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Skype führt Lesebestätigung für Nachrichten ein. A small brewery has been installed at Gasthaus Traube in Ludwigshafen Bodensee.

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There may be a small brewery in Buch, near Wolnzach. Brauerei Shuba shares an address with Hops 2 Brew , a hop farm. I have emailed them for more info. They seem to have started in Geldersheim but may now be in Kulmbach. It's in the village of Günthersbühl, north-west of Lauf. Willi Wohlfart has been brewing there since , largely as a hobby, but now produces some special brews for Bierwerk Charakterbierbar in Nürnberg under the Bierwerk name.

The majority of their beer he brews at Dreykorn in Lauf. Luke Kennedy has been in touch to confirm he is brewing at his Mr Kennedy bar in Nürnberg although his house lager, Der Franke, is brewed elsewhere. The old Tucher brewhouse in Nürnberg has been renovated and a microbrewery installed. It is available from wooden barrels in the nearby Schillerklause.

Schanzenbräu moved to a new site in the Höfen district during January although the tap remains in Gostenhof. They are now capable of producing 15,hl a year. Further to my mention of Sonnenbräu in Lichtenberg being revived last year as SunBrew, it appears the story has come full circle and SunBrew has been acquired by Volker Hando from Frankfurt and the name returned to Sonnenbräu.

Dominic Stallbauer has been in touch to confirm Brauerei Stallbauer exists, as mentioned below. Erfurt has another new brewery. Braukeller Erfurt opened on 9th February in the Ratskeller. It opens officially on 10th June but it is unclear whether it will be used for making commercial beer of simply testing hop varieties. There are plans for a brewery in Feichten an der Alz. Brauerei Fischer in Greuth no longer brews itself but gets its beers made elsewhere.

It appears there may be two new breweries to report in Nürnberg although I have my doubts about the first. Mr Kennedy is a craft beer bar not far from the castle. I have contacted owner Luke Kennedy for more information. The second is StreuBräu , located in the south-eastern district of Moorenbrunn. The owners have just launched a crowd-funding appeal in order to expand and if successful, will move to neighbouring Altenfurt. Having lost two breweries in the last decade, Oberaudorf is back on the brewing map with the Oberaudorfer Privatbrauerei , a brewpub that is run in conjunction with the nearby Sporthotel Wilder Kaiser.

In Rosenheim, it appears Flötzinger may have installed a small brewery in the Mail Keller although I suspect the kettles are purely for show. I have emailed Tante Paula in the hope they reveal all. I have emailed them for details. Firstly, apologies for the corruption of special characters on the website. The internet server provider I use recently got taken over and the new one doesn't seem to like umlauts, etc. If the problem doesn't get resolved soon, I'll be moving it elsewhere.

Andreas Vilsmeier of Kalvarienbergbräu Poxau has been in touch. He's created a fantastic and very comprehensive Bavarian brewery map which can be found here. Just be warned it includes communal and future breweries as well as those currently operating. The following news has all been sourced from there and there's plenty more to come. Andreas Schweiger has started brewing in the cellar of Getränke Oase, his parent's shop in Dorfen. KellerBräu Dorfen beers have been available since November last year.

The beers are made on site by the Schubert family, owners of Karg in nearby Murnau. Closed circa , the former Sonnenbräu in Lichtenberg reopened early last year as Sun Brew. Paulaner's tap on the Nockherberg has been rebuilt with a brewery. The first beers went on sale during February. The building dates from but has never before been a pub, let alone a brewery. The reconditioned brew kettles came from the Hannover area.

There are unconfirmed reports that Wagner in Oberhaid has stopped brewing again. A fourth brewery opened in Ostheim last year. Streutaler Brauhaus brews a Pils which appears to be available on draught only. Son of the owners of Beim Gloser in Windischeschenbach, Moritz Popp plans to open his own brewery in Pirk by the end of this year. Pirker Bier will be housed in a former distillery.

Schmölz, near Küps, may have a brewery. I don't have an address for Schmölzer Dorfbräu but there is a photo on the internet of the brewery building being inspected last July and mention of a planning application for a beer garden.

Further information would be welcome. Sadly, Brauerei Hertlein in Staffelbach closed a year ago following the death of the brewer. Paul Schneider has formed a partnership with Brauerei Maisach and one of their brewers, Florian Schmitt, started brewing in Stegen last autumn. The tap reopens this Saturday. Brauvaricum opened a little under a year ago in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. Brewing has returned to Valley. Graf Arco closed their brewery there sometime in the mids but have installed a new, much smaller one in part of the castle called Valleyer Schloss Bräu.

Bräustüberl Valley is directly opposite. The brothers behind Bad Urach's Uracher Kleinbrauhaus only do trial brews on their own kit. Their commercial beer is actually made in Austria at the Gusswerk Brauerei in Hof. The new Wichtel in Ditzingen doesn't actually brew. The beers they sell come from the sister pubs in Böblingen and Stuttgart but not the Esslingen branch. Tübingen's Freistil only do trial brews on their own kit.

The stuff they sell is actually made at Löwenbrauerei Bräunlingen. Rosenzwickel in Dirnismaning closed at the end of last year due to ill health and is for sale. Brauerei Winkler in Melkendorf has reopened under new ownership and is now called simply Brauerei Melkendorf. The first brew was last month and the beer should be available from early summer. Brauerei Martin in Unterneuses reopened in February last year after almost three years closed.

Weyberbräu in Weyberhöfe, near Sailauf, has been closed since , possibly even Wiesbadener Braumanufaktur is actually five miles east of central Wiesbaden in Medenbach, a village which is officially part of the city.

The Bosch tap in Bad Laasphe has closed but you can get the beers over the road at Zum Roten Ochsen plus most other pubs in town. Thomas Kremer is a beer sommelier from Bonn who holds tastings, brewing courses and now has his own brewery, Toms Hütte.

Confusingly, it's in the same building as Ale Mania but is a separate, much smaller plant. Far from being closed, it appears Wolfsbier in Durchholz is still active as Paul Lockwood bought a 2 litre bottle of their beer in Witten last month. I'm listing it as open until anyone can offer solid evidence to the contrary. Brauerei Hensen in Mönchengladbach started brewing around this time last year.

It is housed in the former brewhouse of the original Brauerei Hensen latterly Brauerei Hoefel , which closed in For a couple of years prior to the installation of their own brewery the beers were made by Bolten in Korschenbroich. Hop on Top in Dresden don't yet have their own brewery. Their beers are made at Stonewood in Chemnitz. First of all, apologies for the long delay in posting any updates, particularly to those of you who contributed information and heard bugger all.

It's fair to say I lost interest in the project for quite a while but I'm back and determind to see the book completed. To that end, I've roped in the services of Paul Lockwood, a name I'm sure is familiar to all who've followed this site over the years.

Paul has almost certainly visited more breweries in Germany than anyone else, and I can think of no-one better to help me complete the task. We've already started working on the book together well, he's written lots and I've pissed him off by changing it , and if progress continues at the current rate, I think something may appear next year. The tiny plant is too small to meet demand so most beer and all bottles is made elsewhere. Glasmännlebräu has stopped brewing in the mountain top Glasmännlehütte above Baiersbronn.

The equipment remains in place but they now sell Alpirsbacher unfiltered. Michael Baumann has been making beer at his Sudwerkstatt in Belsen, near Mössingen, since last year. His brewery is about to expand although it's unclear whether than will mean a move elsewhere. Beuren has been home to the Beurener Fels Brauerei since last spring. One place I've continually overlooked is Brauhaus Löwenhof in Bretten. In my mind I'd listed it as not brewing but it seems I've never included it on the website at all.

Does anyone know if they make their own beer or get it from elsewhere? One to keep an eye on is Braustube Dachtel. Edwin Strasser offers brewing courses and beer tastings are also available. He will make custom beers in 33 litre runs but his beers aren't generally available so I won't include it for now. The Eizenharzer Brauhaus closed last year. Wichtel have opened a fourth brewpub, this time in Esslingen. Mangold in Heilbronn has a small brewery.

Kasi-Bräu has relocated from Karlsdorf-Neuthard to Karlsdorf but without the brewery. The beers are now made by Kühler Krug in Karlsruhe. I visited Brauhaus am Solitudeplatz in Ludwigsburg for the first time in twelve years and noticed the coppers looked dusty and disused. On asking, I was told the beers are now brewed elsewhere in Ludwigsburg, "But not at the other place! A small brewery has been installed at Gasthaus Traube in Ludwigshafen Bodensee. Seebräu is available there and has been seen elsewhere locally.

Adler-Bräu in Moosbeuren has been brewing again since the summer of on newly-installed kit. The original brewery closed in There's a microbrewery to report in Murrhardt.

Hey Joe Brewing doesn't have a tap but the website lists ten outlets. He supplies La Siciliana's Tagblatt , his family's restaurant and beer shop in nearby Tuttlingen. The hamlet of Oberweiler near Durbach has a nanobrewery. The first of two new breweries in Offenburg is Badenstuff , apparently located in the owner's house. A former bakery in Offenburg is now home to Friedrich Bier. There's also a tap at the new location, open daily except Monday.

The old brewery has been demolished. However, Markus Bräu is reported to have closed in Their beers can be bought from source on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Already hard to do with its one Sunday a month opening, the Poppel-Mühle in Poppeltal has become even more of a challenge as it now opens only for parties.

West of Konstanz, the island of Reichenau in the Ubersee has had a brewery since Reichenau Inselbier doesn't have a tap but there are ten outlets stocking the beer. Does anyone know if Schwarzes Lamm in Rottweil brews? They have a house beer, at least.

It's unclear where his Eagle Ales are made but given the miniscule quantity produced I don't think he'd qualify as commercial. Edelbrauerei Pohl in Schopfloch apparently closed during Zum Hirschwirt in Sulzbach closed a couple of years ago. Freistil is a beer shop in Tübingen with a nanobrewery. A new brewery was installed and so they resumed brewing after ten years of receiving their beer from the Neu-Ulm branch.

Like the Poppel-Mühle see above , meier in Wehr-Enkendorf now only opens for parties. The tiny Freybier in Winden closed during Zizishausen, near Nürtingen, has a microbrewpub. Bierwerk Gerstenfux opens on the first and third Saturday of each month. Seefranzl Bräu in Arget closed a week before Christmas due to ill heath. Philip Widmann has set-up a nanobrewery in Augsburg. Erlkönig in Bamberg is now known as Kronprinz.

There is a small brewery in Bayreuth University used by the student brewing club. Campusbräu beers have made it into the wider world but I'm not sure it can currently be classed as commercial.

Technically in Nürnberg, I'm listing the new Orca Brau under Boxdorf as it's in an industrial estate in that district, close to the Fürth district of Bislohe. It's so far from central Nürnberg that you can walk there from Vach station in half an hour Nürnberg Hbf is 10km away. The brewing equipment was formerly at Heidenpeters in Berlin.

Brewing on a very small scale since is Rosenzwickl in Dirnismaning, a village close to the Allianz Arena. The people who run it also own the adjacent Ines' Beer Store. The tap is certainly open but I can find no mention of the brewery. If you've been paying attention you may remember Heufeldmühle near Bruckmühl briefly had a brewery a decade or so ago. Well, it's go one again. Andreas Lichtmannecker has set-up a nanobrewery in his mother's laundry room. Mangfallbräu 's annual output is currently c.

Schneble Bräu in Hirschzell last brewed c. One place that I've overlooked thus far is Starnberger Brauhaus in Höhenrain, officially part of Berg but closer to Wolfratshausen. Some 2 million Euro has been thrown at the project and it has the potential to brew around 15,hl a year. Two beers are made, Hell and Spezial. In case anyone comes across it there's a homebrewing club in Langenzehn that may superficially appear to be a little more than that.

Lahma Bräu does hold occasional festivals but is not commercial. Kulterstadel in Lauterhofen is now home to Brauwerkstatt Lauterachquelle.

Brauerei Mainstockeim opened in September and on Saturday opened their new, larger premises. There's no tap but the beers can be bought from source on Saturdays from Rosenauer Hofbräu has been active in Marktgraitz since The Mühlfelder Brauhaus closed early last year.

It seems Nikolaus Starkmeth's interest in Kraft-Bier quickly waned. In October it was acquired by Thomas Girg and although officially officially called Münchner Girgbräu, it trades as Haderner Bräu. All beers are organic. The Hacker Pschorr Bräuhaus closed in the autumn. Around m south-east of München Hauptbahnhof is Schiller-Bräu , attached to the new mk hotel.

It opened in June last year. Trained brewer Werner Schuegraf was hobby brewing on a decent scale at his home in Neuried but has now gone full-time with Hopfenhäcker in the Haidhausen district of München. It's unclear where they were brewed or if this is a one-off so I won't list them until more information comes to light. Also Nürnberg-based, Bierwerk has a small brewery in a former pigsty outside the city that's used for experimental and one-off brews. The majority of their beer is made at Dreykorn in Lauf.

Can anyone tell me exactly where their own plant is? I suspect it's close to Lauf. The beers are available at a number of outlets including their own tap, the Charakterbierbar in central Nürnberg. Yet more Nürnberg news. Z-Bau , a building in the south of the city housing a number of small businesses, has a microbrewery.

Seven friends started Z-Bräu and treat it almost as a hobby but the brewery is also used more by Roth resident Christian Honig for his Honig Bräu.

He makes draught beers there but his bottled stuff comes from Hufeisen in Pottenstein. The Kleines Brauhaus am Kloster in Ottobeuren has closed. Vilstaler Stein-Bräu in Pöcking closed as planned on 17th September Another small start-up is Kellerbrauerei Prittlbach , unsurprisingly located in the cellar of owner-brewer Dieter Scholz's house in Prittlbach. Hebertshausen S-Bahn station is a 15 minute walk away. Fürstliches Brauhaus in Regensburg is now known as Brauhaus am Schloss.

Borderline commercial is Kommunbräu Rehau. Founded by nine locals in , brewing began in late in the building that once housed Ludwigsbrauerei closed They brew on the second Saturday of each month when all are welcome to visit and help out.

The sole beer can be bought on these days and at various festivals through the year. Sadly, Brauerei Weber in Röbersdorf has stopped brewing following the death of owner and brewer Friedrich Weber. It is believed the tap will remain open selling beer from Rittmayer in Hallerndorf. They currently make a dunkel and a bock. One to keep an eye on is the new Forschungsbrauerei in St. As the name suggests it's a research brewery and is brews for others on an experimental rather than commercial basis.

As such, it doesn't currently brew for the open market but then neither did the one in München initially The Ammerseer Brauhaus in Stegen closed last year. Ferschl Bräu has been active in Stulln since Zum Unterwirt in Türkenfeld has been home to the tiny Hartl's Hausbrauerei for a couple of years.

Berliner Berg Brauerei didn't actually start brewing themselves until 22nd January this year. They now make sour and special beers in their own brewery but standard beers are believed to be made by Schlossbrauerei Hohenthann.

Bogk Bier no longer makes beer and I'm not entirely sure where it was made last. The closely-associated Schneeule get their wort from Bierfabrik in Marzahn and then transport it to Tegel where brettamonyces and lactobacillus are added before bottling. There is no brewery in Pankow. BRLO opened their own brewery and tap in October It's housed in 38 converted shipping containers next to Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station. A new brewery has opened next to the Havel in Spandau.

CraftZentrum has been set-up with the sole intention of providing somewhere cuckoo and other brewers can get their beers made and bottled. There is some doubt about how commercial Heldenblut is with mention they only brew for large events and are in the process of moving. They own this second brewery and it's used by several of the Berlin cuckoos.

The brewery there now makes much of the beer for the chain with the original Lemke under the arches rebranded Brauhaus Lemke am Hackeschen Markt and only brewing specials. They've also now installed a bottling plant nearby. Yet another brewpub for Berlin, this time in Neukölln. Although they brew their own draught beers, Brauhaus Neulich has the bottled Summer Ale made in Hartmannsdorf. Jörg Adler started Quartier-Bier in the far north-east of the city last year.

He brews on a 1hl system and currently opens from Some beer is made at Brewbaker. The new location also has a tap and the original location remains open, too. Also on the move is Two Fellas , which relocated a couple of miles north-east to Pankow. They now have their own tap on site but it seems may only brewing test batches themselves. Information would be welcome. Remarkably, a second brewery has opened in Boizenburg and right opposite the first.

Braumanufaktur Marstall Boitzenburg supplies several outlets including the on site coffee house. Having brewed elsewhere for a couple of years, the people behind Labieratorium opened their own brewery in Cottbus last summer. Brewing very occassionally is the Historische Braumanufaktur von at Erlerbnispark Paaren. Don't expect to find the beer on a casual visit. The old fire station in Schmerzke near Brandenburg has been converted into a brewery with a small tap.

Hebenbräu opened on 7th November. Just over the border from Berlin is Woltersdorf where the SchleusenBrauerei opened in Grebhan's have opened a tap in the Fesenfeld district called Two Beers.

The brewery itself moved out of the Schnoor in to much larger premises north of the A Another brewpub opened in Hamburg during Alles Elbe is in the St. Bunthaus is a tiny new brewery in the Wilhelmsburg district. The brewery itself is on the spit of land where the Elbe splits and they have a tap about for miles away on the edge of the Rathauspark.

Circle 8 is a microbrewery in Alsterdorf, out towards the airport. As you may guess from the name, Birrificio Shanghait is run by two Italians and two Spaniards. They started brewing in in a room at the Jimmy Elsass restaurant in Eimsbüttel but have recently opened their own bar in Harburg and it's expected the brewing kit will move there before too long.

ÜberQuell is on the St. Pauli waterfront, near the U-boat museum. They make the draught beer here but bottled beers come from Schnitzlbaumer in far away Traunstein. Friedrich Carl Richard Matthies has been brewing his Wildwuchs Brauwerk beers in Bleckede since but should soon have his own brewery in Wilhelmsberg. Bensheim is home to Der Amerikanische Freund , a beer bar run by a Canadian and American that has a small brewery. Braunshardt near Weiterstadt has had a tiny brewery since It seems certain Hausbrauerei Heuschkel in Fellingshausen last brewed in Weingut Werk2 in Geisenheim has started brewing beers on a very small scale.

They use wine yeasts and bottles. After a two year absence commercial brewing resumed in Kassel during , albeit on a small scale. Bramanufaktur Steckenpferd is close to the university. A brewpub opened on the Mönchhof industrial estate south-west of Kelsterbach last summer.

Elisabeth Bräu in Marburg has closed. Faselbräu started brewing in Mörfelden during January although they made some beer elsewhere in time for the Maizer Craftbier Messe in November. Münster, a village near Selters, has had a brewery for a couple of years. Laubus Bier is made and sold at Petrimühle. Schopfen-Bräu in Neckarsteinach appears to have closed in Extra in Röhrigshof stopped brewing in A small brewery has been installed at Schloss Romrod.

The beers are produced under the Atelier der Braukünste name. Rüsselsheimer Bräu opened in Rüsselsheim during October. Like Schiller-Bräu in München, it's a brewpub attached to an mk hotel. The two friend brew around five hectolitres of beer each Saturday. The Fischland Brauerei opened around this time last year at the Räuscherhaus in Althagen, near Ahrenshoop.

December saw the first beers were brewed at the new Braumanufaktur Ludwigslust. It's located in the orangery at the rather grand Schloss Ludwigslust. Brauhaus zu Wallenstein in Neubrandenburg is now know as Wallensteinkeller. Hausbrauerei Reinecke in Bad Münder has closed. It seems there may be a brewery in Barnstedt.

Beers have appeared under the Barnstedter and Barnstedter Brau Kunst names, with Rittergut Barnstedt the favourite for the location, assuming these aren't brewed under contract. Any information would be welcome. The Bennexer Brauhaus in Bennigsen closed a couple of years ago. It reopened in September but no longer brews. The National Jürgen Brauerei opened in Braunschweig last year. Brauerei Burgdorf has opened in a former butchers in Burgdorf, near Hannover.

A number of outlets stock the beer. Just big enough to qualify but still run as a hobby is the Häsefelder Brauerei in Daverden, near Langwedel. Martin Mittnacht usually opens for sale on Thursday evenigs and Saturday afternoon but it's advisable to call first. He doesn't charge a deposit on bottles but trusts they will be returned - I suggest you turn up with some empties.

The Paul-Lincke-Treff in Hahnenklee stopped brewing around seven years ago. They now sell Krombacher. The Herrenhäuser tap in Hannover is now a betting shop. Diekster Bräu in Norddeich closed around the end of Osnabrück has a nanobrewery in Brauerei Beura. It's located in a cellar between the Hauptbahnhof and old town. Gutshof Rethmar in Rethmar, near Sehnde, has had a brewery since CM Keller Bräu has been active in Rössing since Does anyone have any information regarding Sudhaus Schwülper?

The website and blog detail progress towards opening but there appears to have been no update in almost two years and little information on the internet. Schaumburger in Stadthagen closed two years ago after a second bout of insolvency. Some of the beers are still made elsewhere for a company called Schaumburger Bier , based in Nienstädt, a couple of miles from the old brewery.

Pibe's Brauerei can be found in the hamlet of Sülbeck, 10km east of Lüneberg. Denver Künzer has opened a nanobrewery in a back room of his Teehaus in Wolfenbüttel. Also in Wolfenbüttel and equally small is the Mad Dukes Brewery.

It's fair to say Wolfenbüttel has experienced a brewing revival. Stebner started during in a garage in Sickte, north-east of Wolfenbüttel.

In they moved to larger premises on the edge of Wolfenbüttel's old town, opening Braubar at the same time. A second outlet is expected to open in Braunschweig later this year. The Altenrüthener Hausbrauerei has changed hands and name to Altenrüthener Landbierbrauerei. The tap has shut and it now works along the lines of a microbrewery.

The Altes Forsthaus in Bad Fredeburg has closed. Brewing on a scale not far removed from the average home brewer, Kaiser Craft opened last year in Bünde. Braugemeinschaft Edertal moved m to a purpose-built building in The attached pub opens semi-regularly on Saturday evenings from I've long suspected Wolfsbier in Durchholz had closed and it seems it did so back in Düsseldorf has a nanobrewery next to the railway line between the Hauptbahnhof and Bilk.

Biermanufaktur Sarton opens occasionally for direct sales and there are a couple of outlets listed on their website. Also in Düsseldorf is something a bit different. It's unclear whether anyone has yet availed themselves of this service but it will be interesting to work out how it should be counted. Brauerei Eichendorff in Hemer has been closed for around two years. The Helen Stube in Hengsen is now called Kreiseleck and definitely doesn't brew. In fact, I seriously doubt the Helenbrauerei ever did.

First slated for closure several years ago, the Hüchelner Urstoff Brauhaus in Frechen finally shut on 5th February last year. Haltern is home to the tiny Böcken-Bräu. It's located a mile and a half east of town at the Jupp Erlebnisbiergarten , next to Halterner Stausee. Hildener Landbräu hasn't brewed since at least Coltro Brauservice opened in Hürth last year. They do brew for themselves but appear to be targeting the house beer market. Opening soon is the Waldstadtbrauerei Iserlohn. It's located just up the valley from the old Iserlohner Brauerei.

A brewery has been installed in a back room at Hotel Sängerhof in Ittenbach, in the hills above Königswinter. It trades as Seven Craft. Does anyone know when or if Gaffel will move to Pörz? Herbs and Brettanomyces appear to play a large part. The Felsenkeller Brauhaus in Monschau does not brew; the beers sold there are made by Rainer in Welz. There's another new brewery to report in Münster.

Bierbrauerei Dackel began brewing in a former bank on the Germania University campus at the end of East of Pulheim, the hamlet of Orr has had a small brewery since late last year.

Heienhof is located in an old barn. Confirmation from the owner that Peterbier in Raesfeld was very short lived, opening and closing in Scheärmull-Bräu in Roetgen cloed in February Edgar Ramiel has taken his home-brewing to its logical conclusion and gone commercial in Saalhausen. His beer is brewed and sold at Hotel Flurschütz.

La Bodega in Schwelm changed name and stopped brewing some years ago. Close to the Dutch border there's a small brewery in rural Sang, south of Straelen. The Straelener Brauhaus has been active since October but opens only occasionally for direct sales. Wermelskirchen has had a brewery since late Dellman's Bräu is on the industrial estate east of town. Udo Kirschmann brews tiny quantities for his equally small brewing museum in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen.

Howver, the beer is not commercially available - you have to visit the museum by appointment only to get a free sample as he's restricted by the home brew laws. It's not commercial so won't be listed here. Dekoration, Licht, Atmosphäre und die Wirkung machen den Erfolg. Daneben gibt es anderes wichtiges für deine Party zu beachten: Jede Musikwahl hat Auswirkungen auf deinen Party Erfolg.

Und obwohl eine Live Band die Bude rockt am meisten, ist sie vermutlich nicht für jedes Budget. Ein DJ ist hier deutlich günstiger. Für das richtige Licht kann man jemanden engagieren, oder die Location hat bereits alles Wichtige vorrätig, oder du dekorierst die Räume für die Feier selbst mit dem richtigen Licht und Lampen.

Die Farben können dabei die richtige Atmosphäre machen. Wie auch immer du dich entscheidest, auf eventsofa findest du eine passende Location für jede Feier, ob Geburtstagsfeier, Abifeier, Sommerparty, Jubiläum oder Taufe.

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In welcher Kirche sie heiraten möchten, oder nur eine standesamtliche Trauung, und wie die Dekoration aussieht. Wie sieht die Braut aus? Wie das Kleid, schlicht oder aufwendig? Ob man in einem Schloss feiern möchte oder einem Festsaal, in einem Hotel oder einem Restaurant seine Hochzeit feiern möchte, die richtige Location macht eine Hochzeit zu einem bleibenden Erlebnis. Auf eventsofa findest du jedmögliche Hochzeitslocation, willst du ein Schloss mieten oder auf einem Schiff feiern, einem Hochzeitssaal oder in einem Zelt im Garten, auf einem Gutshof in Brandenburg oder einem Park.

Oder bist du an der Raum Vermietung interessiert? Vermiete deinen Raum auf eventsofa und steigere deine Auslastung. Auf eventsofa stehst du in direktem Kontakt zu den Veranstaltungslocations. Deine Anfragen werden nicht gefiltert oder umgeleitet und landen direkt bei deiner Wunschlocation. Diese wird sich so schnell wie möglich mit einem Angebot bei dir melden. Auf eventsofa findest du aus über 8.

Dabei kannst du dich komplett unverbindlich und kostenlos informieren. Datenschutzhinweis für eventsofa Jetzt Lesen. Dolce Bad Nauheim, Bad Nauheim. Brandenburger Tor Museum, Berlin. Wiesnclub direkt am Oktoberfest, München.

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