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Got no problems at all with signup and creating my profile at flirt. Headquarters

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Thats my motto hahaha lol. There may be real people here I only started today Too many spammers and fake profiles. Waste of time and money. No real women on the site. Lots of requests for phone numbers, so they can "text" you. Some kind of scam. Besides, communication at the site can fit around anyones schedule since there are chat rooms! And I was lucky to find her, my special one with whom to start a new relationship!

Thanks for the opportunities! Chats are the best what Flirt. Found there a bunch of girls to talk to whenever I want. Thats pretty awesome, I think! Cool and fast website. It really helped me find my man! We met in the flirt. Guys, simply if you haven't got answers for your messages, it doesn't mean that the site is scam. The 3 day trial allows them to obtain your credit card, so that they can automatically enroll you apparently it's in the terms and conditions for full site access with VOD beyond what you'll agree to 3 days.

Not only that, I received canned invitations to online models and individuals in my area that are "interested in me". Any review of this site that's higher than a 1 is a fake. If you make the mistake of signing up, go ahead and report your credit card as lost so they can't bill you more than once. For Gay guys this is a total scam. Obviously using a robot to generate messages that no real person would write.

You respond but no one answers you even though they all are showing to be online. I am denouncing them to the authorities here. Flirty18 is a total scam. Dont believe the made up reviews from girls who benefit from the coins currency on this site - theyre not real!!

Save you money and go elsewhere. Got no problems at all with signup and creating my profile at flirt. Its a good site for those who look for women with serious intentions just like me.

Comfortable interface and features. Works perfectly both on my PC and smartphone. It was a great idea to join Flirt. Found him in just a week or so.

Yes it deffinatley is a scam try flirtify im on there at the mo and as far as i can tell this site is genuine but there are still a few fake women on there. I got talking to one lady who said she was from llanishen gwent it turns out she was in tambov russia anyway i carried on talking for sometime to the point where she was planning on flying over here to see me.

She said flights were booked insurence sorted then a week to go she said she couldnt get a visa because she had an outstanding loan and basicly hinted for me to send her money. Thankfully im not that stupid but alarm bells rang i asked her to take a pic with all her documents and send to me via email but guess what she in not so many words made excuses and left. Be naughty is OK, but you do get a lot of cam girls sending you messages firecams sponsored models plus cam girls never use they're real pics on they're profile or no pic at all.

COM, they're both a rip off. That being said I have had some good chats with a couple of cam girls, also if you do decide to buy a months credit on be naughty then you do get access to all profiles and you get unlimited texts for that period, so all in all be naughty not bad.

It's a set up. They tell you that they need the credit card info to show that you're 18 yrs. Once they have the credit card numbers, they use them to sign you up with all kinds of other scam sites.

In my experience if they are gorgeous, then it is too good to be true. Also if it is a name and has 3 or 4 numbers behind it, it is likely fake. Finally, if they are looking for a guy from or a big age range like that, it is fake. The site sucks, but if you are patient and work at it, you can make the site work for you.

I live in Alberta, Canada and have spoken to about 6 real women, but I had to travel to California to meet a woman I met on it. I have cammed with a woman from Pennsylvania, one from Nevada and one from the UK.

Also, you should know that there are about 8 sites that are linked together, see link if you are interested. I suggest Plenty of Fish would be the best site to meet women. But you have to work at anything to get something out of it Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Denn zur Singlebörse gehört auch ein Free Chat ohne Anmeldung. Dann schau im Single Chat von bildkontakte. Dazu musst du einfach dein Geschlecht angeben und schon kannst du nach Lust und Laune chatten.

Wer einen Chat ohne Anmeldung kostenlos nutzen möchte, ist bei bildkontakte. Hier flirten zahlreiche Singles aus ganz Deutschland und nutzen den Free Chat ohne Anmeldung ausgiebig, um neue Kontakte zu knüpfen.

Die Singlebörse bietet neben dem Free Chat ohne Anmeldung auch alle anderen wichtigen Kontaktfunktionen kostenfrei an. Das bedeutet, dass du als Mitglied der Single Community auch kostenlos Nachrichten schreiben und empfangen, Profile besuchen und einsehen und die Suche nutzen kannst.

Im Free Chat ohne Anmeldung neue Bekanntschaften machen. Aber auch die Anmeldung auf der dazugehörigen Singlebörse bildkontakte. So kannst du beispielsweise auch deine eigenen Profilbesucher einsehen und in der Suche erweiterte Suchfilter nutzen.

Und auch wenn du dich erst einmal mit der Singlebörse vertraut machen möchtest, kannst du dich als User mit der kostenlosen Basis- Mitgliedschaft schon fast uneingeschränkt auf Partnersuche begeben. Alle Kontaktfunktionen stehen dir kostenlos zur Verfügung und helfen dir bei der Suche nach deinem Traumpartner.

Dann melde dich gleich bei bildkontakte. Unsere AGB lauten wie folgt. Spammer, die in unseren Chats für gewerbsmässig betriebene Webseiten, Skype- Accounts mit gewerblicher Absicht oder ähnliches werben, zahlen die übliche Marketing- Pauschale von 1. Euro pro gepostetem Eintrag. Ein Eintrag ist hierbei eine einzelne abgesetzte Nachricht. Die Zahlung ist binnen 1. Tagen ab abgesetzter Werbung fälig.

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