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This kind of honesty you will not get from those other agencies. They will simply tell you what you want to hear and every girl you write, will write you back and tell you how she wants to be with you simply because you are paying. This won't happen at Mordinson. You will only hear from the ladies who actually are interested in getting to know you. So I choose 3 ladies and decided to send my Free intro-letter to them. A day later, I get a message from Michael telling me he heard back from ONE of the ladies and he was sorry to inform me that she was not interested.

A few days later, I get a similar message that the second of the three ladies I wrote was not interested. I was a bit discouraged, but I appreciated the honesty so much because I know about my experience with the other agencies. Then I finally got a letter from the third lady I wrote. She was interested in getting to know me better and so my journey began.

Her name is Julia. Our communication through the letters was genuine. After same time of writing letters, we both decided to talk in Skype. So I arranged skype calls through Mordinson. I actually got to talk to Julia herself and hear her voice, hear her laugh unlike other agencies where you are just video chatting and you don't even know who is actually responding.

If you can get a video chat where you just type to talk to the lady you are interested in instead of actually talking to her directly, beware, you are being scammed! After several Skype calls, I decided to go meet Julia. It was a big decision but I felt good about it and took comfort in all the men who came before me who had nothing but good things to say about the service they received from Mordinson agency.

Through out my trip to Ukraine, Michael kept in-touch via email. When I arrived to Kharkov, he was at the Airport waiting for me.

The service was very good and the apartment where I stayed very nice and safe. The next day I finally met Julia. It was like a dream come true and she exceeded my expectations. She is an amazing and honest young lady. It took her a few days to warm up and actually feel comfortable with me.

When she finally did, it is truly amazing. She is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and she feels the same way. We are making plans to spend our life together. I am in the process of planning my next trip to Kharkov to spend more time with her as we make plans for our future together.

I mentioned the Sacrifice that Julia is willing to make to be with me. Julia is a Doctor, an Anesthesiologist. But having her own family, a husband and kids is so much more important to her that she made the decision that family is more important. This is also a testament to Mordinson and how they screen the ladies who apply at their agency. They do not put a girl on their site whom they have not personally met with and thoroughly screened.

When they say all the ladies on their site are serious about marriage and will only talk to men that they are genuinely interested in building a relationship with, that has been my experience with Mordinson EXACTLY. I am excited about building a life with Julia here in the States. She is excited about this as well. Her parents and friends are very supportive.

What else can a man ask for. All this would not be possible if you are dealing with an agency that is intent on scamming out of your money.

There are so many stories of men who have been scammed. Don't fall victim to this. They will lure you with beautiful gorgeous picture and pretty websites, that is not what you are after if you want to be happy married and have a family. Instead choose a small family own agency like Mordinson who have been in business for over 16 years and are well known in their City of Kharkov.

You will be treated with respect and above all with honesty. I came to learn that the Mordinson family is a strong Jewish family. If you know anything about true Jewish people, they are all about honesty and doing business the right way and treating people with honesty. Anything short of that is not acceptable.

The ladies are real and genuine in their search for a man unlike other agencies where the ladies are there to just make extra income. Sad, but happens every day. With that said, I highly recommend Mordinson and if you have any questions about my experience, please feel free to contact Michael and I will be happy to answer your questions about my experience at Mordinson. I wish you best luck in your search.

But be smart and Intelligent in your search. I am a musician, an electronic music artist. As an artist and spiritual man, I have been always like a little different from some other of men in Spain, who like normal things and accept everything as "normal" without trying to go for the best. I wanted to look in another cultures and in my case a stronger character culture like Ukraine-Russia-Belarus east Europe cultures where the dance, music and art in general is well respected.

I cannot say the same from Spain culture, because believe it or not, if you are a musician living in Spain nobody will take you very seriously, so that makes it very difficult to have a normal girlfriend, or at least it is much more difficult than other men who have "normal" jobs. I choose Ukraine because it was a little easier to go you don't need visa , is closer to Spain, but above all I like more Ukrainian women type and culture.

I hoped to find a woman who was, very feminine, attractive, open minded, brave, responsible with her own personality and above all?

Almost a lost concept in western countries, where almost everybody looks for themselves and family concept is messed up and very lost among western women mentality. As in everything in life, after trying three years and two or three agencies and internet dating sites, I learned and learned and saw that my only chance was to try very hard to find a "real" agency.

Of course, is almost impossible to find out everything from your home through internet, if it is a real agency, or a real woman, etc. But as everything else in life I had some experience and saw that Mordinson agency put all their legal information in their website so, that was a clear sign of professionalism, and real concern about all the total crazy scam that is happening everywhere. So, I thought let's do it again and this time felt like it was a real agency all the time.

About my stay in Kharkov: The city is interesting, different from Barcelona, more wide and bigger in general and with its own history and beautiful big parks, churches, monuments, etc, quality restaurants, nice decorated cafes, and supermarkets that never close In my case I needed a bottle of Rioja wine at 2 in the morning ; City is safe, despite the "TV western news" about the conflicts in Donestk, Lugansk, etc.

You can go everywhere in downtown, but better avoid going alone to night clubs and discotheques, much better with an Ukrainian-Russian women, then is no problem at all. What would be my advice to the single men who are thinking about looking for a woman in Ukraine? Good Luck to everybody! After searching various dating agencies, I decided to contact Michael Mordinson: After writing my introduction letter within a few days I was corresponding with some of the ladies, it didn't take me long to find out there was a special connection between Viktoria and myself.

I spoke to my friend Steven about Viktoria and about the Agency, of course out of concern for me. He told me to be careful and didn't share in my enthusiasm, his first words were "are you crazy? I visited Ukraine in January , Michael met us at the airport and was very accommodating, of course the best part of the trip was meeting Viktoria, to make a long story short I was just in Kharkov recently and we got married on April 14th Thank you Alla and Michael for helping us and always being there when I needed your support.

By the way About Steven, well he accompanied me to Ukraine and met Marina, I will let him share with you the rest of his story: In I made a decision that would change my life, even now it's hard to believe that two years ago I decided to contact Michael and become one of his clients.

After corresponding with a few wonderful women I realized that I had to make a physical effort and impression that I was serious about starting a long distance relationship.

Karyna and I were both excited and nervous, not really knowing what to expect. She was not actually expecting me to come all the way to Ukraine! Anyway, I booked tickets and arranged for the apartment through the agency, and before I knew it I was in Ukraine meeting the woman of my dreams. She left me breathless when I met her. We only had about six days together but both of us had a desire to see each other and begin dating from opposite ends of the earth! At this stage I left the agency and thanked Michael for all the help he provided when meeting Karyna, as well as the excellent service he provided while I was in Ukraine.

Karyna and I continued our correspondence and began planning for holidays together. We holidayed a further three times, one of which was to New Zealand my home country and during that time I proposed to her.

From there the challenge of visa's began, but we were both very determined to be together. Eventually she arrived in NZ mid August and we had our wedding the following January.

It was the best day of our lives, all the hard work we put into being with each other finally became a reality. My wife has been in NZ for about 7 months now, she has a part-time job near where I work and we often meet during our lunch break for coffee.

It has been a huge change for her life and there're days of homesickness. But a really big help is Skype, and we're in contact with her family almost daily. Karyna and I made a decision to be together, to begin new lives, I can't ask more of a woman, she's the most wonderful and special person I've ever met and I know my life is better for it.

We love being with each and can't wait for what the future has in store for us. Thank you Michael for helping us find each other! I travelled with a friend to the Ukraine to hopefully meet someone special.

I like the Mordinson agency because it is a small family business, and I am dealing with the family directly. I like that they stand behind their family name. Michael Mordinson cannot make personal guarantees, but I think he is honest, works hard, and is a gentleman! My apartment in Kharkov was large, clean and very quiet.

Michael was always just a phone call away for anything I wanted or needed I always felt very safe and secure, no matter where I went. The women in the Ukraine are of course very beautiful, but I was looking for someone who is Christian, traditional, family-oriented, honest and not materialistic I visited Kharkov in January , and in April my girlfriend Marina will come to visit me in Canada for 4 weeks and will have the chance to meet my family and my children, and to see how we live.

At that time we will get to know and understand one another better in person I just hope my children don't scare her away! I run my own businesses in London and life is great! Apart from finding love which has been a struggle in a society which is economically thriving but is romantically sterile! I have always been attracted to Slavic women- more and more are now in London- however most of them have partners or are not looking for a serious relationship.

I thus decided that I would try and find my partner in Ukraine after considering both Belarus and Russia- both these countries require Visas and Ukraine does not - which is great! Now there were many agencies and it was a minefield. I heard bad stories about people getting conned in Odessa and somewhat less in Kiev.

I then stumbled upon Kharkiv - a city I knew very little about. After further research I found Mordinson Agency. It had great reviews, testimonials, Michael Mordinson talking himself, and video introductions from the girls.

It was exactly what I was looking for. Michael was very quick to respond and made it clear which girls were interested and which were not. This is exactly what I wanted to know - because there is no point in pursuing a woman who is not interested.

I am a businessman and I value my time. I was impressed by the honesty of the guest host - Michael Mordinson. Few days later, I decided to browse his website and found a girl that I was particularly interested in.

I decided to give it a try by joining the agency. As an inexperienced member, I asked Michael a lot of questions. And Michael answered all my inquiries in full details. Let me tell you, guys: Michael carries out his agency work without fear or favor.

He exactly delivers his service as described. I appreciate honest and sincere people all my life. If you are with me, I can tell that Michael is a great sincere agency you can count on. And he always think in the best interest of his clients. I was attracted to one particular beautiful lady. After letter correspondences between us for about 2 weeks. We decided to have our first Skype talk and we found a strong chemistry between us. On the second video talk, I decided to tell my lady by surprise that I was going to Kharkov to meet her in person.

Just after about one month since our first correspondence, I took my flight to Kharkov. Michael was already right at the airport on time. Everything was well arranged as planned and agreed.

My first impression of Kharkov was quiet and safe. Although I met the only lady I was interested in, if my experience is anything to count on, I am sure all ladies on his website are genuine just like my lady and no gold diggers. This is an honest agency. They never risk their reputation for money. The apartment was modern, clean and well equipped. The Security in the compound was round the clock. I never worried about my personal safety during my stay.

Also, Michael's sister-in-all Alla was a great interpreter. She did a great job. Especially at the my first meeting with my lady's parents.

She even accompanied me to flower shops, picking roses for my lady on Valentine's day. She is also my lady's good English teacher. Now they become good friends too. All in all, my visit was a great success. Fellows, if you are looking for a genuine marriage agency for a real and genuine relationship. I can rest assured to tell you: Michael and Alla, thank you for your service and hospitality. I wish you all the best with your business. Please keep on your great work. An interview with former client South Africa , 7th February Can you tell us about yourself?

Why did you decide to search for a woman abroad? I was married previously and after a terrible divorce I decided to better understand issues of Life, Love and Happiness and so I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I read as many articles as possible, watched countless hours of informative videos and also befriended some incredible people along the way that have all gone down the same journey as I have. I was very fortunate to meet a fantastic relationship councillor who lives in the US.

He has the most amazing videos and blog about relationships, marriage and the differences between Western and Slavic cultures. That is when the penny dropped for me and I immediately understood that what I was looking for in a future partner was probably not easily available in my country.

And why particularly a woman from Ukraine? I knew that I could not go through life alone and wanted a partner to share activities with and build beautiful memories. This time around I had a lot more life experience and I knew exactly what I wanted in a partner and what I did not want. I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to find that special someone that had a very particular outlook on life and family.

What became very clear to me was that to find the right woman I had to look in non-Western countries. What I was looking for was someone that came from a Christian background with strong traditional family values.

Someone who was not scared to show love, had a nurturing character towards her partner and for whom the man himself was more important than what the man could do for her. Western women tend to be very focused on what kind of wealth the man has or to what status level in society the man can elevate her instead of who he is in his heart and what his soul is like.

I am not saying that all western women are like that, but it seems that most are like this and so to find a single western lady that is not so inclined would take many years of dating.

I did not want to go through the ordeal of dating a different western women to look for that one elusive unicorn. What I discovered through talking so several men that are married to Slavic women is that Ukraine was probably the best place to start looking. Ukrainian culture and society has moulded women into being extremely family oriented and loving and caring towards their men.

Slavic women also acknowledge that there are very clear differences between the roles that men and women should play in a relationship and in marriage. Women are seen as the care givers and nurturers of the family environment and men are seen as the providers of safety and the protectors of the family the castle wall to protect the family.

Slavic women are very soft hearted and nurturing toward their men and they see their man as the rock star in their lives. They will literally follow him to the end of the earth, through good and bad times. This does not mean that Slavic women want dominating partners, no they want kind and loving partners who will respect them and appreciate their beautiful femininity.

I am an early forties gentleman who moved to the United States at a young age from Eastern Europe. For a few years now I had been planning to use Michael's services to find a lifelong partner but had been waiting until it was the right time in my life to do so. This past October I finally took the much anticipated plunge and embarked on the trip to Kharkov. Michael and his family introduced me to numerous ladies that I had briefly corresponded with beforehand.

I can say that literally all of them seemed genuine and sincere. There was one lady in particular that I felt the strongest connection with and we continue to further our relationship to this day. In an industry full of scams and scammers, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Mordinson Agency for anyone that's sincere in wanting to meet a genuine lady for a serious relationship. You will find professionalism, attentiveness, attention to detail, and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Mordinson family name.

Michael is also very focused on only keeping sincere and serious ladies in his agency and that was made clear to me in several ways during the course of my visit. If anyone would like to communicate with me personally about my experience, please feel free to get in touch with me through Michael. I will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns. Just wanted to let you know that after many months of waiting I finally received my visa for entry to UK.

I can't tell you how happy I am and looking forward to starting my new life. I know we have thanked you many times but once again just wanted to express my gratitude for your work, because without you this wouldn't have been possible. I'm leaving Ukraine on 5th of December without any regrets. As previously promised we will forward photographs when they will be ready.

Please, keep doing what you're doing! Good luck and my sincerest best wishes. Kharkov is a city worth seeing. After having seen Kiev and Lwow, Kharkov is a nice change of pace. This is a working city, not overly-focused on tourists. You can enjoy real life happening around you for your visit. The location of the Mordinson apartments is roughly central to fantastic areas of the city: The apartments are in a very nice building, and are protected by several entry-security measures.

Although there has been a measure of political upheaval within the eastern half of Ukraine, you would never know that anything was happening while in Kharkov - very similar to Kiev and Lwow. I came to Kharkov with a clear intent to only meet the two girls with whom I had communicated over several months.

Having said that, when you arrive, you are free to meet as many ladies as you wish. Furthermore, Michael will instruct you on the manners which are expected of you in Ukraine. Michael will introduce you to each of the ladies, and if you are comfortable he knows when to bow out and allow for more natural interactions.

I am happy to say that on October 2nd I had got to marry my best friend. I met my wife back in May of using Mordinson Marriage Agency. My wife and I want to say a very big "thank you" to Michael and all the staff at Mordinson agency.

They were great to us both throughout the whole process. Back in April Michael was huge help in getting my wife a visitor visa to Canada. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I have been to Kharkiv three times over the last year and half. I have really enjoyed getting to see and learn about the city. I have felt very safe in all my time spent in Kharkiv. A year and half ago i was very nervous and unsure if this was a good idea or not. Looking back now it was the best choice have ever made.

Ekaterina and Graham got married on the 12th August !!! We are very happy for both of you and wish you many years of joyful and happy life together!! Graham's testimonial for the Mordinson marriage agency I am writing this unsolicited testimonial for Mordinsons because I met my wife through this Agency and am very happy about my prospects for the future.

Many people are embarrassed about admitting that they use online dating or a marriage agency. If you are looking for a wife to make a future with, then why not use a service that enables you to meet like minded individuals?

I happened on Mordinsons by chance after a couple of years fruitless search on online dating sites. At first I thought it was expensive compared to the online dating sites. However, you get what you pay for! For me, it has been worth every cent. This wonderful couple met in the Mordinson marriage agency in February We wish you lots of happiness and joy together!

I wanted to thank you and Mordinson once again for bringing Viktoria into my life. She is the most amazing and wonderful woman.

I cant tell you how much she means to me. I am also happy to share with you photos from our wedding. Me and Viktoria were married July 14th in Kharkov. Please feel free to share our photos on your website. I will also tell any man out there thinking about Mordinson to give it a try.

Thanks again Michael for bringing so much happiness into my life!! Dave Ultimate Man Magazine interviews Mordinson former client! How did you go about dating? How often did you meet and communicate before you proposed? What did you look for? Who did you end up using and why? Interested to know what his answers to the questions were? Click on the link below: Graham talks about his experience in searching for the right woman in Ukraine and gives valuable hints and tips.

I wanted once again express my gratitude to you for your work and for meeting with my Husband!!! Our wedding was a very rushed affair at a registry office last week. Lloyd had arranged a visit here and even on his arrival we weren't sure that we would be able to go ahead due to the necessary paperwork. As such it was a process of simply signing with no sort of ceremony at all. We didn't even have any photos taken. However, it is our intention, once I'm in the UK, to have a church blessing in the presence of God.

I assure you Michael that we will send you photos for the site of our ceremony then. We will both be eternally grateful to you because without 'Mordinson' we wouldn't have found the happiness that we have. Keep up the good work. Having relatives married to Russian and Ukrainian women, I was looking abroad to see if I can find my compatible partner or not.

My first encounter with Mordinson happened when I was already fed up with dating scams and shady websites all over the net, I was really in search of a decent agency which understands my needs, things I look for in partner and one that can really help me find partner I am looking for.

Having read positive comments and looking at the Mordinson website, I decided to get in touch with them. That was when whole thing started and before I knew it, I was in Kharkov and met the beatiful woman who really fulfilled my criteria of partner. However, I must admit it is not an easy process and there are lot of things you and your partner need to overcome.

There are lot of agencies out there who are just interested in your pocket but Michael Mordinson is really out there to help you find your partner and his assuring, cooperative and punctual attitude really helped me in deciding whether to come to Ukraine or not and look for my partner there. I would like to add that despite tensions between Russia and Ukraine, there were no signs of disturbance arising from the conflict and whole city was calm and peaceful.

Good news is we are now in the process of preparing my fiancee visa application seven months into our relationship and if you are really out there for finding your partner, I suggest you give Mordinson a shot. Hello and good luck to everyone from land down under! John Review by Jeff Houston, USA 19th December My visit to Kharkov December After many months of wasted letter exchanges and a trip to Ukraine through the more publicized dating sites for dating abroad, I found Mordinson, I noticed immediately the profiles were limited and the ladies were all very conservative.

Basically, the ladies were respectful and dignified. I chose the ladies for correspondence and initially I was upset, because some of the ladies I chose, had no interest and rejected my introduction. This was much different than my previous experience on other Ukrainian dating sites. I realized at that point that Mordinson was real. The ladies are searching for their partner and not being paid to communicate.

This is a good thing! After communication with the ladies that had similar interests and goals in life, I visited Kharkov In December I had no travel difficulties. I felt very safe during the entire visit. Life in the city was normal and busy. The city is beautiful. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly. The accommodations from Mordinson were nice and in a central location. I was able to walk to Independence Square or take a short taxi ride to most locations.

Actually, a taxi was only needed due to the cold weather. With some interpretation help, I visited almost every museum and park in downtown. I am now in direct communication with one woman and it is because of Mordinson. The pictures you see on the site are current and real, not years ago. Jeff Valery and Andy got Married on 14th November !!

We just received wonderful news from Valery and Andy who got married a couple of weeks ago in the USA. We want to wish this beautiful couple lots of joyful and happy years together! Mordinson client talks about his experience on a personal blog the USA 19th October Mordinson has been in the marriage and introduction business since Longevity is a good sign in this industry.

They also are a registered business in Ukraine and have contact information on their website another good sign. They also enjoy a good reputation among other bride seekers on the internet and that's what matters the most; how clients rate the agency and would they recommend it.

So you should definitely do your research about any agency that you may be interested in using and get people's opinions about it. The agency is being run and managed by Michael Mordinson. He was more than willing to answer any questions I might have had. He personally meets the ladies in his office and interviews them before accepting them in his agency. The ladies are notified that Mordinson is an international agency which means that the male clients are men that live in other countries, so the ladies are aware that they may need to move abroad if they get married at this agency I have thought about a lady abroad for many years, but have always been skeptical about actually doing it.

The main reason being I have heard of all the scams associated with doing such a thing as this. Came across Mordinson's purely by accident one day while browsing the internet. I immediately liked what I saw with the Mordinson website, which is complete honesty.

Being a family owned agency that takes pride in their name, was very attractive to me. So I did research about the agency, and finally after a couple of months I decided to contact the agency and officially join.

I wrote to a several ladies and through writing I was very drawn to Oksana. We had so many things in common and really had a good chemistry though letters and phone conversations. So, we had planned to meet in March, but things did not work out for that time frame and we finally met in July When I arrived at the Airport after a long flight, I was greeted by Michael who was full of energy and very happy to see me.

Once I met Michael all my anxiety and worry disappeared and I knew I had made a good decision. After a quick tour of the city, Michael took me to my apartment very clean so I might get ready for my meeting with Oksana. I was so nervous waiting for Oksana, when I saw Oksana walk in through the door; I knew she was the one. I felt such warmness and love for her. She was 10x more beautiful in person than I ever imagined. But most importantly she is my best friend and the relationship we established before our meeting quickly turned into fireworks!!!!.

We where together the entire time I was in Kharkov, nothing could separate us. We both decided to start the visa process and we are looking forward to start our life together!! So please do not let your fears keep you from having a life changing experience. I have found a true life partner and I am very blessed man. Michael has permission to share contact information with any potential clients who may have questions about traveling to the agency.

I ended up spending the entire week with the most beautiful and kindest person I have ever met. The city is filled with amazing people and things to see and do, if I can give you just one piece of advice though it would be prepare to do a lot of walking. I was not looking for love at the club or in a bar here and I was a little hesitant to try this at first but I can now say it has been a life changing experience for me.

I am already planning to go back soon and am grateful for Michael helping us find each other. Sincerely, Thomas Viktoria and Howard met in the Mordinson marriage agency in Summer Today we received a wonderful letter and pictures from this beautiful family and it's our pleasure to share the letter and pictures with you!!!

We are still happily married, and, as you can see, two years ago God has blessed us with our little Princess, Anastasia. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts again for bringing us together! Keep up the good work! And of course you may use our pictures on you website to encourage more couples to date!: Love, Vita, Howard and Anastasia! First, guys, don't be scared by the media hype over a few skirmishes in the far Eastern part of the country.

Kharkov is calm and safe. I did not see any unrest. If you are really scared, you can spend the entire time in the complex where the agency and the apartment is located and just go to cafes in the complex.

This agency has the highest standards of ethics of any agency I've seen in this country. I met 10 girls. The 11th girl stood me up, and she was removed from the site for not responding and giving a good reason for not coming. The other women arrived exactly at the appointed meeting time. They were all real, and serious about marrying a foreign man and leaving their home country. There was zero sign of the usual foreign dating scams in this country.

The apartment was excellent, and Michael was a cheerful and friendly host. The family prefers to only host one client in Kharkov at a time, so you get personal attention. Michael helped me buy a train ticket, and recommend meeting places and activities in Kharkov. He offered a personal tour, as well.

I have all the necessary contact info and I will return soon and hopefully move toward engagement and marriage with 1 of the 4 ladies I liked most. Mein Name ist Stefan. Ich bin ende 40zig und geschieden. Im Sptsommer entschloss ich mich nach mehreren Beziehungsenttuschungen mich in die Hande von einer profesionellen Partnervermittlung zu begeben.

Ich wollte keine einfache Agentur, sondern eine Agentur die bereit ist, mir Hilfe bis zur Hochzeit zuleisten!! Nach dem ich kontakt mit Darya Mordinson aufgenommen hatte. Den Vorstellungsbrief versendet hatte, dann mit einige Damen kontakt bekommen hatte, flog ich in Herbst nach Kharkiv. Ich wurde in Kharkiv am Flughafen von Michael Mordinson abgeholt.

Wir fuhren ins Appartment. Der Apartmentkomplex wird selbstverstandlich von Security bewacht! Ich traf den Tag darauf die Damen und wir gingen nach dem Treffen spazieren oder essen!!

Mit einer Dame traf ich mich taglich, meist abends!!! Wir gingen aus, genossen die gemeinsame Zeit und begannen eine Beziehung. In keiner Phase meines Aufenthaltes hatte ich das Gefuhl in eines mir feindlichen Umgebung zusein. Ich fuhlte mich wohl. Ich muss aber gestehen: Ich als Mensch der auf dem Lande auf gewachsen ist. Sie konnen sich voll und ganz um die Frau ihres Herzen kummern und den Weg in eine Beziehung ebnen!!

Ich habe diese Gluck gefunden und werde die nexten Wochen wieder nach Kharkiv reisen. Ich wunsche ihnen allen viel Gluck und Erfolg!!! This feeling was confirmed after I signed up for their service and started communicating with the ladies.

The professionalism, personal attention, honesty really won me over. Michael and his team truly did a great job at helping me communicate translation service was as prompt and accurate as it can get! I was picked up promptly at the airport and felt like being treated more like a friend than just a client. My stay was very comfortable, the apartment was nicely furnished and clean.

I got what i wanted, when i wanted which included currency exchange, cell phone and minor things like change of towels, laundry service, hailing a cab or suggesting what to get for a lady when visiting her home for the first time. I would highly recommend Michael and his agency to anyone who is seriously looking to find a partner in Ukraine. Anna and Brandon Canada 24th May I have just recently returned from an eleven day stay in the city of Kharkiv. I would like to say that I enjoyed my time there very much.

It is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. I was very nervous about traveling to Ukraine with the political situation that was happening there. I had done a lot of reading before I went. As confident as I was that it would be safe there, I still had doubts until I got there and could see for myself. I am very happy to say that I saw nothing that made me feel threatened in any way.

In my eleven days I walk all over the city and did not see anything like you would see in the news. Everything about my trip exceeded my expectations. The Mordinson agency treated me great. The apartment is great and feels like home. I was worried about the language barrier being a problem. If you speak english you will have no problems finding your way around. All the ladies I meet where exactly what I expected them to be.

I am very happy to say that I meet a great lady and we hit it off right away. We spent everyday that I was there together, and we continue to communicate with each other everyday.

I owe a huge thank to Micheal, Alla, and Maxim for my time in Kharkiv being such a great success. However, I need not have had any concerns, whatsoever. I have just returned home from what I can only describe as an incredible experience. One that has changed my life forever. Maybe I was slightly different from most people browsing through the ladies portraits on the Mordinson web site. I already had in mind a picture of my ideal partner. I can't believe I saw the girl of my dreams within seconds.

I only wrote to Natalie. Two months later I was on my way to meet the most incredible woman I've ever met. During those two months the service I received from Michael was first class.

Every mail I sent was almost immediately responded to confriming his acceptance and forwarding to Natalie. I found a lively, vibrant city with no evidence whatsoever of any political problems. In fact the only gathering of a large number of people was for the City's bicycle day , for which thousands turned out! A day I will never forget. After settling into the excellent apartment Michael introduced me to the local area with his tour. His enthusiasm and dedication to me as his client, was outstanding.

Available 24 hours a day to answer any problems you may have As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. With Michael, you will get what you expect. It's just a first rate service. I felt compelled to write these few words after my truly amazing experience. In fact, if you have any real concerns, ask me personally. I will be happy to anwer you. Contact me through Michael. Beautiful, honest, truthful, respectful, excellent morals, very intelligent and mine!

I have found my perfect partner. If the other ladies available at Mordinson are anything like Natalie you'd be foolish not to pursue your dream.

Mine has become reality. Hans also gave us permission to share his e-mail address with our potential clients who are interested to talk to somebody who used services of the Mordinson marriage agency. Kharkov turned to be an absolutely safe and interesting city. I didn't notice any political unrest of which we hear now in the western media. I saw a rally of about 50 people on the huge Liberty Square, but I could have easily overseen it. Already on the first evening all my worries regarding safety were dispersed and I felt absolutely secure and relaxed.

On the second day Michael took me on a small Sightseeing Tour by foot. I felt that I am treated really personally! After the sightseeing there were meetings in the afternoon and evening. Michael translated at these meetings in a very nice way, with humor and sensibility, it made me really feel relaxed. I had more of a feeling that I am around with a friend who also helped to translate rather than with an interpreter, to whom there is no personal relation.

I was also able to share my thoughts with MIchael about results with the ladies - I found it very relaxing and helpful. Michael found in this a perfect balance between discretion and personal interest. This contributed certainly to extraordinary quality of the personal service.

Within 7 days in Kharkov I met 7 very attractive, interesting and educated women. I met 3 of them my favorites many times to be able to check the mutual chemistry. From todays point of view, if it was possible, I would have planned to stay a few days longer to make the connection deeper and first of all, to enjoy the time with one lady, with whom I developed the most beautiful contact. It was really pity that I had to leave on 3rd of May because of work We are very happy to post the video this wonderful couple made in the Mordinson studio on the last day of Marc's stay in Ukraine.

It was a wonderful 9 days of spending time with a beautiful lady, touring the city, eating wonderful food and meeting very friendly people. I enjoyed Gorky Park, seeing many memorials, and boating on the inner city waterway.

I look forward to coming back very soon to spend my time with my lovely lady and seeing more of the beautiful city of Kharkov After travelling to Ukraine and meeting with a very special woman I felt it was appropriate to share my story and experiences. Like many previous clients of Mordinson's Marriage Agency my story of course begins in my home country, which is New Zealand for me! There's nothing exceptional about me, I'm an average bloke with a regular job, who enjoys the outdoors and hanging out with my friends.

About a year ago I was in abit of a dating slump, but my curiosity for an international relationship was actually inspired by a friend. He's married to a lovely Brazilian woman and seeing how happy his family is really got me thinking. I remember talking to him about what it's like being married to someone from a different culture and who speaks another language, I've known him for a long time and I can honestly say I've never seen him more happy or content.

So the next thing I did was research, there are a number of large companies out there but I did not feel comfortable with them. Online there is a lot of information about online dating with a foreign woman, most of it is either advertising or reviews about scams. So far this story isn't really getting off to a good start, but I assure you everything works out! For myself the most useful information came from the Ukraine dating blog by Krystyna, and this is where I first encountered Mordinson Marriage Agency.

I had a look at the website and was happy with the reviews about the agency. I decided to contact Michael to ask a few questions I had and the response I received was straight forward and down to earth.

Satisfied I took the next step and wrote my introduction letter and sent it to some of the ladies I was interested in. A few days later I had my responses and I then bought an emailing service for one month to begin my correspondence with three wonderful woman. After the first month had passed I believe I had enough in common with these ladies to continue writing to them. I can tell you writing to these woman has been a delight and I was happy to share each other's hopes and dreams. After a while I knew who I wanted to meet and I took the next step by planning my flight to Ukraine.

At the time of writing this review, there is a lot of media coverage of the political situation in Ukraine. I can tell you from my experiences, Kharkov is a safe and well-adjusted city. Demonstrations do occur but nothing of significance happens and they're peaceful. The people of Kharkov are friendly and helpful, they really want nothing more than for the situation of Ukraine to return to normal so they can carry on with their lives.

That being said, I think you'd like to hear about my meeting. Michael picked me up at the airport after my very long flight and it was good to finally be in Ukraine. No problems were encountered by customs and I was soon on my way to the apartment. There is also a small plaza around the corner where you can buy everyday items of food as well as a number of restaurants within walking distance.

McDonalds isn't too far either if you're looking for something from home! I slept well and my meeting took place the following evening. When I first saw her I was breathless, she was even more beautiful in real life and the photos online don't do justice to her!

We went to a coffee cafe and walked around the city. At the end of our meeting we both agreed to continue spending time with each other to get to know one another. Those six days went by far too fast for me! The woman I met is the most kind, considerate and gentle person I've had the pleasure of knowing. We're now planning a holiday together in Turkey later on this year, which we are both excited about!

Overall I can't overstate how impressed I was with the service provided by Michael, he is an honest and transparent guy. Michael remains unobtrusive and leaves the couples to themselves. Naturally if your lady doesn't speak English a translator will be provided. Just remember this is a business, but he truly does have your best interests at heart. The woman I had the privilege of getting to know through correspondence are genuine and very lady like, it's refreshing to see old fashion etiquette and these woman expect you to know these customs, so get used to the idea of being a gentleman when you met you future girlfriend or wife!

Lastly I like to thank Michael for all the small things he did that made my stay enjoyable, it has definitely been worthwhile making the journey here to meet my very special woman. Inna and Matt the USA January 11th, If you are serious in looking for a decent and serious lady to become your wife - Mordinson agency is the one you can fully trust and rely on!

Place provided by Mordinson agency was safe, clean and modern apartment, it made me feel home, besides Michael's hospitality and unbelievable professionalism impressed me the most. He was available 24 Hrs. With his full time to assist in translating phone conversations and attending dates to help understand each other if there was a language barrier. As far as the ladies: No game at all!

Plus, ladies in Ukraine are very educated, respectful and they are romantic. And most importantly, I found my love with the help of Mordinson agency! I appreciate it so much and I certainly suggest you consider giving chance to Mordinson.

Please request my info to get in touch with me if you have any concerns or questions. Mordinson agency has the permission to give my contact info.

Thank you once again for the agreement to give an interview to my Ukrainian dating blog. Before we start, please tell us briefly how you found your wife. As far as I know, you met her in the Mordinson marriage agency http: How was the service you got in this agency different from what you experienced before you found Mordinson? Yes, I was very pleased with the personal attention I received at Mordinson. I went in to this whole thing very cautious because of some of the stories that I read about on the internet.

When I started to look around I felt uneasy with the first couple of places so I gave Mordinson a try. I was never pressured and everything that was expected was delivered. They have a really nice business there! Mordinson staff joins the families and friends of the couple in their wholehearted greetings on that joyous occasion! Have a wonderful life together and always love each other!!! I will give you a little background information about me, before I tell you why I ended up choosing the Mordinson Agency.

I am a 37 years old, white male from the United States. I am nice looking,employed, financially responsible, and a good decent person. I have been in many relationships, with many nice women from the US over the years, but never actually felt ready for the responsibility or desire for marriage until recently. Many of my friends are married to American women many quite unhappily I might add , but I have yet to find the right woman for me.

Die Partnervermittlung bietet drei verschiedene Vertragslaufzeiten an, die im Preis variieren. Grundsätzlich gilt, um so länger der Vertrag dauert, desto günstiger ist er. Abhängig von der Region und der Jahreszeit kann es ab und an zu leicht veränderten Preisen kommen. Ist ein Vertrag allerdings abgeschlossen, bleibt der Preis unter Garantie konstant. Die folgende Tabelle zeigt eine Übersicht der Mitgliedschaften: Die Parship Kosten für eine Premium-Mitgliedschaft liegen im oberen Preissegment und verdeutlichen, dass sich die Partnerbörse vorrangig an Akademiker und Besserverdiener richtet, die bereit sind für den guten Service, den Parship zweifelsohne bietet, etwas mehr Geld auszugeben.

Die Leistungen von Parship. Die tatsächlichen Kosten sind abhängig von verschiedenen Faktoren und können variieren. Oft geht es deutlich günstiger und Sie können damit Ihre Parship-Kosten deutlich reduzieren. Parship vermittelt nicht Partner für jede Gesellschaftsschicht, sondern vielmehr vor einem intellektuellen Hintergrund.

Selbst Lesben und Schwule werden bei Parship nicht ausgeschlossen, chatten aber über ein besonderes Gay-Parship Portal miteinander. Das Mindesteinstiegsalter liegt bei 18 Jahren, wobei sich das Durchschnittsalter der Parship Mitglieder zwischen 40 und 42 Jahren bewegt.

Um sich vor Scheinanmeldungen zu schützen werden sämtliche Profilaktivitäten bei Parship von einer internen Prüfkommission überwacht und bei einem Missbrauchsverdacht von jeglicher Nutzung ausgeschlossen. Wenn man sich bei parship. Zu Beginn durchläuft man einen minütigen Fragebogen , welcher mit insgesamt 80 Fragen bestückt ist. Persönliche Angaben wie Hobbys, Freizeitaktivitäten und Vorlieben sind hierbei genauso wichtig wie die Partner-Wunschvorstellung.

Sämtliche Angaben können im Nachhinein selbstverständlich wieder verändert und auf den aktuellen Stand gebracht werden. Zur Anmeldung gehört weiterhin ein Psychologie-Teil , dessen Angaben für den kompletten Zeitraum der Mitgliedschaft bindend sind.

Um sich andern Nutzern besser präsentieren zu können, ist es bei Parship möglich 9 Bilder dem Profil hinzuzufügen. Mit Hilfe eines internen Fotobearbeitungsprogramms können diese bei Bedarf retuschiert, zugeschnitten oder aufgewertet werden. Wer diese Bilder aber letztendlich sehen darf, bleibt ganz allein dem Profilinhaber überlassen.

Jedes Nutzerprofil umfasst einfache Ankreuz-Angaben und selbst erstellte Texte zu gezielten Fragestellungen. Der Gestaltungsfreiheit sind somit keine Grenzen gesetzt. Das Vermittlungsverfahren basiert bei Parship auf einem Computeralgorithmus, welcher 30 paarpsychologisch relevante Dimensionen der Persönlichkeit erfasst. Mitentwickler war Professor Schmale von der Universität Hamburg.

Mitglieder von Parship unterscheiden sich grundsätzlich in ihrem Status Nicht-Premium-Mitglied oder Premium-Mitglied , was für die Algorithmus Berechnung bislang wenig von Bedeutung war. Nach einer deutlichen Verbesserung kann das Computerprogramm nun auch Angaben zum Aktivitäts-Status machen.

Passive-Nicht-Premium-Mitglieder können nicht zurück schreiben und werden diesbezüglich auch nur noch seltener zur Vermittlung in Betracht gezogen.

Die Anzahl der erhaltenen Kontaktvorschläge hängt grundsätzlich von den eigenen Einstellungen ab. Nimmt man hingegen eine Sortierung nach dem gegenseitigen Übereinstimmungsgrad vor maximale Punktzahl beträgt , so fällt die Anzahl schon deutlich geringer aus. Vom theoretischen Aspekt gesehen, kann man mit etwaigen Anpassungen der Angaben dennoch über Kontaktvorschläge bekommen.

Für den Grad der Übereinstimmung macht sich das Computerprogramm bestimmte Kriterien zu nutze. Selbst hochgeladene Bilder können aber nur dann eingesehen werden, wenn der Inhaber dies gestattet.

Eine prozentige Vermittlungsgarantie kann Parship aber nicht bieten.

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