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The design is extraordinary and the memorial is a powerful tribute to the Jews that lost their lives as a result of the Holocaust. There is no set direction that visitors should walk through the memorial and as you get lost among the narrow alleys, an eerie claustrophobia sets in.

For the best view of Berlin, take the elevator to the observation deck m up in the sky for an unparalleled vista. The original fortifications that once split the city in two still stand along this 1. Learn about the wall through interactive displays situated at various points along the site. The flea market here is the most famous in all of Berlin. For some free, fun entertainment, grab a seat at the Bearpit Karaoke in the warmer weather, which locals and tourists alike love.

This former airport was one of the iconic European airports in the early 20 th Century and is famous for its Nazi and Cold War history. This was the site from which the Allies famously delivered supplies to Berliners during the Berlin Airlift of — Today, Tempelhof is a much loved, green, communal area where Berliners flock to cycle, skate, and fly kites down the old runways.

The most famous border crossing point between East and West Berlin when the wall divided the city, Checkpoint Charlie is now a popular, attraction to tourists. This was the site of a few tense stand-offs during the days of the Cold War, most notoriously in when American and Soviet tanks faced off against one another.

The Jewish Museum is celebrated as being one of the most impressive contemporary architectural structures in Berlin. Architect Daniel Libeskind designed the building, which represents, from the exterior, a shattered Star of David.

In addition to the exhibition rooms in the interior that track Jewish history in a coherent and detailed fashion, additional architectural elements give this museum even greater significance. The Garden of Exile, for example, reflects the isolation and disorientation those in exile feel and this feeling is replicated in a series of pillars set upon sloping ground, creating a feeling of unease and confusion.

Be sure to visit the garden behind the palace, which is one of the most beautiful in all of Berlin. Once the hunting grounds for the Kaiser, Tiergarten is one of the largest urban gardens in Germany. In the middle of the park stands the gleaming Victory Column, commemorating a Prussian victory. On the edge of Tiergarten is the Schloss Bellelvue, a beautiful, ornate palace and the official residence of the President of Germany. Many Berliners believe that Gendarmenmarkt is the most beautiful place in Germany, if not all of Europe.

This graceful square was built at the end of the 17 th Century and is enclosed by three magnificent buildings: After the war, a new church was constructed over the remains of the original one, retaining the damaged spire. The church is now a memorial to peace and reconciliation. What was everyday life really like in East Berlin under communist rule? A trip to the DDR Museum will give you a real hands-on experience.

With a replica of a high-rise tower block, visitors are encouraged to explore the way that people lived during this difficult period. This is no ordinary, passive museum experience; it is very much interactive and sensory. Encompassing an area the equivalent of nine football fields, this is the largest and most legendary department store on the continent.

On the site of the former SS Gestapo headquarters, which has been destroyed, lies the Topography of Terror museum. The exhibition documents the history of the institutions that terrorised the population between and as a consequence of the Nazi regime.

Um die Entwicklung des Ruhrgebiets aktiv und auf allen Ebenen zu gestalten, hat die Landesregierung die Ruhr-Konferenz auf den Weg gebracht. August bis zum 7. Oktober können Sie die Digitalstrategie aktiv mitbestimmen und Ihre Ideen einbringen.

Wo ist künftig noch eine Unterschrift nötig und wann muss man persönlich erscheinen? Zwischen August und November konnten Interessierte sich beteiligen und helfen, bürokratische Hürden abzubauen.

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