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Not a matter of skills of course, a matter of sensitivity to some flavours just like with sulphur.

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Vanilla-infused acacia honey like a good friend uses to make. Whiskyfun Home Current entries Whisky Tasting. Listen to this ;-. Please visit Ben Sidran's website and buy his music Quite some cardboard too.

Surprisingly complex, with some menthol and overripe apples at first sips, then more cough syrup and, well, more apples with thick skin! Some kind of herbal liqueur as well, esp.

A big, fat old style malt! I believe these bottles are very cheap at auctions hint, hint. Dufftown 13 yo The cask must have been extremely tired. Extremely raw, extremely bitter, extremely hard to swallow. Plastic and various chemicals, paraffin, waxes and oils… No good in this context.

For the records, as they say. Dufftown 34 yo Kind of perverse the BBC would like it — err, no, apologies… Mouth neat: Heavy oak, heavy liquorice, heavy coconut serious and concentrated Jaegermeister. Way too much wood.

It reminds me of a by Jack Wiebers that used to share the same characteristics but that was much, much better balanced and actually pretty excellent. As soon as a whisky loses balance, things can go very wrong.

I think we need a recovery dram. This older one should do the trick…. Old dry sherry, walnuts, cider apples, hints of vegetables asparagus? Dufftown 40 yo Some custard as well, butterscotch, hints of quinces… It does not show much age I must say despite a very discreet touch of iron. A lot of refill wood, probably, and little sherry. After a few minutes: Sweet, fruity and grassy at the same time, starting on bags of fruit peelings, apples, bananas… Then blood oranges and quite some bitter herbs cinchona?

Rocket salad and green tea. The power is perfect. Too bad it becomes a tad drying after a few seconds, rather too much on over infused tea. Wheelbarrows of cinnamon and green tea. Also something pleasantly lemony. Very pleasant profile but I think it's pretty much out of fashion. Please visit their website and buy their music Five very old grains. Anyway, a nice and harmless nose, fresher than expected.

I really like this freshness I must say, even if the whole remains very harmless. One of my favourite old grains from last year. Just wee touches of mint as well, from the wood. So less aromatic globally and even lighter.

The easiness of the does it quite some harm. Some sawdust, pencil shavings, with just small amounts of coconut, vanilla, cut grass and banana skin in the background. More western garden fruits than tropical ones this time, I get apples and ripe plums. A fine drop that reminds me a bit of some much, much younger Jameson.

A little leather and herbs too. The spirit is a little shy in ly opinion. A little varnish too. I have to say nosing these grains to try to detect more aromas is becoming tiring, most are rather silent, even when old. The palates are much more important than with malts — proportionally — in my opinion. So to act in accordance with what I just said… Mouth: Lavender and violet drops as well as aniseed balls.

A very hot and very un-WF tune , it's quite implacable. Please buy this hard to find music. George Dickel 'Tennessee Whisky No.

Also quite some vanilla, orange cake, caramel and coconut. Does the job but the oak gets a notch too prominent in my opinion. BBQ sauce, cloves… A feeling of sawdust in the aftertaste. Some kind of spicy apple juice with a little mint and maybe angelica, this is very far from being unpleasant. No, wait, things are improving, some strawberries and Turkish delights are coming through, maybe cranberries. Really improves over time. Where do they come from?

To think that I had never heard of Triple Eight before. Whistle Pig 11 yo Sawdust, vanillin, then lactones aplenty, with whiffs of geranium flowers, not as much a problem as leaves or stems and quite some lavender.

Very planky, not obligatorily in a bad way. Ginger liqueur, gin, overripe apples, touches of celeriac and a little earth or roots… Finish: More caramel here, more bitterness as well, its not quite drinkable when not diluted.

Great nose once you manage to forget about the oak. The sweetness is quite immense. Garden of Love something brand new, for once. Please visit the website and buy the music Tasting two Allt-A-Bhainne for the cause.

Sauvingnony, if I may say so. A lot of muesli with drops of lemon and apple juice, then liquorice allsorts and marshmallows. Bei einigen Studiengängen wird vorab geprüft, ob Sie die künstlerischen, sprachlichen oder physischen Voraussetzungen für die Aufnahme eines Studiums erfüllen z.

Kunst, Englisch, Sport etc. Bei allen Masterstudiengängen müssen Sie vorab ein Eignungsverfahren bestehen. Die Anforderungen sind je nach Studiengang unterschiedlich. Qualifizierten Berufstätigen wird unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen der Hochschulzugang durch Beratungsgespräche bzw. Alle Informationen hierzu finden Sie auf der Homepage der Studentenkanzlei.

Externe Interessenten haben die Möglichkeit, die Weiterbildungsangebote der Universität Regensburg zu nutzen. Weitere Angebote gibt es an der Universität derzeit in den Bereichen Wirtschaftswissenschaften, der Immobilienwirtschaft sowie Sprache und Kommunikation zur wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung. Referat Kommunikation - Kurzübersicht zum Abspeichern und Ausdrucken Unsere Studentenkanzlei, die sich mit den Themen Bewerbung und Einschreibung am besten auskennt, hat alle wichtigen Informationen in einer Sammlung von Hinweisen unter dem Namen "Hinweisblatt" zusammengestellt: Hinweisblatt der Studentenkanzlei Muss ich mich für jeden Studiengang bewerben?

Wie kann ich mich bewerben? Kann ich auch im Sommersemester anfangen zu studieren? A classic — rich, sweet and fruity. This one has nuances of seaweed, juniper, olives and peaty dryness. A full-bodied malt with a long powerful finish.

Clean and dry with barley and cut grass notes. Rich honeyed, a hint of coffee — it almost sounds like dessert? From the Barrel, Nikka Whiskey, Japan, If you have an allergy to any food, or dietary requirement, please advise us prior to ordering. As market availability can vary, we reserve the right to alter dishes if necessary.

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