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Single Line Free Font

If anyone has had success with Easy Fonts converting, then I will pay for it.

Why this page?

What's a single-line font?

Is your tool going to let people convert TTF fonts, or only create new ones graphically? I was thinking I may have to actually sit down with Autocad and start x,y'ing out a custom font. Are you going to make the GUI open source?

I would love to play around with what you have if you are going to make it free. Aric, My plan was to just create a graphical tool for creating fonts. The format of the font file is actually very simple, but as you probably know it's a painstaking process to create a font from what's essentially the "graph paper" approach. So, I'm hoping the graphical editor will inspire users to create fonts and share them with others.

It would be great to be able to offer a library of font files for StickFont. It would certainly inspire me to sit down and convert at least one font into the stick font format. I would like to try Comic Sans first. I would really like to write the translator, but I start flight school Navy next week and really don't have the time. Please keep me advised when you get the GUI finished. And I'll do the plotting for at least one font. Aric, This sounds good to me.

Originally Posted by jcc3inc. Here are some possibilities: They are based on Arial - a fairly standard looking font and Lucida - more of a script type font. Both fonts are created using bezier curves not hundreds of line segments and machine in a very smooth manner. Each font can be scaled, mirrored and rotated, the Arial type font can also be italicised.

You can can also create you own fonts by modifing the standard font, for instance creating a font that has larger than normal inter-character spacing. PartMaster Level 1 allows you to create the text and the machining path in a single operation, then simply post-process to create the Gcode file.

A single line font is a I am using a pen plotter and need a true type font that creates a single line. Currently the plotter draws the outlines of the fonts. I know that there is such a Go and read Evilmadscientist's page on their Hershey text extension for Inkscape.

Download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh. I'm building a robot-like writing machine, and need single-line fonts for that. So I've been looking at what's available, and in what format. Free for personal and commercial use. A really cool "neon-effect" font, which is used with some modifications in Taylor Swift's World Tour-related media see, for example, http: Yes, I'm a TS nut Download from the author's Behance page. The GDT version has special symbols on the lowercase keys "GDT" apparently stands for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

Mentor Graphics do PCB design software, so I suspect I must've installed something from them a while ago and still have the font left over. Email me if you want the font files. OCR is an optical character recognition font. See Wikipedia for some history.

Download ZIP file from here. With one installed, all the others looked the same! This is very close to the vector font that Eagle PCB uses. Also similar to the HPA vector display font. I've probably had them left over from a previous software installation. Email me if you need the files.

Home News Links About. Useful links Other pages with fonts, software, how to remove double lines, etc. It will generate either a DXF file or G-code toolpath for whatever text you enter.

The free version has basic tools to set size, spacing, angle, curve etc. A free font pack is available which adds extra fonts. The fonts appear similar to Machine Tool or Hershey. There's a "pro" version which has extra editing capabilities. Also the font SDstroke.

Page is referenced in the previous link. Unfortunately, they seem unique to that software and nothing else will open them. Some are available in different formats, including single and double line. Many fonts have doubled-up lines.

If the doubled-up lines are identical, then it's easy to remove them by using a command like Rhino's "Select duplicates". Make sure to "explode" a Rhino term all lines into individual segments, since some overlapping segments are joined to each other. Unfortunately, some fonts have doubled-up but different lines which makes it impossible to simply delete duplicates even after exploding.

Individual lines have been separated out: Asteroids C code Author: Trammell Hudson Font name: Hershey text for Inkscape Author: Hershey Text Line type: HPA vector display Author:

Single Line Font