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Buying Guide - Hammock Sizes

It's the length that plays the largest roll in the comfort of a hammock. Check out Dutchware and their pre-made hammocks--you can get 11' ones there.

Best Backyard Hammock Comparisons

What’s a Camping Hammock?

I have a smaller, 10' long, 52" wide "single" hammock made with the exact same material and style. It works just fine, but it's just not quite as comfortable. I recently bought several as gifts for my groomsmen. I haven't personally been in one, but the users at Hammockforums. I can vouch for Yukon being on par with ENO though. My fiancee has a Bugnet and my groomsmen all have YO Doubles.

More material doesn't make the hammock more comfortable. The greater width of a "double" hammock doesn't really matter unless you're trying to get a deeper sag and a stronger angle of the body--most people don't sleep this way.

I say, skip ENO. I can't see the value in their hammocks when there are a lot of others out there that provide better hammocks, for less.

Especially that both the double and the single nest hammocks are 9'4" which is a good size You get far more comfort out of a longer hammock, like 10' to 11'. Check out Dutchware and their pre-made hammocks--you can get 11' ones there.

Also, you can make your own. DIY hammocks are rather easy all you have to do is hem material on a sewing machine, or tie up a tablecloth hammock , and you can make them whatever length and width you wish. Holy shit, you just opened my eyes. Going to buy a longer hammock and see if I can't finally relax in one.

I like my double because I can cocoon myself in it, toss something with a little weight in the pouch and throw it around yourself, closest humans have to an actual cocoon that I've found. Skip ENO and go find a quality cottage hammock vendor who makes gathered end camping hammocks.

They'll also most definitely be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lighter, which is nice if you ever wanna throw the hammock into a pack for a day hike or to go to the park with. I love hanging in my hammock while my pals play softball in the summer.

I bring a 6'er of good, cold beer and heckle the outfielders from my hammock. Wait for the YO double to go on sale on woot. The sale usually lasts for a day or two. I went with the double and like it just fine. With the ton of extra fabric I can kick back and even toss a bunch of my backpacking crap in with me.

Thanks again everyone for the suggestions. I'm glad that I am able to draw upon the experience of this community to help me make the best decision. I am not strongly considering buy an ENO hammock, and I actively watch woot for their great deals. I'll post an update of what I end up buying, once I've made the purchase. Go for the double, if your not backpacking the extra weight wont be an issue. Having more fabric is never a problem but you may find some situations where it is nice to have that little extra.

I love my double, I can fit myself and my girlfriend comfortably in it. Over priced and oddly sized. I have to agree with the others on the ENO hammocks. I had a single, got it swapped for a double and love it!

I sleep so much more comfortably in the double than I did in the single. The small weight penalty is very much worth it, in my opinion. After adding a structural ridgeline to mine, I an sleep on the asym in it and lay totally flat.

Sounds like the DoubleNest it is. Heading out after work to see if I can find one locally that I like. I know I'll probably get to hang in it a few times before Zak leaves on his thru. Then it will probablyh accidently get packed in his bag!

Thanks everyone for your input. It's nice to be able to draw off of everyone's experience. Originally Posted by Lost. Then it will probably accidently get packed in his bag! Similar Threads Single or double? By koffar in forum General Hammock Talk. By erich in forum General Hammock Talk. Single or Double By catalyst in forum Warbonnet Hammocks.

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