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The master bedroom has a double bed and the second bedroom has a double bed and a single bed.

Crib Goch Holiday Cottage


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Any goods returned is at the cost of the Buyer. Refunds are given once the item s are safely returned to the seller in new condition. This was a huge mistake. Quite simply, the project has defeated me for a couple of reasons:. Firstly, it is becoming increasingly hard to ignore the fact that other people are involved in similar projects and doing them better.

What is the point in simply repeating the work that others are doing? There are unique aspects to my site and that is what has kept me going. For instance, the links at junctions that allow you to browse the network from line to line. Secondly is the fact that I have considerably less time - and perhaps even less will - to work on a project that feels increasingly like the proverbial painting of the Forth Bridge.

So, all in all it seems logical to scale things back. I recognise that people find my site a useful resource as it is, so I intend to retain everything as it is. However, from now on I will not be updating anything outside of the Manchester area.

Below this announcement you will find the original introduction, a list of lines specific to Manchester, and then the original menu for the whole country. This website is intended primarily to give a picture of British Railways as it was c. With the aid of a set of rule books issued to railwaymen, the Sectional Appendix, I have listed all running lines and all locations, along with point to point mileages. My next step is to provide clickable links at junction locations to enable easy navigation between connecting routes.

Finally, other information will be added, such as opening and closing dates of lines and stations. Find where you are looking for by using the search box provided, or by clicking on one of the links below. Please assist the project by emailing me with any errors that you might find. Junction to Kenyon Junction No.

The Medieval "redating" of Braint Hir. Aaron Paen ap Y Paen Hen. Welsh Claims to Ceri after The Battle of Mynydd Carn. Trahaearn ap Caradog of Arwystli. Cadafael Ynfyd of Cydewain. Maredudd ap Robert, Lord of Cedewain. Maredudd ap Owain, King of Deheubarth. What Really Happened in Deheubarth in ? Two Families headed by a Rhydderch ap Iestyn.

The Era of Llewelyn ap Seisyll. Cynfyn ap Gwerystan, the Interim King. The Consorts and Children of Gruffudd ap Llewelyn. The Battle at Rhyd y Groes. The First Wife of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn. Hywel ap Gronwy of Deheubarth.

The Brief Life of Gruffudd ap Maredudd. Eunydd son of Gwenllian. Sandde Hardd of Mortyn. The Floruit of Einion ap Seisyllt. The Enigmatic Elystan Glodrydd. Cowryd ap Cadfan of Dyffryn Clwyd. The "sons" of Owain ap Cadwgan ap Bleddyn. The Betrayal by Meirion Goch Revisited. Gwyn Ddistain, seneschal for Llewelyn Fawr. Trahaearn Goch of Lleyn. Thomas ap Rhodri - Father of Owain "Lawgoch".

The "Malpas" Family in Cheshire. Einion ap Celynin of Llwydiarth. Marchweithian, Lord of Is Aled, Rhufoniog. Osbwrn Wyddel of Cors Gedol. Bradwen of Llys Bradwen in Meirionydd. Sorting out the Gwaithfoeds. Three Men called Iorwerth Goch "ap Maredudd". The Caradog of Gwynedd With 3 Fathers. Who Was Sir Robert Pounderling?