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August einen Platz in einer Kindertageseinrichtung für ihr Kind benötigen, können sich vom 1. November dieses Jahres in einer Kita ihrer Wahl in die Vormerkliste eintragen lassen. Eltern, die sich bereits im Vorjahr eingetragen und bislang keinen Platz erhalten haben, müssen sich in diesem Jahr erneut in der Liste vormerken lassen.

Eltern können mit ihren Kindern an diesen Tagen die Räumlichkeiten besichtigen, pädagogische Fragen stellen und sich über das Konzept der Einrichtung ihrer Wahl informieren. Am kommenden Montag, Auch in der Zeit vom September finden im Hagener Stadtgebiet wieder kommunale Geschwindigkeitsüberwachungen an Gefahrenstellen, Unfallschwerpunkten und in schutzwürdigen Zonen statt.

Manchmal staunen die Mitarbeiter der Hagener Ordnungsbehörde, die schon viel gesehen haben, dann doch noch.

So wie gestern September , als sie durch das St. Um die Tiere in Obhut zu nehmen und zu versorgen, organisierte die Ordnungsbehörde die Schlüssel zur Wohnung. So wurden, neben neun rund 1,50 Meter hohen Pflanzen, noch Dosen voller Haschkekse und Behälter voller Cannabisblüten gesichtet.

September, von 17 bis Bringen Sie sich in diesen spannenden Prozess aktiv mit ein und schmieden Sie gemeinsam mit an der Zukunft unserer Stadt Hagen! Über eine eigene Projekthomepage können Sie sich bereits informieren! Mit dem Mängelmelder der Stadt Hagen ist es ganz einfach, die Verwaltung über Missstände zu informieren. Helfen auch Sie mit, dass unser Hagen weiterhin liebens- und lebenswert bleibt!

Never been with one. You will find me actually admiring a white male then I have to scold myself for betraying my affirmative action principles. November 16, at November 17, at 9: November 17, at 1: I am a black South African woman dating a man from Serbia, and I know that my man will have to deal with some of the culture differences when he meets my friends and family — I felt the exact same thing when I was in Serbia visiting him.

The hair thing is the biggest thing — I have had there hairstyles since September, but he seems to love it. Think I will send him the link to this article, or better yet, buy him the book for Christmas. Thanks for the honesty — I am such a racist too! November 18, at 4: Kak Funny in parts. November 18, at 7: November 18, at 8: I loved this blog, totally funny. I will be sure to get your book, need a good laugh. November 18, at 9: November 19, at 3: Marrying a black girl: November 19, at Haha, this is a awesome blog.

November 19, at 1: November 20, at 6: As a foreigner Nigerian who has lived, schooled and worked in South Africa going on 11 Years… I can relate.

The shock with the new hair is something I have had to deal with quite a few time. November 20, at 8: What is your wordpress address? Also, do you have a hot brother? November 20, at Hagen U so rock its not funny…. Funny,lighthearted but very true. November 20, at 2: November 20, at 3: November 20, at 4: You think saying you are racist is cool.

And people think your blog is cool. I have something to add to list being a African girl… please have your IQ tested before your ass shows up because I would never date a man whose IQ is as low as …. And blogging is not your purpose in life. Your blogging needs to add value…. Educate yourself, improve yourself, leave the world better place than you found it. Otherwise your articles just show what kind of human being you are. OR is your niche market uneducated white men?

November 21, at Nina, most people here, including myself, enjoyed reading this. What he wrote above is a very honest writing: So Nina, deal with it. Sorry, Thabo I had no idea an article like this would be funny to anyone especially post apartheid. Seems you guys find humor in anything!! November 20, at 5: I enjoyed your article. Light hearted and amusing. We need such as South Africans. November 21, at 2: Hagen i love his blog.. November 22, at 6: November 23, at 8: Nina please get a life!

Hagen great article, its good to sometimes talk abt these things, no pretense. November 24, at Nima, clearly you have some very serious personal issues that you need to deal with as is reflected by your somewhat unintelligible and unnecessary rant.

In fact, I think you may be the one who is illiterate! And as for him mentioning racism, of course we all are racist, whether one wants to admit it or not. December 11, at 2: You got me laughing… This is so funny! I gotta get my whitey husband to read this, I bet he will relate.

January 14, at 7: Hagen well done , just came across this now only. This was so funny and well written it actually makes me wanna date a man of a different culture or ethnic group. January 31, at 1: January 29, at 9: February 8, at 3: Especially about the hair part! February 17, at April 27, at 7: Looking forward to reading more of your posts, you have a very funny,cool way of relating,lol. Where are you guys hiding? Pls do send some my way, hagen. April 29, at 7: I know there are some decent guys out there.

Especially the slightly older ones who might have got the pomping impulse out of their systems. April 30, at 1: Your lady is a very lucky woman to have such an insightfull guy.. May 5, at 9: It seems you get it. The piece is satirising small-town PE insecurity about constantly losing its punters to the glamour of Cape Town.

Obviously PE locals have to justify their living in the Bay — they do it something like this. June 19, at August 7, at 4: September 12, at 4: Lol this is such a great read!!

I cracked at the hair part, this one white guy once asked me how I could invest so much time on my hair! I can tell you have experienced all this first hand. I love South Africa, our differences are very interesting. September 19, at 3: My wish is to date a white guy ever since I was a teenager I wished I could meet one.

Can someone hook me up. September 29, at 1: July 7, at 3: You have captured the experience perfectly. September 27, at October 5, at January 26, at August 25, at 2: Oh wow, what an article — there are lots of truths and a good laugh!!!!!!!!!!

I was surprised when I spoke about the stokvel grocery contributions to my dashing Italian colleague and he responded that he knew what I talking about because he dated a black girl in the past. He says this after I exhausted my English trying to explain: Hagen Writer for television, print and digital, corporate and editorial. Editor and writer of books. Musical performance, spoken word as Inspector Ras.

The last whitey at umsebenzi. We need better ears…. The New Frank Talk. SamuAfri - Reply January 25, at 7: Hagen Engler - Reply January 25, at 7: Sbuda69 - Reply January 25, at 8: Anonymous - Reply January 25, at 8: Phuti Rapheeha - Reply January 25, at 8: Clay - Reply January 25, at 8: Anonymous - Reply January 25, at 9: Dr Lifesgud - Reply January 25, at 9: GingerGoi - Reply January 25, at 9: Patrick Ndlovu - Reply January 25, at Anonymous - Reply January 25, at Mxolisi Ngonelo - Reply January 25, at KeNakoNow - Reply January 25, at 2: Anonymous - Reply January 25, at 2: Vuyelwa Portia Xola - Reply January 25, at 6: Anonymous - Reply January 25, at 7: Anonymous - Reply January 26, at 6: Hagen Engler - Reply January 26, at 9: Rose - Reply April 26, at 4: Please hook Me up with a White hubby.

I am black female Anonymous - Reply January 27, at Anonymous - Reply February 11, at 6: Anonymous - Reply March 19, at 4: Anonymous - Reply March 25, at 7: Anonymous - Reply June 9, at 5: Queen B - Reply July 12, at 4: Anonymous - Reply September 1, at 9: Dude you are great. I am not tied of reading it. Very, very awesome piece. Billz - Reply October 23, at Anonymous - Reply November 26, at 1: Sharon - Reply December 7, at 7: Silibaziso Mkwananzi - Reply March 19, at 4: Hagen, hagen, hagen, telling it like it is!!

I luv it man!! Erika - Reply April 16, at 6: When do we gwt to read her side of the story? Hagen Engler - Reply April 17, at 5: Irene von Buddenbrock - Reply July 16, at 8: Anonymous - Reply July 17, at 8: Eulenda - Reply September 4, at 9: Hagen - Reply September 5, at 8: Mary - Reply October 11, at 3: Spot on and hilarious.

Where can I purchase it? Hagen - Reply October 14, at 5: Pw - Reply November 17, at 7: Are you going to have copies available on Amazon? Sandor Oroszi - Reply October 16, at 9: Hagen - Reply October 30, at 8: Thanks for your interest and support, Sandor. I hope you enjoy the book! Mr Fox - Reply October 17, at 6: Yeah, hang in there. Mpho - Reply November 7, at 8: Hagen - Reply November 12, at Tumi Orenisi - Reply November 7, at Monica - Reply November 15, at 9: Lester Hein - Reply November 16, at Thato - Reply November 17, at 1: Sips - Reply November 18, at 7:

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