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The armor is handmade and based on historical artifacts. Unlike most reenactment events, the events are not pre-determined. It's a participatory sport; the fighters win or lose a bout, much like Karate or Judo. Since the s, an increasing number of companies offers replicas of historical arms and armour. Blade weapons used for combat reenactment are unsharpened, and specialized sparring weapons e. Albion 's "Maestro Line" also have rounded points. Blunt, flail and staff weapons are more problematic since the replica essentially has the same effectiveness as the "serious" version, unless rattan or latex weapons are employed, which in turn lack the characteristics of the originals and induce handling techniques inconsistent with the weapons they are supposed to represent.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Historical fencing and Staged fight. List of historical reenactment events. List of sword manufacturers. List of historical reenactment groups. Flex-Silos provide maximum use of available space, have a very long durability and are above all flexible and versatile. Silos are in demand everywhere plastics have to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely with optimum value for money.

Construction and equipment are precisely adapted to the special requirements of the respective plastic storage product, e.

Flex-Silos made of very strong and durable high-tech fabrics are available for weights up to 50 t. Inhouse storage of plastics in special Flex-Silos made of air-permeable fabric - instead of stocking in solid silos which is the norm otherwise - set up outside, has positive effects on the constancy of the temperature as well as the humidity of the storage material.

In the case of exterior solid silos condensation and strongly varying material temperatures are often formed due to weather related fluctuations of temperature. Or search by consignee and see all their suppliers.

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