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Definition of sincerity

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A bit nasty A bit of a pain, Matt's ahead of champion, swallowing hard A bit of a stud, entertaining A bit of chiding A bit of crosswind lethal for rook A bit of fluff in one's sherry A bit of foliage affording privates cover? A bit of fruit and a drop of red in the French dessert that's rejected A bit of island rum, Beatrice?

That'll get you dancing! A bit of Malbec; not all Argentinians knock it back in a single gulp! A bit of plumbing in church? If absolutely necessary A bit of rope rarely seen at 1? It makes no difference to mum A bit of your own back A bit on the side A bit on the side giving former partner stress A bit on the side? A bit slow A bit stupid A bit tense, following strange chaps A bit thick A bit unhappy, opposing worker with time to collar one is in a relatively weak position A bit upset in phenomenal bloomer A bit vulgar, going into auction without advance A bit, colloquially A black key A black one may be worn a A blast this, room shelled in sound of mild explosion A blaze outside the tents affected passion A blend of cashmere?

A block picked up is wood A bloomer he made, being too fond of his image A bloomer, one abandoning ally and old writer, virtually A blow for one exploiting sunny weather? A blow for one working in the field while the sun shines?

A blubbery character, Henry gets stuck into whiskey and beer A blue or white flower A blues composition, fit for purpose A boat going over border A boat user wrong to act stupidly A Bobbsey twin A bobby pin may hold it A bone brooch A book club will be held in small hotel Saturday?

A book one shouldn't miss A book revised in new volume for son of Russian statesman A book title may be in it A bookie's margin declined in this old Papal city!

A boost A boozer on a nautical-themed pub crawl? A border round a fair A bored worker might look A boring dim person interested in being a scientist A boring person might hav A boring set-up A boring thing, looking back, for Irish police A born liar deviously gives nothing away to a cricketer A bottom line-oriented ex A boulevard in Memphis is A bouncer might break one A bouquet has one A bout to remember?

A bowl of cherries, in Ch A box containing copper? Absolutely right A box I posted in the French Republic A boxer may work on it A boxer might have a fat A boxing match round A boy enthralled by my illness A boy, ten, helped out? That's totally unacceptable A boy? A branch of government briefly showing proficiency A brave chap gutted about old Greek commander A brave man A brave woman taking an opiate orally A bribe for Cork? A brief concern about missile A brief dram plus Bud - that's living A brief engagement A brig has two A British duty to arrange garb for streakers?

A British fashion designer clothes a posh person taking the plunge A British silver not English - get away! A bug may cause it A bulge at sea revealing marine creature A bull may wear one A bummer for bums A bunch A bunch of A bunch of pseuds of the art editor kind A bundle A bungler might pull one A buoy adrift in southern backwater A burden — like this clue?

A burden directors must shoulder everywhere A burst of loud music, not initially very sharp A Bush A bushel and a peck?: Abb A bushel of Boscs?

A byword for trouble, Bond may be a Commander, but A c-competitor is coming A C. A capital English stage a A capital movie outlaw?

A capital Nobel Prize nov A capital of Bolivia A capital Oscar-winning a A cappella group part A cappella group, maybe A cappella part song A captain might keep one A captive in prison means to go down A car carrying head of one state A car in fabrication is inexpensive A car may be in it A car's back concealing new drugs A card, this brave fighter pilot A cargo ship transported old boxes A Carpenter A carrier has one: A cart man manoeuvres around a boat A case of dinner without having been properly introduced A case of pins and needle A case of what should properly be used to cover a floor A casino may have one A castle of Blackbeard ov A cat burglar ultimately in a state, last character in old prison A cat that's very small A cat, but rarely a rat A catalogue contains weapon, scandalmonger revealed A catch for angler thrown back, not there in the end - a likely story!

A catch one is delighted to exhibit A catnap may not provide A celebrant at work in place of worship A celebrity carries one A celebrity may have one A celebrity might be bath A cell where assault might lead A cent, so worthless, put at back of the wallet A centre of spiritual power in the body in yoga A century after the Wrigh A century in Washington: A cereal's 2 A certain amount of hygiene matters in this medical procedure A certain aside never to be repeated A certain book regularly talked about sex A certain form of dumbing-down in fancy editions I rewrite A certain Thomas was encouraged to, unquestionably A certain Thomas, say, as one performing, but troubled within A chair usually has one A challenge A challenge to drop last part of Jewish calendar A challenger might go aft A champ's assumed name as finally taken A change involving island enclosure for birds A change involving one home for birds A Channel Island A chap to scoff: A chartered accountant meant to take up scholastic life A chartered accountant spies a shrub A Chaucer pilgrim A cheap way to fly A cheat simply becomes abstruse A check, one might hope: A cheeky runner creating opening A cheer goes up - dance around and around for the old king A chef explains cooking A chemical that can produce a stronger body, and a heavenly one A child of the Fourth Estate endlessly partying in Zermatt, say?

A child regularly rejected tart A child-killer commonly rejected love A children's fantasy land's not right - one lies A chip or two to start wi A chip, maybe A choir may stand on it A choli is worn under it A choreographer's entertaining friend that's French statesman A chorister A chorus line A chorus line?

A Christmas Carol character A churchman a help for recalling Paradise? A cigar has one A circle supporting clubs to do with welfare A circus performer? A city in 25 said to have gone and changed A city's dream I recollected sometime in November A civilised chap as an aid for actors? A class made up of hard cases? A classic car with which old French director shows conceit A classic, right? Sun's back chasing topless figure A classical man to you and me represents something harmful A client I'd make perfectly agreeable A client is fantastically uncompromising A client is, when upset, unlikely to yield A climber spotted near river valley A cloche A clown may wear it A clown might get it in t A club fracas turned into scene of slaughter A club, e.

A clue to why we hear the conclusion of a fairy tale? A cock does it A code for life: A comic drinks one can in store A comment about City Director's first story A commitment must be made A common one isn't always A common viral infection?

A community may have one A complaint I'd not put in a guide A complete joke! A complicated situation, in my opinion, that's glib or misguided to interrupt A computer processes it A conceited person has a A concert I left early? On the contrary, taking in more unusual mass together A condition causing swelling on one rodent A conductor may have it m A conductor might pick it A conservative moron hedging over "abnormal union" A constant fraction of dollar, in a manner of speaking A container is slightly open A container slightly open A contemptible fool swallowed shake A contemptible person undermined by support for political activity A continent: A continuing business A contraction of A cook after tough cut for Greek dish A cool chest to be redesigned in brown colours A copper assay is most important A copper involved in roll in sports car A Corleone son A corpse: A cough A country boy taking in a revolutionary religious leader A country boy turned up to welcome American Buddhist A country condiment?

A country in the manner of Germany rejected a religious leader A country once seen as deficient in its larger setting A country welcoming young chap, star of many a western A country's seabirds A county council regrets increases A couple A couple CBS spinoffs A couple in Mexico?

A couple in the end misbehaving, all kicking off A couple of A couple of bucks, say A couple of bucks? A couple of chips in the A couple of chips, maybe A couple of cups? A couple of English queen A couple of fruits, the second hollow food A couple of Germans in cast not well groomed A couple of grads touring city state A couple of grey river birds A couple of kings happy to retire for real A couple of letters or papers around chart A couple of lines in drag essential in soap A couple of monarchs appearing in state history A couple of people may wo A couple of points making us bristle!

A couple of seconds away from getting undesired bug A couple of Spaniards? A couple of statues in Parisian museum that should not be missed A couple of times sumo wrestling, at the maximum A couple of words after t A couple one bumped into on the rebound? A court drama may have more than one such A cover maintains topping for gateau at low temperature A cowboy hat has a wide o A cowboy may have a big o A cowboy might have a big A crankshaft drives it A crazy cause?

A crowd, it's said, about to appear in article A cruise at sea making you fresher A cry rising around rear of tenement - from this? A crystal ball user has i A cucubebe? A cup includes a lot of sumptuous fruit A cuppa A curate is naughty?

We understand the risks A current flows into it A custom abroad A cut above? A cut might feel badly needed for this opera A cut to ordinary man that's striking A daily source of reflection? A dandy, too A dangerous thing to fall A daredevil may be living A dark girl's true bent, perhaps A darling becoming intense A dash, maybe A daughter taking long time to see truism A Davis A day given opening — now on calendar?

A decentralised stock check A deeply-ingrained tendency A deer, a female deer A defeat in sport A defendant may be tried A definite F A degree A delicate pregnant lady's clothing displayed with skill A deliveryman may have on A Democrat settling into excellent intellectual surroundings A depression overwhelms the woman's supporter A descendant tours one foreign capital A description of fairly quiet music - not what you'd get from this!

A desire for wealth is not disputed A desire that a cockney may initially lack? A destroyer may be in one A development of Llanelli excluding English generally A device for catching people in the act? A devilish quick driver? A diagram bears his name A diamond ring turned up in the end? A dictator finally gone mad, end of world catastrophically? A diehard enemy might wan A different approach A different you A diligent police detecti A dime a dozen, e.

A doctor and nurse have a row to provide a kind of internal release? A doctor grew up to be saint A doctor is in: A dozen mesi A dragon aims to, changing into a very helpful person A drama unfolding for fleet of warships A drawbridge may span one A drawbridge spans it A dreamer with no name is fragrant A dreary poet upon midnig A drink British always mature A drink found among Anglicans shocks extremely wary character A drink from one may give you courage?

A drink knocked back with food — delicious A drink knocked over ran away swiftly - wasted A drink of claret is an exception A drink of lager on the rocks?

A drink or two on the quiet A drink was spilled all o A drink's about to be sold? Pretty much A driver may change one A driver may come to it A driver may go round in this A driver may sit on it A driver might dip into i A drop in the ocean A drop in the ocean? A drop of dew in finest fresh flower A drug addict one examines carefully A drug company associated with dodgy deal gets award A drug-taking bicyclist is transforming ease of comprehension A drunk might be in one A drunken ramble ends here?

A dry iron — sadly commonplace A duck of note turning up in Australia A duck-filled bath turned over roughly A duke boarding flight for a lark A Dumas A dunker may grab it A duo A durable role, possibly, for Corbyn? A Duran Duran album opened by ugly old reprobate A Dutch master A duty borne by nursemaid for religious leader A duvet such as this is useless in African country A dwarf planet, now A dwindling number of A dyeing art?

A European gathering brings in one by air A European losing last match A face isn't made to beguile A facial may open them A fact-finding civil cour A factory worker might ma A failing of powers of matinee idol's second cast? A failure A fair lady showing an arm and a leg A fair land A fairy tale opening? A false statement about dwarf Tom's digital protection A family saying arising with northern Turkish A famous Amos A famous one begins "How A famous one begins "Thou A fan of A fan of peppermint oil extract?

A farewell drink before riding iron vessel A fashionable career in conjuring A fast climber gets out anonymous message A fast one A father retains a modicum of parental hope A fatty acid, — acid A fawn is a young one A feather in one's cap A feather trimmed on American eagle A feature film's about manual worker A feature of double dosing doing everything with repetition A feature of sonnets by Frost say A fellow enshrining monarch in charge by a country's memorabilia A fellow going round Morecambe maybe is from the States A fellow into cannabis lost strength A fellow keeping out revolutionary change to involve machinery A fellow setter had a point: A few A few chips in the pot, m A few chips, perhaps A few coins, in slang A few deliveries arrived, crushed A few finding owner too slippery A few grains A few hours after dawn, i A few initially left troubled in the grip of disease - might they be lucky?

A few laughs A few lines about Greek theatre A few overcome by river current, like a bore? A few reflective, brooding music fans A few sensible words pronounced by the judge? A few weeks to live in retreat among native Australians and Maoris, primarily, in one of 13's stories A few words between frien A few words in passing? A field away from 1 across turning on pipe, energy producing mushrooms! A field may have one A fifth of MMMX A fifth of quinze A fight expert comes round following reversal A fighter plane heading round China A fighting force A figure of authority in plain clothes A film may be shot on it A film might receive one A final letter in severe danger A fine cut of meat A fine fellow in European country dismissing a large attraction A fine French policeman regularly attends sick A fine honest business A fine transition groin a tad irritated A fire sign A firefighter at work may A firm on St Lucia working without electricity?

A firm tummy A first for Arabia? A fisherman may bring one A fisherman may spin one A fist might represent A A fistful A fit type performing brief role reversal A fl. A flat, for example A flavour eating donkey, part braised A fleur A fling, one of the Shades of Grey? A Flintstone A flirty swot, bubbly singer A flogger, though not necessarily a dominatrix A flood to join right-wing party in Israel with wife A flower in Florence A flower is pretty when i A flower sprang up A flowering tree A fluid, say, in an agitated state A fly-by-night?

A follower of Ethiopian emperor and a Russian emperor uplifted A following? A fond farewell A Fonda A fool A foot has of these: A foot in a line A foot wide? A Ford A foreign dignitary lacking credit A foreign greeting when turning up? A foundation that's humble A founder of Dadaism A founder of the state of A four-star meal it's not A fourth of what's left? A French character squeezing flipping red cow's udder? A French composer with little money capturing e.

A French composer's release A French Connection release? A French conservative online agitator, skilled at resisting government A French editor welcoming singer without standing? A French Fancy with a filling that's different A French girl stripping off to reveal A French girl with new flat?

A friend, married, gets pronounceable initials A full course? A full one should give you a capital start A function that a television's aerial aids?

A further section of orchestra not here A G8 nation A Gabor A Gabor sister A gala bar opening in summer A Gallo brother A game of tricks cut short A game soldier first to attempt a written defence A game that's cut short A game, a lake, a creature A Gandhi A Gardner A gas fire A gas from the past A gas, a gas almost suitable for the very young A gate may be attached to A gateway for anti-establishment activist A geisha may tie one on A gem of a game?

A gem of a lady? A general out of the country A Genghis successor? A genius, no A genius? A gift in O. Henry's "The A gift of fish, in Massac A gift that hits just the right note A gift, for short A giraffe may be seen on A giraffe might be seen o A girl getting into giddy hero worship? A girl has managed to obtain new ideal location A girl is excited by the French style of painting A girl reaches no conclusion, sad to say A girl returning to claim gold in miniature scene A girl unloved, treated like a locust A girl was from there in A girl who likes explorations into kinky love A girl who's out of breath A girl, born 8: A going-over A golfer is upset about start of previous game A goner A good amount of pasta, after starter's polished off A good beer and ale drunk could be thus A good breakfast, but a b A good deal A good deal of connectivity supplied by energy partner A good deal one rejected following P45, say A good defense may result A good girl almost corrupted, girl upset A good one is cracked A good one should be squa A good player might get o A good saxophone, for one, was in harmony A good thing to steal A good time for ladies of stature to absorb news A good time to squeeze loathsome leader out A good way around European anxiety A goodly number A googol A goose egg A gossip accepting guy is something quite unreal A graceful river-bird and dam A grad may be working on A graduate's coming in to rework stone A grain seed A grain, or fruit A grammatical number A grand prophet goes west to get suits A grand total may include A granny?

A gravel construction for tourist location A great beauty A great deal A great deal of Eurasia, A great deal to secure you a fast car A great dist.

A Great Lake A great many A great number in lively dance company being held back A great number say missing beast A great prime minister? A great sight — robins, say, compete in English tree A great stop for sailors A great stop! A greater amount A Greek character joins southern alliance A Greek character's always a success story A Greek starter A Green Line outing's a hit, leading to more than one day out for many?

A Green politician assassinated in the US A greenkeeper? A greeting, one they - or he - exchanged A Grimm beginning? A groom follows feline into vault A grotesquerie from a hor A ground rent - it's put into my mother's property A group of detectives, sharp A group of musicians playing, showing lack of restraint A group of players featuring in Oval's offering too A group of players taking working leave A group of unemotional acts?

A group of West Indians making various bongs? A growth affected small creatures A guard may protect it A guide for the first and second and third persons? A guide's composed about new part of the liturgy A guitarist's shot archer? A gun each A gun, slangily A guru A Guthrie A guy skirting river gets lost A habit you may get into while trekking A habitual 18 A hairstyle for every month A half-cut geek linked to Club ? A half-sibling joins love somewhere in the desert A hallucinogen A ham might use it A hand A Handel concerto might h A handshake begins it A handshake may seal it A handy pointer?

A hangover in a corporation? A headless whale keeping a number of secrets A heap A heap of material from old record company with radical content A heart often has one A heartless naive MCP with no power perhaps?

A heavy-drinking footballer in cry for help? It may be dangerous ground A helpful bridal shop cle A helping hand A herb cut about root A hero may have it A hero might have it A hero netting brave header for England A hero's washed up on the beach A hexagon has six of them A Hibernian course A hidden message inviting government disorder A high flier may fly in i A high-level meeting?

A highly profitable practice! A hill of beans? A hint about possessing skill for some 17 A hint of ennui blighted end-of-season bash A hint of green inside, like e. A holiday is over: A hound may pick it up A house divided? A house in Germany ordered the cigars A household chore A Houston A Howard A huge amount A hummingbird has a fast A hundred and fifty start to enjoy what's wicked A hundred making a roundabout trip follow this on level ground A hundred sawbucks A hundred smackers A hundred years, approximately, before the French Revolution A hunt acted badly on its own A hydraulic motor convert A hydrogen atom has one A hyperbola has two A in German class A in German class?

A in Paris A in physics? A jacket almost on fire A Jackson A janitor may have a big A jar containing rice for the most part, or fruit A jar right off for semiprecious stone A jet payload sending soldiers wheeling to right A jiffy A job so ungodly ultimately leading to giving up religion A job with the French supporters A job worried someone uncommitted A joke drowned by microphone, briefly?

A joke in my dignified appearance A jolly female you left close to a pint for Tony? A jolly girl in the Spanish navy A joy almost certainly found in journalist that's discerning A Judd A judge might issue one A keeper may keep it A Kennedy A key area for a Turkish commander A key English woman A key part of the theatre A Khan A kid may be told to watc A kid relaxed A kind of exit on cue A kind of merchant is how Cole introduced himself A king arriving in fenland city ahead of time A king has one coal supply in 19 A king in control?

A labor-saving device inv A lace starts to come und A lack of appreciation for girl's discernment A lack of compassion A lack of facilities set back Glastonbury, some say A Ladd A lady drinking endless salt water A lake or a Chevy A land we disputed A landau is travelling around part of Spain A language of Egypt A language of South Afric A language's set of letters A lap a minute, e.

A large amount A large bird consumed every second? A large buggy to go round very touristy area A large classy car: A large member that one might wake up to?

A large number A large number drinking gallons, sick as a dog? A large number killed A large number of A large number of handouts ordered A large order A large part of a waitres A large part of Mongolia A large picture painted on a wall outside A large quantity A large spread A large study into small creatures has you working with birds A large tree growing on high mountains A large tree, or a small plant A large weapon creates fear A largely aggravated mannerism provides a puzzle A lark A laser might read it A lass dancing — this?

A legion will get turned on and climax A legitimate object of at A length of time to hang around rowdy bar in refuge A Lennon A Lennon sister A lens fits in it A less respected leader about to embrace flighty type - counteragent?

A letter from the French founder of De Beers A letter may be attached A letter provides one A leveret is a young one A liberal in the field A liberal, upper-class character recalled in horror novel A libertine favourite caged bird A libertine, stabbing domesticated bird A library does it A light may be set on one A light meal somewhere in Kent A Lille love A line about Churchill's first agreement A line at the end of Polish sort of dictionary A line authentic Nazis put first A line in very good last act A line winds in and out o A linen hat ordered for boy A link, with extra comma's silly!

A lion, but not a giraffe A list of the A-list A literary giant stops working after losing one mate A literary supplement? A little A little advance work A little after, timewise A little application and skill required to make a sweet treat A little before the hour A little behind A little bird heading north without hindrance A little birdie A little bit of bread, occasionally nice with topping of Emmental A little bit of William Blake A little bit of work A little bit separate A little blonde, Anne has returned dyed A little bounder in a cravat A little butter?

A little chicken A little cleaner? A little current news not half fitting I would speculate, ultimately A little drunk A little extra burnishing A little fat A little fly swallowed by boy A little freedom? A little hard to find A little interest in science completely reversed A little knight life? A little lamb A little man, I'm a lowly beast A little nephew I'd throw across the swimming pool A little night music A little night music?

A little nuts A little of a lot? A little of this, a littl A little off A little open A little or a lot A little over half a cent A little over half the wo A little over three grain A little overweight A little peculiar A little piece at a time A Little Rascal A little red A little resistance from old queen A little running water?

A little salt A little scared A little shaken up by underworld spirit? A little snow beginning to freeze body of water A little sore when run is miles A little spot of sun to lightly kiss the French A little squirt? A little stick A little stiff? A little stout, a handsome statesman? A little sunshine outside home? A little, musically A living marvel! A long way off A long way to go? A long, amateurish piano A long, long time A look round American battle site A looker might give it..

A looking backwards A Loos woman A loose woman in the family! A lord watches out for a country pile A Lord's match? He's going A loser may have to tight A lost duet unexpectedly survived A lot A lot may be on one's min A lot met A lot of A lot of a car valet's in A lot of a drill sergeant A lot of a Maine forest A lot of an orchestra A lot of anger about left-over meal A lot of assessments?

A lot of bait A lot of beer consumes dole money in rough bar A lot of binary code A lot of bucks A lot of coins provided by celebrities demanding skills A lot of Colo. A lot of concern about temperature in part of church A lot of confusion over a weathered landscape feature A lot of copy shop busine A lot of credit goes to a writer showing imagination A lot of death sentences, after first three, commuted to life A lot of discussion, not entirely pleasant, regarding Jewish teaching A lot of exotic flavour in jelly A lot of fluff A lot of fold's turned in internally in garment A lot of foreign intellig A lot of fortune I had, not 19 A lot of hard work to secure answer for city A lot of heated conflict A lot of jealousy over one's final words A lot of junk mail A lot of legal information about British criminal activity A lot of lot A lot of mil.

A lot of plot A lot of Polynesia A lot of post about violinist's latest violin A lot of pressure: I'm not sure youngster will accept it A lot of pumpkin, perhaps, satisfied food critic? A lot of rage about decaying material in part of cone A lot of Republicans will accept it public relations as a political tool A lot of runs! A lot of Shakespeare's wr A lot of similar things? Exactly right in southeast A lot of sound about Uruguay's initial medal tally A lot of straw perhaps making one unhappy A lot of street's excessive, having a brick-red colour A lot of summer TV A lot of talk show talk A lot of tax one applied to beer has some justification A lot of tea A lot of the Bahamas A lot of Tijuana A lot of time A lot of volume?

A lot of wrestling in total A lot of young brats initially favoured place for rejects? A lot of, slangily A lot trained after time with aid for drivers - like the AA?

A lot up front? A lot's served up for tea A lot, maybe A lot? A A main branch of Islam A main source of support?

A major wanderer rested by vessel A major's free to go after crossword setters! A major, maybe A majority of August birt A male delegate? A male dread possibly could be loss of sensation in member! A male hairdo A male in jail turned up, given life A male in speech is unconcerned with right or wrong A male voyeur lurking in Canadian vehicle A malleable woman, someone contemptible half the time A mammalian plague A man and a dog, at first, having a lead A man goes for a walk and A man has to have one A man hugs another from the New World A man or a mouse A man's "better half" A man, essentially occupying ancient ground?

A mandate to stop European meddling in America's fundamentals A Manx cat and dog eating very round fruit A many-splendored thing i A marathon has about 26 o A mark for every run A mark signifying error: It suggests lots of possibilities A matter of will? A Maverick A McCoy, to a Hatfield A mean Amin A means of getting up tail first, possibly A measure of fluid injected into vein, possibly A mechanic might see it a A mechanism that causes something to operate A medic coming round hospital when required A medic gets over it with skill A medic going round hospital when necessary A medic, quite oleaginous, bandaging patient's foot with skill A medium's sob, in grip of endless malice A member involved in revolutionary work, like Davy's miners?

A member landed on top of you? A method for dealing with traffic? A minstrel going off the rails A mint A miracle-man, he's involved in jailbreak A miser's apt to become perverse, not joining in A miss A mistake to change sides?

A mobile device promoting line for letters A moderate to deliver equitable treatment A modern resort? A modicum of modesty A moment ago A moment in this month A monk shortly catching cold where it can be very hot A Monopoly token A monster - it follows on the way back A monster hat — alternatively a wee cap?

A monster that will chill A monster's head that is attached to rear A month abroad A month in addition? Why not, I suppose A month in Madrid A month in place is enough for arranging elite competition A moonlit romance ultimately makes one thus A Moore A moral purge scuppered indoor entertainment A Morse "I" consists of t A mothball may have one A mother and father to us all?

A mother and girl collaborate without hesitation for function A mother is in club with daughter, as is 6 A mother? A must-do A mutant from beyond your A mystic originally found in south west India? A name featuring in broadcast just like the present time A name for Le Pen that is an indication of falling moral standards A name for many an Irishman or Indo-European?

A name given to supporter, on reflection A name that people lie ab A national song written about a curse A National Trust hotel: Roger wilco, out A neighbor A neighborly sort A nephew of Donald's A new boss upset surgeon A new bottle of scent could be beginning to work A new broom often makes them A new daily, ultimately not one in particular A new day briefly in France in one of its old parts A new driver ruined more of a car A new faculty head from the highlands?

It's an ancient one A new indication to proceed with old classic car these days A new look at an 18th-cen A new menu Thea provided for the club A new order for Iran, occupied by soldiers from NW Asian country A new participant A new problem involving two-thirds of the soldiers' quarters? A new rota for building a large vessel A new sparkling wine to drink when with a Russian princess A new start?

A newly invented word, eg acoge? A newly married woman has no right to stay A news organisation of USA covering Liberal issues A newspaper article, in rising, falls A nice word for dirt?

A night in Paris breaks into any kind of regular income! A night informally includes some Parisian rock A nitwit liked the loud n A no. See the light around her! A noblewoman's unexceptional, if new, descendant A nod could express it A nominal fee A non-believer elected guerrilla leader A non-drinker, one in Paris, with editor, acclimatized A nonmusician may have on A nonzero amount A northern cousin seen out in South American capital A northerner somewhere in Berkshire A noted architect?

A novelist cycled from Asia, perhaps A novice blocks goal, nearly earning free A number almost set right A number appearing in the middle of corn-exchange A number dined while speaking? A number having great influence after giving up work A number leave one country for another A number needing a drink out of the sun A number of A number of centuries from County Cricket Club openers A number of dental patien A number of Greek characters retired A number of hands up this jumper?

A number of perfect peopl A number of Romans on the way to boat A number of seamen heard Greek warrior A number of workers with joint occupation A number one A number outside shelter at first dry A number proceeded through outskirts of Tenby A number relaxed and stopped A number taped by Culture Club maybe repulsed the Mafia A number tee-heeing inanely after dropping ecstasy A number to avoid A number try out the French shrub A number tucking into new edition of Dickens for entertainment at sea A number under 1,,?

A Parisian fellow with address online is open A Parisian has day with boy not properly adjusted A Parisian that's hot and yearns for divorces? A Parisian with freedom to revise everything A Parisienne, when meeting unknown quantity, is disturbed A park may provide it A parking garage may have A parliamentary term?

A part of this starts A part of, as a gang A particular detachment of troops A particular role that requires no top A party to A party gives cause to feel embarrassed A party in difficulty A party in German's capital can be embarrassing A party in trouble A party to A party to a party? A period of denial at home in the midst of a famous victory A period of illness here and there A period of time off to watch Ms Rantzen broadcast A period return to Wembley, say A period to welcome 18 fellows, and time for emotional control A person A person doing a duck wal A person from Musselburgh racecourse A person going after Australian sea air A person helping you over your loss of interest A person in it is out of A person may be taken in A person may go off with A person may have one of A person might earn one f A person might hang one o A person of little value produces secret code A person selling pieces of wood, maybe: A pert sort at work, lying A pet collar repels them A petal at first concealed plant pest A petty officer, say, guilty of treachery A pharaoh vis- A philosopher's works A photo capturing starter of strawberry jelly A photog saves it A photographer's hypothermia?

A picker may pick one A piece of a three-piece A piece of cake, perhaps, offering very little comfort? A piece of one's mind risks offending the primate A piece of one's mind? A piece of sausage has more than sufficient taste A Pilates exercise? Yes, I'm happy to do it A pilot once discovered a sex toy after clearing out bedroom A pin may go through it A pinch, maybe A pink organ moving towards the rear A pint, maybe A pint, typically, at a b A pious lot cross about liquid lunch?

A pitcher should have a l A pitcher should keep it A pittance, paywise A pittance, slangily A place bathed in light? Not in the winter A place for Sierra worth little after taking a knock?

A place to sleep, some say, in California's big cities A place to stay in a remote location A place to tie up a circle of lowing cows? A place where residents can drop off letters? A plain Jane A plain standard A plank on a yacht, say A plant producing fibre, fine and loose A platform in front of El A playwright reported on land A plea for help secures highest-grade mineral A plonker taken in by David Icke A ploy Peel developed for experts?

No A pluviometer measures it A pocket radio might have A poem by me about parting to move ahead is a good example to imitate A poem of Byron delights A poem Stein drunkenly set in South Africa A poet describes love on a ship A poet penning new work performed rather slowly A poet raving about Goat's Head soup A poetical tear? A point in Mexico A point is a division of A poisonous creeper A polar bear might be fou A police car may get one: A policeman returning to apprehend church board - that's OK?

A poor excuse to pucker up briefly in bed A pop A pop singer is quick to follow fashion, we're told A pope may lead it A pope's exclamation of surprise at these baseless untrue stories? A position of prominence A positive conclusion in X-ray, say - it is an intestinal problem A positive sign A post needing some acetylene welding A poster may have one A poster's oddly showing church features A potted pink may be put back here immediately A pound for a white dress A pound for vestment A pound of Turkey?

A pound, cash thus far A pound, not a krona, is better A power of 1 Down A powerful comparison A precocious little horror, whichever way you look at her! A pusher may push it A puzzle with cojones, brilliant! A quaintly pleasing French accent A quantity of A quantity of drink is both good and bad A quantity of sewage, though no initial flush A quark and an antiquark A quarrel A quarter of four A quarter, e.

A quiet set of bells offers a certain attraction A quiet soldier needs time with American kit A quiet wood A quiet, posh prime minister backing increase in intensity … A raft, in diner slang A ragman A railway brings in one cultivating the big guns? A raise may raise it A rampant do in which husband can't stand A range of bizarre islands partly visible from the east A rare condition's breached this barrier method A rare drug manufactured for ultimate fighters?

A rare typhoid spread — medical treatment needed A real looker A real man? A real nice kinda American waterway A real piece of work A real smoke! A real wag A really big shoe A rebel MP's stirring opening words A rebel, impish, naughty, going on for ever A record peak A recurrent idea? Tense man sat on Hoskins A red giant explodes, becoming a dark star, perhaps?

A red pine A red? A redhead lifted white clothes to reveal lobe A reduced state A reed A reflection on Queen Eli A reflexive pronoun A refusal to accept advice in rival religious authority A regiment prepared to shoot? A region developed in time gone by A regular one has interna A regular swimmer's taken by to see the old king A regular type A relative from French city on the mobile A relative not subject to improvement A relatively complex document A relatively short distance in train A religious group will constrain person's initial view A remedy for upsetting expression of dismay A remote resort?

A restaurant may have one A restaurant patron said A retaliatory hit A returned high ball is hard to stop A revolutionary fortification A rhyme for elephant? That's incomprehensible A rifle dug up by safety worker A right absolutely not maintained by fascist revolutionary from Tucson, say? A right angle A right crazy sick old creature A right fool, taken in by her tormenter A right outsider A right-wing piece about coming first is of little value A ring bearer may go down A riot is developing A rip-off for readers?

A risk for divers A river might run through A river protects British on the defensive A river running down to one American state and another A river warden is tidier A robin, er, surprisingly, flying A rock band's name often A Rockefeller A role some people play A rolled-up piece of paper in spliff leading to censure A rolling sea, too A Rolling Stone introduces himself after good trick A Romeo brings up something outstanding A room with a view A room with una vista?

A Roosevelt A root crop A rosary bead may represe A Rosenberg and others A round at the tavern, sa A round end is round, plain and simple A round may be added to i A round number ends in it A round of golf, informal A row about money management A royal in Canadian capital surrounded by the crowd A rubbish country welcomes right modernising leader A rude beggar silly to harbour resentment A ruler may have them A ruler's confused in a dream world A runaway horse is on the beach A runcible item of cutlery?

A scolded bishop ignored bubbly A score A Scot has one A Scot's impatient expression A Scottish bank or two won't accept cents A scout may do a good one A screech may accompany i A scuttle might scoop fro A search, following pet in series of tunnels A season abroad A season: A seat in apse designed for examination of many documents A second attempt to bring in one off-course A second attempt to describe unusual moon in science A second dog climbing tree A second shift, possibly A second-class thoroughfare overseas A section is cut from this crimson material A security A security guard might as A seeming eternity A selection of notable Oscar stars A self-financed outing!

A self-help dining experience A selfie that is taken and altered with Photoshop? Yes A senatorship arranged for Greek writer A sense A sergeant might ask a so A sergeant might ask sold A series of drops A series of letters from Charles Tringham A serious error in English is foolish A serous fluid A servant working in restaurants A service dividing the Church shows bottle A service flat that will do on the outskirts of Nuremberg A Sesame Streeter A setter held back by someone flirting?

A corker, perhaps A setter's given your old stone this colour A sexual partner receiving drug and a healing plant A shade closer to runner wearing sporty line A shade down A shade less white, king standing to eat red raspberry A shade obscene? European first to go through A shade poorly, head falling back with a cold A shade quiet in Germany? Just a bit A shade rude: Harden up on that!

A sham critic could possibly be appealing A shark may carry one A sharpshooter needs a go A shepherd shepherds it A sheriff may be seen in A sheriff may round one u A ship to remember A ship's heading into the drink - here? A ship, to crew members A shocking thing: She's in charge A short month before Speaker becomes a moderniser of the House? A short one contributes to new patient's getting restless after little time?

A short painter standing on head demonstrating this? A short rest, in actors' A short stay A short time after Easter, Frenchman returns cleaner A short way to get round hardwood supplier A shot A shot on table, drunkard finally gathered A show of vanity A Shriver A shrub used in some cigarettes — almost everyone recoiled after inhaling one A Siamese twin A sib A sick benefit prescription?

A sigh A sign of treasure on island in Irish sea? One assumes it is true A sign of wrong and right, we hear, in a puzzle A sign there's work on the way A silent butler may hold A simple task to keep lake and river sparkling A Simpson A Simpson involved in statement to be resolved, even with this A Simpson sister A Simpson without access A Sinatra A singing bank teller? A singing Jackson A single celebrity, not highly rated A single may get you one, A single sweet to go with chicken A single time A singular and special fool A sink tap I ordered for a neighbour of No 14 A Siouan A sitter employs one A sitting target for disgruntled shareholders?

A six month agreement? A sixth of the way throug A skill in intricate fabric is offering a lot of options A skull damaged after decapitation, captured by No. Nearly attack over stream that's getting blacker Nearly botching small cake Nearly brush away first of the pudding Nearly closed Nearly excellent Nearly failing Nearly fondle a northern bird Nearly full engine working cold Nearly impossible target, Nearly lose one's sight encountering first of Sauron's Orcs Nearly lost a match, only header worked Nearly new 14 turned up, one chased by 15 Nearly perfect invention for all to see in favourite haunt Nearly rainless Nearly running from Malmö to Stavanger?

Nearly shot Nearly thirty-one days needed to make this brandy Nearly throw away hearts and tripe Nearly time to crash? Nearly time when one retires? Nearly trapped in Malmo street Nearly unique in the worl Nearly worthless Nearly worthless amount Nearly worthless coin Nears midnight Nears the western horizon Nears, as a target Nears, with "on" Nearsighted Nearsighted "Mr. Neat freak's condition, e Neat game for top colleges Neat ship designed by arty type Neat's opposite Neat, as a beard Neat, ordered Neaten Neaten up Neaten, as shirts at a me Neatened Neatened up Neatened, in a way Neatening piece of frayed gingham?

Neatening tool Neater Neatest Neatly combed curmudgeon? Neatly turned out Neatnik's opposite Neato Neb. Nebraska's first capital Nebraska's largest city Nebraska's neighbor Nebraskan city Nebraskan city has a bloody coastal beach?!

Necessitate Necessitated Necessitated being collected Necessitates Necessities Necessities for pregnanci Necessity Necessity at a golf club Necessity for an opening Necessity for an organ tr Necessity for some, in or Necessity when playing ha Necessity: Neck cover Neck design Neck feathers?

Neck hair Neck of land Neck of land: Need a nap Need a ring, maybe Need Advil, say Need after collation Need air conditioning Need an ice bag Need Bengay Need contract revised but not watered down Need dough Need extra key to gain entry Need for a keg Need for a link Need for a melt, maybe Need for a new arrival Need for a quiet report?

Need husband not to start putting on weight Need just showing self-indulgence Need liniment Need nursing, say Need paying, as summer is almost over Need replenishing Need that mobile number to get hold of her immediately Need to arrest? Need to be set straight Need to get hitched: Abbr Need to get online: Need to go to France, you said? Maybe everyone requires accommodation Need to hold marines back for airborne advance Need to keep up with the Need to love construed with classical words of hope for the future Need to make a difference Need to pay Need to reimburse Need to return small energy unit Needed a bath Needed a chiropractor, sa Needed a doctor Needed a massage, maybe Needed fixing, as a fauce Needed liniment Needed more Needed pole to be replaced in a selected position Needed smelling salts Needed things Needed to relax and unwin Needed to say "Oops" Needful Needful and correct rules hard to follow Neediest cases site?: Abb Needing a bath badly Needing a doctor's attent Needing a good brushing, Needing a lift Needing a lift?

Needing a loan Needing a massage, say Needing a match Needing a pat on the back Needing a place to go, fellow's withdrawn Needing a rinse Needing a seat belt exten Needing air freshener Needing bleach, say Needing buoying Needing darning, maybe Needing directions Needing directions, say Needing Dramamine, maybe Needing hospital care Needing irrigation Needing kneading?

Needing liniment Needing no invitation Needing no script Needing nourishment Needing overtime Needing patches Needing shampoo, say Needing some kneading?

Needing some sun Needing straightening Needing to be brief, Premiership players ring supervisors Needing to be cracked? Needing to be slapped down? Needing to cool down, may Needing to cut down Needing to drink Needing to get keyed up? Needle problem Needle slowing jabs up in arms Needle work? Needle, for short Needle, informally Needle, perhaps Needle, say, reversed to make lace Needle-leafed tree Needle-nosed fish Needle-shaped Needlecase Needlefish Needlepoint Needlepoint?

Needs a bib Needs a ring? Needs a washer, possibly Needs airing out, maybe Needs medicine Needs no more work Needs to roll over, perha Needy Needy - secured Needy people? Negative joiner Negative north of England Negative particle Negative particles Negative principle Negative reaction Negative reply Negative response three out of four bridge players doubled is rubbish Negative side Negative sign Negative sort of person Negative utterance varied amid hundred of wandering types Negative vote Negative votes Negative word Negatively Negatively charged partic Negatives Negev native, e.

Neglect Neglect an opportunity Neglect odd parts of poem, lines showing blunder with words Neglect of French entertainer heartless Neglect to finish touring Dixie? Neglect trendy guy concealing last of horrible fat Neglect your garden plants? Not on the surface Neglect, abandonment Neglect, omit Neglected Neglected child Neglected her, in comparison to hero? Neglected in spite of Newton embracing traditional learning endlessly Neglected neighborhood Neglected neighborhoods Neglected, as beds Neglectful Neglects to put down "Best Wishes" Negligee jacket Negligee material Negligent Negligent about girl Negligent one working for reduction of sentence Negligent, does not have to be heard Negligible Negligible reason not to honour cheque?

Negotiate Negotiate difficult terrain in the East continually Negotiate over price Negotiate to reach an agreement Negotiate, as a loan Negotiated cut round line Negotiated deal cutting extra deductions Negotiating in a no-nonse Negotiating partner of Is Negotiation between prosecutor and defendant Negotiation goal Negotiation result Negotiation's end Negotiations of Negotiations outcome Negotiator at Vladivostok Negotiator obtained when mad pilot goes berserk Negotiator with G.

Negotiator's outrageous d Negotiator's refusal Negotiator: Neighbor of Albion Neighbor of Alg. Neighbor of Arizona Neighbor of Ark. Neighbor of Azerbaijan Neighbor of B. Neighbor of Britannia Neighbor of Bulg. Neighbor of Homer, and ot Neighbor of Hung. Neighbor of Irkutsk on a Neighbor of Isr. Neighbor of Kaliningrad Neighbor of Kan. Neighbor of Kuwait Neighbor of Ky. Neighbor of Lanai Neighbor of Leb.

Kitts Neighbor of St. Pete Neighbor of Sudan Neighbor of Sudan: Neighbor of Telescopium Neighbor of Tenn. Neither freshwater nor ma Neither good nor bad Neither here nor there Neither here nor there, s Neither here nor there? Neither high nor low Neither hor. Neither large- nor small- Neither liberal nor conse Neither male nor female Neither masc.

Neither more nor less, in Neither nails it nor blow Neither of half-cut dons nursed regrets at first Neither partner's masculine - largely typical Neither Rep. Nematodes' piercing mouth Nemeses Nemesis Nemo, e. Neo, for one Neoclassic style Neoclassical building on the Thames by Waterloo Bridge - shooter sues me Neoclassicist who painted Neolith or paleolith Neolith, e.

Neptunians and others Nerd Nerd heads for dictionary with competition coming up Nerd identifier 1 Nerd identifier 2 Nerd identifier 3 Nerd you and I must get in the sack after some gyrating Nerd's essence? On the contrary Nerdy letterhead redesigned in compassionate style Nerdy sort Nerdy, socially inept Nereid sister of Galatea Nereids' locales Nereus and Proteus Nerf ball, e. Nero's tutor Nero, e. Nerva's successor Nerve Nerve appendage Nerve cell Nerve cell appendages Nerve cell projection Nerve ending Nerve ending on the tongue Nerve fibers Nerve impulse transmitter Nerve material?

Nerve network Nerve opening? Nervous or silly laughter Nervous participant sympathetically covered Nervous performing at the Fringe? Nervous, tense Nervous, timid Nervous, with "up" Nervously excited Nervously excited wife breaks into a laugh Nervously go in a wood Nervously irritable Nervousness Nervousness, timidity Nervy Nervy drunkard may get this, if woken too soon Ness and others Ness and Tay Ness et al. Ness of "The Untouchables Ness, e.

Nest egg for old age, in Nest egg letters Nest egg option, briefly Nest egg protectors Nest egg protectors? Nest egg, for short Nest egg, of a sort: Abbr Nest eggs abbr. Nest eggs for seniors: Net curtains must be foremost source of risk Net feat Net gain from trawling? Net rival Net sales Net sales? Net search engine finding part of a bird's anatomy Net supporter Net used in a car Net worth Net-surfer Net-surfer's stop Netanyahu of Israel Netanyahu's land: Netanyahu's predecessor Netanyahu's predecessor a Netanyahu's successor Netanyahu's successor, 19 Netanyahu, informally Netcom competitor Netflix mailing Netflix movie Netflix offering Netflix rental Neth.

Netting site Nettle Nettle rash at first seen on priest from the east Nettle sting I regularly scrat, removing top Nettle tea ruined by stirring centrally over time Nettled Nettled, with "off" Nettles Nettlesome person Network Network with Network about to go down?

That requires advanced course Network based in D. Network intersection Network of "Lost" Network of fine threads Network provider? Networking site where popular snappers primarily tag stuff Networks, e.

Neurological disorder Neurological problem Neurologist Neurologist or orthopedis Neurologist's tool, for s Neurology, oncology, card Neuron part Neuron's tips? Never before seen Never broadcast Never cut off Never ever Never flipping attempt a return to this planet!

Never getting off one's d Never gone Never growing old Never having heard "Peer Never idle Never let backs go round the team Never mind! Never used Never vandalised loo ninety-four! Never wrapping up Never! Never-ending story Never-ending story by monarch giving speech Never-ending, old-style Never-failing Never-never land Never-ratified cold war a Never-ratified women-rela Never: Neverending, once Neverland resident 2 wds.

Nevertheless Nevertheless 2 wds. New bistro opening in large city New blade flipped in deception's getting sharper New blue lamp? I don't fancy shade on top New boy dips into illicit money, a career-ending moment New Boy Scout New boy? New brew in drink certainly secured New Brunswick's river New business involving fabulous sheep?

New cars of '64 New cars of New cartels in the red? New citizen, perhaps New classes seeing how films are recorded New climb beginning New coin New coins New cold ales inappropriately described, I suggest? New colonist New colour walls intense New concoction of some lingo? New copy of an old book New corp. New Deal letters New Deal org. New Deal power project: A New Deal pres. New Deal program inits.

New Deal program, for sho New Deal program: New Delhi native New deli sold a pork pie New doctor New driver's hurdle New driver, maybe New driver, often New driver, typically New driver, usually New drivers, usually New energy has died after artist leaves the planet New Eng. New England state New England state sch. New grandparent, often New growth New growth had damaged idol New guest Her Maj upset, giving the fingers? Percy worked with another boy to put into code New inn tests alarm in Covent Garden street New issuances, for short New issue on Wall St.

New leg added to stump New linen hat worn by a man New Look designer New look for composer New master and merchant New member of la familia New Mexican, e.

New moon, for one New moon? On reflection, you see Altair regularly with one eye New N. It goes back some way New newt New newts New notice at canal indicating expanse of water New novel about one old music maker New number underground New old man?

New record releases with something for the Scottish market New recruit New recruits stationed initially between choppy Nile and another river New relationship originally developing New rendering New reverend returning to run what ministers do New revolutionary leader surrounds city New ringtone is a gas! New series about university in supply again New setter's joining Times, a selfish sort? New shirt got discarded outside?

That's improvident New shoots New sketch made by artist cutting coloured paper New soldier New sort of book New South Wales capital New specification New spouse's acquisitions New stable arrival New staffer New staging of an old play New stars never cross New stock issuances, for New student - more impudent New student giving more cheek New student in resort finds means of getting up to date New student, person who's bound to return with that woman New stuff brought into important US state New stylings New suits Charlie leaves for groups of people New tails jaunty editor wore as experiment New Test.

New Testament writing New threat involving English playhouse New throne for queen, perhaps New trouble for one that held Jesus' hand? New umpire - he covers a wicket that's important New uni lecturer told story about fine I revoked New uranium crystal involved in fission or fusion New US prisons with new configuration gain distinction New varsity team member, New version of a song, ma New voters, often New walker New Wave singer Lovich New wine has an obligation to smell New wing New wings New women's bra: New worker New World abbr.

New Yorker's ticked off current score New Zealand: Prefix New; book Newark time zone abbr. Newbies Newbies are often directe Newborn Newborn birds, e.

Newborn child, for one Newborn infant Newborn Newfoundland Newborn on a ranch Newborn puppies enjoy the Newborn's bed Newborn's paraphernalia Newborn's place Newborns in stable condit Newcastle area of the country? Not right at first to be nervy Newcastle Browns, e. Newcastle-upon-Tyne native Newcomer timing mare running without tail Newcomer, briefly Newcomer, novice Newer Newer software, perhaps Newer type of music by old rock and roller showed passion Newer, as a car Newest Newfangled Newfoundland's capital Newly Newly appointed Newly christen Newly developed, as techn Newly established business Newly evidenced, paid?

Newly fashioned Newly formed Newly made Newly minted money Newly out? Jou News groups News handout of journalists' redundancy News hardest to broadcast, pleasingly brief News head News host, e. News report News satire source, brief News segment News show assemblage News source News source beginning in News source of old News source, for short News sources News squib News staffers, for short News story News subject News subjects News summaries News the teacher would welcome in any form?

Newsgroup messages Newshawk's asset? Newspaper article occupies retired collier Newspaper article twice backed setter? Newspaper attention-gette Newspaper bigwigs Newspaper bill? Newspaper boss comes in to try uplifting Greek dish Newspaper bosses Newspaper carrier, at tim Newspaper circulation uni Newspaper column separato Newspaper columnist Goodm Newspaper columnist Kupci Newspaper cost going through the roof Newspaper customers Newspaper cutting includes brief summary Newspaper department Newspaper div.

Newspaper editor Bradlee Newspaper editor originally employed in cricket side frequently Newspaper editor reflected Newspaper employee Newspaper essay Newspaper feature Newspaper format Newspaper founded in Newspaper full of gossip Newspaper head Newspaper income source Newspaper issue Newspaper man's recollected it: Newspaper room Newspaper section Newspaper section chief Newspaper section that co Newspaper section, with " Newspaper staffers, for s Newspaper staffers, in br Newspaper starting in Newspaper story Newspaper supplement Newspaper supply Newspaper unit Newspaper units: Newspapers collectively Newspapers, collectively Newspapers, TV, etc.

Newt-like amphibian Newton alternative Newton fraction Newton of the N. Next in the order Next of kin perhaps snared in Madrid will be back Next R. They couldn't be further away from it Next Thursday finish, closing early Next time Next to Next to - alien dogs Next to - compared with Next to best idea volunteers ignored Next to Connecticut Avenu Next to motorway, get hurt flying drone Next to nothing?

Nice article about sex for couple Nice article set off sparks Nice attraction Nice cop Nice cop admitted to back trouble Nice cop? Nice dame I put out is a really cool woman Nice enough fellow Nice evening Nice farewell? Nice fee R Burton negotiated for film Nice figure Nice for one to get stuff in order again Nice girl follows directions, hosting morning with her kin Nice girl?

Nice girls Nice grocer's offloading water on a huge scale Nice guy Nice here in the navy, getting some killer protein! Nice inn over in Germany? Time to go round it! Nice jacket material Nice kind of workweek Nice lad struggling with it getting no different Nice lady stripped the first guy to come along Nice language clubs in action abroad Nice location Nice look?

Nice notion Nice notions Nice of Mike to visit area in East End of London - it makes one humble Nice old leader is upset, having to entertain a jerk Nice one Nice one modelled after work with no rivals Nice people collect them Nice person beyond doubt, cares a lot at first … Nice place Nice place for studying? Nice response Nice setter entertains a new girl Nice solvers hug Arachne on edges of Edmonton Green Nice tasting bit of pork's spoken about Nice tax Nice thing to cut through Nice thing to do peaceful Nice things to look at Nice through and through Nice times with Australian, involved in swimming etc Nice to look at Nice to nosh Nice to wear Nice touch Nice touch from Roger Dal Nice track, spin around at ease?

Nice view Nice warm days? Niche publication's excellent coverage of Australia and New Zealand Niche sex that is banned Niche, alcove Niche, hollow in a wall Nicholas and Ivan, e. Nick has an ambition to succeed in football Nick in place departs as promised Nick is fit Nick loses head a little bit Nick loses head in the sack - that's messed up Nick name?

Nick, say Nickel Nickel and dime Nickel and dime in gaming Nickel in a pocket, say? Nickel or copper, but not Nickel or dime Nickel, but not dime Nickel, e.

Nickname Nickname aboard Apollo 1 Nickname among major-leag Nickname for 6 on the Si Nickname for a 6-foot Nickname for a big dog Nickname for a bodybuilde Nickname for a cheater in Nickname for a dwarfish p Nickname for a good kisse Nickname for a good ol' b Nickname for a gym rat Nickname for a kvetch mav Nickname for a little guy Nickname for a Manhattan Nickname for a namesake o Nickname for a noted L.

Nigeria's largest city Nigerian capital Nigerian capital before A Nigerian city Nigerian city and port Nigerian currency Nigerian currency unit Nigerian export Nigerian language Nigerian monetary unit Nigerian native Nigerian native or langua Nigerian natives Nigerian novelist Chinua Nigerian people Nigerian regularly visited Bilbao Nigerian tribesman Nigerian-born pop star Nigerian-born singer with Nigerian-born singing sta Niggling Niggling criticism Nigh Night "Dallas" was on: Night club Night club looked black?

Not the usual hue Night cover Night crawler Night crier Night deposit? Abbr Night school subj. Night sky feature Night sound Night spot Night spot? Night stalker Night stand leader? Night watcher Night watchmen? That's an unknown quantity Nightmarish boss Nightmarish males occupying certain cubicles Nightmarish street Nightmarish street, in fi Nights before Nights before holidays Nights of joiners in house not for refurbishment Nightshade family plant Nightspot Nightspots where the attr Nightstand spot Nightstick?

Nighttime advertising sig Nighttime assignment, oft Nighttime attire Nighttime biter Nighttime inspection Nighttime jockey's gear? Nighttime noisemaker Nighttime scavenger, info Nighttime twinkler Nighttime view Nighttime vision Nightwear Nightwear, briefly Nightwear, for short Nihilistic 20th-century European art movement Nike alternative Nike competitor Nike logo Nike rival Nike's swoosh, e.

Nike's swoosh, for one Nike, e. Nine inches Nine Muses after dieting? Ninth month with sci-fi film group Ninth mos. Ninth planet no more Ninth successor of St. Ninth-century founder of Ninth-century Saxon king Ninth-inning excitement, Ninth-inning hurler, ofte Ninth-inning pitcher Ninth-inning relief pitch Ninth-largest body known Niobe, e.

Nip Nip before a tuck? Nip or nipper Nip round between times Nip round, meeting merry king for a drink Nipped Nipped and tucked Nipped, with "out" Nipper Nipper moved prince Nipper picked up poems and scanned lines Nipper the dog's company Nipper's "master" Nipper's co.

Nipper's letters Nipple seized by nippers almost last to appreciate a close encounter Nips Nips and tucks Nirvana Nirvana attainer Nirvana seeker Nirvana seekers Nirvana single's featured in show Nirvana, essentially? Nissan model Nissan offering Nissan S. Nitpicky person Nitrates Nitre treated like nitrogen Nitrogen affected sound of handset Nitrogen compound Nitrogen compounds Nitrogen does spread over tops of underground lumps - these?

Nitrogen's lack Nitroglycerin or dynamite Nitrous oxide, e. Nitwits Niuewpoort's river Nix Nix from Nixon, e. Nix, presidentially Nixed Nixed by Nixon, e.

Ab Nixon staffer G. No 1 left island town No 1 sign diet at fault? No agreement in a tight corner? No aliens could get near them No amateur No angel No Apple product No backbreaker No bad feeling after abandoning one aristocrat No bail out for Britain?

No bananas for homeless person No behind-the-back critic No being cryptic and causing problems! No big babies No big thing No bigot No bother No boy demands silly Victorian book No brainiac No brave supplier of witticism will get punishment No bright bovine? No brother or sister mounting this buffalo No bruiser No car in a scrapyard has instruments inside No case for gun to change No celibate, he No challenge No chance at all!

No chance of dessert? No change in gland No change with this, as bird beset by plague No charge for accommodation on island No charge for this on iTunes, unlimited or otherwise No Child Left Behind dept No children's viewing No choice for this holiday destination? No clarity of line in swimmer's initial stroke No college boy's beaten an average player No colour match? No common ground - it's elementary No Conservative to stop slide No contemporary writing about this period No contests No cost in going round lakeside location No couch potato No couch potato, him No damage around house No dance clue No dessert for a dieter No dessert for dieters No dieting is ordered for dyspepsia No difficulty in this riddle, initially?

No exemplar of erudition No exemplar of grace No expert No expression of doubt in song having no feelings No extras No family fare No fan of Pizarro, certai No fancy threads No female to worry over contrary men, period! No follower No fond feeling No food in her cupboard? No good interrupting angry person without courtesy No good line occupying discussion - that's characteristic of the English?

That is it No introduction needed for elite competitors No introduction of an extra burden No lack of self-confidenc No lager drunk by northern chap No later than No later than, briefly No later than, informally No laughing matter No layabout No less than No lieutenant yet: No light reading No limits to crime in island resort No longer a minor No longer a slave No longer able to shoot No longer active: No longer an option No longer anchored No longer around No longer asleep No longer asleep — needing a wash?

No longer bothered by No longer bound after one has a change of heart No longer bright No longer bright, as colo No longer carry No longer carry Folgers o No longer carrying curren No longer charged No longer chic No longer chilling in working environment No longer cool No longer dirt No longer disturbed by No longer divided No longer doing the job?: No longer done No longer drunk?

No longer edible No longer excited No longer fashionable No longer fashionable attorney bloke No longer fast No longer feeding, as a p No longer fresh No longer gloomy No longer green No longer hot No longer hungry No longer in No longer in bed No longer in effect No longer in enemy hands No longer in fashion No longer in first place No longer in nappies No longer in service No longer in style No longer in the closet No longer in the groove musically and not to be talked about No longer in the land of Nod No longer in the service: No longer in the U.

No longer in use No longer in vogue No longer in work No longer ineffable No longer insure No longer interested in No longer is No longer is embraced by a husband - extremely tearful?

No longer legal No longer living No longer mended? No longer mint No longer mint, in a way No longer moved by No longer nurses No longer on active duty: No longer on deck No longer on deck? No longer on the bottle No longer on the plate No longer on vacation No longer operative No longer outstanding, in No longer pale No longer plentiful, for instance No longer pristine No longer producing No longer pure No longer reliant on moth No longer secret No longer sharp No longer shrink-wrapped No longer sick No longer speaking, after No longer sponsored No longer standing No longer stops?

No longer stuck on No longer stylish No longer take it No longer taking exercise, one in depression needed to get fit No longer the same No longer thinking about No longer under No longer under considera No longer used No longer used: No longer valid No longer vivid No longer waiting on the No longer warm No longer wild No longer with us No longer work No longer working No longer working for the No longer working, went upstairs No longer working: No more credit to do minimal business?

No more jokes after this, said to be the longest? No more room on satellite? It happens every month No more sex, being thus? No more stars twinkling for those who watch at night No more than No more than a drop No more than half the air temperature No more work for retail outlet No mountains are this colour No Mr.

No one needing meat around before one gets rice dish No one remaining hairy in sports? Be careful what you say! Large number taken back No opening in crowd to hurry No opening to suggest some light work should arrive here No Oscar contender No particular interest about African country No particular place in It No party suggested one must accept an unpalatable solution No peace till one's buried No performers are found h No permission for recesses No person No philanthropist No pieces of cake No place for a base, in b No place for a big rig No place for a draft dodg No place for a lady No place for a neatnik No place for a rig No place for an epicure No place for skirts No place in church to carry a retracted blade?

No place to overlook special symbols No plan to stop big player in games No point to ripped Levi jeans, they can be chucked No points awarded to amateur coming back for old elephant No posh hotel No posh hotels No praises No pressure No pressure for clemency after PM gets winning margin No pressure to maintain large part of boat No prize? No quick reads No quick trip around the No racer No rara avis means to inject fluid! No record in little jotter No regal residence No regret for Piaf in smearing of alto from 1 down, say?

No room here to live with those people over 50, right? A terrible b-blunder No score No Scottish company meeting with setback in the main No short story No short time No show flat? No shrimp No slowpoke No sluggard: No stranger to the slopes No string bean No strong material to go to court after position upheld No substance in pious charity songs like Millennium Prayer? No surprise outcomes No sweat with this dance No talking in Hanover Square No tears from tenants living thus?

No thugs No time at all No time for fat girl No time for fear? No time for headdress in town No Tony nominee, surely No tough opponent No trace found at sea, conversely No trouble No tucking into fatty birds from Italy No typical stock trader No vegetarian warder No visible means of suppo No vote No voter No walk in the park No way alcoholic drink is a remedy against ills No way booze is remedy against ills No way drink is medicine!

No way hiding, ready for quick thrust No way to kill yen for travelling No way will my relatives be crying here? No wear for waifs No Westminster contender No wet brambles No wild enthusiasm amongst sailors for Vlad? No-nonsense No-nonsense cry No-nonsense northern relation lost in York perhaps No-nos No-nos in many hotels No-parking zone No-pressure friendly for supporter No-see-um No-see-ums No-show No-show's score No-show's test score No-smoking ordinance, e.

No-waist dresses No-win situation No-win situation involving black neighbour of Black Beauty? Nobel's birthplace Nobel, e. A Nobleman accompanies girl soldiers to see civic official Nobleman after a banquet? Nobleman briefly getting attention Nobleman covered in pearls Nobleman expected to receive his king Nobleman expected to throttle King Nobleman from Balmoral or Dinnet?

Nobleman given award for making part of organ Nobleman has yen to leave before time Nobleman upset Liberal? That's funny Nobleman with award finds place to hang decoration Nobleman years ahead of his time? Nobleman's title Nobleman, originally Irish, is in Paris — first to arrive? Rotten to the core! Nocturnal animals of the Nocturnal beetle Nocturnal bird Nocturnal birds Nocturnal birds liable to Nocturnal bloodsucker Nocturnal cycle occurrenc Nocturnal feline Nocturnal fledgling Nocturnal hooters?

Noddle Nods Nods off Nods, perhaps Nodule Nodule I fitted in plastic connector Noel Noel opener Noel staple Noel starter Noel syllables Noel who played Lois Lane Noel, Yule Noes Nog ingredient Nog ingredient, maybe Nogales "now" Nogales nosh Noggin Noggin tops Noggin, in Nantes Noggins Nogoodniks Noirish Noise Noise a pig makes Noise after lightning Noise at a street protest Noise at night Noise from a fan Noise from pond life - die Noise in a comic book gun Noise made by bird quietly in its home Noise made by middle parts of mosques' swivel-chairs Noise made by my body Noise of an explosion Noise of chaps making appearance Noise of crazy pub still poses challenge Noise of the lambs Noise of train overheard by coastal resident Noise pollution Noise that Emily Post wou Noise used to attract someone's attention privately Noiseless Noises from 19th group back?

Noises from a county fair Noises from a rattletrap Noisily disputed wrong figure in bill Noisily drink up, touring a camp Noisome Noisome noise Noisome smell Noisy Noisy and unruly Noisy argument raging nearby Noisy bed-partner Noisy bird Noisy bird — sort of spaniel as well, some say Noisy birds Noisy bug Noisy but comfy chair Noisy celebrant Noisy celebration Noisy city transports Noisy commotion Noisy complaint Noisy counters Noisy cutter Noisy disturbance Noisy entertainment Noisy fan Noisy fight Noisy fights Noisy flier Noisy groups Noisy insect Noisy lot dispute "offside" Noisy lover is briefly on top, then on back Noisy one in the morning Noisy opposition Noisy outburst Noisy party Noisy protest extremely unchristian - head dished out a hundred lines Noisy public fight Noisy public speaker Noisy publicity Noisy quarrel Noisy reception Noisy reception when queen pays a visit?

Dylan to cut LP by 22 across Non-alcoholic drink Non-bear bear Non-believer Non-believer in force led one to change direction Non-choice for restaurant Non-clergy Non-clerical people Non-coffee order at Starb Non-competitive match Non-defeatist declaration Non-drinker Non-earthling Non-earthlings, briefly Non-earthlings, for short Non-existent location Non-fiction books let me think he's useful in many ways Non-fliers, holding US wheel-protector back, honourably discharged Non-head of state who add Non-illuminated bend up front leads to the opposite Non-interventionist passes away Non-Jews Non-mainstream believer Non-meat-eater Non-metallic element, S Non-oil painting method Non-P.

Non-professional Non-professional swimmer lacks training Non-professionals Non-rigid airship deficient in breadth Non-Rx Non-science subjects Non-scientific studies Non-standard system of lines: Non-verbal indications of assent Non-woody plants shoot in this place Nonabrasive Nonabrasive leather Nonacademic degree Nonacademic school activi Nonagenarian's age Nonagonal Nonalcoholic beer brand Nonaligned nations, e.

Noncitizen Nonclerical Noncom naval personnel Noncombat area, for short Noncombatant Noncommissioned army officer Noncommissioned officer Noncommittal agreement Noncommittal answer Noncommittal reply Noncommittal response Noncommittal suffix Noncommittal words Noncompromiser Nonconformist Nonconformist church raised cross - what's the point?

Nonconformist faction Nonconformist lamenting order Nonconformist setter twice rejected by The Scotsman Nonconformist spy? Nonconformists Nondairy milk source Nondairy spread Nondairy spreads Nondairy topping Nondefensive military mov Nondemocratic rule Nondescript Nondiverse kind of farmin Nondrinker Nondrinker by law None left? I agree None of it is good, it's said None of that? None of the above None of the above, on a s None the worse for the or None the worse for wear, None too brainy None too bright None too challenging cour None too happy None too smart None too soon None too swift None-too-gentle landing None-too-subtle encourage Nonentity Nonessential Nonet of black squares in Nonetheless Nonetheless, for short Nonets Nonexclusive Nonexistent Nonexistent, in Nantes Nonfiction author Nonfiction films, for sho Nonfielding A.

Nonhuman co-hosts of TV's Nonhuman part of a cyborg Nonintellectual Nonkosher diner offerings Nonkosher food Nonkosher lunch Nonkosher sandwiches Nonlearner, proverbially Nonlethal firearm Nonlethal weapon Nonlibrary reading Nonliquid state Nonliteral humor Nonmatching item, maybe Nonmechanized weapon Nonmember Nonmember of a union: Nonsense to have gold brought back from somewhere in Indonesia Nonsense word repeated in Nonsense word said while Nonsense writer without the polish?

Nonsense written about hotel party Nonsense! This race isn't so hairy! Nonstick spray Nonstop Nonstop connection Nonstop round-the-clock, Nonstudio broadcasts Nonstudio film Nonsurfer at the beach Nontheoretical athlete?

Nontraditional chair styl Nontraditional haircuts Nonuniformed police offic Nonunion employees: Nonunion workplace Nonuniversity type Nonuple Nonvegetarian sandwich, f Nonvegetarian sandwiches, Nonverbal communication Nonverbal communication, Nonverbal congratulations Nonverbal O. Noodge Noodges Noodle Noodle concoction Noodle concoction? Noodle dish Noodle product? Noodle-and-vegetable soup Noodlehead Noodleheads Noodles Noodles in a bowl? Right, Noodles with tempura Noodles, maybe Nook Nook in which a copperhead is enamoured?

Normal cost 2 wds. Normal force felt on eart Normal habitat Normal muscle tension Normal procedure at home, interrupting course Normal rhythmical contrac Normal state of bourbon is quite cold Normal state of muscle ti Normal temperature proportion Normal time to retire with gin? II Normandy was in it: Abb Norris Trophy winner for Norse bolt maker Norse capital Norse collection needed, say, regularly Norse deity Norse deity of mischief Norse epic Norse epics Norse equivalent of Mars Norse god Norse god of discord Norse god of peace Norse god of strife Norse god of thunder Norse god of war Norse god, husband of Frigg, father of Thor Norse goddess married to Norse goddess of fate Norse goddess of love Norse hammer thrower Norse jug?

Norse love goddess Norse mariner Norse myths, e. Abbr North Pole "exports" North Pole assistant? North, south, east or wes North, south, east or west?

North-east English metropolitan county since North-east Indian tea state North-east Italian Adriatic resort North-easterly US state North-of-the-border grid North-west town's lost rare items in soup kitchen North-west US state bordering Canada Northamptonshire river Northanger Abbey author Northbound rail out of one poor city district is rather slow Northbound, on most maps Northeast airport Northeast area cuts employment bringing apprehension Northeast college town Northeast Indian state Northeast New Jersey city Northeast state of India Northeast Sudan, once Northeast tollroad option Northeast town named for Northeast, on a map Northeastern city named f Northeastern Indian state Northeastern Indians Northeastern toll road co Northerly locale Northerly Polish mother country, as was Northern Northern 15 at present time Northern air Northern Amer.

Northern and southern lig Northern area right in the middle of futile old sea battle Northern aristocrat many suspect to be an underachiever? Northern arm of the Baltic Sea Northern Australian adult in toilet with Noah's grandson Northern base harbouring our country's weapon Northern bird in friendly environment?

Northern idiot entertaining rogue in set showing spite Northern Indians Northern inlets Northern Iraqi Northern Ireland lough Northern Ireland's Shanno Northern Irish politicians securing money repository Northern Irish Protestant Northern Japanese city Northern Lights Northern major-leaguer Northern Manhattan dwelle Northern mountain viewed from East in drawing Northern native Northern Oklahoma city Northern region — Yorkshire's capital — it needs to be redeveloped Northern residence Northern runner seen occasionally in St Helens Northern Scandinavian Northern Scandinavians Northern sea duck Northern seabird with short neck and brightly coloured bill Northern short-tailed wild cat s Northern star?

Northern stream Northern supporter runs with promise to deliver port in the north Northern sympathizer Northern terminus of U. Northern tourist attraction needs law on handrails reinstated Northern town's battling heavyweight? Northern valley Northerner Northerner has meat and dessert with pin-up Northerner's brief stay at a hotel in Paris? Stoltenber Norwegian playwright Norwegian playwright, d.

Nose, slangily Nose-burning Nose-gripping specs Nose-in-the-air Nose-in-the-air sorts Nose-in-the-air type Nose-in-the-air types? Nose-noticeable Nose-puckering, in a way Nose-wrinkler Nose-wrinkling Nose: Nosh Nosh includes meat cooked very hot? Nostalgic look Nostalgic number Nostalgic objects Nostalgic soft drink Nostalgic song Nostalgic song by Acro Nostalgic time Nostalgic tune Nostalgic work Nostalgic, in a way Nostalgist's opening word Nostradamus, e.

Nosy Parkers Nosy person Nosy person's affair, in Nosy sort Not Not "dis," in Brooklyn Not "fer" Not 'neath Not a one Not 3 regarding some power needing movement of uranium Not a 23 across, first acting officer Not a bad golf score, inf Not a beginner Not a big spender Not a bit sorry Not a blood relative Not a chap holding rank below duchess?

Not a close game Not a company man? Not a complete amateur Not a copy Not a copy: Not a direct criminal slander Not a dup. Not a good confidant Not a good looker? Not a good person with se Not a good sound for a ba Not a good thing to have Not a good way to buy a c Not a good way to run Not a grade to be proud o Not a guzzler Not a hint of dyspepsia after she ate Not a hit or an out Not a hog Not a job for a claustrop Not a lick Not a long shot, by a lon Not a long-term solution Not a lot Not a mainstream religion Not a major haircut Not a medalist Not a natural blonde Not a news piece Not a nice feeling Not a niche audience Not a part of from the st Not a particular Not a peaceful feeling Not a permanent employee Not a picky eater Not a picky specification Not a popular next-door n Not a pretty picture Not a pro Not a quick jaunt Not a reproduction: Not a sausage Not a saver Not a sharer Not a short story Not a single mistake by a serviceman Not a single person Not a soul Not a soul sister by the sound of it Not a sound president backing Arabian kingdom Not a spendthrift Not a std.

Spoc Not achieved Not aching Not act professionally? Not active Not active, chemically Not active: Not all of part is terrible for Folies performer Not all the mail to be answered privately? Not all the same Not all the way Not all there Not all together Not all wet?

Not allow Not allow to stay Not allowed Not allowed in the shops Not allowed on certain di Not allowed on tin of tobacco Not allowed to go Not allowing Not allowing for compromi Not allowing to speak one Not altogether Not always Not amenable to discipline Not among top players in a tennis tournament Not an abstainer Not an accidental fire Not an elective: Not an emigr Not an exact fig. Not an expert Not an ideal answer to "D Not an imit.

Not an independent thinke Not an iron Not an orig. Not an original Not an upgrade: Not as the crow flies Not as tight Not as touched Not as warm Not as wet Not asea Not ashore Not asleep Not assigned, after "on" Not Astroturf Not at a distance Not at all Not at all avant-garde Not at all bumpkinish Not at all calm Not at all certain Not at all cheerful Not at all chubby Not at all close to Not at all cool Not at all curious Not at all difficult Not at all dull Not at all eager Not at all excited Not at all excited by Not at all fair Not at all familiar Not at all fond of Not at all garrulous Not at all gentle Not at all lethargic Not at all like Not at all loose Not at all nice Not at all practical Not at all quiet Not at all recent:

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