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Soldier details inside would indicate post war use. The front facings have been sand toned. Usually awarded to RAF and Commonwealth aircrew. Issued 'To all those men and women of both military and civilian services, who lived, served, and died in the East Kent district '. Spink London maker marked mounting bar at top. British and Commonwealth Army Edwardian Officers Service Belt Kings Crown a well used but very early post Victorian leather belt with officer or possibly senior nco pattern two part brass buckle.

VR cypher at centre. Good well used condition. Unable to read the date on this one. I believe the owners surname was Walker. Crown of Queen Elizabeth II at centre. I would guess King George VI era,. Coronation souvenir of the King who abdicated.

Old maritime crown approx 2. British and Commonwealth Merchant Navy Veterans Blazer Badge well made used machine embroidered blazer patch approx 3. British and Commonwealth Military Button Stick brass army type button stick approx 6. British and Commonwealth Military Musicians Qualification Patch Kings Crown a well used bandsman's qualification badge for a member of an official band.

Pre pattern and circa WW2 for a guess. I would assume they are for a shirt or light mack. Queen Elizabeth II pattern approx 1. British and Commonwealth WW1 Commemorative Medallion Centenary a nicely struck approx crown size coin type medal set in card outer.

Named on reverse ; C2 W. Looks like these were intended for a display. Salonika in white paint on the reverse base. Royal cypher with Kings crown on front cover. British Armed Forces Cyprus Medallion large white metal or plated non portable medal approx 2. Not sure if it is a commemorative or unamed sports medal. Famous former cavalry regiment.

Kings Crown at top. British Army 13th Hussars Commemorative Dish well struck copper mini tray or dish. British Army 14th 20th King's Hussars Brass Cap Badge Firmin a good lightly used example hard brass cap badge of this former cavalry regiment. British Army 14th King's Hussars Bazaar Badge an old Indian made cast brass cap badge of this former cavalry regiment.

Pattern might have been used by a couple of other units. It seems however to have never had any fittings on the reverse. Probably a Regimental Police or Band cap badge hich someone has added the red bits to. Most likely a veterans item. I would guess post war from around the s. I would guess late war or early post war.

British Army Pattern Gymnasium Practice Sword a reasonable example training sword in well used condition. British Army s Parka developed for the Korean War. Size 1 for 34" to 36" chest.

Dated by FAM Co with item number ; White or heavily plated metal in good used condition. Lancaster added in Crown and cypher of King George V at centre. The badge was previously on a display board with mostly WW1 insignia which had all had the fttings removed. Scarce white metal enlisted pattern Militia cap badge. Three lug type fittings on reverse. Kings crown at top which has been put back on with solder.

It has a single lug fitting on the top but I would guess it was a slider fitting originally. Crown of Queen Victoria at top.

Possibly a Fox's copy made for veterans in the early s. Pre pattern in thick hard brass approx. It has probably had replacement lug fittings somewhere along the way. Its old but I doubt its pre McKenzie 72nd Foot, the other two to Pte A.

McKenzie 1st Seaforth H. Really rubbed and some details missing or very difficult to make out. Looks old enough to be RASC era but could be later. Crown of Queen Elizabeth II at top. Wrightson on the Palestine and Capt F. Wrightson on the Army GSM. The Martin Patented Buckle. Before the award of the Royal title. Most likely Great War era with slider type fitting on the reverse.

Signs of age of use and tarnishing. British Army Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment Sweetheart Brooch an old well used veteran or sweetheart pin badge bearing the emblem of this former regiment. Crown of Queen Elizabeth II. Would have also had a brass retention loop which is not with it. British and Commonwealth military pattern patch approx 2.

Lion and crown of Queen Elizabeth II at top. Makers label on reverse for Whitehead of Newark Nottinghamshire. Some edge knocks etc but to a great Scottish Regiment.

The red at centre has worn off and is maker marked J. Gaunt London on the slider. Scarce Queen Elizabeth II era hard white metal cap badge.

British Army Border Regiment Officer's Cap Badge nice example of a bronzed pre officer pattern cap badge of this famous former regiment,. British Army Border Regiment Sweetheart Veterans Brooch a well made bronze finish metal pre pattern emblem of this former regiment.

On wood base approx 4. Impressed naming to J. Good overall condition with minor marks. Interesting item worth some research. Believed found near Chesterfield Derbyshire. George VI cypher buttons. Appear to have been on a display board or similar.

British Army Cambridgeshire Regiment Bimetallic Cap Badge Misspelt good example brass and white metal cap badge of this former regiment. British Army Cameronians Scottish Rifles Pouch Belt Badge a well made good quality other ranks bimetallic pouch or belt badge of this famous former Scottish regiment. CSM named on rim S.

Pre pattern Kings Crown brass cap badge and Regimental Association membership card with release book. With enamelled silver ACC sweetheart brooch and photo of recipient. British Army Cavalry Stirrups superb pair of brown leather chaps with gilt post pattern royal emblems. Dakin - Taylor along with discharge paper.

British Army Coldstream Guards Officer's Cap Badge an untested larger size white metal officer pattern cap badge of this famous regiment. Ex UK government surplus stock. For height 5"11" Chest 41" and waist 37". Full set of staybrite buttons. Queens crown post pattern. Barnes 56th Regiment of Foot a pair of silver full size medals for the Crimean War. Queens Medal with bar for Sebastopol has been privately engraved on the rim; Pte.

Samuel Barnes 56th Regt. Worth some more research. British Army Devonshire Regiment Bazaar Badge a well made brass cap badge with a worn light bronze finish.

British Army Devonshire Regiment Sweetheart Brooch a nice old example kings crown pattern veterans or sweethearts brooch badge of this former regiment. British Army Dockyard Battalion Shako Plate extremely scarce shako plate, although this one has been on a wall plaque or similar with screw or bolt holes. Crown of Queen Viictoria at top. Became the Royal Dockyard Corps, not quite sure which category this falls into. British Army Dorsetshire Regiment,Bimetal Cap Badge a reasonable example bimetallic cap badge of this former regiment.

British Army Dress Belt an unusual presumeably ladies dress belt. FN maker mark for F. I would guess WW2 or thereabouts. British Army Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment Cap Badge and Title a vintage bimetallic hard metal cap badge of this former Yorkshire regiment along with a single brass shoulder title. British Army Duke of Wellingtons Regiment Belt a fairly late issue plastic webbing belt with regimental buckle.

Inter Company Rugby medal for the 2nd Battalion. Birmingham hallmark for Presumably from a manufacturers junk bin. Part of what was effectively the Home Guard in WW1. Victorian Cap Badge a good example white metal pre pattern cap badge of this former Regiment. Empire crown at top. Its been done a long time. British Army Eton College O. C Cap Badge Officer Training Corps an old pre pattern white metal cap badge of this famous college.

OTC affiliated to the British Army. Royal cypher at centre with GVR crown at top. British Army Football Association Centenary Medal a heavily plated metal commemorative soccer medallion. NB import of this item is restricted in certain countries. Small size General Service Corps pre bronzed emblem at front with Kings Crown general service side buttons.

For officer ranks technically unassigned to a specific unit. British Army General Service Brooched Cap Badge a brooched version of the pre pattern cap badge for unassigned personnel. Kings crown with lion at top. Has been made into a fob with scroll and loop type fitting on the top edge. British Army Gloucestershire Regiment Bearers Badge an old brass cast bazaar type emblem of this famous former regiment. British Army Gloucestershire Regiment Belt Buckle an unusual white metal , possibly unmarked silver or very heavily plated oval belt buckle bearing the emblem of this famous former Regiment.

The lugs have been reafixed at some time. British Army Gordon Highlanders Officers Cap Badge white metal officer pattern or senior nco's cap badge of this famous former Scottish regiment. Also the initials appear as H.

Not much doubt its the same person. Believed to be a POW. Uniform ribbon bar pinned to same. Device suggests entitlement to the Mons bar.

Gaunt London on reverse. British Army Grenadier Guards Parade Belt well used but rather nice white parade belt with two part brass buckle. I was informed these were for office wall or door emblem use but no idea otherwise. Looks like a recent claim. Profile of Queen Elizabeth II. I would guess this badge of traditional design is from the s. Bolt and nut fittings on reverse. The slider fitting has been shortened probably to fit on a cap.

Approx 2" by 1. Pre pattern Kings Crown emblem at centre. WW2 medal pair with box to E Ladds along with a superb Home Guard armband , enlisted pattern Notts and Derby Regiment cap badge and officer rank insignia. Either for a veteran or sweetheart brooch for a guess. Might be worth restoration. Maker mark for H. Matthews but with an added? Date appears to be to Early 19th century by the look of it. Bears garter motto along with rose, thistle and shamrock decorations.

Winners medal sadly not named. Royal coat of arms with crown of Queen Elizabeth II. Cawnpore Volunteers Challenge Shield - Impressed on rim ; ROBt Summersgill. However the Second M might possibly be an N. Junior Leaders RAC emblem in seperate inset. Alot of wear to finish etc. British Army Lancashire Fusiliers Brass Metal Ashtray with Emblem a pressed brass metal ashtray bearing the emblem of this former regiment. British Army Lancashire Fusiliers Old Comrades Association Lapel Badge a very old enamelled brass sweetheart style lapel pin for a veteran of this former regiment.

Post Kings Crown at top. British Army Lancashire Fusiliers Sweetheart Brooch small gilt and enamelled brass sweetheart or veterans pin with the emblem of this former regiment. British Army Lancashire Fusiliers Sweetheart Veterans Pendant a small but attractive almost trench art style pendant bearing the emblem of this former Regiment. Most likely from a Sergeants or Officers mess. British Army Leicestershire Regiment Bazaar Brass Cap Badge a well made interesting bazaar type cast brass cap badge of this former regiment.

British Army Leicestershire Regiment Cap Badge a nice used example of the pre Royal title bimeatallic cap badge of this former regimentt. Alll stamped to the Lincolnshire Regiment with the X Roman numeral. The pennant Walker and Hall stamp suggests they are very early Twentieth Century rather than Nineteenth. British Army Lincolnshire Yeomanry Bazaar Cap Badge a well made and well worn brass bazaar badge of this former regiment. British Army Lincolshire Regiment Cap Badge well used but fairly good condition bimetallic cap badge of this former regiment.

Pre pattern Kings crown at top. White metal approx 2" by 1. Copper badges for the British Army were often a sort of War Economy measure using up leftover metal intended primarily for the Canadian or Australian forces. Not happy with the lugs and a little bit rough around the back edges. Still a good looking item.

WW2 for a guess. British Army London Scottish Staybrite Glengarry Cap Badge relatively scarce staybrite aluminium based cap badge of this famous regiment. Now A company of the London Regiment. In very good lightly used condition. British Army Long Brass Bugle an arrow marked long pattern military bugle. Sterling silver marked on rim with crossed machine gun emblem over mother of pearl, crown of King George V.

Tudor pattern crown emblems on each. Not sure if these were used by any Commonwealth forces. Tramways type with extra inset to scroll. Stylish double headed eagle approx 1. In manufacturers issue sachet. Kings crown at top with Royal cyher at centre. British Army Northamptonshire Regiment Sweethheart Veterans Brooch Pin Badge a vintage chromed metal and composite sweetheart or veterans pin of this former regiment of the British Army. This one for Outdoor Tow 2nd place in German spelling of Hameln for the Garrison.

I assume he was in the Royal Engineers or an attached unit. Believed obsolete for some time and now relatively scarce. I would guess this was British made but similar items were used by other armies of the period.

Silver General Service Medal with bar Palestine - Very delicate service and pay book. Regular Army certificate of service and a class 3 army education certificate. Opposite facing lions on collars. British Army Parachute Regimental Association Blazer Badge a well made bullion wire veterans blazer badge obn patch approx 4" by 3".

Has been shaped on top edge which infringes very slightly on the tip of the crown on the lion. British Army Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Cap Badge a two part subdued bronzed hard metal cap badge of this amalgamation regiment.

Hughes, 37th Coy 10th Imp: Well used and handled. I would assume this is circa WW2. I am informed this was a prototype pattern. British Army Queens Regiment Buckle chromed metal belt buckle approx 4" by 2. Impressed naming on rim ; Pte.

Possible this has been erased more than once. Slightly smaller than usual. British Army Radiac Mk 2 Survey Meter obsolete circa s ex army radiation survey meter for detecting levels of alpha beta and gamma radiation. Post pattern crown of Queen Elizabeth II. Kings crown at tp.

Bar approx 2" wide and is marked 9ct. Emblem of the former Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers at centre. Says only 3 Match 7 on reverse. Queen Elizabeth II pattern in makers packet by Firmin. British and Commonwealth post pattern as used by Rifle Regiments or Battalions. A contemporary item, most probably WW2 approx 1. Two lug type fittings n the reverse. One of these has been repaired or replaced at some point. Gaunt London on slider fitting.

I would guess around WW2 vintage. Pre pattern Kings Crown at top. King George V era emblem with crown and cypher. Oddly the crown looks more like the Queens pattern. Mirror that has rusted and a relic comb in sleeve approx 3. Pattern also used by some Commonwealth forces. I assume this was intended as a buttonhole badge. More of a black tone in most lights with rank insignia for a Captain.

Of a piece but needs a clean. Kings crown brass buttons and nice but worn bullion wire collar badges. Please contact for overseas shipping charges. Also worn, I believe, by the Royal Horse Artillery. Bronzed badge so I assume an officers type. Same as the standard Royal Regiment of Artillery emblem but without the Ubique motto.

Indian maker marks on slider.. Old style emblem on roundel approx 1. Probably needs shaping a bit. Staybrite aluminium chinstrap buttons and cap badge. E, In fitted Naafi case. Case is well worn. British Army Royal Engineers Belt Buckle EIIR a fairly old post pattern chromed metal buckle with a brass and white metal cap badge sized emblem at centre secured by two rivet like fittings.

Post pattern crown of Queen Elizabeth II at top. Maker marks for Firmin. Tarnishing to some as shown. Gaunt London on the back. I would guess made in India and probably Great war era. Crown and cypher of King George VI. Gilt metal brooch approx 1. Most likely Great War commemorative.

Probably Chatham but the 3 looks very much like an 8. Previous owner declares this to be the recipient. Believed to be the only match of this rank. Presumably went into the RAF, worthy of some further research.

This has a thin plastic backing plate secured with a cotter pin. Since one of the lugs is slightly bent over I havent tried to remove it. The base of the flames has a brazing repair as have the long lug type fittings. Small worn through hole on the left side of the flames. British Army Royal Lincolnshire Regiment Beret Badge a low profile pattern bimetallic cap badge for this former regiment, approx 2.

Pre Kings Crown at top. I would guess from either India or Burma. Probably a private purchase item hence in the repro section, although I have seen similar badges on peaked caps. Probably very early Twentieth Century. British Army Royal Regiment of Artillery Sweetheart Brooch Tie Pin an old small pre pattern sweetheart style veterans pin probably a tie pin bearing the emblem of the Royal Artillery.

White or very heavily plated metal on bar approx 1. Glengarry badge sized emblem with Scottish Crown at top.. Main buckle only without the other retention loop. Has been chromed at some time possibly for use by the band or Regimental police duties. Set at about 34" but with a fair bit of spare. Bronze finish approx 1.

A bit more toned than the picture suggests. British Army Royal Warwickshire Regiment Brooched Cap Badge either used as a side cap badge or possibly veterans pin or sweetheart brooch. Campbell of the RTR. Cypher and crown of Queen Elizabeth II. Dated on reverse. Crown of King George V at top. Kings crown at top of badge. Formed , it became the KSLI before being amalgamated in the s.

Sadly not named but dated Emblem of the old 14th King's Hussars on front although this was awarded after the amalgamation with the 20th. Named on rim ; Pte. Replacement ribbon which appears to have been removed from a display. Possibly for regimental police use or more likely the band or cadet band. British Army Sweetheart Brooch Prince of Wales Plumes an old sweetheart or veterans pin with the generic wreath pattern popular in Victorian and Edwardian times.

Prince of Wale's plume badge at centre which formerly had lug fittings. Could be one of a few Regiments. Believed dug up in France in the s.

Lug fittings on reverse with backing plate an cotter pins. A H Croucher markings with date on one. British Army Tennis trophy silver plated tankard approx. Charles of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. The medal has had some polishing. The service number has been rubbed a great deal and is difficult to make out.

Probably was mounted in a group judging by the ribbon. British Army Unfinished Middlesex Badge great item. British and Commonwealth pattern war medal for the Great War. British Army Unusual Norfolk Regiment Partially unvoided Cap Badge not exactly a variant type but a pre bimetal cap badge of this former regiment which has not been completely finished.

Strictly speaking a reject but this one has apparently been worn. From before the award of the Royal title. The latter is army slang for ladies of ill repute. The concencus is that it is a made to fool s copy. Believed to be a very good s copy. British Army Veterans J R Gaunt Sweetheart Brooch Lincolnshire Imperial Yeomanry an old maker marked sweetheart or veterans brooch of this former regiment made from a uniform button shell. J R Gaunt patent applied for on the reverse.

Set into a laurel wreath which has a registered design number. Engraved naming to a member of the King's Own Borderers before the addition of Scottish. A bit darker tone than the pictures suggest. Bolt tye fittings on the reverse but no retention nuts. Kings crown bar at top whicj I assume would have had a long pin mounting. Plated white metal approx 3. British Army pattern but also used by other Commonwealth forces.

British Army Webbing Belt and Frog a s well used military webbing belt approx. Lee Enfield Stick bayonet frog with less wear dated Kings Crown pattern emblem on front. Tie pin approx 2" wide with a well worn sweetheart or veterans pin badge and what i assume are cufflinks. British Army Worcester and Sherwood Foresters Band Belt or Pouch Badge a scarce probably unused highly gilded finish brass pouch type badge of this former amalgamation regiment of the British Army, with loop fittings.

I believe these were mainly used as a shoulder belt badge for bandsmen. I assume the brass bit was gilded originally. Former British Army regiment. British Army Worcestershire Regiment Valise Badge an old Worcesters valise badge which has been converted for later use. The original four lug type fittings have been removed and replaced with a strap fitting. Similar design to the Coldstream Guards cap badge.

Brooch pin fitting on the reverse. Used condition with wear to buckle coating. Named ; Pte. Same details on octagonal disc but says E. Eyans on the other. BWM ribbon has become detached from bar. Gaunt and Son Ltd on the reverse. Named on plaque as George Winston. The plaque has been fitted to a hanging frame. Lance Corporal on the star. British War Medal and Victory ; Cpl. Signs of rubbing etc but not bad overall.

There are however two others both listed as E. Wing so might need some further research. His first name Bertram is not used on the plaque. Royal Fusiliers 1st Battalion.

La Chapelle D'Armentieres Communal. Native of West Ham. Worth some further research. Frame approx 8" diameter and maker marked by Wright and Son on the reverse. WW1 named full size campaign group. Named as Brothwick H. Baldwin Leicestershire Regiment unresearched. His shoulder title appears to be 11H.

Edinborough a three medal group named to a corporal of this former county regiment. Silver War Medal is missing its suspension bar. It is missing the retention loop. As found on an old ribbon. From before the restoration of the Welch title. Named on rim ; Fus. Brooch pin type fitting on the reverse.

General Service Medal with Palestine bar named on rim to ; Spr. Corporal on Long Service Good Conduct. Printed in Germany In fairly good condition. Catalogue number WA Unused or lightly used but showing signs of its age. I would guess s or thereabouts. Crown of King George VI at top of each. Gold toned with signs of mostly light wear at centre and highlights and slight bending. Still a scarce item. Kings crown at top with WW1 pattern tank at centre.

British government issue military marked pair of scissors. High quality collectors copy cap badge approx 1. British Army York and Lancaster Regiment Brooched Cap Badge Sweetheart Brooch a bimetal cap badge of this former regiment which has had its slider fitting removed and replaced with a brooch pin.

Emblem of the former York and Lancaster Regiment. Campaign bar for Transvaal. Beaumont sadly removed from whatever it was on. I assume this has a military, probably RAF connection. Pritchard of the th London Company.

Promoted to Lance Corporal and then Corporal and then Sergeant in 36, 37 and 38 respectively. The one on the pouch retains most of its gilt wash while the other is much duller. British Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band Musicians Cap Badge a fairly modern bright gilt finished metal cap badge of the pattern originally produced for this famous band. However the design has since been utilised by others.

Still a great looking item. Inscription ; the ship Duff sailed for South Seas McDonald and dated Birmingham mark for to Approx 1" by 0.

Brooch pin fitting on reverse of top bar. Approx 10" total length. Import of this item may be restricted in some countries. Pre pattern coat of arms. Civic use mostly for a horse drawn tram. Hall on the rim. Construction and pattern is a bit different to British army examples.

Pre pattern kings crown at top. British Commonwealth Northern Nigeria Police Whistle Acme a very old used and abused brass whistle from this former force.

Top loop fitting is loose. Crown of King George VI. British Commonwealth Society of Old Caledonians Badge a vintage Scottish pattern pin badge probably of one of the many expat societies abroad.

British Corps of Commissionaires Badge Lot a small collection of most likely WW2 era insignia of this interesting Security Company made up from military veterans. I assume these belonged to the same individual. Well made bronze or bronzed metal gothic cross with the emblem of the city. Most likely a Church of England readers badge or similar. Handle is marked with a number 1 and the hilt is probably WW2 era albeit with no WD issue stamp. Crowned profile of King George V on front.

Ghulam Hussain, Baluch R. Two campaign bars both for the North West Frontier. WW2 War Medal, unnamed and two impressed named stars. Pre pattern kings crown at top with Star of David emblem at centre. British Empire Indian Army: Formerly the Bombay Light Horse. I believe it could be used as either a cap badge or large collar on some uniforms.

WW1 British and Commonwealth victory medal. British Fire Service Junior Fireman Vintage Shoulder Patch a single but fairly scarce patch for members of this former cadet type scheme. I believe this ended around the s.

Part of the 21st Panzer Brigade. Interesting item and worth some research. Falklands War era or thereabouts. Both are marked copy on the revese. Welsh dragon at centre. Young with maker marks for Fattorini. This one named to Pirthijang Rai. Interesting and worth some research,.

Firmin London maker marked slider fitting. British Home Front Pin Badges as they came in. I would guess made in but I have not come across this one previously. Bars for Tirah - 98 and Punjab Frontier - Coronation souvenir badge shaped like a ships lifebelt.

Catherine- de-Barnes on the top bar so I assume this to be from the West Midlands. I believe this was intended for use by musicians. I assume a district championship. Button hole type fitting.

British Leyland Car Badge small car or van motor vehicle badge. Gilt brass cap sized badge approx " diameter. British Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds Officer Badge an old white metal or heavily plated large fraternal badge of office.

Brewer of the Royal Tank Regiment on front. Gilt wash and straight pin type fitting. Trade and Industry Busy Bee logo. Cheshire coat of arms badge on ribbon. British Metal Sergeants Stripes - Pair a couple of chromed metal government issue sergeants rank insignia. Lug type fittings on reverse. Both maker marked Firmin.

British Military 5th Airborne Brigade Vehicle Pennant a nice lightly used example unit pennant of this former joint armed forces Airborne Brigade. Could be a Rifle Regiment or Royal Marines. The latter judging by the tone of the material or possibly Commonwealth forces. The cross is either unmarked silver or very heavy plate. King George V type as per WW1. A good gap filler. British Military Parallel Slide Navigational Rule Captain Fields Improved an old wood slide primarily a navla navigation instrument but also utilised by other forces.

I assume this was for ne of the Training Estates. Printed on war economy style paper. Approx 20" by 30". Evans and dated July Gaunt Montreal mounting bar. The bronze medal has same name but number I assume this is the same person. Worth research as the Birmingham hallmark is for to Kings crown emblem at centre. Bullion wire on patch approx. Era a salty bumper or grill badge fr the AA.

British Old Gibraltar Police Embroidered Shoulder Title a single old machine embroidered believed obsolete type shoulder title. Maker marks for George Tutill of London. I imagine these were utilised post period also. Signs of use and age. British Pre Nationalised Railway Police Numerals a pair of obsolete white metal police unifom numerals of the type mainly used for Railway Police.

A British copy of the notorious German medal used for propaganda purposes during and after the Great War. NB British spelling of the month May type. Kings Crowbn at top with lug type fittings on the reverse. British Queens Institute of District Nursing Numbered Badge a vintage bronze toned nursing qualification badge on twist cord.

Cypher of Queen Victoria but I believe this pattern was in use from the s and 40s. Two long lug type fittings on the reverse. Full size withbar for South Arabia. Appears to be a mosquito.

Sadly not named and the date is unfinished. Post crown of Queen Elizabeth II at top. Type also used by some Commonwealth forces. British Railways BR Carriage Alarm Sign a well used vintage small aluminium carriage warning sign for the emergency stop chain.

Inter City type logo. Pinches London an old ttem type cap badge , I believe for the Western Region. Certfd 27th June Bar with abbreviated Munchengladbach and District. Most likely a Lodge attached to a UK armed forces base.

The ribbon very similar to a Federal Merit award. Maker mark for Parry Birmingham. Nursing Proficiency in plain box and First Aid Proficiency in labelled box. Gilt finnish has worn off. One of the UKs most decorated WW2 ships. Great quality enamelled metal by W. I good lightly used condition. The full size medal is hallmarked. Crown of Queen Elizabeth II on front faces. Possibly for the band or pre Police use. They appear to have been a matched pair originally but one has alot more wear to the gilt finish than the other.

Named on rim ; Sgt. WO2 rank with varying titles depending on trade. Royal coat of arms at top with crown of Queen Elizabeth II. Around 38" chest or thereabouts. British Royal Air Force R. Pre pattern Kings Crown. I would guess s by the style. Kings crown at to[ on black patch. Pre Kings Crown above Bomber Command emblem.

Tony Conigliaro was wearing a helmet without an earflap when he was seriously injured by a pitch in August In , the next significant helmet remodeling took place when the Pirates Dave Parker wore a hockey mask at the plate after he broke his cheek and jaw bones in a collision at home plate.

In , it was made mandatory for new players to use a helmet with at least one earflap. Players can choose to wear double earflap helmets in the major leagues; however, this is not mandatory. Tim Raines was the last player to wear a helmet without earflaps, during the season. Gary Gaetti , who retired in the year , plus Ozzie Smith and Tim Wallach , who both retired in , also wore flapless helmets until they retired.

Some players, mostly switch hitters, also decide to wear double earflap helmets while batting. Two notable players to do this were Orlando Hudson and Chuck Knoblauch.

Umpire Bill Welke made him get one with a flap. In , Major League Baseball tested a new batting helmet for the first time in nearly three decades. At the All-Star Game in Detroit, players were seen wearing a new "molded crown" helmet that featured side vents, back vents and larger ear holes. The no-flap helmet is still utilized in baseball.

Catchers often wear a flapless helmet along with a facemask to protect the head when receiving pitches. Occasionally, players other than catchers will wear a batting helmet without earflaps while playing a defensive position in the field. This is usually done by a player who has a higher-than-normal risk of head injury. One notable example is former major-league player John Olerud , who started doing so after undergoing emergency surgery for a cerebral aneurysm while attending Washington State University.

An earlier example was Richie Allen , who decided to wear a helmet in the field after at least one incident of being hit by objects thrown by fans. They are allowed to use the no-flap helmet for this purpose, and many do.

Following the death of Tulsa Drillers first base coach Mike Coolbaugh after being hit by a batted ball, there has been debate as to whether base coaches should wear helmets.

Following the incident, the Oakland Athletics ' Rene Lachemann decided to wear a helmet out to his third base coaching position. In , Major League Baseball decided to take action and protect players from the increasing number of concussions and head injuries. Some players, including Mets third baseman David Wright , did decide to use the helmet while batting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about batting helmets worn in baseball and softball. For batting and fielding helmets in cricket, see helmet cricket.

This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings about a topic. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Baseball portal Fashion portal. Dee member of the Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group. Retrieved 23 September Archived from the original on 5 February Major League Baseball Advanced Media. Retrieved September 15, Custodian Firefighter's Hard hat Riot protection Welding. Rules of baseball Ground rules Infield fly rule Interference Pitch clock. Retrieved from " https:

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