soundscapes. His style in Techno is well known for its prominent drive and bass laced with fine cut rhythmics topped with dark, organic atmospheres evoking a primordial and mystical essence.

Thanks to his unique and diverse productions he has had the opportunity to perform to a wide variety of places from legendary clubs and festivals to small underground events throughout Germany, Sweden, Italy, Holland, USA, Switzerland, Lithuania, Mexico, Argentina, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, Malta, New Zealand and Australia. His music has been played and supported all over the world by a multitude of Djs spanning from emerging artists to the most prominent legends of Techno.

Through this label he has released 3 "12" Eps and his recent triple "12" Lp. Throughout the years Knobs has also released many widely supported and played tracks that remain a prominent feature in many playlists. These include tracks such as "Like This", "Reality", "Apocalypto" and many other of his originals and remixes.

And this is just the beginning. Knobs is ready to take the world by storm all over again. Inspired by many years of dedication on production and different musical influences they now stand as DJs in front of their crowd.

The common musical path determined by a further project to expand - the A- Brothers were born! This dynamic duo stands for breath-taking techno-productions and live-shows. They prefer to play their remarkable DJ-Sets on four cd player and two mixers.

This talent and the exact co-ordination between these two friends make every show unforgettable. Nowadays this techno-formation belongs to the top-elite in Austria confirmed by numerous appearances in the federal states like Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Graz only to name a few.

They rock the house at their shows and give proof of what makes them so musically strong and that they are achieving something great. It looks like the successful musical career of the A-Brothers has already begun Eric Schaich geboren am Er versteht es sein Publikum in den Bann zu ziehen.

Patrick Jauernig aka Hochweiss was born in His town is Vienna. He discovered his passion for electronic music when he was 17 Years old. When he was 23, he started to mixing and finally he found his style! Bjarki Runar Sigurdarson, a very low profile, stay-at-home audiophile with acid influenced hypnotic music production.

This Icelander has set his landmark in the dance music scene with his third appearance on????. Arthur And The Intergalactic Whales is the first inch single on???? The Icelander contributed to the label with two other records to date, The Deviant Octopus and De Niro Is Concerned, which were both compilation double-packs.

He also has been performing with playing live sets in Detroit, New York, Barcelona and his hometown in Reykjavik. Geboren und aufgewachsen in Stuttgart entwickelt sich aus einem anfänglichen Hobby schnell eine gemeinsame Sucht.

Spätestens nach Beginn Ihrer Zusammenarbeit im Jahr wird es jedoch klar: Mit Ihrem unterschiedlichen Können ergänzen die Beiden sich perfekt und bilden eine herausragende Dynamik. Ihr dunkler und treibender Sound definiert modernen Techno für den absoluten Höhepunkt der Nacht. Mittlerweile in Ihren Mittzwanzigern angekommen entwickelt sich zu Ihrem Jahr.

Auch Ihre ersten Veröffentlichungen stehen bereits in den Startlöchern. Dahin wo alles begonnen hat. Wo der Sound langsamer war, aber einen unwiderstehlichen Druck und viel Charisma hatte.

Ideen die aus Erlebnissen heraus spontan entstanden, wurden musikalisch umgesetzt. Unvergessene Gefühle, die einen ewig begleiten und nach einer kreativen Pause wiederbelebt werden. Die musikalischen Wurzeln von Tobias Lützenkirchen gehen zurück bis ins Jahr , wo er das erste Mal als Sänger auf einer Platte zu hören war.

Seine Liebe zur elektronischen Musik entdeckte und festigte er allerdings erst als er ein Jahr als Promoter auf Ibiza tätig war. Trotzdem verschlug es ihn erstmal wieder zurück nach Neuss, wo er bis auch weiterhin als Sänger und Songschreiber in allen möglichen musikalischen Gefilden tätig war.

Parallel entwickelte er schon erste elektronische Titel und experimentierte unter verschiedenen Künstlernamen und Projekten, von denen einige damals schon Charterfolge wurden. Er remixte fuer unzählige Szene-Groessen und schuf in München mit Platform B eine musikalische Plattform für Münchener Nachwuchskünstler, die sich schnell eine weltweite Fansbase für besten Techno aufbaute. Doch manchmal braucht man bei soviel Output einfach eine Pause, eine regenerierende Phase, in der man sich zurückzieht und den Gedanken freien Raum lässt.

Mitte war so ein Moment für Lützenkirchen und er zog sich produktionstechnisch beinahe ganz zurück. Doch diese Zeit hat ihm gut getan. Er ist zurück, mit mehr Motivation und Energie als jemals zuvor. Enorm Stilsicher und musikalisch wieder einen Schritt der Zeit voraus hat sich bei ihm massig neuer Output angesammelt, der wie damals einen neuen-alten Lützenkirchen ankündigt welcher sich wieder komplett der House-Musik Szene verschrieben hat.

Es geht zurück an den Anfang, zu den Wurzeln. Seine Sets bestechen durch alte Elemente von Klassikern wie auch vokalen Einschüben aus völlig anderen Genren, mit denen er seine Technosets spickt und adäquat zu individualisieren imstande ist. Gero Jansen sees the light of day in the early 90s.

A heart rate of bpm, a magic number it will be telling. At the tender age of 7, Gero started to learn his first instrument. He wants more, namely to compose his own music. In his youth, it is the sound synthesis, which gives him an appearance of perfection.

He begins to deal intensively with electronic music and its creation. Initial projects arise where he tried different genres and eventually he found himself in the field of techno again. The first gigs did not take long in coming. Despite many nights in various clubs, he still finds the time to drive his own productions ahead and to create a unique sound. The motivation for this is his love for music. There are also various Gero Jansen remixes on labels like "Oxytech Records" and " Records" in this year.

To sum up, Gero Jansen is an insider tip in terms of underground techno. We can only wonder what he will release next few years.

At the moment it is unknown but one thing is certain: His music has been topping the charts and he has been touring constantly all over the globe playing in every possible venue and headlining all major festivals. He is well known for his highly popular mixes and long massive DJ sets. He is also involved in three other highly successful projects: Es beginnt die Zeit der Prodigy-Partys Durch einen nun gewissen Bekanntheitsgrad im Drei- ländereck und einer Einladung in die Schweiz auf eine GOA-Party folgend, kehrte er mit einem nun völlig neuen Verständnis für die elektronische Klangkultur zurück.

Seither feiert man im ganzen Ländle ausgelassen irgendwo im Wald zu sehr, sehr heftig wummernden Bässen inmitten fluoriszierender Pilze und Gestalten Zur Zeit widmet sich Watch out for the comming open air season Compilation Number 2 is already in the kitchen, stay tuned for this Marco Narewski begann seine Karriere als Club-Dj sehr spät. Doch schnell wollte er mehr. Mit seiner ersten eigenen Veranstaltung verband er French und Synthie Elektro.

Auftritte mit folgenden Künstlern: Growing up with the influences of music by playing different instruments, Timm bought his first turntables with The Milestone in his life: Timm was at that time as a crazy pothead, really wild n and young, and music was the only important thing in his life.

It was the name of his Skateboard trucks. When Spectra played his first club gig with only 16 years he felt the energie of a packed dancefloor in a Club for the first time. Spending all his life for music, chilling in record stores, watching all the videos of famous djs and getting high and drunk, his club charakter was born when he was Spec X is the short version of DJ Spectra and is an synonyme for his own produced electronic music with hip hop influences. It sounds like you are partying 3 days in a row, having afterhours, giving a shit and loving life.

Right know he is workin on his Album called "The Infamous" and will released in Über Hells musikalische Anfänge ist wenig bekannt.

Nach eigenen Aussagen fand er sich eines Tages mit Freunden als Instrumentalist unter er-Jahre-Electromusikern wieder. Seit Ende der er Jahre war er als DJ tätig.

Hell trug nennenswert zum 80er Jahre Revival der deutschen und internationalen Clubszene bei. Ab betrieb er über mehrere Jahre die Diskothek Villa im bayerischen Traunstein. Seit wohnte Geier abwechselnd in München und Berlin. Mario S comesfrom germany. He listened to techno music since , and developed a real passion for the darker side of techno. At the beginning of he decided to make his own techno music under the pseudonym A. A brings you mindblowing evil dark techno. Philipp Pesenhofer aka Monostep, der von Kindheit an durch elektronische Musik geprägt wurde, hat früh mit dem Auflegen begonnen.

Bereits mit 15 Jahren hat er auf kleineren Veranstaltungen und Events gespielt. Durch unzählige Club- und Festivalbesuche hat der heute 20 jährige seinen eigenen individuellen Sound entwickelt, den er selbst als verspielt, düster und treibend bezeichnet.

Woche für Woche trägt er diesen an sein Publikum in den verschiedensten Locations weiter, um dadurch seine Leidenschaft auszudrücken. Paralytic, born in , was lost in music since his early years. He rather was more interested into the beats than the message of songs. He quickly developed a great love to electronic music, but by growing older, creating his own beats and tracks became more interesting than just listen to them.

Driven by passion he soon invested in hardware such as synthesizers and the dream seemed to be slowly becoming true. Music is art…Music is my life. At an early age he discovered electronic music for himself. Even then, when his friends were rather at any Ballerman parties, it drove him alone to techno parties where he was celebrating to the sound of Chris liebing or A. In and after 6 years going to techno parties, he felt bored of only partying to techno music, so he decided to discover more and to know better the techno music for himself.

He had a lot of ideas and so he made the decision to get his own DJ equipment. Stay tuned and let you take from Mustec to a journey through the world of techno. Cause for him it is not only a religion but also very clear his attitude to live. Mustafa Musti aka "Mustec" wurde am Schon im frühen Alter entdeckte er die elektronische Musik für sich.

Schon damals, als seine Freunde lieber auf irgendwelchen Ballermann-Partys waren, trieb es ihn alleine auf Technopartys wo er dann auf den Sound wie z. Chris Liebling, Carl Cox feierte. Im Jahr und nach 6 Jahren wurde Ihm das feiern gehen zu langweilig und er wollte den Techno nun noch mehr für sich entdecken und kennenlernen. Ideen hatte er genug und so entschied er sich sein eigenes Equipment zu zulegen! Seit gespannt und lasst euch von Mustec auf eine Reise durch die Welt des Techno führen!

Den für Ihn ist es nicht nur eine Religion sondern auch ganz klar seine Lebenseinstellung! There are no specific rules for full-hearted electronic music. Monoloc is a techno fanatic. Ever since he made the transition from rock and heavy metal to electronic music as a teenager, the Frankfurt-born artist has dedicated his life to the dance floor.

His raw yet sleek take on techno has earned him a global following and the reputation to boot. Today he resides in Berlin where he threw himself head-first into making music, allowing creative ideas to flourish and cement themselves. He spent most of his twenties juggling music and his other passion, cooking, buying records and DJing minor gigs for friends in bars and at private parties. In he moved into production. He currently sits somewhere between techno and house, nurturing a sound that is as driving, groovy and low-slung as ever, but with greater emotional range.

Monoloc has never felt freer to explore and experiment within his craft. Mark Reeve, 12 Jahre alt, wird mit dem elektronischen Virus infiziert. Seine Begeisterung für pulsierenden elektrischen Sound war grenzenlos.

Mitte der 90er Jahre: Sein homebase sound bleibt Tech-House und Techno mit groovigen Rhythmen, bang out Beats und besonders hüftschwingendem Touch. Im Jahr "The Big Year". Nicht nur der Top Hit hatte super Unterstützung von Väth und anderen, sondern auch "Lichtkleid" war ein Riesenerfolg und erhielte von dem einzigartigen Minus-Ikone Richie Hawtin support. Seine Tracks sind immer eine Mischung, die nicht nur auf der Tanzfläche sondern auch durch groovige Rhythmen begeistern.

Irregular Synth is a futuristing Italian dj and producer, really appreciated in the club scene worldwide. He started his DJing career when he was very young in Naples, one of the most generating cities where many famous techno DJs from. Today, thanks to his unique talent, his hard work and to his musical background, Irregular Synth is among in the most fast-rising stars with uncountable recognizable successes.

He always focuses his attention on the dance floor, in order to let everybody live a special experience and a singular musical journey through his sound. His dj sets usually contains many original elements such as groovy vibes, melodies and last but not least powerful bass lines, all serving his big love, Techno.

Irregular Synth is also a prolific producer and his latest tracks were released on some big international labels like MB Elektronics, Driving Forces, Respekt Recordings, Naked Lunch, Loose, Advanced and many more, being supported from the greatest legends out there. Keep your eyes on, because Irregular Synth is here to reach the stars and beyond.

Flo Phono is Florian S. He was influenced by the psy virus in when he went to his first Zoom party. His mixing style floats between cheeky offbeat progressive and rolling rhythmic progressive trance. Partys , Progwork Orange Partys , Kulti amm In the last years he shared the stage with acts like: Ihm ist es wichtig, dass bei all den dunklen Bässen, die Melodie nicht verloren geht. Iberic Soul bürgerlich bekannt auch als Eddie. Der gebürtiger Lampertheimer mit Spanischen Wurzeln,war schon in jungen Jahren begeistert von der Elektronischen Musikscene.

Ihm wurde schnell Klar das er nur eins sein wollte und zwar DJ. Zur Zeit arbeitet er an eigenen Musik Produktionen die wir hoffentlich bald zu hören bekommen.

For 27 years now, she has stomped on the face of techno and acid with hard punishing beats and radioactive sounds. The ferocious releases on her Djax-Up-Beats label helped Chicago and Detroit sounds gain foothold in Europe, as Djax Records was one of the first European labels to put out techno in the early nineties.

Now 25 years later Djax can look back at an impressive catalog of over releases! When Joachim Spieth asked me to write his biography, I knew I would have to be a bit creative in order to write something different. You see when writing a biography, there are things you have to speak about, even though you know it has been said many times, and you fear it will end up looking like any other biography, with the usual and righteous amount of name droppings.

I also had to mention that he has been involved in the electronic music scene for the past fifteen years; that he used to play in a band as a teenager. I had to name the clubs in which he has played during the last decade.

But I did not really want to speak about all of the above. Because what matters at the end is who he is, what he wants to express by producing music and what he has been giving to the scene.

Being a shy character, he is not the type of person searching for the spotlight but someone that is evolving on the scene by pure passion, and wants to communicate this passion to the others. He created his label Affin to be as independent as possible and focus on discovering new talents. But most importantly, what Joachim Spieth does not put into words, is translated into sounds. Deep, solemn and at times enraged, his productions represents Techno in its purest expression.

They are made to occupy our dying cathedrals of concrete, to crush the reality of our everyday life under an assumed individuality. The elaborated basses and the echoing melodies grab our minds to throw them in a far away world, leaving the silence of a doomed society behind.

Klanglos kam zum ersten mal in den 90er Jahren mit der Musik in Kontakt, als die Technoszene in Deutschland gerade am aufbrodeln war. Dies spiegelt sich auch in den Tracks wieder an denen der junge DJ und Produzent mit Leidenschaft arbeitet!

She is charismatic, very talented and attractive. She has been into music since and created a boom in recent few years, performing in the most prestigious European clubs and festivals. She spins catchy mix of deep house, tech house, minimal and techno, always with a precise technique and extreme elegance and brings freshness and incredible energy in a unique way.

Identical energy is felt in her production as well, and she proved her talent in May , winning the first place among hundreds of applicants on Remix Contest "Stefano Noferini - Papi". The remix was published on Deeperfect records. She is always special, and her music provokes interaction, intense emotions and superb music experience. Arbeitsteilung bei Techno-Duos ist keine Selten- heit. Im Gegenteil ist sie sogar vielmehr Norma- lität.

Das liegt in der Techno-Szene in der Sache selbst begründet, denn zumeist konzentriert sich einer der beiden Teile qua passender Ausbildung auf den professionellen Plattenproduktionsoutput während der extrovertiertere Part sich an den Wochenenden den Bollerfäusten der kreischen- den Fans stellt und unter der Woche versucht, seinem Gemüt etwas Ruhe zukommen zu lassen. Daniel, studierter Tontechniker, und obendrein Arnds Bruder, bildet in beruflicher wie priva- ter Hinsicht eine wichtige Stütze.

Besser könnte man sich kaum gegenseitig ergänzen. Die Antwort müsste bei drumcomplex lauten: Tech- no kann eine Stufe der Komplexität erlangen, die durch perfektionierte Arbeitsteilung das Maximum aus Studioarbeit und Live-Auftritten herausholt — und das bereits seit über zehn Jahren.

Das spie- gelt sich auch in der Diskografie wider: Die bei- den decken eine Bandbreite an hochgeschätzten Techno und TechHouse-Labels ab, nach der sich andere die Finger lecken würden: Feuer aus allen Rohren und mit Nachdruck empfohlene Schall- druckkanonen seit , das ist die Bilanz harter Arbeit im Studio, die sich über viele Jahre das At- tribut Massenbewegungsphänomen verdient hat.

Jeder, der Arnd mal vor einer Menge hat spielen sehen, dem wird jetzt ein Schmunzeln auf das Gesicht huschen. Weil man sich ge- trost die Frage stellen kann, wie jemand nach etwa 20 Jahren DJing noch mit so viel Unbeschwertheit und gleichzeitig so viel Abgebrühtheit an die Sache heran gehen kann. Vielleicht ist es genau dieser magische Funken der ersten Stunde der Unberührtheit vom Urkern des Techno, der bei jedem seiner Sets aufblitzt und die Menge immer ein klein wenig mit erleuchtet.

Arnd ist der DJ, der danach nicht im Backstage verschwindet, um Champagner zu trinken, sondern der Fan, der zusammen mit dem Rest der Menge die Platten seines Nachfolgers feiert. Ein Funke der Harmonie, der sich in der Szene gerne wieder an mehr Stellen finden könnte.

A mighty girl from Thailand who provoked a tech-house revolution in her country and then allured the global scene, to Berlin and Ibiza. A top-notch artist who electrifies the dancefloors with her infectiously vibrant energy, impeccable mixing and uncompromised selection of percussive grooves. With every, action-packed DJ set of hers, she creates a potent rollercoaster ride full of surprises.

Her sound is continuosly swirling between the elegantly built tension and an unexpected explosions. Hypnotic melodies and deep chords sweep over massive, bass-driven rhythms and forceful grooves. She triggers boiling emotions and a bursting atmosphere that resonate in bodies and souls of the crowd long after the party.

Jay Lumen is one of the most exciting developing artists in a new generation of DJs and producers. He studied music in a conservatory for eight years developing his skill and ambition for music. Even at a young age, Jay would play the compositions of classic artists in his own style. He was trained on a classical instrument — violin — but quickly realized that he could not fully express his creativity on only one instrument and turned to electronic production instead.

He familiarized himself with synthesizers and software and started creating his own sound. Hardfloor is the project of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker from Duesseldorf, Germany and was formed in as the German acid and techno scenes were just in the beginning.

This ground-breaking single made their name instantly recognisable to European clubbers. Utilizing since-standard compositional tools like long, melody-driven buildups and elaborate percussion breaks, the track became an instant dancefloor anthem and made Hardfloor a sought-after name for remix and production work.

Their signature manipulation of the Roland TB revolutionized the techno world — Ramon and Oliver became masterful at coaxing catchy sequences and basslines out of their multitude of magical silver boxes, a style that influenced a generation of young producers and has been endlessly imitated, never surpassed.

Ihre Kreativität und ihr musikalisches Gehör leiten Sie immer zu einem Perfektionismus, der ausnahmslos eine Top Performance garantiert. Marleen Polakowski entdeckte schon im Alter von 14 Jahren ihre Leidenschaft für die elektronische Tanzmusik.

So kam es, dass Sie das Mixen von Vinyl erlernte. Seit jeher tourt die junge Künstlerin durch viele Clubs Deutschlands und entwickelt sich durch die vielen Eindrücke stets weiter. Danach folgten gleich zwei Remixe, u. On the stage it appears in terms of two dark-dressed statures, who like to act out their anonymity behind masks and handle the machines delicately. After first contact at highschool in , a close friendship between Yannick and Joel began — soulmates, whose connection is based on the deep love to the music.

Self-organised events in various locations and the desire for realization of their personal musical ideas followed. Until their first release in , it took less than one year. Mostly as Live-Act, they are touring since there in European clubs and follow principles like not playing unreleased tracks. Nevertheless, not even one performance sounds like the other, as they play and mix the loops and patterns from their tracks spontaneously — and always with a surprise effect.

May you call them musical landscape painters. Foggy valleys are built through melancholic and romantical sounds, where fantasy creatures and monsters are shaped. In their imagination, black and red light reflections swirl around. But the most meaningful influence pulsates around the gothic theme and comes from the fetish universe.

The weakness for sadomasochism and bondage gears is hardly mistakable. The musical structures tough are largely grounded on the puristic loop culture of German minimal and techno. Typically as well, industrial and mechanic sounding elements go along, no less than French Electro. Obviously many other artists are impressed by their diverse influencies, so the list of remixed producers and remixers gets more and more extended.

I love chilling there anyway!!!! Das Alfons X — ein einmaliges Cluberlebnis mitten in Sigmaringen! MAR 16 Mar 17 Mar Die beliebte Party-Reihe steht diesmal am Samstag, den Das Ganze beginnt schon am Samstag Eintritt FREI bis Viele haben es versucht, doch er kann tatsächlich von sich behaupten, die Vogelkunde und den Techno unter einen Hut gebracht zu haben: Seit seiner ersten Veröffentlichung auf Traum Schallplatten im Jahre streut der Ausnahmeproduzent nun schon ökologisches Fachwissen und Vogelzwitschern in seinen Tracks aus.

Die Natur ist die Inspirationsquelle für das eigene Schaffen, inhaltlich wie dramaturgisch und das bereits seit Da kann ein Rascheln im Unterholz zur Hookline mutieren, jedes Geräusch zählt und verleiht den Tracks jene Lebendigkeit, die der Tanzflur braucht.

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