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At best, after 30 years, I manage to catch nine out of 10, but still, some of them just 'get away'. Waarmee hij doelde op het ontbreken van een voorprogramma.


Unsere lokalen Gruppen

Erik Buell Racing closes its doors. One of the Love Bugs is up for sale Ronnie Carroll: Ted Simon's website is "hacked by Isis" Frank Perris: New drug-driving regulations are here. HMS Sump is torpedoed! RE Continental GT, soon in black. Lincoln bans legal highs in public places. We've got plenty more classic bike news for you to enjoy. Check out the links below. Star of Deliverance and Smokey and the Bandit has died aged It was certainly the point where the cinema world as opposed to the TV world began to take him seriously.

But most folk will associate Reynolds more closely with popcorn films such as Smokey and the Bandit , The Cannonball Run and possibly the sleazy piece of celluloid entitled Boogie Nights Either way, his was a compelling presence on the screen, an actor who generally kept our attention, gave good value for money and played the role he was supposed to play whether dramatic, ironic, comedic or sordid.

Burt Reynolds was born either in Waycross, Georgia or Lansing, Michigan depending on which account you favour—and Reynolds himself has been quoted as highlighting both locales. The movie is remembered largely for the famous "Duelling Banjos" scene, and for the moment when actor Ned Beaty as Bobby is raped by the hillbillies. He came from mixed ancestry which included Dutch, English, Scots and Irish—and some biographers record that he also claimed a few drops of Cherokee Native American blood.

Either way, he looked fairly convincing in both parts and earned some acting plaudits which added to the developing Burt Reynolds mystique. Acting wasn't his first career choice, however. As a high school graduate he had played American football and looked forward to turning professional. But a typical knee injury followed by injuries in a serious car crash put paid to that notion.

What followed was a sidelong shift into acting mostly on New York's Broadway underpinned by a series of everyday jobs including waiter, dishwasher, truck driver and door security. In the late s he took a number of small television roles.

It's said that Reynolds was chosen because of his evident similarity to Marlon Brando. Regardless, he lost the part midway through the series following personal conflict with McGavin and was replaced by Noah Beery Jr, aka "Jim Rockford's dad". More TV appearances followed, and in Reynolds took a role in Angel Baby , an unmemorable production that nevertheless pushed Reynolds into Armoured Command Then it was back to Broadway for a spell. In fact, you could sit in front of your TV set for a couple of months or more and watch Burt Reynolds pop up each day in a different old favourite.

His last TV role voice over was in in Archer , an animated US production featuring a bunch of half-assed secret agents. The show regularly invited guest stars to caricature themselves, and Reynolds happily took the bait and kept his flame alive. Movie-wise, the list of appearance is huge, largely being overshadowed by Burt Reynolds' more popular films Smokey , Cannonball , etc. But overall, he took roles in almost movies, his final appearance being in Defining Moments which is yet to be released.

Actually, he had signed up to appear in Quentin Tarantino's latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood , but Reynolds died before his scenes could be filmed. His personal life was replete with sensational, scandalous and merely newsworthy relationships with women such as Dinah Shore, Sally Fields, Judy Carne, and Loni Anderson—the latter two of which he also married.

In his private life, Reynolds established numerous commercial ventures with mixed fortunes , was heavily involved in NASCAR racing, suffered various and serious health problems—one of them as result of accidentally being hit in the face by a metal chair during filming. That led to him becoming addicted to pain-killers, a habit which he later broke. There's so much more to Burt Reynolds including bankruptcy and his "shocking" nude centrefold appearance in a issue of Cosmopolitan —which happened shortly before Deliverance was set for cinema release read into that what you will.

There was also the films he directed; his brief singing interlude with Dolly Parton; his co-authorship of a children's book; his numerous high-profile friendships; the tales of his womanising shenanigans, and the whole living, breathing, headline-grabbing Burt Reynolds experience.

In short, he was simply excellent at being Burt Reynolds, and more than once he commented on that fact. He was 82 when he died, and from all accounts he lived every single one of those years right up to the red line. Burton Leon Reynolds is survived by Quinton, the son he adopted together with ex-wife Loni Anderson, and a very large number of women who, we hear, also knew him pretty well.

He's also survived by millions of fans worldwide, and in a low-key way we count ourselves among them. Want to comment on this story? Hit the icon on the left and email us. Note that we moderate this field to weed out the more obvious cranks. Well we just checked the weather forecast, and it looks as if this coming Sunday, 9th September , is going to be warm and dry—if a little cloudy—down in Hampshire, England.

Doors open at 10am. We're advised that up to bikes with be present and possibly correct , with a few clubs and even the odd celebrity in attendance and we use the word "odd" advisedly.

There's no charge to drop in, and it will be over when it's over. Comet Classics can be found at: You'll find this locale a few miles east of Havant, and a couple of miles north of Hayling Island. While you're down there, go check out the cool art deco houses on the island—if you're into that kinda stuff, of course. You might have to hunt around a little.

In fact, we can't remember when we last saw one this sorted. Sun Motorcycles grew from the very fertile soil of the 19th century bicycle industry. It was based in Aston, Birmingham. This company made brass fittings and carbon lamps for the lighting industry—hence the later "Sun" name—but soon moved into the bicycle components market which one was of the hot tickets of the day. The following year , the Sun Cycle Fittings Company was founded and the first complete bicycles were manufactured.

By , the company moved into motorcycle production, but continued its outstanding interests in cycles and fittings. Over the next five decades Sun Cycles designed and built a range of bikes from mopeds to roadsters to scooters. Proprietary engines were obtained from JAP and Villiers. Other typical suppliers included Webb forks , Armstrong forks and Lucas electrics.

The machines were all fairly conventional in design, but well built and fit for purpose. Notable models include in no particular order the Cyclone, the Tourist, the Overlander, the Hornet, the Challenger, and the Geni. Engine configurations were sidevalve, OHV and two stroke. The Parkes family owned and ran the company until when they sold the business and rights to Raleigh, which promptly dropped the Sun name.

This Wasp scooter is said to be in running condition and features an electric starter. But naturally, this lot is more likely to suit the collector—and that market is steadily shrinking as advancing years claims more and more of the old enthusiasts. Other interesting bikes at this sale include: Never seen one in the wild, but from where we're sitting this quarter litre Italian off-roader looks pretty coolisimo.

Two-valves, four-strokes, 68mm x 68mm, 17hp 7,rpm, 24mm Dell'Orto carburettor, inch front wheel, inch rear wheel and a top speed of around 80mph. These are the basic numbers for this rare piece of dirt-dishing kit that, we hear, was featured in a issue of Classic Bike magazine.

We still love the look of this motorcycle, but it doesn't quite fit our current requirements. However, at three grand, it's gotta be tempting someone. Check the description carefully if you're seriously interested. The bike was a Category C insurance write-off, but there could be a bargain here. Clearly, the bike wants to be gone. Sorted Triumph Tridents will make your beard black again, and you won't been needing that Viagra after a long ride.

This cc V-twin is well known in the Pioneer motorcycles circle. It's been a regular entrant on the annual Pioneer Run, and its now being offered with a dating certificate and a comprehensive history file sadly, it sounds like someone just won't be needing this bike anymore, if you follow our depressing drift.

It looks to be all original, but has been fitted with a 3-speed Sturmey Archer rear hub. Over the last few years this motorcycle has been unused, so it's no doubt begging to get back out on the road.

Bicycles were the firm's initial product. By the first motorcycle engines were built, and complete bikes came along in This was a great company, both in terms of size and products—notable a huge range of proprietary engines that other manufacturers employed.

The company is almost forgotten now. But this bike could turn out to be quite a revelation. Lot numbers have yet to be assigned to this sale, and there are only 48 motorcycles presently listed. But we expect that to pick up over the coming weeks. We've checked through the other lots, and we see a lot of pre-war stuff there, much of it carrying pretty conservative estimates.

Will keep you posted. We had earlier wrongly said that Sun produced a Dayton and Panther model. This was totally incorrect. In fact, Sun Motorcycle shared some bodywork with Dayton and Panther. Apologies for the confusion. Bonhams has been sold to private equity group, Epiris undisclosed price. Average UK petrol up 13p since July. Want to comment on these stories?

The headline pretty much says it all for most of us, and there's not a lot more detail at present, anyway. But what we do know is reported on Sump's Motorcycle News pages. Follow the link if you're so minded. Shame that another bike manufacturer has gone. Motus Motorcycles is bust. Introduced in , the body we're told is "made from aluminium with a gelcoat finish".

Regardless, it's a wide body design, and you can fit either an adult up front with fair amount of luggage litres at the rear, or replace the adult with a couple of brats. The real story here, however, is that you can now buy this chair with specially engineered tubular attachments for a Triumph Rocket III—and if the Rocket's liquid-cooled, 2. The rig is, of course, British made and manufactured in Watsonian's factory in the North Cotswolds.

Time is running out to complete an important survey. Moreover, the water content in ethanol will naturally attack iron and steel, and doesn't much care for aluminium.

And now we hear that the Department for Transport DfT has issued a consultation document with a view to increasing the strength of the brew. Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not doubling the ethanol actually does double the damage. It might be that beyond a certain threshold, it makes little difference how much C2H60 is flowing through your motor.

Either way, we'd just as soon see ethanol phased out in favour of some more agreeable substitute. Meanwhile, the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs has developed a survey aimed at owners of cars, bikes, buses and trucks, etc, that run on petrol and are 25 years old or more.

The idea of the survey is to collate info from interested parties and then formulate a suitable and timely response to Her Majesty's Government. Normally or at least sometimes , Sump gets early warning of this kind of stuff, and we post the story asap. But these guys haven't tipped us off at all. Instead, we got this info through another party. And what that means is that the deadline to complete the survey is The Department for Transport, meanwhile, is talking positively about maintaining E5 for the foreseeable future.

But the DfT must have a very cloudy crystal ball, because that future stops at , just two years away. And further down the line, we've been advised by Roger Bibbings, we could be facing an even more evil concoction which will be called E30—and you can figure out for yourselves how much ethanol is in that.

So take a look at the survey, if you will. That's the plan, anyway. But the thing to remember with old crocks and old crockers like us is that we're essentially history. That sounds a little defeatist, we know. But there are powerful environmental forces out there, and even if the government does allow E5 to remain available at certain pumps, what do you suppose will happen to the price?

Look what happened to leaded petrol. But the fat lady hasn't sung, so come on chaps and chappesses. If we have to go down, let's do it fighting rather than whingeing, huh? So check the survey if you've got time and all hands to the pumps. And keep an eye on the FBHVC website for more on this—and we'll monitor it too and will tip off ourselves next time. Meanwhile, we've just received an urgent email from NASA telling us that a humping great asteroid is coming right at us in about Frost Automotive ethanol fix.

Hi, I tried really hard to do the government survey, but lost the will to live. They definitely do not want us to do the survey you are asked for options which are not on the form.

Well, to many H-D fans here are the Magnificent Thirteen. These ex-AMF execs liked the company so much they bought it.

And that's Willie G Davidson standing behind him. Remember back in when Harley-Davidson splashed the momentous message across the world's business and biking media reading: We remember it well. But in the crucible of the motorcycle world, it was one of the most significant news items of that year. Between and , Harley-Davidson had been owned and controlled by AMF American Machine and Foundry ; a huge US conglomerate that manufactured anything from bowling equipment, to bicycles to nuclear reactors.

Well since , Vaughn L Beals Jnr was vice president of the AMF division that managed Harley-Davidson, and it was Vaughn L Beals who in led a management buy-out of HD and made it a private company once again, and in doing so restored the desperately waning fortunes of America's greatest motorcycle manufacturer.

Well yesterday we've received the unwelcome news that Vaughn L Beals Jnr has died aged 90, and that gives us pause for thought to reflect on his monumental achievements. His earliest foray into the world of business was delivering Boston newspapers before running a small team of newsboys.

In the early s, he took a research post at North American Aviation and helped develop technology pertaining to carrier-based supersonic aircraft—a new and exciting field of research. He subsequently moved to Cummins, the world famous US engine manufacturer, and from there he moved to AMF and became involved in motorcycle engineering. To its credit, much derided AMF had kept "the eagle" flying at a time when it might otherwise have crashed to earth.

But the AMF Harley-Davidson years were not good years, certainly not in terms of quality control and production efficiency. Most—if not all—of the motorcycles that rolled off the line were defective in some way and required remedial work, and often major work.

Some of those problems were immediately obvious. And some took a while to percolate. The bikes themselves were for many exciting to look at. The XLH Sportster range. These were all rare machines in the UK and they were brutally expensive. Think of it as a Low Rider with both a primary belt, and a secondary belt.

The name "Sturgis" meant little or nothing in the UK. But once you've been indoctrinated into the H-D fold, it all makes sense. These Shovelheads were not a great sales success, but the collectors are taking notice. The company was still dominant in the domestic big cruiser market. But by the late seventies it had more or less given up on smaller capacity bikes being unable to compete with ultra fierce pricing from the likes of Honda, Yamaha et al.

Harley-Davidson had a few years earlier complained about "dumping" bikes on the US market, and the firm took its complaints to the United States International Trade Commission. After much deliberation the commission agreed that the lower capacity bikes were being dumped, but also ruled that H-D was not been commercially damaged—which was only partly true because cheap Hondas drew fresh blood, and when moving up to bigger machines, that blood generally stayed loyal to the brand.

Finally AMF, which had been advancing a programme of cuts and downsizing tentatively put H-D on the block. It wasn't until Vaughn L Beals Jnr had full control of Harley-Davidson that he was able to introduce modern manufacturing methodology, much of it borrowed from the Japanese who had refined the noble art of bike building.

The brakes were terrible, the generator was dodgy, and the bike clunked along occasionally weeping oil. But we liked it for its sheer presence and unapologetic charm.

Some day, AMF-era bikes will be highly sought after, but probably not any day soon. Willie G Davidson grandson of co-founder William A Davidson was among that strong buy-out group, and his presence lent much needed credibility to the acquisition.

Moreover, Willie G—one time head of design—also had much practical experience and brand sensitivity, and he was known and respected by rider groups.

Within a few years of the buy-out the first Evolution engines appeared marking a giant leap forward for Harley-Davidson. The workforce had, however, been ruthlessly slashed, but morale was suddenly high and the "Eagle" was soaring into new altitudes. Vaughn Beals Jnr remained as CEO until , and he stayed on as chairman until when he retired.

Beals is credited with introducing the just-in-time production orthodoxy, and he was largely responsible for the formation of H-D's HOG groups. Most of all, he's be remembered as the man who "saved" Harley-Davidson. And yes, had he not been there at the right time, someone else might have taken the reins and occupied his seat. Nevertheless, Beals was the man who got the job done, and Harley-Davidson fans everywhere can doff their lids at that.

He's survived by his wife of 67 years and a small tribe of children and grandchildren. Ace Cafe marks its 80th anniversary. The Ace Cafe London is getting set to celebrate two significant anniversaries, and all and sundry are invited along to be a part of it.

The dates to watch are 7th to 9th September inclusive. This long haul motorcycle march begins a day or so earlier at the huge Glemseck motorcycle event at Leonberg, Germany. It will hit the Ace just in time to start partying—and much of that partying will extend into the small hours.

Expect a DJ and three live bands. On Saturday 8th September, there will be breakfast at the Ace Cafe starting at 7am whatever the hell 7am is. The destination is Battersea Park, Central London, and that makes it a fairly easy jaunt of maybe 8 - 10 miles or thereabouts. What happens at Battersea isn't clear. So presumably you'll just have to hang around in the time honoured style and chin-wag and kick tyres and such like.

Regardless, the ride will eventually head back to the Ace arriving at 2. And then it's party time again with a bike show and prizes, DJs, live music, food, drink, etc. Redirect your peepers to the right of the image. That's the Ace Transport Cafe lurking behind the truck. Meanwhile, if you're from overseas, or otherwise uninformed, the locals like to pronounce the name as Ace "Caff" not Ace "Caff-ay," and it's best heard in a London accent.

Just a word to the wise. This also departs the Ace at That's an anti-clockwise ride around London before heading due south, and unfortunately it takes in a lot of dull, congested, and poorly maintained tarmac. The saving grace is the A23 into Brighton which mercifully is still an optimistic and upbeat route well it is for us, anyway.

Beyond this, we don't have any more detail. Publicity for this event has been pretty poor, and at the time of writing we're still waiting So if that's the part that interests you, better dial-up the Ace Cafe and see if you have better luck squeezing the juice from this particular orange.

All this aside, if you're into mass ride-outs and stuff, it looks like a pretty fun way to spend the weekend—and need we remind anyone that when you're riding with the pack, try not to pack yourself in too tightly?

You can reach the Ace by phone on We've since been advised that this year's run will last four days. Cruising around the motorcycle websites we stumbled across this hot-rodded Bonnie and decided to find a little space for it on Sump.

Built by Glasgow Triumph, the bike was intended to showcase what can be done with the Bobber Black, and it's clearly aimed at anyone with a little loose change and a power complex. The company website is irritating and dizzying, note, but the engineers there seem to know their stuff. The power output of a standard 1,cc Bobber Black is, according to Triumph, 77hp. Bolting on the supercharger has, we're told, upped that to bhp at the rear wheel. Meanwhile, the standard 78lb-ft of torque has been boosted to 98lb-ft.

At Sump, we'd be perfectly happy with a stock Bobber Black, largely because we're lazy, unhurried, back-road cruisers and haven't much enthusiasm for anything too fast for too long. But we've no doubt that some of you Sumpsters drink from a higher octane bottle. So talk to Triumph Glasgow if you'd like a piece of this pumped up action. So that's the starting point for this particular ride.

After that, how fast you spend it depends entirely on how fast you want to go. We do know the difference, but we drink a lot. It might also be worth contacting your insurance company.

The probably substantial premium increase will have to be factored in as well. It may be that a different, faster, but unmodified bike would be a considerably cheaper and easier way to the same performance H-D is having a few problems lately, what with a struggling market and Donald Trump and the unions and production plant closures and so on. And for that lot, the company has our sympathies. But that ain't why we're giving the firm plenty of space on Sump these days.

We're doing it because a the company is fairly hot—or at least warm—news at the moment, and b we know we've got plenty of Harley riding Sumpsters around here somewhere, and c we just like Harley-Davidsons.

Meanwhile, there are a bunch of new Hogs on the way in for , and we'll get around to detailing them in due course. Meanwhile we're taking a closer look at the immediately above FXDR. But you'll have to switch over to our Sump [General] Motorcycle News pages to check it out. Just follow the link below, or click on the image above.

We can't imagine that there are too many owners of Triumph Scramblers who'll want to take their nine grand wheels onto a beach and cover them with salt and sand and sea slime and whatnot.

But the imagery looks okayish—in a contrived, unlikely, marketing kind of way. And never mind that this guy might well be breaking half a dozen laws, bylaws or local ordinances whilst intimidating other beach users.

When you're a Triumph man or woman on cam, to hell with the rest of the world. Regardless, if you fancy cutting a few donuts of your own in the mud, and if you've been hankering for a new Trumpet, now looks like a pretty good time to make your play.

You'll have the option of a maximum three year deal, and you'll need to sign up with TriStar finance which is effectively Triumph's own outfit, backed by Black Horse Finance —so no PCP deals. We spoke to a few Triumph dealers to check the position and offers, and amusingly one or two hadn't even read the Triumph press release relating to the deal.

But that, apparently, ain't unusual. Nevertheless, the offer is genuine, so try one and buy one if it suits your tastes and disposition. As for the above sandy antics, remember that a motorcycles don't float, and b large, flat, endless beaches are usually hit with very fast and very dangerous tides. Buy British we say, even though these bikes are made in Thailand.

David Silver is well known and well respected among the worldwide Honda fraternity. Well from all accounts, that museum has gone from strength to strength. It currently displays models from to the , and boasts over machines—some of them very rare. But right now, the spotlight is on the near-legendary CB which is celebrating its golden anniversary. So far, we're advised that over 50 CBs have already registered for entry, all of which will be taking part in one or more of eight competition categories.

Further entries are welcomes, but there's a 31st August deadline. The event itself will take place on Saturday 29th September at the Leiston museum. Three-times world champion Freddie Spencer will be in attendance. Admission is free to all. Among the competition entrants will be a one-owner-from-new CB sandcast model that's covered ,kms , miles.

It's a Norwegian bike owned by Erling Kleve image right , and has only minor modifications. Kleve is a 70 year old ex-Honda dealer who, we understand, has attended 20 Krystall Rallies where temperatures drop to minus 41 degrees though why anyone would want to inflict such masochistic pain upon themselves is a mystery to us. If anyone out there can match—or top—that, David Silver will be pleased to shake your hand and check out your wheels.

David Silver Honda Museum to open. DVLA computers weekend shut down. Buying second hand vehicles this weekend can "lead to a fine". The reason is that the DVLA website is "down" for routine maintenance, and because in most instances it's illegal to drive or ride a motor vehicle without paying the road fund licence road tax , purchasers of such vehicles are likely to find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Under the old paper tax disc system pre-October a taxed motor vehicle could be transferred between owners without further bureaucracy. The new owner would simple re-tax the vehicle as and when it became due possibly a year into the future. In other words, the road tax is void once a vehicle changes hands. Therefore, a new owner is obliged by law to immediately re-tax a purchased second hand vehicle before it can be used on the road.

And because it's a weekend, and because the post offices close at 1pm on Saturday normally offering an alternate taxing route , and because the DVLA server is not open for business, re-taxing can't happen. In practice, we suspect that many people will go ahead and buy and sell vehicles without worrying too much about the ramifications.

But some folk won't buy or at least won't move a vehicle until all the legalities are in place. It's bad for business. It doesn't look as if the government or DVLA even thought about this issue before taking the servers offline.

Certainly we haven't see any notification of a tax disc amnesty for this weekend. The "new" vehicle taxation rules have been very unpopular with bikers and motorists. It all makes buying and selling that much more complicated, and it can lead to double taxation on a vehicle—which, naturally, is viewed as unfair. But the government claims it's saving millions each year by not having to print and send old style paper tax discs.

Also, it's quicker and simpler to check the taxation status of a vehicle during a police roadside check. We've been perusing the motoring and motorcycling forums. There's actually not much talk about this issue so far seems that many people are totally unaware of the DVLA computer shutdown. But there have been a few critical comments—most of them referring to government "scams" and incompetence.

I hope some of them at least will trip over their own clumsy feet. Trip over their own clumsy feet? Tough talking there from a clearly disgruntled voter. Anyway, it's another screw up from the DVLA, but we're taking it in our stride. Where the hell would we be as a nation without a regular Great British Balls-up? Meanwhile, if anyone actually falls foul of this systems breakdown, we'd be very interested to know. So tip us the wink, will ya? October tax disc changes crash DVLA website.

We're a little slow off the mark with this one. We blame it on our recent trip to mainland Europe that a for a week kept us away from computers and phones and contacts, and b the severe bout flu that hit us afterward like a brick and more or less laid us out flat. But we're out of the oxygen tents now, and we're catching up with beer'n'stuff.

And right now we're looking at the Wayne Plit Collection of classic cars and bikes that was recently put under the hammer by Coys of Kensington. However, the sale wasn't in Kensington, or anywhere near it.

The auction took place on 11th August at Steyn City. We had known the sale was coming up, but nearer the date for reasons mentioned above we just lost track. Wayne Plit had built up a collection of over vehicles; 93 of which are up for sale. These Dagenham 'Tinas were sensational when launched in , and today good examples with pedigree are highly sought after.

Still, it's a nice piece of kit if you're into this kinda stuff. This handsome cc mount with its degree sloping sidevalve engine and twin-pipe set-up is often overshadowed by its SF31 OHV stablemate. But for many, sidevalves have a special, chuffing, relaxed feel, and this motorcycle is all you need for back road touring. Still sounds a little steep to us, though But perversely, it was Lot , a Suzuki OR50 Chopper that lit us up the brightest image immediately above, and main image on this story.

Plenty of guys and gals like us started out on small bikes such as this, and for many or most , the days spent in those saddles were the best days of our lives. Suzuki marketed the OR50 as the "Whopper of a Chopper", and although it boasted just 5. With its ape hangers, extended front fork, banana saddle and cast wheels all you needed was a bedroll, some ciggies and a little juice for the tank, and you were living as high as you were ever gonna get.

And we'd like to tell you what it sold for—and also give you a heads up on other sale prices—but at the time of writing Saturday 18th August , Coys still haven't published the results. Moreover, the last time we asked Coys to give us sale results, it took them almost a month and four phone calls to get around to it, by which time the news wasn't just stale, but mouldy. Anyway, watch this space. We'll follow up this story as and when we can—unless, that is, the flu we're still recovering from mutates into something worse.

It happens, amigos and amigas. Meanwhile, stayed tuned, but don't get too close Nextbase dashcams has launched direct-to-police footage upload scheme. Eddy Marley of Greyhound Motors Croydon riots victim has died aged Australian bikers petition for reform of outdated handlebar height laws. Triumph teases new Scrambler We haven't provided a direct link to the YouTube video.

That's because we don't want a dead link on this page. But you're not missing much anyway. It worked for us when we just tried it. Just scroll down the list a little. The simple story here is that a new bike is on the way and should be officially revealed on 24 October But we're assuming that Hinckley won't want to miss either opportunity. Then again, we make lots of false assumptions, so we'll just wait and see.

Meanwhile, we see that Intermot is providing a Ladies Only hall. In addition, the programme includes clubs, associations and interest groups as well as events and information to do with touring, technology and sport, geared specially for women. Now is that patronising? Or just a little extra feature at the event and nothing to get excited about? We'd love to know.

If it were announced that there was to be a men only hall, all the do gooders would come screaming out of the woodwork. As a rule I think women-only events almost offensive, given the strident opposition to men-only events.

On the other hand, in men-predominant areas I can understand that an all-women special makes it easier for them without feeling outnumbered. But if you're a movie fan and a general lover of all things s , the return of the Sundown Cinema will be an extra shot of excitement. First up on the big screen is the movie Star Wars.

We're big fans of the original film, but the rest of the franchise is a major disappointment. The movie is the original, but has been re-badged as: That's because a couple of prequels have been added to the series, and that's pushed movie number one into third place—if that makes any sense. Anyway, this is the original film which, if you recall, put both sci-fi and swashbucklers back on the big screen and a gave us a pretty exciting minute joyride across the galaxy and b helped boost the career of Harrison Ford who, of course, later became even more famous as Indiana Jones—possibly the greatest adventure hero in the history of cinema.

Star Wars will be showing on Friday 24th at 9pm. The movie Grease will be showing on Saturday 25th, also at 9pm though gawd only knows why the organisers think that anyone would want to watch Grease. The film Superman is scheduled for Sunday 26th this is the first outing for Christopher Reeves and is still faintly amusing in places. And last up is Quadrophenia which pretty much everyone has seen half a dozen times, but is still an amusing romp through the fictional lives of a bunch of working class scooterists and gives us a slice of history that's as true as it's false.

It's a nice look at Brighton too, if that's of interest. Du möchtest überall und zu jeder Zeit praktizieren? Weitere Informationen über unsere Produkte gibt es hier: Du möchtest Yoga und Meditation in Ruhe praktizieren und vertiefen?

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Kommentiere Artikel, die dich interessieren. Das Brahma Vidya Hilfswerk setzt sich für unterschiedliche humanitäre Einrichtungen in Indien ein und unterstützt diese finanziell. Jeder kann selbst aussuchen, für welches Projekt seine Spende genutzt werden soll: Möchtest du deine Freunde oder Familie überraschen? Schenke ihnen einen Yoga- oder Ayurveda Geschenkgutschein.

Eine Fahrgelegenheit zu uns findest du in unserer Mitfahrbörse. Melde dich an für unseren monatlichen Newsletter , wenn du aktuelle Infos über uns erfahren möchtest. Gewinne ein Seminar in unserem Gewinnspiel. Du willst noch viel intensiver ins Thema Yoga einsteigen? Yoga Vidya ist nicht nur ein Yoga-Seminarhaus, sondern auch internationaler Treffpunkt für alle Yogabegeisterte weltweit.

Yoga ist sehr beliebt bei Kindern! Kinderyoga-Seminare finden bei uns jedes Wochenende und zu den Ferienzeiten statt, besonders im Sommer, an Ostern und an Weihnachten. Lerne, Kinder in Yoga zu unterrichten oder mache mit in der Kinderyoga-Community.

Meditation ist eine in vielen Religionen und Kulturen ausgeübte spirituelle Praxis, den Geist zu beruhigen und das Bewusstsein zu erweitern.

Lerne bei uns in Meditations-Seminaren und Meditations-Ausbildungen mit Achtsamkeits- und Konzentrationsübungen deine innere Mitte zu finden. Finde Mediations-CDs für dich oder höre kostenlos unsere begleiteten Meditationen. Du entspannst mental, was zur inneren Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit führt.

Das Tolle an der ganzen Sache: Täglich werden neue Beiträge hinzugefügt. Du suchst passende Seminarräume für deine eigenen Veranstaltungen in einer besonderen Umgebung zu günstigen Preisen? Auf Wunsch sind Yogastunden und Meditation für deine Teilnehmer möglich.

Für die Speisen des vegetarischen Buffets werden nur Bio-Lebensmittel verwendet. Yoga ist noch neu für dich? Einen leichten Einstieg dafür bietet unser Portal. Der Begriff "Karma" kommt aus dem Sanskrit und bedeutet "Handlung". Und jede Handlung hat eine Konsequenz. Das Wissen über Karma kann dir helfen, Entscheidungen zu treffen, die Kraft deiner Gedanken zu nutzen und dein Leben so zu akzeptieren, wie es ist. Durch Denken und Handeln erzeugen wir ständig neues Karma.

Haben wir einen freien Willen oder ist alles vorherbestimmt? Erfahre, wie Karma entsteht und welche Arten von Karma es gibt!

Die Vorstellung von Reinkarnation ist uralt. Die Lehre der Reinkarnation besagt, dass Bewusstsein nicht von dem Gehirn abhängt und dass wir letztlich jenseits der Materie existieren. Welche "Beweise" gibt es und was passiert nach dem Tod? Reinkarnation ist mehr als blinder Glaube und hier gibt es viele Artikel über Reinkarnation und Wiedergeburt.

Vegetarisch zu leben ist mehr als nur die fleischlose Ernährung. Vegetarier erfreuen sich im Durchschnitt einer sehr guten Gesundheit und auch im Yoga gehört eine vegetarische Ernährung zu den Grundlagen einer achtsamen Lebensweise. Zum kostenfreien online lesen: Erfahre was das Erwachen der Kundalini fördert, was für Arten der spirituellen Energie-Erfahrung es gibt.

Wie man mit spontanen Kundalini Erweckungen umgehen kann und vieles mehr. Es handelt sich um eine Strömung innerhalb der indischen Philosophie und in der Tradition von Yoga Vidya wird Tantra als Aspekt des ganzheitlichen Yoga praktiziert.

Prana bedeutet im Hinduismus Leben, Lebenskraft oder Lebensenergie. Prana ist die feinstoffliche Energie, die wir z. Chakras sind die Verbindungspunkte zwischen dem physischen Körper und den subtilen Energiekörpern. Yoga Vidya ist der Verbreitung des ganzheitlichen Yoga und seiner verwandten Gebiete wie Meditation und Ayurveda gewidmet, für Gesundheit, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und spirituelle Öffnung. Yoga Vidya wurde von Sukadev Bretz in Frankfurt gegründet.

Alles ist darauf ausgerichtet, dass du dich entspannen kannst, zu dir selbst findest, neue Kraft tankst. Die Yoga Vidya Yogaschulen bieten dir:. Nicht alle Yoga Vidya Yogaschulen bieten alle oben genannten Programme. Die Yoga Vidya Seminarhäuser liegen wunderschön mitten in der Natur, so dass du schon allein dadurch Energie auftanken kannst.

Und dann gibt es bei uns einen Tagesablauf, der alles umfasst, was gut und gesund ist: Danach folgt eine Yogastunde mit Yogastellungen, Atemübungen und Tiefenentspannung.

Um 11 Uhr gibt es einen reichhaltigen vegetarischen Brunch, der aus vollwertigen Bioprodukten zubereitet wird. Im Anschluss daran hast du Zeit für einen Spaziergang, oder aber du nutzt ein anderes unserer Freizeitangebote und Workshops.

Nachmittags bieten wir noch eine Yogastunde an, so dass du deine Praxis vom Vormittag noch weiter vertiefen kannst. Ab 18 Uhr kannst du dich dann an unserem Buffet erneut stärken und erden. Dieser Tagesablauf ist ideal zum Aufladen, Regenerieren und Entspannen. Du kannst ihn aber auch nutzen, um dich mehr für das Göttliche zu öffnen, dich geistig weiterzuentwickeln und spirituelle Erfahrungen zu machen.

Du kannst dich an einem einzigen Wochenende in einem Yoga Vidya Seminarhaus so gut erholen, wie du sonst in einer ganzer Woche Urlaub. Eine Woche Yoga ist genauso wirkungsvoll wie mehrere Wochen Strandurlaub. Du wirst vielleicht nicht so braungebrannt sein, aber du wirst deine Muskeln spüren und eine tiefe Entspannung erleben. Die Yoga Vidya Seminarhäuser bieten dir: Diese Wochenenden sind besonders beliebt, denn so bekommst du einen guten Start in die Welt von Yoga und Meditation.

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