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However, pumps are the least expensive repeating shotgun. Further, the pumping action, when well executed, is a joy to watch and a pleasure for the shooter. A semi-automatic gun has a fixed forearm: Such a gun cycles "automatically" each time it is fired: One sees semi-automatics in tournaments, occasionally, now. They shoot well when clean, but are prone to jamming when dirty, when fouled by debris, or when there is something unusual about the rounds in gun.

Just how prone to jamming varies by brand, design and shooter maintenance. They largely supplanted pump guns in skeet tournaments during the s, because, even if they jam from time to time, semi-automatics still invite less error than all the activity the shooter must control with a pump gun. Further, semi-automatics usually offer a softer recoil, a real benefit given all the rounds fired in a skeet tournament.

Automatics are most reliable with 12 ga. A two barrel gun is just that: The barrels are attached to each other and are aimed to hit the same spot a given distance: When the lever is pushed, it releases the barrels, allowing them to swing down from the hinge, exposing the chambers for each barrel. The shooter drops one round into each chamber and then swings the barrels back up, closing and locking the breech. The act of opening and closing the gun cocks both hammers, each of which are activated, in a modern gun, by a single trigger: A two barrel gun can have the two barrels side by side or one on top of the other stacked.

All serious skeet tournament two barrel guns are stacked the narrow sighting picture is an advantage , and are most commonly referred to as "over and under" shotguns. Two barrel guns are the least fussy about ammunition and surest method of getting two fast shots from a shotgun. These guns also permit the shooter to recover every just-fired shotgun shell, to be reloaded and used again, a convenient and valuable characteristic.

Regardless of the type of gun employed, tournament skeet shooters have a problem. American skeet tournaments consist of at least four events: These are four different sized shotgun shells diminishing in size, in the order listed , requiring four different sets of chambers.

Historically, that required four different guns, each weighing, balancing and presenting, differently, undermining a shooter's consistency. There is relatively little manufacturer interest in a cure for the problem with pumps and automatics.

However, double guns present opportunities. One solution is to build four matched weight sets of barrels to fit one action a "four barrel set". This is expensive, but in the s to early s, four barrel sets reigned supreme in American skeet, and they remain thoroughly competitive.

Beyond the expense, the principal criticism is that the four barrel set can still present a different sight picture for each gauge, because each barrel set, in diminishing gauge, is narrower than the prior set.

The answer was to build barrel inserts for 12 ga. One could then use one gun to shoot the 20, 28 and. However, with tubes removed to shoot 12 ga. So effective is the tubed gun solution that perfect scores are often required to win the open title in individual events, and combined scores of to may be required to win the open HOA in a major shoot, depending on the weather though a perfect score of remains a rare and noteworthy event.

For example, the HOA title at the U. Open tournament, shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico between September 6 and 9, was won in a shoot off between two competitors, each of whom shot a combined score of out of a possible Recognizing that a high level of perfection is beyond the skill, interest, or time available to most shooters, NSSA competitions are subdivided into several classes, each based on the running average score shot over the last 5 most recent events shot in each gauge, prior to any given competition.

This permits shooters of roughly equal ability at the relevant point in time to compete against each other for the individual and HOA titles in their class. Other national versions of skeet e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the video game, see Skeet Shoot. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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