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Leave it to Jane Fonda and Michael Jackson to do something truly off the wall. Their publicist says Australian magicians Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler hide "nothing up their sleeves.

Wayne says he and Tyler, now known as the Naked Magicians, were Two elderly women are at Walgreen's running errands. One of them picks up her medicine prescriptions while the other loads up on sunblock and sun tan lotion.

The two women reach their destination, a nude beach, and take My husband enjoys sitting around among other activities naked. We live in a subdivision with homes. I have asked him repeatedly to stop, join a nudist group or go home to his mother - whatever! Members of naturist club The White House are fighting proposals for a large complex of 36 flats next to the tennis court on their grounds in Whyteleafe, a commuter village in Surrey. Club chairman Val Humfress told the Standard that while members I could begin this piece by telling you I was attending a nude yoga class on a Friday night for research purposes for this article.

That my editor here at news. But that would be a lie. I pitched the idea to write about the class because I was filled with curiosity and as a regular yoga goer and I Summertime is a great time for sharing photos of one's children. Having a 3-year-old son and a month-old daughter, I've enjoyed taking and sharing pictures of the kids at the beach, at the zoo, on vacation and playing in the backyard over the past few months.

The response I get most often to these pictures besides of course "how adorable! Call it the death knell for the Age of Aquarius in Santa Fe: Ten Thousand Waves has dropped its clothing-optional policy for its all-genders communal tub.

Visitors now must at least keep their bottoms on. The reason for the change in policy? The Fraser Coast Regional Council in southern Queensland says it will not be swayed by a petition calling for a nude beach in the region.

The petition, lodged with the Queensland Parliament this month, has signatures wanting Dundowran Beach to become the state's first legal clothing optional beach.

Councillor Rolf Light said he did not think the beach was an How many times during this year's super hot and humid summer did you just wish you could strip all of your clothes off to cool down?

Well, it turns out being naked may not only be more comfortable but healthier as well. Some experts say that donning your birthday suit more often can help with myriad physical and psychological problems. So how do you reap The Times Square Alliance and a coalition of electeds has a plan to address complaints about Times Square without destroying the hugely successful pedestrian plazas. The centerpiece of the proposal is to legally redefine the Broadway plazas as a public space with three regulated zones: The parade, held the day before the city-permitted, X-rated Folsom Street Fair, is being led by the same group of unclad activists who unsuccessfully The Berlin-based tabloid newspaper B.

Germany has experienced a wave of such comments in recent weeks. Women are being invited to bare all on a secluded beach this weekend and boost their self confidence. The "empowering", if not chilly, event will be on Saturday at a secret location on the Welsh coast and is organised by two female artists who say they want to contribute to the current debate about body image. A similar event held by Happy In My Skin For the seventh straight summer, hundreds of bicyclists joined together — creatively painted or stripped down to their birthday suits — to promote fuel-conscious consumption, positive body image and cycling advocacy.

Before baring all for the more Simply slipping on a sock would cause excruciating pain for this Indian farmer who is forced to tend his fields in the buff. But Subal Barman, whose naked body is a common sight in Rajpur village, in West Bengal, northern India, refuses to let his strange condition get him down. If somebody asked you to cover a special interest story at a nudist camp you might think of several different ways to do it.

You could interview people about why they enjoy that lifestyle. You could report the details about the location in order to give information to your viewers. Or, you could recreate the volleyball scene from Summer temperatures may be cooling in Moscow, but the city's nudists are starting to feel the heat.

A leading politician is reportedly mounting a campaign to ban naked bathers from a popular riverside hangout they've used for decades, calling their behavior "depraved. One of the great joys of summer in childhood is the freedom to strip off your clothes and frolic shame-free-naked on the beach. On a recent family vacation to North Truro, Massachusetts, without thinking twice, I let my 3-year son disrobe to his natural state and enjoy this pleasure, knowing that one day soon social norms will challenge his sense of Which is exactly what some folks are doing as they seek out classic jogging sensations: Here in the industrial town of Porto Alegre, Brazil Some people streaked naked through London zoo on Thursday to raise awareness for tiger conversation.

The jog aimed to raise money in support of the Zoological Society of London, who help protect tigers through global conservation projects. The beaches of the German resort town of Boltenhagen on the Baltic Sea on August 5, , were a reflection of a lingering cultural divide between those who until unification 25 years ago were East and West Germans. Formerly communist easterners like bathing nude, while westerners find the practice a bit disturbing. Even after organizers canceled the event, the Anchorage Police Department has a warning for anyone planning on participating in a mass naked bike ride Aug.

Riding your bicycle sans clothing in Anchorage is illegal, APD says -- a violation of public decency laws or worse. The event hit Facebook in late July. Nude runners braved the elements and bared all for a good cause at a South Yorkshire visitor attraction last night.

A group of 43 hardy fundraisers were sponsored to get starkers and complete a short streak around the park, which has two polar bears called Victor and Pixel It's not every day you see a man riding his tractor in the nude, but at Coventry Club and Resort, this is business as usual.

Bill Perreault and his wife, Susan Lembcke, are nudists. They're baring it all to give us a rare glimpse beyond the gates of Vermont's only nudist Local artist Thomas Zollinger conceived of the two-day Body and Freedom Festival link NSFW to increase beyond gallery walls the presence of the naked body as an artistic medium. With video surveillance cameras being so ubiquitous, privacy is still a concern among some clients.

The homeowners asked that a disable switch be installed for one particular camera that Howard Smith, a year-old electrical engineer, took the challenge from POND, a charity organization in partnership between Wales and Uganda.

This year, he decided to take it a step further Want to let it all hang out? Remove the clothing that confines you? By the sea, by lakes, wild or in luxury—here are the best places to go bare. Lido Wannsee Berlin has long been the best place for naturists in Europe, and those wanting to wear the bare minimum for the summer are really spoilt for choice. One of the most popular spots is Naturists on one of Britain's most popular nudist beaches fear they are being spied on by a voyeur flying a drone.

A number of naked sunbathers were left angry when they were buzzed by a radio-controlled drone that flew up and down the famous Studland nudist beach in Dorset. They feared a camera was attached to the device and that An exhibition featuring women skinny dipping in the sea is being held at a Newport arts house. The exhibition aims to empower women and celebrate the concept of positive body-activism A spokesman from An estimated people took part in a staged protest today at a eucalyptus grove on the UC Berkeley campus, many of them stripping naked in doing so, to make clear their opposition to a proposed FEMA-funded tree-clearing program in the East Bay hills.

The event was orchestrated by the Tree Spirit Project whose mission is On Saturday, many Arizonans jumped into pools to cool off in the triple-digit summer weather. Over people, ranging from kids to seniors, participated in the clothing-optional resort's skinny dipping record attempt at noon, part of the It's a Tuesday evening at the end of March, and Andy Golub is in his element.

Clad in jeans and an intricately patterned blue shirt, he's onstage at the tiny Gene Frankel Theatre in Manhattan, painting. Seventies music, from Joni Mitchell to Rodriguez, floats from the stereo. There's a murmur of mostly male fans and photographers scattered For Nestles Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss all-digital campaign that launches today, the brand's marketers wanted to do something with a little shock value. So they took over an Irving Farm Coffee Roasters store in New York on April 24 with baristas wearing essentially nothing but body paint.

Foundation celebrated the 24th anniversary of the clothing-optional section of Haulover Beach with birthday cake and lemonade. Dozens of members and visitors gathered Saturday afternoon to celebrate the foot stretch of A Norwegian contemporary artist has confessed to being left hanging naked in a tree for three and a half hours after an video art installation she filmed in a Norwegian forest went wrong. Hilde Krohn Huse, who lives and works in London, ventured into the forest in her native Aukra in Norway to film a video featuring herself hanging naked from a ESPN magazine's annual Body Issue hit newsstands Monday, showcasing some of the world's most celebrated athletes in all their chiseled, well-toned glory.

Yet it's also become an opportunity to interrogate American standards of beauty, particularly when it comes to female athletes. For instance, this year's issue features Brittney Griner, the Quilting , model building and embroidery were all on display as Acorns Naturist Retreat hosted their summer craft fair.

Skills were exchanged by likeminded people at the centre near Rackenford on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 July. Cathy Eke from Acorns said: Stripping off and leaping into the ocean as gentle waves lap all around and the sun sets over a deserted beach. Who wouldn't fancy that as a fitting end to a holiday? Now new research by an online travel agency has revealed skinny dipping is the top holiday fantasy for British tourists. According to the poll, 32 per cent of Britons want to They arrested an individual for obstruction and public nudity after the person failed to Families gathering to celebrate baseball may also spot more than a dozen nude models during next week's All-Star festivities.

Photographer Harvey Drouillard, who specializes in artful nude-in-public photos , is planning to break his personal record of 19 nude people in public in a single photo on Fountain Square. And he's doing it while the When it comes to nudism, I'm strictly a pragmatist: If it gets too hot, out comes the birthday suit. In Portland this weekend, even a jockstrap can feel like excess baggage.

But true aficionados of the nudist lifestyle -- as Mark Haskell Smith makes clear in his delightful and informative new book -- embrace the whole package. They hike, swim, play Retired Andrew Williams explores the Wiltshire countryside wearing pair of wellington boots - and nothing else. The naturist leaves his clothes in the wardrobe and spends hours trimming his hedge, composing music on his bongos, and visiting secluded historic sites.

The year-old has been stripping off since he was a teenager and now lives a life dedicated to spending his golden years starkers Some were senior citizens.

Some were professional office types. Some were families with kids. A good number had beautiful bodies and a lot didn't. But nearly all of the people gathered for the 10th World Naked Bike Ride -- a global protest against automobile traffic, which celebrated its Mexican event on June 13 -- had one thing in common: They were either nude or wearing fewer clothes than usual for a public bike ride The owners of the Lupin Lodge nudist camp and two employees were arrested June 10 and charged with stealing water from the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.

The district attorney alleges Lupin's owners and employees ignored repeated warnings and continued to trespass on district property for the purpose of diverting water to the lodge. Charges against them surfaced last fall.

At that time, Lori Kay Stout said Lupin's access to the water was grandfathered When you head to the beach, you expect to see people in minimal clothing. Lucie County, some people want to be able to sun bathe completely in the buff. Blind Creek Beach in St. Lucie County is unofficially considered a nude beach. But, a naturist community wants it to receive an official county designation. They've taken to social media, forming the page "Friends of Blind Creek Beach. More than people The intention behind this is not for people to draw attention to themselves.

The Saskatchewan siblings who were jailed in Malaysia for posing naked atop the country's highest mountain have issued an apology, saying they had no idea how sacred the summit was. Next weekend some 10, cyclists will strip down and take over the streets of Portland. It will be a spectacle, as always, but organizers hope to remind participants that the World Naked Bike Ride is, first and foremost, a protest. The ride first came to town in , with riders protesting against our dependence on oil and for cyclist safety, but by it had You have to feel sorry for British naturists like myself.

Personally I blame Sid James. In fact, all nude bathers really want to do is swim and soak up the sun without the encumbrance of A man who swapped his life as a Sydney businessman to run a nudist resort in Port Stephens has given an insight into what it's like to live a 'naturist' lifestyle. Print Email Permalink Share 14 Walking around naked is something most people do after showering, but for Port Stephens' Stuart Whelan, he likes to go nude all day. He's a naturist - someone Students are being invited to strip off for a wacky fun run coming to Manchester.

The post says the event on September 20 will consist of a mile-long fun run to kick-off the start of the new academic year Designed to make a splash in the youth travel industry, the campaign aims to celebrate the spontaneous adventures that result from meeting like-minded travelers in hostels. They say our dreams are never cheap, yet one of the most inexpensive fantasies involves imagining ourselves lying in our bare skin, exulting in the luxury of a wild beach or a remote cove.

The time has come to go out looking for them, as the waters of the Mediterranean will be warm enough for swimming by mid-June Scores of campers spent the week enjoying barbecues in the buff, disrobed darts and stripped-off singing as the annual Nudestock Festival brought naturists from all over the country to Wroot.

The annual event employs a little playful prurience to celebrate bicycling and the human body. Riders should arrive at Mickey Markey Park in Bywater at 4 p. Nudity is not mandatory, and bicyclists can enjoy dressing as "bare as they dare. Despite the snickers, innuendos and indignation that surrounded the sudden national attention on their class, a group of UC San Diego arts students performed in the nude before their also-nude professor this week. Things dramatically changed, however, when the mother The th Bay to Breakers run — or frolic — from the downtown to Ocean Beach on Sunday lived up to its rich history of colorful costumes, nakedness and general eccentricity, all in the name of San Francisco-flavored fun.

For example, one group of ladies came up with the idea to wear Uber signs around their necks and mini inflatable pools Canadian teenager whose outfit was called "a sexual distraction" at school is speaking out against what she calls an unjust "double-standard" that exists with school dress codes -- and the general policing of women and girls' bodies everywhere.

Lauren Wiggins, a senior at Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, was given detention Monday for wearing a floor-length halter dress to school; she was later given a one-day suspension A long awaited week-long nudist festival will bare all in Doncaster today. The sleepy Doncaster village of Wroot will be inundated with crowds of people in the NUDE for a naturist festival which gets underway today.

Nudists from across the country will be stripping off to enjoy barbecues in the buff, naked darts and nude yoga at the week-long event. Long-time naturist Angie Cox, 34, will be among those getting her kit off at the Nudestock Festival The cyclists rode in a loop from the beach huts opposite Coffee Cup in Southsea, along the seafront and to The Hard, where they stopped for a break to hand out leaflets.

They then rode through the city back to the beach. There were about 80 participants. Almost all of them were men and most came from other parts of the country. Ride marshall was Simon Terry, 45, from Folkestone in Kent. An adventure company in Thailand has been fined after allowing a tourist to strip off for a naked bungee jump. The video was posted online and police were informed after it went viral on Thai social media sitesThe woman, reportedly a model, originally said she would jump in her bikini, but reportedly took off her clothes and jumped before staff could stop her Professor of "Visual Arts: Past students have chimed in on this, comments are a must read.

This class did exactly what it was supposed to, create dialogue! Under current law, nudity is prohibited in parks, playgrounds, beaches and nearby waters, leaving nudity on a sidewalk perfectly legal. The City Law and Legislation Committee voted unanimously to send an ordinance prohibiting public nudity to For years, Cary Pinkowski has had a view of more than he bargained for, and now he's suing nudists who have been allegedly trespassing on his waterfront property in Penticton, B.

Pinkowksi's company, Hermitage Vineyards, filed a lawsuit last week against six people, reported Castanet. The property owner said he's been trying to stop nudists from trespassing on his land at Three Mile Beach Well, this certainly makes packing easier. Sunscreen will be essential but clothing optional on a cruise that sets sail from Port Everglades in November.

Up to 3, people will float through the Caribbean in their birthday suits for seven nights. Want to soak up the sun in the buff? Want to dance topless in the disco? Spring is a perfect time to work in your garden, but seeing as the weather looks especially beautiful this weekend, why not take the opportunity to garden in the buff?

It might sound odd, but you wouldn't be alone. Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day, an annual event that encourages people to weed, plant and trim in the nude Venice Beach wants another go at nude sunbathing, a practice forbidden in the city and county of Los Angeles. But judging by the letters to the editor we received, the law might be out of step with the people on this.

The reaction from readers to a Venice Neighborhood Council motion asking to be exempted from local laws on toplessness ranged from accepting shrugs to a few letters saying Venice faces more pressing concerns With headphones covering her ears and a blindfold on her face, year-old Monika Rostvold spent 45 minutes on Monday morning sitting almost naked on the steps of the Alkek Library on the Texas State University campus.

It was a small group that gathered at Three Mile Beach on April 25 for a photo shoot to raise awareness for testicular cancer, but they went through with it, stripping down and grabbing a ball — beach ball, that is — to pose in front of the camera.

Spielplatz in Hertfordshire looks like any other sleepy little village, but there's something very different about it. And while you don't have to be a naturist to live there, the community might shun you if you decide to wear clothes Ignorance apparently bliss for some 'nudists'.

Last week while perusing the web I happened across a rather appalling example of a "nudist" blog hosted at the microblogging and social networking website Tumblr.

I had long believed that there no longer existed anything at Tumblr that could possibly surprise me yet I was proven wrong by the discovery of Libertine Nudist Couple Forty years ago, a cadre of Venice Beach sunbathers routinely basked in the altogether. The Venice Neighborhood Council thinks the time is ripe to take a half-step back to that time of physical freedom. In a vote Tuesday, the council said it "supports women being afforded the same rights as men to sunbathe topless. There are beaches, and there are beach resorts.

They might sound as if they go together like airports and boredom, like LAX and a pat-down — you could easily think that if you wanted to spend a week by the sand you'd have to spend it in a huge hotel with a buffet breakfast and a kids club. But that doesn't have to be the case. Some of us don't like resort life. I'm not a fan of lying by pools and I don't really like huge crowds The photograph of a couple of half-naked Indians who had been published on the website of the Ministry of Culture on that social network.

The Brazilian government has announced that it will take legal action against Facebook for withdrawing a photograph of a naked Indian couple who had been published Naturists are not the same as exhibitionists — the latter being motivated by titillation, a desire to be seen; whereas the former simply feel inhibited by clothing and in discarding The worldwide campaign, which asks participants to go "as bare as you dare" as part of a protest against car culture and pollution, could see hundreds of naked people riding through the city centre on Saturday, June The cheeky event is coming to the city as part of the Four Seasons group, which is planning naked rides in Naked yoga — where participants bare it all for their practice — is gaining traction in Kelowna, B.

After months of applications, appeals and public backlashes, hundreds of naturists descended on the Mpenjati beach near Trafalgar over the Easter weekend for some fun in the sun. Naturists are upset after the city of Penticton opted out of officially designating Three Mile Beach as clothing optional. Earlier this month, city councillors voted to have staff look into options to find a solution that satisfied both naturists and upset property owners. Their decision was to keep the status quo and that's not sitting well with naturists.

Two women and one man practiced undressing themselves Monday at Goodfellas Pizzeria in Covington. The three volunteered for a nude photo shoot on the crowded streets of downtown Cincinnati on Opening Day. Photographer Harvey Drouillard, who has made his name taking pictures of nude models in front of well-known public landmarks across the country, has made Led by Melbourne-based contemporary artist Stuart Ringholt was open to naked guests only. The first tour took place after regular gallery hours on Wednesday night.

It was hoped the unique approach to the gallery's summer exhibition would remove the material barrier between artist and audience. Those who took the tour this morning all agreed that after some initial awkwardness, walking around The former Samurai nudist beach resort has been a massive drain on council finances, but was officially relaunched today as Port Stephens Treescape Camping and Accommodation.

Council's corporate services manager Carmel Foster said affordable campsites are now in high demand as other resorts go up-market. She said it is also about acknowledging the site is a It is about a mile from the Palace Pier heading towards Brighton Marina with signs indicating the area. The decision to welcome bathers to dare to bare all on a section of its seafront was The late Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy left many legacies in his work across genres, but one that might not be as well known is his role as a champion of beauty of all sizes, including his plus size photographic work with San Francisco-based Fat Bottom Revue, featured in Nimoy, known as Spock in Star Trek, had been bitten by the photography bug early, and has photographs in Google is backing off a decision to conceal sexually explicit material on its Blogger service in reaction to an outcry from people incensed about the censorship of their nude photos.

The decision announced Friday reverses a more conservative policy announced earlier this week. Blogger warned its users had until March 23 to remove most nude pictures or their site would be switched Perth has smashed the world record for the largest number of people skinny dipping simultaneously.

PerthNow columnist Heidi Anderson, hit A court ruled on Thursday that it had jurisdiction over Facebook in the case of a teacher who sued the company after he was suspended from the social network for posting a picture of a famous nude painting.

But the court, in Paris, ruled that The literary work of beloved children's book author Dr. Seuss wasn't all cats in hats and truffula trees. Tucked away in his canon of books is Theodore Seuss Geisel's adult picture book: The Seven Lady Godivas: AT the start of , I made a commitment to step out of my comfort zone this year, and do things that will test my limits while pumping some adrenaline through my veins.

But was a little different — I started a new A group of New Orleans activists are starting a petition to bring back the option of nude bathing at a New Orleans club. Dillon Henderson sees absolutely nothing wrong with being naked! Last night, Spokane City Council considered what to do with a citizen initiative that would specify what parts of the body can be bared in public.

A Doncaster camp site is to host a week long nudist festival later this year. Candy Farm camp site near Finningley is set to stage its annual Nudestock Festival in May when naturist guests will be able to leave their clothes behind and enjoy activities such as naked yoga, barbecues in the buff as well as nude Scottish dancing and pool and darts.

The sixth annual festival at the farm on This is a hike in an often overlooked small wash and canyon with fascinating geology and vegetation, similar to that found in the larger, more frequently visited washes and canyons in the Vallecito Mountains. It can be considered a refresher course for those who recently visited the nearby Narrows Earth Trail and want to find other examples of the geological formations displayed Some Christians are fuming, saying KZN Pastor Sthembiso Zondo has done nothing wrong and should be left alone, after a video of him walking naked in his home went viral over social networks this week.

The video of the divorced pastor was allegedly taken by a woman who was with him in his lounge. A foot with a nail painted with pink nail polish appears in the video. Zondo has a slot on No trespassing signs and fences have forced the naturists from the more secluded area of the beach closer to the family portion. With a controversial website, petitions and letter writing campaigns both sides claim they are being bullied. Matt Fraser, a Three Mile Road What would Alice Munro do?

That is the one question I have asked myself repeatedly since I published my first novel, Shirts and Skins. And over the past two years I have tried my best to adhere to this mantra: Die fraglichen Angaben werden daher möglicherweise demnächst entfernt. Bitte hilf der Wikipedia, indem du die Angaben recherchierst und gute Belege einfügst. Ansichten Lesen Quelltext anzeigen Versionsgeschichte.

Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. In anderen Sprachen English Polski Links bearbeiten. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 5. Das junge Paar zog nach Marburg, wo Wegener wieder seine Privatdozentur aufnahm. Der Ehe entstammten drei Töchter: Lotte heiratete den bekannten Bergsteiger Heinrich Harrer , von dem sie nach einigen Jahren geschieden wurde. Käte ehelichte den Gauleiter der Steiermark , Siegfried Uiberreither.

Als Reserveoffizier der Infanterie wurde Wegener bei Kriegsbeginn sofort eingezogen. Sein Kriegseinsatz an der Front in Belgien war mit heftigen Kämpfen verbunden, dauerte aber nur wenige Monate, da er nach zweimaliger Verwundung felddienstuntauglich geschrieben wurde. Danach wurde er dem Heereswetterdienst zugeteilt. Diese Tätigkeit erforderte ständiges Umherreisen zwischen den verschiedenen Wetterwarten in Deutschland, auf dem Balkan, an der Westfront und im Baltikum. Das allgemeine Interesse an dem Bändchen war aber, auch wegen der herrschenden Kriegswirren, nur gering.

Bis zum Ende des Krieges publizierte Wegener nahezu 20 weitere meteorologische und geophysikalische Arbeiten, in denen er sich immer wieder auf wissenschaftliches Neuland begab. In dieser Zeit setzte auch die verstärkte Diskussion um seine Verschiebungstheorie ein, zunächst nur im deutschsprachigen Raum, dann auch international.

Die Kritik in der Fachwelt war meist vernichtend. Bemerkenswert ist allerdings, dass Otto Hahn bereits in seiner Monographie Was lehrt uns die Radioaktivität über die Geschichte der Erde? Er erhielt den Lehrstuhl für Meteorologie und Geophysik in Graz. Die wissenschaftliche Auswertung seiner zweiten Grönlandexpedition Eismessungen, atmosphärische Optik etc.

Im Rahmen der Professur in Graz nahm er auch die österreichische Staatsbürgerschaft an. Bis auf den Vorsitzenden verwarfen auch hier fast alle Beteiligten Wegeners Verschiebungstheorie. Drei Jahre später erschien die Entstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane in der vierten, erweiterten und letzten Ausgabe.

Ziel der Vorexpedition war es, einen geeigneten Standort für die Basisstation des Folgejahres auszusuchen und Fragen der Ausrüstung zu klären, insbesondere des Transportsystems, für das Hundeschlitten, Pferde und Propellerschlitten in Frage kamen. Wegener nutzte die Gelegenheit auch für erste wissenschaftliche Vorversuche wie Eisbohrungen zur Beurteilung der Eisschmelze und -akkumulation sowie seismische Eisdickemessungen. Auf der Suche nach einer geeigneten Aufstiegsroute auf das Inlandeis führten die Expeditionsteilnehmer ausgedehnte Reisen mit dem Hundeschlitten durch.

Die Hauptexpedition ein Jahr später unter Leitung Wegeners, auf der von drei festen Stationen aus die Mächtigkeit des Festlandeises und das ganzjährige Wetter gemessen werden sollten, stand von Anfang an unter einem schlechten Stern.

Der Zeitverlust von 38 Tagen durch ungünstige Eisverhältnisse bei der Landung an der Weststation konnte im Folgenden nicht wieder aufgeholt werden. Die erstmals eingesetzten Propellerschlitten versagten aufgrund zu tiefen Neuschnees und zu geringer Motorenleistung. Auf dem Rückweg von der Forschungsstation Eismitte im Wesentlichen einer in das Eis gegrabenen Höhle , die er mit zusätzlichen Lebensmitteln versorgte, kam Wegener vermutlich um den November ums Leben.

Mai fand man Wegeners sorgfältig angelegtes Grab im Eis. Als Todesursache vermutete man Herzversagen infolge von Überanstrengung. Sein grönländischer Begleiter Rasmus Villumsen , der ihn bestattet hatte, blieb verschollen und mit ihm Wegeners Tagebuch.

Wegeners Name hängt eng mit der Theorie der Kontinentalverschiebung zusammen, die zu einer der wichtigsten Grundlagen für die heutige Plattentektonik werden sollte.

Wegener war nicht der erste, dem der ähnliche Kurvenverlauf der afrikanischen West- und der südamerikanischen Ostküste auffiel. Als er aber im Herbst zufällig auf die paläontologischen Zusammenhänge zwischen Südamerika und Afrika aufmerksam wurde, keimte in ihm die Idee von einem Urkontinent, der zerbrochen war und dessen Teile danach auseinanderdrifteten. Bisher hatte man das Vorkommen bestimmter Fossilien auf verschiedenen Kontinenten mit der Landbrücken-Hypothese erklärt.

Man ging davon aus, dass die Lebewesen der Vorzeit auf solchen Landbrücken, ähnlich dem heutigen Isthmus von Panama , von einem Kontinent zum anderen gewandert seien. Wegener behauptete mit seiner Kontinentalverschiebungstheorie, dass sich die leichtere kontinentale Platte auf die schwerere ozeanische Platte schiebt.

Hier werden wir gezwungen, eine Landverbindung zum Beispiel zwischen Südamerika und Afrika anzunehmen, welche zu einer bestimmten Zeit abbrach. Den Vorgang kann man sich auf zweierlei Weise vorstellen: Bisher hat man, von der unveränderlichen Lage jedes Landes ausgehend, immer nur 1 berücksichtigt und 2 ignoriert. Dabei widerstreitet 1 aber der modernen Lehre von der Isostasie und überhaupt unseren physikalischen Vorstellungen.

Ein Kontinent kann nicht versinken, denn er ist leichter als das, worauf er schwimmt. Tatsächlich scheint diese Hypothese aber auch schon anderswo in der Luft gelegen zu haben. Dezember hatte der nordamerikanische Geologe Frank Bursley Taylor in einem Vortrag vor der Geological Society of America behauptet, die Kontinente seien nicht abgesunken, sondern langsam auseinandergedriftet.

Im Gegensatz zu Taylor der später zu einem von Wegeners ersten Anhängern wurde gelang es Wegener jedoch, seine Theorie auch durch vielfältige Untersuchungen in den verschiedenen Zweigen der Geowissenschaften zu untermauern.

Zum Beispiel erkannte er, dass die erst kürzlich entdeckte natürliche Radioaktivität den bisher angenommenen Wärmehaushalt des Erdkörpers völlig über den Haufen warf.

Im Laufe des Jahrhunderts hatte man erkannt, dass die Kontinente aus vorwiegend granitischem Material dem sogenannten Sial spezifisch leichter sind als die vorwiegend basaltischen Ozeanböden Sima.