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On one occasion, Brummel informed them they were not living up to his expectations. Sometime afterwards, the group were touring with Saves the Day. Brummel became more positive in his interactions, frequently calling the band "just to say hello, or to ask how record sales at shows were going. Instead of Tony's relationship with us being based on a love for music, it was based entirely on numbers.

The situation caused the creation of the Five Stories Falling EP , a release the band used to fulfill contractual obligations with Victory Records. At live shows, the band routinely told fans not to purchase the EP , but instead to download "Jet Black New Year", the only new studio recording found on the EP, with the rest consisting of live performances of four Full Collapse songs.

The group, who "didn't understand [anything] about major labels", pondered about other independent labels they would join. Throughout , people from major label Island Records had been to the band's shows since they became a full-time touring act.

Soon after, the label expressed interest in signing the band. In late May , the group announced they had signed to Island Records, [11] following a bidding war between other major labels. With expectation building for their follow-up album, Rickly wanted their next album to be "really aggressive and progressive They said they had accumulated a lot of ideas but were unable to work on them due touring. In mid-November, the group began writing new material.

After an entire writing and recording process that took only six months, the band issued their third album and major label debut, War All the Time , on September 16, to critical acclaim and strong commercial performance. War All the Time was the first release to feature Andrew Everding on keyboards, though he would not become an official member of the band until December , when he was officially welcomed into the band at a Christmas holiday show held at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey.

The album's title, coupled with it being released approximately two years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, , led many critics to believe it was a political album; however, Rickly has denied this on many accounts, instead claiming that he is speaking about love being a war.

On these tours, Thursday performed many in-store acoustic sessions at various Tower Records stores and other record stores. The band also recorded a live acoustic session for Y Sonic Sessions, a radio program on the now defunct Philadelphia -based radio station, Y The band released two EPs: The band went on an indefinite hiatus in , citing label pressure, extensive touring, and health problems as the reasons.

In fall , five Thursday demo songs were stolen from the iPod of the tour manager for My American Heart , a band Rickly had recently collaborated with for their song "We Are the Fabrication". The band issued a statement on their official website stating that they were disappointed the unfinished products leaked, but that they were glad that people take that much interest in their music. The band confirmed the title of one demo, "At This Velocity" and promised it would make their upcoming album.

Thursday had originally toyed with the idea of a double album to follow up War All the Time but the idea was scrapped, reporting on their website that they believed "not even The Beatles could properly fill two discs with enough worthy material". The album was produced by Dave Fridmann , becoming Thursday's first full-length album not produced by Sal Villanueva. The album was available for preview on the band's MySpace page on April 18, , two weeks before it was officially released.

A City by the Light Divided was generally received well by critics, spawning two singles: The band left Island Records in early At their New Year's Eve show at the Starland Ballroom , the band announced that they will be writing and recording new material in Thursday also held a performance on May 5 at The Bamboozle under the fake name Bearfort.

Thursday cancelled all tour plans until their fall tour with Circle Takes the Square and Portugal. The album was released on October 30, by their former label Victory Records. Thursday announced on April 2, , via a MySpace bulletin and their official website, a new split album with Japanese post-hardcore band Envy.

The band announced on September 30, that they had signed with Epitaph Records , regarding their new label the band stated: In a March interview, Rickly explained the album's title refers to humanity's shared experience, and that many of the songs were influenced by the words of his favorite poets and authors: Another song is based on a book [ Martin Amis '] Time's Arrow. The whole record also has a lot of themes from Roberto Bolano , a poet who wrote The Savage Detectives and a few other things.

Thursday began recording their next album in July , at Tarbox Road Studios in Fredonia, New York with Dave Fridmann, who had also produced the group's two previous albums. The songs are more vulnerable than they've been in a long time. However, the statement about the status of band was ambiguous, not stating explicitly in the article whether they were breaking up or on an indefinite hiatus. For now, at least. In January , Geoff Rickly stated during an interview that Thursday had in fact disbanded, and that the term "hiatus" was misleading as it had only been used in case the band did ever decided to play a show again.

He did, however, indicate that there was a possibility for the band to play shows in the future, but no new material would ever be produced. Since their disbandment, Rickly formed the band No Devotion in with former members of the band Lostprophets , and has continued his side-project United Nations.

Tucker Rule became the touring drummer for the British Boy Band The Wanted , the pop-punk band Yellowcard and works as a hired musician as well as studio drummer. In January , former members of Thursday posted a picture of themselves hanging out to Rickly's Twitter account. This sparked rumors that the band would soon be reuniting, however Rickly quickly dispelled these rumors saying that their communication was minimal in the five years since disbanding and they were "just finally mending some fences and healing some old wounds.

Two months later, Thursday announced they would reunite for Atlanta, Georgia's Wrecking Ball music festival in August Earlier this year, we were able to reconcile all of our differences and spend time together. This is a vital component to what we loved about being in Thursday and we're happy to say that we'll be playing this show as the same line-up that began touring together on Full Collapse and jointly worked on every record since. On June 15, the band's official Instagram posted a picture of a show bill announcing a 'homecoming' on December 30 at Starland Ballroom.

The caption on the Instagram post read, "NJ-you won't believe the homecoming we have planned. On January 31, , the band announced a 24 date tour to take place in March and April Thursday used a dove logo which featured on much of the band's artwork and merchandise. The dove is believed to have been conceived by guitarist Tom Keeley on a tour bus sometime before Full Collapse was recorded.

Lyrics from the song " Cross Out the Eyes " on the album reference a dove twice, but it is unknown if these lyrics were inspired by the dove art or vice versa. The band also used a second logo, a red bullseye with a small chevron below it. This logo first appeared on the cover art for A City by the Light Divided in , and featured on merchandise related to the album. It can also be seen faded in the background of the cover for Kill the House Lights.

Additionally, Shepard Fairey Creator of Obey created artwork for the band with a new dove logo, which has been used on other works by Fairey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thursday Thursday in Book of Mormon Central. Thursday — September 13, We have assembled probably the top team of Book of Mormon scholars and communicators in the Church. The Church is now referring anyone with questions about the Book of Mormon to us.

Several members of the team will present special insights into the Book of Mormon. I, Kirk Magleby, will conclude by introducing Book of Mormon Central, explain what we have accomplished since we began publishing in , and show the exciting things we have coming up in the near future that members of your group may want to pay attention to. My segment will run about 10 minutes. We will then open up for about 10 minutes of questions and answers.

Neal Rappleye is a young scholar with many publications to his credit. Daniel Smith is a superb videographer who specializes in helping people visualize the scriptures. Jasmin Rappleye is a young scholar and visual artist. I Kirk Magleby own a technology company.

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