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That is how he was able to change the future. In Pinocchio, the mechanic was simple:

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Express your feelings for each oda befor it would be too late. Love u both so……. I am from Ethiopia Juan Miguel y marichuy,i love u so……. Wow guy pls and pls dnt mind wat people say u two are made for each other so what are u wailting for just get married.

Such a great love story played by such good actors, Maite and William, that you think it is indeed for real, their love.

I hope for re runs with english subtitles. Maite and William, hope to see you playing a couple again on screen, much better though, in real life. More Maite and William romantic telenovelas. I tried watching them in separate telenovelas but they did not make any impact on me.

Televisa, Univision, Telemundo, are you listening to the clamor of fans all over the world for William and Maite pairing, again? Promise, as fans of Maite and William, we will do our part in promoting it to our friends and families, neighborhood, ad communities. Also what the hell happened to Lateengossip. Am a great fun of u 2 and I wish u all the best,, you were meant for each other n you both got love feelings 4 each other..

U mek a great couple.. Maite known as Marichuy and William known as Juan Miguel cuidado con el angel. But when I watch ciudado con el angel I feel like my heart and soul are full of joy and happiness. Keep feeling the love u felt for each other. Depuis le Cameroun je vous Salut. William and maite, make your dreams come true. You are made for each other, one perfect couple comes once every Milanio, like Romeo y julieta, Cleopatra y Mark Anthony. No dejes pasar la oportunidad de ser Feliz junto a una gran Mujer con tremendo corazon y un gran sentido de sacrificio,responsabilidad y amor por la humanidad!!!!

I really wish that you both would be in another telenovela together. There are so many stories that you could do. Two of my all time favorites are Cuidado con Angel and Triiunfo del Amor. Please try to do another novela with Maite. If you have any tips, candid photos, or juicy gossip to share, please send an e-mail to be anonymous if you like. Think scandals, drama, and madness only take place in the American entertainment world?

Cross the border into the Latin community and you will discover what true gossip really is. William Levy Auctions Himself Off. Anahi Poses in Bikini on a Boat. Norma June 30th, Maite stay away from him he is bad news and you are way too good for him, he will play with you, and not as good an actor as you are. July 11th, No digan eso!

Norma E February 16th, Hi. Angel kiboneza April 18th, Hey maite and william,u make a luvly couple just get married and have kids u have my blessing.

Sinyorita April 19th, William and Maite are my role models and i love them both, i support you both. Shakira dareg May 29th, Hi maite nd william i think both of u re just made for each other pls just get married i luv u both nd pls we want more telenovelas from u.

Lally July 1st, William nd Maite u re meant 4 each other u will make a gud couple hope 2 see more of you luv yah. Charline July 18th, Hi maite nd william levy, i think you both are good for each other… after watching that movie the triumph of love i believe you both will make a good couple…. Latoh August 17th, You look lovely together, i love you both. Susan November 11th, Feel the same way, you are both trying to protect each other form the media.

Bint zani December 16th, Levy and maite you deserve each other you make a wounderful couple i pray you two get married and bare beautiful kids.

Vivian January 7th, Take it from someone who knows maite is clearly in love with william and vice versa it is in dia kisses and stares. CAROL February 2nd, maita and william i adore you very much you make a wondrful couple i wish u happiness. Browny mariam March 25th, How i wished u guys could get married,I would have loved that anyway it is left to u couple in imagination to decide. Vendula March 25th, Hi everyone, may I have a question?

Nameesther June 22nd, i love u both i really wish u both get married. Agnesoti July 12th, ever since i watch u both together…. Gabby July 20th, I hate the haters! Damse September 18th, Maite u r gettin older everyday william is an handsome man lot of girls are dying to win him over,same goes to u will if u truly love ur self,wat are u waitin for?

Deysewar October 9th, Hello maite and william! Judica Mushi October 16th, I salute u maite and william! Davidoyez November 6th, Both fit a maximum couple i hope u 2 get married and hav many kids and be happy together for the rest of your life. S Mw Maite wiliam. November 30th, 4Ever Lavyrroni. Alphostinah January 8th, Maite and william you belong to each other. Mary January 20th, U guys ar perfect for each other……just go ahaed nd tie d nut.. Zenit February 13th, I have seen ur two telanovas and a year has passed.

RITA May 10th, i believe dat u guys re really made 4 each other,fuck out watz people say,u dnt need their approval bcs it is obviously shown dat u love each other….. Brian July 13th, I come from Kenya. The two of u look awesome when you are together. Nally August 23rd, u guys look good together.. Jackie September 11th, This s real life not an acting,u pple should knw dat…. NameJessica October 8th, Hello! Penny October 13th, Hai guy, im from namibia, u look perfect. Tsherrie October 25th, i love everything abt u two go 4 it cuties!!

Monaliza December 24th, They so pretty together their love give me goosebumps. Romanus January 17th, William go for maite my friend you are made for each other. If God meant, it then it will happen. Ayobami July 3rd, Wow guy pls and pls dnt mind wat people say u two are made for each other so what are u wailting for just get married. Nnina August 2nd, well i think that two make novelas really nice but i think the others shold know that those two have a life aside those novelas so they should lead their separate lives its not acting love stories which will make them fall in love but rather spending time together.

Irma August 19th, Wtf?? People this is old news! This is way back !! This drama doesn't need great acting from lead actress. The story itself so serious and rather dark. So it just needs extreme pretty actress and actors like suzy, lee jong suk, woo tak, lawyer lee to execute it well. So it very comfortable to be watched: Once more that surprise me in this drama, Lee Jong suk and Bae Suzy looks so suit together. Lee jong suk always match with all of his partner in drama, because he is a good actor.

But this is the first time I saw something sweet in his eyes when he is looking at suzy. As if he really adores her hahahahaha And I see so many skinship with her than his past dramas. Maybe it just me, but i really enjoy this drama. Suzy's dress, make up, and pink sun glasses, everything so inspiring and beautiful and made good mood lol.

Suzy been herself in this drama. Her charms is her beauty and fashionable. She still lack in many acting skills, but it's all swiped by her beautiness LOL. Daebak, what a smart director!!! Although it has no top ratings, but it's not so bad: And I am sure they've anticipated this before. But I am sure they have gain from sponsors. Whatever they wear, it looks incridible stunning!!!!

K FAN Nov 18 Paopao Nov 18 No flaws at all. Every line and scene connects and relates with each other from the first episode to the last. Well done to all! Hyekyung Nov 18 9: Mella Nov 18 8: Ghi Nov 18 7: I really can't move on. I think I can watch this drama again and again I loved the story so much. I watched this because I'm a big fan of LJS and as always his acting never disappointed me. I also want to give credit to the whole casts, writer, director To the whole staff.

Every character is very well thought, even the villain is interesting! The chemistry between Suzy and Lee Jongsuk is so good too, I ended up wanting them to be real hahaha Not all low rating drama is bad you know Nov 18 Iin Nov 17 Kisah cinta yg dewasa, di usia 29 - 30 th. Walau hanya berpegangan tangan, selalu ada disaat sedih dan ada masalah, saling pengertian walau sedang bertengkar, itu terlihat lebih romantis. Thanks to writernim yg menghadirkan kisah cinta yg jarang ada di drama2.

I will missed WYWS Goodbye Nov 17 Lee Jong Suk, Suzy and cast have done a great job. Lee Sang Yeob was a wonderful villain, It reflected the character's inner conflicts well.

I just read this comment somewhere and I feel the same way. Credit to the rightful owner of the comment above. Choi Nov 17 9: BIG Fan from the Philippines! The characters were so well portrayed. Lee Jong Suk played a cool yet very goofy character with a big heart I'm tired of serious perfect amazing at fighting male leads and Suzy played an intelligent, cool yet also goofy character. I have to say I was worried that Suzy would ruin the drama, rude I know, but she ended up shocking me and making me love her character.

Her acting was fantastic and I felt the same emotions she did. Just wow this drama made me laugh and cry with such a fantastic cast. I can't wait for the future Kdramas to come!

I'm loving the fact that Korean dramas are showing smart women and men that cry. It's so comforting to know that the stigmas are slowing fading with time. Gosh I'm so happy. Aiu Nov 17 5: LJS acting well as usual, but not supported by main lead actress Suzy. No offense for Suzy's fan. I always hope that her acting improve a lot. Poor LJS that he didn't have any chemistry with main lead. I'm not saying this because i'm Suzy's hater.

I don't hate her, i love her voice and Dream is my fav song but she can't acting. Mina Georgiana Nov 17 5: The ending was a bit expected- after all, it is a kdrama. I didn't find Suzy's acting as bad as everyone else says; it's just my opinion, but her acting was pretty impressive in the episode where Jae Chan was shot. Every episode was very interesting; I didn't feel like the same thing was dragged onto the whole story like it happens in other dramas.

Also, I don't see anyone talking about this, but Lee Sang-Yeob played his role extremely well in my opinion; I think he might become one of my favorite actors. I just wish that he would be given more leading roles, because he seems capable of playing them well.

I spoke too soon. I wanted to blame the co lead but the whole drama simply did not work. Bella Nov 17 3: Sheldor Nov 17 This drama was totally flawless, I instantly got hooked to it after the first episode and at the end it left me wanting for more and I am definitely going to watch it again, the drama, romance, comedy with the punch of thrillers was too awesome Really a masterpiece and i am thankful that I got to watch it and I would recommend everyone to give it a try.

Kim So Hyun fan Nov 17 9: Loved every bit of it from the beginning to end. The cast were all amazing in their roles. It was really nice seeing Kim So Hyun again in the final episode. Just like the light she is ,the whole scenario lightened up with her presence. Elsa Nov 17 8: Great drama in I think i will watch this drama over and over again. Love the main lead. I hope to see Lee Jong Suk and Suzy in another drama or romantic movie in future.

Love this couple very much. WYWS just ended and now i'm trying hard to move on T. PersibMU Nov 17 5: Hunter Nov 17 3: A great job done by all the cast and characters. This is the first time I've watched Suzy in a drama and I really enjoyed her acting and believe she done an excellent job.

But now I've added the rest of this cast to my favourites as well. I'm sad it's over but I'm happy with the way it ended. With beautiful cinematography and aesthetic looks, mind-blowing plot and plot twists , awesome cast plus awesome chemistry BETWEEN the casts and just over all, a drama that is abundant with feels!!!

AAAHH i'm gonna miss my three flying dragons so much! Easily is now one of my top5 favorite drama and highly recommend for everyone! ALSO can we not gloss over the fact that Suzy was such a natural beauty throughout the whole thing?!?!? Like damn, with such minimal make up she still looks better than me on my good days!!! Kdramaislife Nov 17 2: It is so amazing in different ways. I'm gonna watch it all over again. For the two main leads I'm hesitant at first but they proved me wrong, they're chemistry is so beautiful.

Thanks for everyone working on this drama for giving such a really really great story. I can't contain myself anymore. Sylvia Tan Nov 17 1: All the cast really work hard for this drama. Kipasgirl Nov 16 As for me, i really enjoyed myself watching this drama.

I love the storyline so much. Rose Nov 16 9: Joaaaaan Nov 16 8: This is one of the best kdrama I watched so far. Everything about this is really great.

The chemistry between the LJS and Suzy are so damn unexpected and really beautiful. I will miss this for sure and I will watch it over and over again. LoneGunMan Nov 16 4: Pretty dang good series overall! MrBouBou Nov 16 3: Choi's brother died with Hong Joo's father in the explosive bus Judith mopalia Nov 16 3: This isn't a great drama although it's pleasant enough.

What makes it watchable is the mobile face and Lee Jong Suk and the absolutely brilliant supporting cast. There isn't a weak performance in the lot of them; whoever did the casting should win some kind of an award. It's a legal procedural, pretty weepy, and moves a little slow - not my favorite genre. Not sorry I watched it, but if you're pressed for time, there's probably better stuff out there.

I'd recommend it, though, if you want to see some first-rate supporting acting and how the quality if the supporting cast can make a drama much better than it really is. Vera Kornilovsky Nov 16 2: I think Lee Yu Beon is mr. Choi younger brother, just he changed his name because of the murder he has done and became a lawyer.

He has the same birthday too and Mr. Choi look at him as his brother in the last seen before death. Han Nov 16 I think I didn't find it on additional cast member. WooTakfan Nov 16 Everything was perfect except for the lead actress.. Why do you think even with such a good plot and with cast like lee Jong suk, Jung Hae In the drama is not high rated?! I do agree she has improved compared to uncontrollably fond and Gu family book..

Laicss Nov 16 Momo Nov 16 As a procedural drama lover, there are many plot holes in this drama. Good camera works though. The drama seems interesting at the beginning, but at the climax it's really boring for some reason. The ost is good too. Lee jong suk acting is good but Suzy acting can be improve. I hope they can improve it. However, there are better drama than this such as Witch's Court which is currently topping the ratings for dramas this week and The Good Wife which is an adaptation from a popular American series.

My conckusion is, overall this drama is good but kinda overrated for international fans. This is just my opinion because I don't feel the 'thriller' vibe in this drama. The love story is interesting and Lee Sang Yoob actung is very superb here.

I really recommend you ti watch this drama if you love RomCom type of drama. This is just my opinion. But, I think they missed one very important point. They said that the reason why they can see each others' future through dream is because someone saved them from death and they feel like they have to do something for that person in return as a form of gratitude.

She was saved by Suzy from death from being burned, right? They did not mention anything about her seeing Suzy's future: Guiltypleasure Nov 15 8: Same as Lee Jong suk, I am not his fans too. That's why although I am not their fans, I always watch their dramas. It always worth to be watched. Actually her acting skills has improved a lot since UF.

Only because I rooted for second male lead so I stopped watching UF. But in here, she really fits the role. I don't know caused of the script, or caused of Jong Suk who always make a drama looks thrilling and interesting to be watched.

The point is I have no complain with anything in this drama. Mae Nov 15 1: I am beginning to like her!!! I didn't like her acting in previous drama Uncontrollably Fond. She annoyed the crap out of me! I stopped watching after few episodes. Both have their own unique style and talent in acting and cannot be compared with each other!

But whatever other thinks I still love ShinHye, the first Korean actress that I've fall in love with! Lyzz Nov 14 The drama and the actors are really good. Vika Nov 14 2: I love this drama, what should I do, when it comes to an end?

I'm not ready for this. It is a really good drama and I searched so long for good dramas, but everything I found was just okay This is the only on-going Kdrama that I watched and willingly to wait though it really testing my patience, because this drama leave me to watch more whats will gonna happen to our leads and the people surround them.

I will miss the loveydovey of JaeJoo Couple, the teamwork of the three flying dragons, the evilness of Yoo Beom, etc. So much feels for this drama. Best of for me.

Thanks for making this drama. Nhah90 Nov 11 But it's not actually hugging it more to JC lift her and they looking sweetly, lovey dovey, fondly to each other.

Yeah she will survive for sure. Rc Nov 11 KdramaAddict Nov 11 7: Add special ep plis Nov 11 6: Recommended Nov 10 3: I really love the drama but why is the setting in ? Ja Nov 09 Angie Nov 09 And I see why everyone was crying towards the end. T T Love this drama.

Best of so far. And best drama of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy imho. Love them as a power couple. Great OST and not one boring episode. Don't want it to end But why do I get the feeling this will have a sad ending? If you have watched Final Destination movies you will get the same thoughts.. If they were supposed to die before, their destiny will eventually catch up to them.. Which is what Hong Joo told Jae Chan before.

Jie Nov 09 4: The twist plot, storyline and visually in this drama are so good. I think I cant move on for this drama not so fast? Curious about Yu Bom and Wo Tak too..

Lee jong suk is the best actor. Lee jong suk is the best! Often, or more like in most dramas out there, while there are some 'highs' plot wise in certain episodes, there are also eps which are just 'meh' you know? But this one is consistently good! Nov 09 5: It is really really good and smooth.

Still cannot get into Suzy's acting but she was improving in my opinion. I also cannot watch the lovey-dovey story, I don't know why, it is just too cringy for some reasons, hahahaha. But the story about prosecutor life, the case, the family, that's awesome.

Is there anybody who's been trapped in Jung Hae Lin just like me? Luke Nov 09 Gotta appreciate the Writer. The latest episode 26 was sooo unpredictable and it tears my eyes. It is a comeback! Seori Nov 08 8: V Nov 08 7: Great plot twist, totally didn't see that coming! Nasaya Nov 08 7: I feel like the more I watch it, the more it gets better.

However, I honestly look forward to like the romance part of the drama more so that's a little unfortunate. Watching this for lee sang yeob and he's definitely scary. His character is the most intriguing. In ep 26 now, and I do like that Mr. Choi has become significant. Henry's ost is FIRE! By that, I like the ost for this drama. WooTakfan Nov 08 5: One I have been waiting for long time.. But I still wish it would be Park shin hye in that role: Eli Nov 08 3: Great acting and a great script!!

Lee Jongsuk saranghae Nov 08 Ugh I'm literally crying watching the ending of ep Shookt Nov 08 Manisha Rana Nov 08 9: I really enjoyed watching drama but it would be much better if we could watch weekly in your country's channel.

She's awful when she tries to act cute. She should just model and not act. Kang ha na Nov 08 9: I really love it because the chemistry they had Hwaiting suzy, jong suk aaaa!!!!!

Woo tak is a loyal friend??? Since Hong Joo is the only one who causes Jae Chan and Woo Tak to be able to foresee the future in their dreams, I guess she will die at the end, also Woo Tak so that Jae Chan isn't able to prevent what happens to him anymore, and he will just live simply like others.

Even though it's just my thought, I still feel like this drama is going to have a sad ending Woo tak's girl Nov 04 Someone Like Me Nov 04 3: Unfortunately Kim Sohyun only cameo. Bianca Nov 04 8: I wish we could meet someday in person and i love you're drama and you are so handsome!! Winnie Nov 04 3: This is the best plot of kdrama that I've ever watched. Mimi Nov 03 1: LoneGunMan Nov 02 4: I thought at the beginning he was going to be a bad guy but so far everything he is doing is good.

Lee Jong-Suk's future wife Nov 02 3: It's so nice to watch every episode every time. But why this drama don't have more than episodes I am starting to miss this drama already.

I love you Lee Jong-Suk! MarlaHandira Nov 01 RilakkumaSueweetie Oct 30 3: Bebe bae Oct 29 While you were sleeping drama team Fighting!!! Florandy Cabrera Oct 29 1: Surprisingly, it's a beautiful drama. I recommend you to watch it. Anjela rai Oct 28 Jess20 Oct 28 9: I love both lead and supporting actors they give justice to the character.

The message was on point. And i love all of it. Farrie Oct 28 8: I think I cant easily move on from this drama? Sylvia Oct 27 9: Now I'm so in love with them both. This drama is one of my fav kdrama ever. Kim ramin Oct 27 MariskaHenrie Oct 27 8: I'm so surprise to know he has a very very very good voice.

Jong suk oppa, hwaiting! I have been waiting for this drama to finish. On seeing the ratings I wanted to check on my own. I now have only one episode to watch: Prerty Oct 26 2: Drian Oct 26 Don't know ,,but this is a very good drama so far.. I love the quote that "you can change the future if you really try hard"..

Mary Oct 26 LoneGunMan Oct 26 7: The other DAs are so funny. Jose Oct 26 1: KarenPaquita Oct 25 Love so much WYWS.. Jong suk oppa, saranghae: Orobo Oct 25 3: Rosemarie Oct 22 Hd Oct 22 4: Park Hyo Ae Oct 22 2: Dalisay Dy Oct 21 7: Gift Oct 21 I mean so many outstanding and strong characters. But my vote is with Lee Jong-Suk always and forever, I can never get enough of him. Ivy Oct 20 3: Ya lord, this drama so very unforgettable, so very romantic and misterious every episode!!! Love with jae chan, hong joo and woo tak!!!

And then woo tak so very misterious man, agree? I hope this drama gets the highest possible ratings that it deserves. The cast is daebak! Don't get me wrong but I just want to share some of my opinion on ways that could improve this drama in the future. Here are few of my observations, good and bad. The scene where Suzy was on the rooftop waiting for LJS to arrive. Suzy did not show raw emotions that could make us feel the moment because let's face it, the OST was perfect!

The expression did not show enough worried or somewhat "I care for you. But I must say, Suzy Bae drastically improved a lot in terms of her acting skills compared to when she was in Uncontrollably Fond.

The different cases were not inter-related. As much as I would like to have every piece connected in order to form the whole puzzle, the idea of having it interconnected is just not plausible in our reality plus it would be such a complex story to write if it were so. I do not like the idea that LJS' character is all there is to it.

I love LJS and I think his acting skills are incredible! But I just seemed to get bored, at times, when you don't find anything mysterious or new added to his character.

I hope in the later episodes, he gets to show not only his quirky side but his weak side as well so that the viewers can sympathize well and more with his character. Who portrayed the younger Suzy? She is so in character. You are one hilarious actor! You melt all our stress away. Lee Yu Beom- I would like to think that he has his good side in him Clearly, he is evil.

But only in such case where there is a turnaround in the story that maybe he has his reasons why he did that Detective Woo Tak- We all love his character, who doesn't anyway? I am quite convinced that he will take the bad route on the second half of the series.

The mystery about him somewhat makes me think that it is all interconnected to the childhood of Suzy and LJS because they all were born on the same year. Although it will be heartbreaking to see that he could be the bad guy, for the sake of an amazing storyline, it will be a blessing if he was such because that would make the series more exciting.

Because the bad guy has the same ability as the protagonists, he could dream about the two while plotting his perfect scheme which could make the two more careful of their actions and words in reality.

The battle of the dreams commences then! Since the three of them are smart enough to analyze each dream and can somehow manage to alter it. Some of my theories could remain just as hope for the episodes to come. Either way, I am excited to watch the coming episodes and see how the stories unfold. This series is seriously thought-provoking!

Congratulations to the whole crew! K-trash Oct 20 9: This is one hell of a drama. This is so perfect!! Rollercoasted ride of emotion, crying, nervous then laughing in the next scene. This is a full package. Whenever Hong Ju cries, I can't stop my tears, Suzy is so great, I am wondering if she is spending her life crying because she is so used to it and it was heart wrecking.

She is the male lead in this drama, Hong Ju-oppa! How could Lee Jong Suk be such a freakin' cutie and manly at the same time!!! How could a face like yours got a body like that. You already had me at your smile then you stole my breath with your body.

So, therefore, this is a really good drama. Carol Oct 20 3: Aru Oct 20 Chano Oct 18 Writers are so brilliant and story is amazing. WYWS Oct 16 9: In my opinion, when it was first published, or at least in the website, they should give 'caution' that this drama is adopted from that movie.

Therefore, fans dont think that they experience dejavu or thinking that they are Nam Hoo Jo themselves ahhahha. Are you even watch this drama or not?? This drama didn't adopted from that movie at all, they just had same the title. Ananya Sarkar Oct 16 6: I didn't expect it to be good but right now I can't wait for the next episode.. The most fun part.. The role of Suzy Bae..

And that's when she leaves everyone in surprise.. I always look forward for Lee Jong Suk dramas as he always plays an interesting role in his dramas.. And the chemistry between the two It's in the growing phase.. I hope it grows well Canto thakuri Oct 16 6: After watching the drama I find something new story from my thinking.

Loved it just waiting for the new episode.?? Thumbs Up to the writers of this drama I am actually not a fan of Lee Jong Suk but since he got a lead role.. I think this drama will make noise YanniiAh Oct 15 8: I already saw a comment about how this drama would be better if there's no romance, when the main poster itself showed exactly how romantic it may be. I just saw a comment below of someone talking about originality based in his personal preferences at how the whole world of cinematography has similar plots and way better.

You watched the first ep, didn't like? Go search for another drama, a movie, something that can blow your mind so hard how THIS drama is doing with some people that are really enjoying, and guess what? Has nothing wrong with this, because taste, preference and opinions are just like ass. To preferences, everyone has their own and to opinions, only give who wants to give.

So get your cookie and shoo. Go find your perfect drama that has everything that you want it to have. Nicky Oct 15 5: Actually, I do not feel that this series is the best as many of the comments are beyond reality. Maybe with the fact that I did not know the lead actors of the story. I would like to express my opinions freely. I think the story is not new or exciting because I've seen similar series in foreign countries and some actors did not play well, which sometimes confused in some scene.

I do not care if anyone is dissatisfied with my comment. I have stopped watching this series. This is the first and last time for my comment, I want people to relate to this series and look at the foreign series or movies that was shot similarly to this one and do it well to improve this series.

Mega Bhe Oct 15 1: Andi Oct 14 I thought it's his Dreams I hope he's OK. Lee Jong Suk Oct 14 ChelvieJoan Oct 14 9: The other cast were all good?. ONErocks Oct 14 7: Like seriously, every single detail of this drama was fantastic and were all given justice. It always have this plot twists that made the viewers think and hook to what will happen next. The chemistry between LJS and Suzy is undeniably strong, other characters are all great as well.

The OSTs, cinematography, lines, and everything is jjang! A highly recommended drama. SS Oct 14 4: I decided to watch the Pilot episode and was hooked from there on.

Thank you for the pleasure of watching this Kdrama. Lak Oct 14 5: Yhanz Oct 14 3: Keytie Oct 14 A refreshing concept with an amazing storyline. Lee Jong Suk never fails to impress us at any role he portrays and Bae Suzy improved a lot on her acting.

Great cinematography and the supporting casts complements well on the overall atmosphere of the series. Plot twists makes you hook and think. Love jongsuk and Suzy, I ship them? Cel Oct 13 9: Joan Vergara Oct 13 9: The story is so unpredictable, I'm so attached in this series. I'm always excited to watch every episodes of it. The characters are realistic too except the dreaming part, HAHA.

So far, this is my favorite kdrama. Joaaaaaan Oct 13 9: I'm really so attached in this series. So excited for every episodes. Pallavi Oct 13 2: I just love this drama I always keep myself away from Kdramas.. But it's an addiction that won't go easily.. N the cast also mind blowing N gossshhh today's episode was really very awesome??. I wish this drama ends with an happy ending.. Please don't kill any1.

Yue Oct 13 1: I hope they'll manage to keep the pace and mystery with more episodes, and wouldn't loose their story halfway. I hope there's no love triangle in here Like, really, I just want this drama to be straight up exciting with the mystery than with the love triangle thing. Anaxitia Oct 13 9: I hope woo tak remains this nice cute and adorable person till the end. Idk why but i feel like something is coming up and the plot is going to take a turning.

I just hope everything remains good. I will be so sad Gosh both of the man lead is so perfect I cant choose between them Fighting Jung hae in and lee jongsuk. Choi Oct 13 3: Yully Oct 13 2: CuriousPotato Oct 12 Jane Oct 12 9: Will he be okay?

Eisya Harris Oct 12 9: Cutee Jung Hae In? Dwi Mei Oct 12 2: Kat Oct 11 8: Queen Walnut Oct 11 6: I mean, there's no reason LMH wouldn't fall for her. She's beautiful, can sing, dance and act!

Check out her videos! There's no reason LMH would've fallen for her, you know! Sherlin Oct 10 Mizogirl Oct 10 8: Suzy is a great actress. Criticism is not a bad thing but some people just love to hate. If your not biased, you can see that Suzy's acting has improved a lot..

Can't wait for the next episode Philip Oct 09 9: Lo Oct 09 9: Suzy's acting improved a lot as well! Can't wait to see the next episode. John Paul Oct 09 2: I already have one in mind. No Jam Oct 09 1: NCT Oct 09 1: I dont like how people hate this drama just because of Suzy Yeah, I used to dislike Suzy's acting too but can't you all just appreciate how good is the storyline..

It does not focus on just one story like I thought that the story will just be about how Suzy prevent her mother from dying eps 1 and 2 and help Kim so hyun till the end of story but it is not draggy like the other drama Although I just watched this drama till eps I could see how enjoying this drama to watch Not ur oppa Oct 08 7: The drama is amazing and intense and interesting, all in the just the first few episodes I was completely hooked by the storyline and eager to know what happens next.

All the actors are doing a great job bringing this story to life. Please watch this drama or any drama for its plot and not your oppa. Redd Oct 08 1: The to main leads have great chemistry as well! Justsoyouknow Oct 08 8: So far, this is the best version of suzy bae in all her dramas. The role fit her personality very well. Not too much but just the right amount of emotions.

I like how she make it so simple, very natural. Ljs on the other hand was exceptional. His way of making herself felt was truly exceptional. Writing and screenplay are ok for me. Hope they can use osts that are ear catching. Overall, this drama is sooo good. Jake Oct 07 6: Natarie Oct 07 5:

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