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AMARANTHE went from newcomer to seasoned live veterans with over a hundred shows, they became the most played rock band on Swedish rock radio and won the prestigious "breakthrough of the year award" at the Bandit awards.

For ther next album they will once more work with producer Jacob Hansen, in his Hansen studios in Ribe Denmark. The as of yet untitled album will be tentatively out in early In between our constant and never-ending touring we have tirelessly been working on our next album, which is really starting to come together.

We have lived and breathed the same 12 songs from the first album every day for a year now, and to introduce a number of completely fresh tracks will really lift Amaranthe to the next level! The theme and atmosphere of the album is futuristic and ultra modern, something underlined by the first teaser poster. People often ask us if there is a big pressure to follow up such a successful album, and always say "no, not one bit".

Not when you sit down and listen to new tracks such as 'Invincible', 'Burn with Me' and 'Stardust'. We simply cannot wait to hit the road all over the world with these new babies! The cancelation is completely out of our hands - but rest assured, we will be back soon for sure!

The third single from our debut album is now out worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the usual sites! A physical version of the single will be available at our shows! Get it from iTunes here: For tickets go here. Not only are Amaranthe one of the few selected artists of the year Among the others set to appear this year are Alice Cooper and Lenny Kravitz but has also been granted the prestigious slot during Gothenburg's Kulturkalaset!

This will be the biggest and most spectacular Amaranthe show yet, so do not miss! Bandit Awards is Sweden's biggest rock gala, and Amaranthe was up against strong competition with Graveyeard who won a Swedish Grammy for best hardrock act Ghost, The Uniguided and Death Destruction also nominated.

Thanks everyone who voted for us!! We are extremely proud and happy to announce that we will play at this year's edition of the mighty Wacken Open Air festival, Germany, taking place on August We are happy to announce that we will be performing at Gothenburg Winter Metal fest! See you guys there! We are extremely proud to announce that we have been nominated for best album and best newcomer at Bandit Awards !

The gala will be held on February 18th and you can vote for us at: Helsinki, Tampere, Tuurku and Vaasa in January! Tickets can be bought from: An official music video shot by Patric Ullaeus is going online on September 26th, be sure no to miss it! Stay tuned to this site and the official youtube channel at www. The single will feature a b-side; an exclusive acoustic version of Amaranthine, recorded specifically for the single! It will be out worldwide via iTunes and the other large digital outlets, and physical copies will also be available for purchase on the upcoming tour!

Also set to appear are Epica, Symphony X, Mayan and many more! Full list of features: Falun festival, on of August For ticket info go here!

The debut album has been up for streaming since April, and has on several occasaions been on the world wide top Spotify charts.

Guitarist Olof Mörck commented: Such an unreal number, very humbling! To take part on this huge tour that will take us to every corner in Europe is sure to be a pleasure, and we hope their fans will receive us kindly!

We are sure to do our best to deliver as good of a show as possible, every single night from October through November! See all of you on tour this fall! Get it now at http: Our very first video has finally been released, check it out NOW: The track-listing for Maximalism is as follows: We kicked off things in style and had the pleasure of returning to the first venue, Nosturi, we played in Helsinki, when we also first met our future label, Spinefarm.

Nostalgic - but the stage and the whole audience area had shrunk noticably! A side effect of being spoiled I guess.

We also had the pleasure of returning to old hunting grounds in Turku. Another tradition of ours is the Bandit Rock awards, where we were nominated for a whole bunch of categories, but a couple of small bands such as In Flames happened to be nominated in the same categories.

Oh well, we'll get them this year! At least Elize picked up and awards as role model of the year! For those about to jump! Our second tour in support of "The Nexus" album, and our very first headline tour in Europe!

You are always slightly nervous when you are headlining new territories for the first time, and we weren't at all sure what to expect! Look there's lots of people yay! The tour turned out to be a resounding success, with nearly all places packed close to capacity! Lots of familiar venues that we have played before with pretty big main acts, so it was an honour for us to take the stage as a headliner. Our friends in the support bands made sure they were warm every night!

The continent, not the band. Here; Prague A special honour for us was returning to the UK and London after almost 2 years of absence, and we also got to perform a bit further north for the first time; Nottingham and Wolverhampton. London was a bit extra magical, but you others were not far behind - see you in the spring too! We'll be back soon Europe! No rest for the wicked! Once again we emigrated to Denmark, and Jacob Hansen's studio, but this time around we had good weather in a beautiful medieval city instead of complete isolation in the frozen tundra, like the last couple of times.

Jacob is excited and ready to go! We enjoyed a pretty smooth recording, and the days passed on slowly as our new little baby started to take shape - speaking of; "Don't worry Olof, I've got this" The hours in the studio are often long, and sometimes endless. But a few days now and then we had the opportunity to get away from the studio for a bit, and among other things we got to visit one of the most epic beaches we have seen! Easily our smoothest and best album recording experience so far.

But at this point, it was time to exit the studio for some festivals and a pretty big show in Sweden! We kicked off the festival season at the Swedish Metalallsvenskan, followed by additional festival shows in Croatia, Finland, Estonia and a bunch of other places. Right in the middle of the summer we also had one of our biggest shows of - opening for Avenged Sevenfold at Scandinavium arena, right here in our hometown of Gothenburg! Continuing on our path for domination in Sweden, we hooked up with the SABATON guys, and kicked of a shorter tour around the country, playing a bunch of new cities in our home town.

A truly great experience, both on and off stage! Not sure if all these people are and actual audience, or if they are laying siege to the fort just next to us?? MMA fighters, cheerleaders, lots and lots of fire, and the direction of Patric Ullaeus ensures that we could not go wrong. Johan is part time violent. WT had not perfomed in the US for quite some time, and there was a lot of buzz and excitement around that tour indeed.

We had a bunch of highlights, maybe most of all Montreal! Expect us to be back very soon. Since we had performed there in , we had a hunch what to expect - absolute epicness, and thousands upon thousands of Japanese fans! It was an unforgetable experience, and you Japanese fans can of course expect us back very soon. We had heard the stories and rumours of the excitement of the crowd over there, and we were NOT disappointed!

Truly one of the more passionate audiences this year. Thanks to our friend Jorge, a few of us also got to visit one of the greatest pyramid complexes in the world; Teotihuacan! Quite simultaneously as our second US tour leg, it was time for our album release, finally! Early in the tour we were greeted by the fantastic news, that we had hit the no. The cake is absolutely not a lie! Paul Mauser created two different variations of the same rifle, one with a stock strengthened with a barrel shroud and a traditional design following the layout of the 71 series in hope he might be able to overturn the commission's decision, or at least sell his design to the Kingdom of Bavaria, which adopted its own arms.

The two rifles became known as the 89 Belgian with a barrel shroud and the 91 Argentine with a 71 layout Mausers, identical in their function and feed system. The main features were the ability to use stripper clips to feed the magazine a revolution in rate of fire , and its rimless 7.

The system proved impressive at the Bavarian Arms Trials. Both firearms were a success, but decision-makers were not convinced that the stripper feed was superior to the en-bloc system employed by Mannlicher. In response, Mauser started small-scale production of the design in an effort to interest foreign nations, but failed to convince any of the European major powers.

The Belgian attache, however, urged his government to contact Mauser, hoping the design might give them a chance to found a domestic arms industry. The heavy-barreled Mauser with the barrel shroud resulted in the founding of arms manufacturer FN Herstal. The Belgians' talks with Mauser prompted the Ottoman Empire to consider the design. In the end they ordered their own simpler variation of the 91 Argentine Mauser known as the 90 Turkish. While this was taking place, the Argentine Small Arms Commission contacted Mauser in to replace their Model 71s; since they wished to keep retraining of their armed forces to a minimum, they went for the Mauser As with other early Mausers, most such arms were made by the Ludwig Loewe company, who in joined with other manufactures to form Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken.

All variations used the same 7. The 89 Mauser rejected by Germany in entered service in with the second-line units of Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium. A non-rotating Mauser claw extractor was introduced in the Model Several variations of this model participated in rifle trials for the U. The Mauser Model is a bolt-action rifle commonly referred to as the "Spanish Mauser", though the model was adopted by other countries in other calibers, most notably the Ottoman Empire.

It still had only two locking lugs. The armies of Brazil and Sweden were issued the Model A safety feature offered by the Model was a low shoulder at the rear of the receiver, just behind the base of the bolt handle, which would contain the bolt in the unlikely event that the front locking lugs sheared off due to excessive pressure.

South African Mausers were highly effective against the British during the Second Boer War ; [15] these proved deadly at long ranges, prompting the British to design their own Mauser-inspired high-velocity cartridge and rifle.

These rare Mauser carbines and rifles—especially the Model —can be easily identified by the letters "OVS" Oranje-Vrijstaat [Dutch for "Orange Free State"] either marked on the weapons' receiver ring and the stock directly below, or otherwise carved into the right side of the buttstock. The Germans had faced the U. They are still sought after by military service rifle shooters and hunters. Initial production of the weapons was in Germany by Waffenfabrik Mauser, with the remainder being manufactured under license by Sweden's state-operated Bofors Carl Gustaf factory.

Swedish iron ore contains the proper percentages of trace elements to make good alloy steel. Thus, though lacking the industrial base necessary for mass-producing steel and iron, the Swedish steel industry developed a niche market for specialty high-strength steel alloys containing nickel , copper , and vanadium.

Swedish steels were noted for their strength and corrosion resistance and were especially suited for use in toolmaking, cutlery, and firearms. When Mauser was contracted to fabricate the initial production runs of Swedish Mausers in Germany due to production delays, Sweden required the use of Swedish steel in the manufacturing process.

In the German Army purchased a Mauser design, the Model 98, which incorporated improvements introduced in earlier models. This remains by far the most successful of the Mauser designs, helped by the onset of two world wars that demanded vast numbers of rifles. Noticeable changes from previous Mauser rifle models included better ruptured case gas venting, better receiver metallurgy, and a larger Mauser incorporated a third "safety" lug on the bolt body to protect the shooter in the event that one or more of the forward locking lugs failed.

In the 7. This was in response to the French adoption of a pointed and boat-tail bullet, which offered better ballistic performance. The bullet diameter was increased from 8. This improved cartridge copied the pointed tip design instead of the previous rounded nose profile. Pointed rounds give bullets a better ballistic coefficient, improving the effective range of the cartridge by decreasing aerodynamic drag. Most existing Model 98s and many Model 88s were modified to take the new round, designated "7,9mm" or " S Patrone " by the German military.

Modified Model 88s can be identified by an "S" on the receiver. Due to the possibility for overpressure from the undersize barrel, the spitzer round cannot safely be used in unmodified guns, particularly with Model 88 rifles. The war caused a spike in demand for the company's rifles.

The 98 carbines were sold, as well as an experimental version with a twenty-round, rather than five round, box magazine. The extended magazine was not well received, however. A number of carbine versions known as Karabiner 98s were introduced and used in World War I.

Some of these were even shorter than the later K. These carbines were originally only distributed to cavalry troops, but later in the war to the special storm troop units as well. Many military rifles derive from the M98 design. Some of these were German-made by various contractors other than Mauser: The Mauser T-Gewehr was the world's first anti-tank rifle —the first rifle designed for the sole purpose of destroying armored targets.

Following the collapse of the German Empire after World War I, many countries that were using Mauser models chose to develop, assemble, or modify their own Gaction rifle designs. The Belgians and Czechs produced and widely exported their "Mausers" in various calibers throughout the s and s, before their production facilities were absorbed by Nazi Germany to make parts or whole rifles for the German Army.

Strictly speaking, these were not "Mauser" rifles, as they were not engineered or produced by the German company. To take advantage of the widespread and popular German single-shot 8. These were made primarily as single shots; some only had a wood block in the magazine space. These became the Olympic team rifles for the Germans. As the restrictions on production were increasingly ignored by the Germans in the s, a new Mauser, the Mauser standard model, was developed from the rifle-length Karabiner 98b.

It was nominally intended for export and civilian sales. While many standard model rifles were indeed exported, it was meant primarily for use by the revived German military.

It rapidly evolved into the Karabiner 98 Kurz , which was adopted by Nazi Germany as the standard infantry rifle in and saw service until the end of World War II. A series of very successful hunting rifles were developed in the first decades of the 20th century.

The Special Rifle Type A was the top-of-the-line sporting rifle of the early 20th century. The Model C, made from to , was a cheap rifle made to accommodate a range of cartridges for hunting. The Mauser Africa Model, introduced around or , was used mainly by settlers in Africa. The Special range rifle was a commercial product introduced in and sold in the United States. It was intended for high accuracy range shooting.

The company also produced a. The design was developed from the Karabiner 98b, one of the carbines developed from the Model The K98k was first adopted by the Wehrmacht in as their standard issue rifle, with many older versions being converted and shortened. The Mauser M, or Mauser selbstlade-karabiner self-loading carbine , was a semi-automatic rifle that used a delayed blowback mechanism and fed from round detachable magazine.

The process of developing a semi-automatic rifle cost Paul Mauser an eye when a prototype suffered an out-of-battery detonation. The mechanism was quite delicate, working reliably only when completely clean, which made the rifle unsuitable for infantry use. However, the Imperial German Flying Corps adopted the rifle for its aircraft crews in , and more generally in Using polymer facilitates molding-in cavities for sensors and connectors.

That's not feasible with machined aluminum. Audi, June Web site: When an auto strikes a pedestrian, the impact is reduced when the vehicle's hood lifts slightly. Continental uses two air-pressure sensors connected to an air tube across the front of the vehicle to help lift the hood.

Previous systems used as many as seven sensors and other related equipment. Mercedes-Benz in Europe, Web site: Autos have a staggering number of wires that come together in large bundles that need connectors. Delphi's connector uses a geared cam and slider.

Workers can snap together the bulky bundles with a simple push from one hand. Chrysler Group, Web site: Downsized engines tend to vibrate more than larger ones. Schaeffler developed a pendulum, operated by centrifugal force and mounted to the torque converter, that cancels vibrations from the engine.

Ford Transit, Web site: Adhesives for aluminum typically require treated metal and lengthy heat curing. Dow's Betamate epoxy creates a long-lasting bond without heat curing even with untreated aluminum, cutting labor, material and capital costs.

Kenworth T and Peterbilt cabs, Web site: Bosch uses lasers to drill spray holes with precise shapes in fuel injectors. This improves fuel atomization and mixing with air.

The holes can reduce unburned hydrocarbons during startup by as much as 20 percent. Valeo's system helps avoid accidents when vehicles are backing. The system integrates data from a rearview camera and ultrasonic sensors to provide extra rear object detection. When a stop-start engine stops, the transmission fluid begins to lose pressure.

This can cause the auto to lurch when the engine and vehicle restart. A hydraulic accumulator can efficiently maintain the pressure. BorgWarner engineers developed a solenoid valve for accumulators that is quiet and allows high flow. General Motors, Web site: Teamwork was essential for this innovation, a strong, lightweight door ring for an auto body.

ArcelorMittal provided the steel blank and laser welding. Magna Cosma International developed the hot stamping for the laser-welded blank. The ring cut 8. Ford wanted to replace painted interior plastic parts with molded-in-color ones to cut costs and environmental hassles.

The challenge, though, was to achieve high gloss and scratch resistance in frequently handled parts. BASF, working on a tight deadline, developed a resin with adequate scratch resistance. The transverse-mounted transmission provides a wide spread of gear ratios. This keeps engine rpms in optimal range, increasing fuel efficiency. The design is also simple and compact. For instance, two of the four planetary gear sets are nested together. Range Rover Evoque, Web site: In a collision with a pedestrian, an exterior airbag is triggered to cover the hazardous lower parts of the windshield and A pillars.

Volvo V40, Web site: Hella's headlights cast the equivalent of high-beam illumination constantly at night. A camera and computer track vehicles and send on and off signals to each headlight's 25 light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, eliminating glare. The system can create nearly 1 billion light combinations and has no moving parts.

Audi A8, Web site: Automakers use zinc phosphate to clean and prepare vehicle surfaces for paint. But if a vehicle uses lots of aluminum, sludge can build up in the preparation baths, which is expensive to remove and send to landfills. Bonderite coats aluminum with zirconium, a metal resistant to corrosion, which significantly reduces sludge. For more than a century, hazardous lead has been used in engine and other bearings.

Federal-Mogul replaced lead with an alloy of copper, nickel and silicon. Before blow molding is completed, this process places fuel-delivery components of different sizes and configurations inside the tank. This enables a single blow molder to produce plastic fuel tank variants for diesel, flex-fuel, gasoline and hybrid powertrains.

Mercedes-Benz S class, Web site: Powertrain - Sealing — Southfield, Mich. General Motors for its partnership with Futuris Automotive Interiors.

Phillips Service Industries Inc. Contact Us For questions regarding the program or sponsorship opportunities, contact: Use of editorial content without permission is strictly prohibited. Privacy Statement Terms and Conditions. Improved battery density through chemistry. Aluminum connectors resist galvanic corrosion. Aluminum intermediate cable, selective metal coating. S-Wind wire forming for high-voltage motors. Better wiring configurations for more compact motors.

Digital micro-mirror head-up display. Sunglasses wearers can see the display. Lightweight door and window seals resist damage. Fortrex lightweight elastomeric material.

Hands Off Detection sensing system. A steering wheel looks for skin moisture. No more jackknifing the boat trailer. Bikers connect with carlike multifunctionality. Heat-resistance wheel seals can reduce fuel consumption. Scotseal HD truck wheel end seal. Invis-A-Rise power liftgate system.

Better rear views by hiding lift struts. Away with interior plastic squeaks. Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Steering wheel damper system reduces weight, complexity. Integrated driver airbag damper. Using a robust laser scanner to watch the road. HVAC system for electrified vehicles. SmartCore allows ECUs to share info.

SmartCore cockpit domain controller. One-box approach to braking is lighter, simpler. MK C1 electronically controlled braking. A composite challenges aluminum panels. TCA Ultra Lite lightweight composite. High-speed transmission pumps sealed with steel. Activac eliminates electric vacuum pump.

Activac vacuum generation system. Taking degree sensing to a higher fidelity. Common rail allows higher pressures, more control. Fourth-generation diesel common rail. A vortex pulls paint from the air. Integrated e-axle simplifies hybrid design. Gear cutting gets faster in a smaller footprint. High-Speed Axis Synchronization with multipurpose machining capabilities.

A vehicle supercomputer the size of a license plate. In-Car Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer. Valve can take on higher pressures. An electromechanical path to vehicle stability.

Electromechanical Active Roll Stabilizer. High-rev shifting gets easier. Ford and General Motors. Cooling with water, saving fuel. Exhaust System Adaptive Valve. Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies. Less exhaust noise, better fuel economy. Hybrid induction-welding for steel pistons. A path to lighter pistons, smaller diesel-engine blocks. Smoothing the integration of iPhones, CarPlay. A smaller, lighter oil pump. A smaller, lighter LED headlight. New solenoid design eliminates transmission components.

Rearview mirror displays video images. Electronic door latch is driven by single control unit. Cover Carving Technology for seats. Technology allows for 3-D shapes on seats. Lightweight constant velocity joint. Rear sideshaft trims weight and size. A standardized, replaceable LED cuts cost. Multiapplication unified sensor element. DuroGlide piston ring coating. Two-speed gearbox for electrified vehicles.

Oslon black flat multichip family. Less expensive LEDs for mass-market cars. Limited-slip differential for front-wheel drive. Improved traction for fwd vehicles. Printed circuit board for transmission control units. Low-cost substrate for transmission computers. Mercedes-Benz seven-speed transmission, February Standard HVAC units for many vehicles.

PureView seamless sliding window. MicroTorq seal for rotating shafts. Seal for shafts cuts friction losses. Evotec 2 lightweight piston.

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