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Cochonet is in play 0. He was remarkable for his great weight and size; when a young man he weighed 20 stone, and latterly, it is supposed, he was not less than 30 stone, and his height was 6 feet 9 inches.

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Verse with card- Sudden and unexpected was the blow That smote our joys, and laid our prospects low; In vain his pleading form we call to mind, Attentive, gentle, tender and kind. Weep not for me my wife and children dear, A tender father has left you here; And when you go my grave to see, Prepare yourself to follow me. Interred at Greystoke, October 18 th. Verse with card- Past all pain forever, Done with sickness now, Those dear eyes are closed forever, Peaceful is thy brow.

Greatly shall we miss thee, But our loss will be thy gain, In Heaven we hope to meet thee, With Jesus there to reign. To be interred at Crosscanonby Church. Helen's Street, on November 29th, , aged 25 years. Arthur Edward Eddie , who died of wounds received in action on April 11th, , aged 19 years, the dearly loved sons of William and Sarah Peel.

Interred at the Cemetery, Cockermouth. On the 18th July William the dearly beloved and last surviving son of the late Jackson and Elizabeth Casson of Victoria Villas, Cleator Moor,age 37 years. Bees, Maria Dixon, widow of William W.

Interred at the Harrington Road Cemetery. Was interred at the Maryport Cemetery. Was interred at Gilcrux Church August 21th, John Clark, formerly of Cockermouth, in his 88th year. To be interred at Bridekirk today. Interred at Maryport Cemetery, Monday, 10 th March To be interred at Cockermouth Cemetery. Emperor of India, who died in Haslar Hospital, Gosport, was buried at Haslar with full naval honours.

Aged 21, died May ? Martin Cockbain, coalminer, aged 62 years. Sunday, June 19th, Mary, parts of page missing the beloved daughter of William and Sarah Cockbain. Death by burns, January, Interred at St Mary's Church.

On the 20 th Apr. Helen's Street, Cockermouth, 28th Jan. Costin coalminer , beloved husband of Annie Costin, aged 39years. Interred at Maryport Cemetary. Cottier, and Grandson of the late Stephen Grave, late of Mirkholme, aged 33 years and 10 months. Both interred at Flimby. William Coulthard, aged 23 years. Interred at Romford Cemetery on 27th June, CRANE, ironminer, aged 12 years.

Interred at the Whitehaven Cemetery. Interred at the Hensingham Cemetery. John's chapel in Hensingham; the first interment in that burying ground. Friends please accept this the only intimation. To be interred at Dean Church. James Currie, aged 46 years. By her Ladyship's demise, Mr. BRAND, her son, the present member for the County of Herts succeeds to the title and estates; there is, therefore, a vacancy for the county.

On the 17th Apr. Interred at Brigham Church. Martha Emma thebeloved wife of the late Thomas Sutcliffe Dawson.

To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Thursday, Aug. At the Haig Pit Mine. Was interred at Clifton Church. Street, Cleator Moor, on the 8th Sept.

Interred at Aspatria Church on Monday April 11th Richard Gacter Dixon, of Denton Holme, aged 26 years. To be interred at Bridekirk. Robert Dixon, of Swinside Lodge, aged 28 years.

Funeral at 3 o'clock on Saturday. Was interred at York on the 22 nd , Was interred at Egremont. Will be interred at Broomfield on Friday, the 22 nd Inst. Interment at Hensingham Cemetery.

Was interred at Brigham Church. Interred at Distington Parish Church. To be interred at the Cockermouth Cemetery. EDE-On the 12th May, Interred at the Camerton Church. At Sheffield, on the 17th Apr. Interment at Kirkby Stephen Cemetery. Was interred at Whitehaven Cemetery on Monday, the 14th Sept. On the 18th Apr. Was interred at Uldale Old Church. To be interred at Harrington Church. He was one of the oldest members of theJockey Club.

The title, we believe, is extinct! Interred Friends' Burial Ground. To be interred at Hensingham Cemetery. Frederick FELL, in the 27th year of her age, much regretted by a large circle of surviving friends. Edward FELL, coalminer, 9 years. William Ferguson, aged 6 weeks. Interred at St Paul's Church. Richard Fleming, late of Sty Beck Farm, aged 66 years.

Also Grace Kendal Dulcie , their loving youngest daughter, who died Dec. Also Isaac, their father, who died October 29th Interred at the Maryport Cemetery. FOX - On the 25th Nov. John FOX, aged 67 years. Interred at Salterbeck on March 8 th Gainford, aged 19 months.

Interred at Brigham Churchyard. James Gaitskell, Bootle, aged 48 years. Jonathan Gambles, aged 39 years. She was better known by the name of Nurse GASKIN, having been mother to 8 children, given suck to 16, and brought up 18 without the breast; in all forty-two. Interred at Wigton Cemetery. George, Chemist, Wigton aged 73 years.

Interred at Carlisle Cemetery. Both mother and son were interred on the same day in one grave. To be interred at Lamplugh Church, on Wednesday, December 8th th , at 2 p.

Verse with card- Her toils are past, Her work is done, And she is fully blest: She fought the fight, The victory won, And entered into rest. To be interred at Loweswater Church, on Monday, September 10 th. To be interred at Lamplugh Church, on Tuesday, March 5 th , at p. Verse with card- Day by day we do miss her, Words would fail our loss to tell; But in heaven we hope to meet her, Evermore with her to dwell.

To be interred at Lamplugh Church on Wednesday, February 4th, at p. Was interred at Harrington on December 5th, Was interred at Ainstable. To be interred at Flimby Cemetery.

Tobe interred at Carlisle Cemetery. Was interred at Carlisle Cemetery. To be interred at Lorton Churchyard, on Sunday, April 22 nd , at 2 p. Graves, who died at Blennerhasset, November 22nd, To be interred at Dean Church, on Tuesday, September 24 th , at 3 p. Interred at Salterbeck Cemetery. Gregory, labourer, aged 81 years. Lightfoot and Cockbain's Ltd. John Gribbin, tailor, aged 20 years. Margaret Jane Maggie , daughter of Catherine and the late Wm. Iterred at Crosthwaite Parish.

William Mandell, Baggrow near Aspatria, Cumberland, had been suffering of late, it is feared, from the effects of overwork. John HALL, aged 51 years. Hannah, farmer, aged 10 years. Interred at Bridekirk Death by scalding. To be interred at Aspatria Church on Monday April 16th Interred at Caldbeck, on Thursday. To be interred at Dearham Churchyard.

Joseph Harrison, aged 29 years. They were both terribly burned and disfigured. Mary, the beloved wife of Mr. Interred at Dearham Parish Church. To be interred at Newton Arloah. Was interred at Holm St. James CARR, master of a workhouse, aged 12 years. To be interred at Liverpool. Internment at the Whitehaven Cemetery, on Wednesday, the 25 th , leaving No. Her end was peace.

To be interred at Embleton Church, on Thursday, the 17 th inst. Head, who died at Rickerby, November 18th, , aged 11 years. Also of our dear little daughter, Hilda, who died November 28th, , in her sixth year. Born May 17th; died May 19 th To be interred at Upperby. To be interred to-day Wednesday April 13th at 3 p. Leaving residence at Friends please accept this only intimation. On the 16th July , at Aspatria, MR.

Bridget, daughter of Mr. Thomas Mitchell Hill in her 84th year. To be interred at Carlisle Cemetery. Hodgson, aged 69 years.

Was interred on Wednesday, the 5 th Aug. Interred at All Hallows New Church. Also Sarah, infant daughter of above, who died on the 14th August. Interred at the Cemetery on Tuesday, August 18 th. Sibson Hodgson, innkeeper, aged 48 years. At 3 Brow Top, Workington, on the 5 th Nov.

Interred at Hayton Churchyard. Daniel Holliday, aged 20 years. Helen's-street, Cockermouth,Ann, widow of Mr. James Holmes, Winder Gate, Frizington, aged 30 years. Interred at Johannesburg Cemetery on 15th July, Verse with card- Farewell, wife and children dear, my life is past, My love to you so long did last; And now for me no sorrow take, But love each other for my sake.

Weep not for me, but, pray repent, I was not yours but only lent; Dry up those tears and weep no more, I am not lost, but gone before. At Bolton Street, Workington, 27 th March Was interred at Ainstable Church. Interred at the Cemetery, Whitehaven. Was interred at Keswick St. John's Church, on Thursday, June 4 th , Interred at Workington Cemetery. Huddart, Senr, of Arlecdon, who departed this life, August 5th, , aged 69 years.

This person never had a day's illness or went to bed sober for the last 30 years, and drank an average of a quart of gin everyday during that period, making in the whole gallons. To be interred at Camerton Churchyard. To be interred at Plumpton Churchyard.

Interment to-day Saturday at Egremont Cemetery. Also our dear brother, Robert Turnbull, killed in France. The deceased was daughter of MR. Interred at Arlecdon Church. Internment at Distington Church. Also Jack, their son, who died Jan 13th Refreshments will be provided at the Meeting House after the Funeral. Samuel Jamieson, aged 2 years. Interred at Distington Church. Workington, Dinah, wife of Mr. Was interred at St Bees Parish Church. Was interred on Tuesday at Cleator Church. William Johnston, ship carpenter, aged 33 years.

Interred at Westnewton Churchyard. Also our dear mother, Elizabeth Johnson, who died February 13th, They were buried together in one grave. Henry Jordan, mason, aged 56 years. Customs, advanced in years. Interred at the Broughton Baptist Church. Was interred at Camerton Church. KEY -On the 1st jan. Interred at Mary port Cemetery. William Kilner, aged 78, rector of Dufton and Milburn, and of the former parish upwards of half a century resident minister: Kirkbride, labourer, aged 61 years.

Interred at Dearham Churchyardon. Atkinson, son of Mr. Interred at Elswick Cemetery. Daniel LACE, labourer, aged 8 years. To be interred at Aspatria Church. Thomas, At Harrington, 3 rd Nov. LAMB, of that place, aged 67 years. Lancaster, joiner, aged 66 years. The youngest son of MR. LAWS, wife of Mr. He had repeatedly violated his parole but was never returned to Nevada to finish out his sentence. Because of bureaucratic red tape such as arranging extradition and the financing of such, Bomar slipped through the proverbial cracks in the system allowing him to be free.

He was finally found out when a year after the crime another woman was driving alone felt her car being hit from behind. He tried to get her to stop but she refused and instead took down his car make and model along with license plate number.

The license plate turned out to be registered to him but the car was not. The actual car Bomar drove was found at a junkyard. The burn pattern found on A…. Please note, all stones are counted, including blank ones on borders. Lopez Adrian Allen Alan B. Demeritte Andrew Czapeljewski Andrew F. Cleveland Andrew Muller Andrew P. Bitner Return to top. C Cal Culver Capt. Snyder Caroline Monfield Carolyn E. Fisher III Return to top. D Dale Hutchins Dale M. May Dan Stahley Dana L. Patrick Daniel Puerto Daniel R.

Patino Diego Lopez Dimas N. Klehamer Edward Owen Gray, Jr. Watson Fred Coniglio Frederick E. Basile Gary Quirk Gary R. Porch James Daly James E. Karakas James Jordan James L. Thomas Jeremy Anthony Jerome T. Ferman John Brewer John C. Martinez Jose Garrido Jose O.

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