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Further articles of Section III detail conditions under which they should work, be housed and paid. According to Nazi ideology, Slavic people were regarded as rassisch minderwertig "racially inferior".

Prisoners of various nationalities were generally separated from each other by barbed-wire fences subdividing each stalag into sections. Frequently prisoners speaking the same language, for example British Commonwealth soldiers, were permitted to intermingle. At each stalag the German Army set up sub-camps called Arbeitskommando to hold prisoners in the vicinity of specific work locations, whether factories, coal-mines, quarries, farms or railroad maintenance.

These sub-camps sometimes held more than 1, prisoners, separated by nationality. Any individuals who were injured in work, or became ill, were returned to the Lazarett medical care facilities at the parent stalag. On 24 March , 76 Allied prisoners escaped through a m approx feet long tunnel. Over , Allied soldiers were imprisoned there.

It was liberated by the U. The airmen in the show Hogan's Heroes were imprisoned in fictitious "Luft Stalag 13" near Hammelburg. Our new album will be released on the 5th of February We'll start off the tour with a release show in the AB-club Brussels. Here's an acoustic take on the title track we've just done in our latest AB Session. Steven wins the triennial cultural Eikenloof award in his hometown "Heusden-Zolder".

In a series of 8 mine stories in the region of Limburg, director Stijn Coninx has filmed Steven in his hometown Heusden-Zolder about his childhood impressions. You can see the Short Story here. For more info on this project go to www. We've had many unforgettable moments in Hiroshima, Kyoto and Sendai trying out some of the new songs. Thank you BBW for the invitation! We are currently working on our new album and are excited about the new songs. More news on the release soon!

Steven has been contributing to the new national campaign song of "Kom op tegen kanker! More info and the video on Iedereen is van de wereld. Happy Birthday to us. We'd like to treat you on some earcandy. Download our new single Shining in the rain for free! Hope to see you all on our tin Anniversary concert on thursday 19th of March in the Handelsbeurs Gent, with some of our musical friends. The Nairobi Harmonica Express has just taken off!

We've decided to set up this project after visiting the Ghetto Classics project in Korogocho in February. We've collected harmonica's for the school and will teach the kids how to play them with the help of some Ghetto Classics graduates. Now the harmonica's have arrived, we are thrilled to find out where the "Nairobi Harmonica Express" eventually will lead to and we hope it's going to be a beautiful, funny and inspiring trip for everyone involved!

To announce the new release, they made this portrait of Steven. The Hohner Rocket is a great enhancement of the classic Special Check our concert agenda for more info!

We got such a warm welcome and teamed up with great local and international musicians. A very special moment for us was the visit of a beautiful music project in the Korogocho slum called "Ghetto Classics". We've decided to support this project in the future! For impressions and reviews, check out our Fb-page.

Here's a video-compilation made by Fredrick Kiarie. The Rhythm Junks have been invited by Triggerfinger and Balthazar to play some of their supports in Germany in Switzerland. This will be our first concert as a band in Africa. We are very happy to take part in this festival! Thank you for all your support and friendship. We wish you may may, may dream and may beat your borders in !!! It shows Steven as a mysterious taxidermist and Jasper and Tony as hunters.

No animals have been hurt during the shooting of this music video! We are getting great reactions on our release in the GSA. The Group commander, the three Squadron commanders and all three flight commanders per squadron--and no airplanes--were virtually all that remained of the 78th Fighter Group in England.

Most of the remaining command pilots were sent to all sorts of schools around the British Isles, to kill time until new aircraft and subordinates could be shipped to England. The 78th Fighter Group was reconstituted at Duxford Airdrome F near Cambridge, England, in April with a full compliment of new pilots, most of whom were fresh from fighter schools in the States. The Group was also equipped with the Republic PB Thunderbolt fighter, a seven ton monster that few, if any, of the 78th's pilots had ever seen before.

On April 8, following a whirlwind familiarization course, twelve 78th Fighter Group Thunderbolts, along with twelve P fighters each from the 4th and 56th Fighter Groups, took part in the first-ever P mission over France. February 28 th , the 48th Squadron moved out of the combat area and returned to Mediouna airdrome, some eighteen miles southeast of Casablanca. There followed a period of rest, recuperation, and training. Pilots were received from the nearby training school at Beerschid and from the 78 th Fighter Group in England , and the unit was brought up to full strength.

By the end of April , preparations began for movement into the combat area. The ground echelon left in several motor convoys for Telergma, the next base of operations; and the air echelon departed on May 5 th.

By May, when the 48 th returned to combat service at Telergma, Algeria, the war in Tunisia was over. Went To 68 OG. I have found no record of its fate. Mackie referred to his wife Maxine and the name was also used on his P The name "Mike" appeared on the left engine cowling and "Pat" on the right.

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