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The unit reported to Incirlik. I was stationed at Tuslog from We provided communications for the Turkish 1st Army to Ankara.

We had a complement on average of USAF personnel. Many of the Tuslog locations had a complement of Army personnel assigned to those locations also but we did not.

We lived in a suburb of Istanbul on the Asian side. We combined resources and rented a large house and lived among the locals.

Our support base was located at Karamursel. First day on base in daylight revealed about a thousand Konex boxes, a cement and tar plant and two missile shelters. First months spent in hotel in Izmir and drove back and forth to base. Had no fire hose for our trucks for several months!

Had to fight all fires with our crash equipment. After a few months they brought in trailers and then built barracks. Was there during Cuban Missile Crisis. We didn't have any aircraft in the beginning, only what came in from Wheelus, Italy and USAFE bringing everything in to build the base. Turkish Air Force had several Fs and some propeller driven aircraft. The five Launch Pad sites for the Jupiters were established and armed while I was there. Left the base in February Lived in downtown Izmir for 1 year, then on-base for the remainder of my tour.

Det Cmdr was Col. I was there in and We manned an HF radio network and a newly installed microwave site. We supported communications for a US Army unit of about men, all in the middle of a Turkish Army compound about 35 miles north of Istanbul.

The tropo sites were on the same net. Our support unit was in Istanbul. We did not wear uniforms when in Istanbul. The Google Earth coordinates for this site are The station operated at Khz using a 50 watt transmitter. In the station began using the KCFR station identifier to make it sound more stateside. We aired carefully edited commercials, callsigns and show styles from stations in the US. In August Col. During July to June , prior to the transfer of said individuals, "The Unknowns" were the most highly regarded stage acts in all of Southwestern Turkey.

The band performed two shows a day at the American Providian for an entire month. Fair ran from mid August to mid September Det 's name changed sometime in the mid s to Det 12, Communications Group. In , approximately 35 US Air Force personnel were assigned one captain and 34 enlisted.

Det 67 was housed in the same facility. Although technically the US Army called this a hardship tour, it remains one of the best experiences of my life. Rugged terrain, paved by dangerously curved mountain roads and about a man staff who hated being there. Welcome to Malatya tropo - Tropospheric Scatter is a method of transmitting and receiving long-distance signals by bouncing them off the Troposphere in order to combat shadowing caused by the earth's roundness.

It was enough warning for me to avoid prolonged visits beyond the fence perimeter. After that they were assigned to regular units. All personnel assigned to Balikesir were directed to report to TUSLOG Det Izmir upon arrival for indoctrination and processing and upon departure for out processing. We were a tropospheric scatter radio relay site, about 6 acres in size.

We also were the microwave link to Incirlik CDI. We were located only six miles from the Mediterranean Sea. We had a 14 foot power boat for recreation and spent a lot of time down at the beach. Quickly get a discount and cashback for usual purchases in outlets you are interested in. Choose your dream trip! Individual tours or last minute travel offers.

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