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Five minutes later, a shell hit disabled the steering gear, and other fragments jammed the hand steering equipment. During this period, she also served as the escort for Kaiser Wilhelm II aboard his yacht Hohenzollern.


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While operating there, Emden picked up Hampshire ' s wireless signals again, and so departed for the Chagos Archipelago on 13 October. On 20 October, Müller decided it was time to move to a new area of operations. Müller decided his next course of action would be a surprise attack on Penang in British Malaya. Emden coaled in the Nicobar Islands and departed for Penang on the night of 27 October, with the departure timed to allow her to arrive off the harbor at dawn.

She approached the harbor entrance at Emden ' s lookouts quickly spotted a warship in the port with her lights on; it turned out to be the Russian protected cruiser Zhemchug , [26] a veteran of the Battle of Tsushima.

Only five rounds of ready ammunition were permitted for each gun, with a sixth chambered. Immediately thereafter, he gave the order for the Emden quickly inflicted grievous damage on her adversary; she turned around to make another pass at Zhemchug. One of the Russian gun crews managed to get their weapon into action, but scored no hits.

Müller ordered a second torpedo to be fired into the burning Zhemchug while his guns continued to batter her. By the time the smoke cleared, Zhemchug had already slipped beneath the waves, her masts the only parts of the ship still above water. The elderly French cruiser D'Iberville and the destroyer Fronde opened wildly inaccurate fire on Emden. Müller then decided to depart, owing to the risk of encountering superior warships. While preparing to take possession of the ship, Emden had to recall her boats when she spotted an approaching ship.

This proved to be the French destroyer Mousquet , and the unprepared ship was quickly destroyed. Emden stopped to pick up survivors from Mousquet and departed at around Another French destroyer tried to follow, but lost sight of the German raider in a rainstorm.

On 30 October, Emden stopped the British steamer Newburn and put the French sailors aboard her after they signed statements promising not to return to the war. After releasing the British steamer, Emden turned south to Simalur, where she met the captured collier Buresk. While en route to the Cocos, Emden spent two days combing the Sunda Strait for merchant shipping without success. She thereafter proceeded to the Cocos, arriving off Direction Island at Since there were no British vessels in the area, Müller sent ashore a landing party led by Kapitänleutnant First Lieutenant Hellmuth von Mücke , Emden ' s executive officer.

The party consisted of another two officers, six non-commissioned officers, and thirty-eight sailors armed with four machine guns and thirty rifles. Emden was using jamming , but the British wireless station was able to transmit the message "Unidentified ship off entrance.

Sydney immediately headed for the Cocos Islands at top speed. Mücke's landing party was still ashore, and there was no time left to recover them. The German cruiser opened fire first, and straddled the Australian vessel with her third salvo. It took slightly longer for Sydney to find the range, and in the meantime, Emden turned toward her opponent in an attempt to close to torpedo range.

Five minutes later, a shell hit disabled the steering gear, and other fragments jammed the hand steering equipment. Emden could only be steered with her propellers. Sydney ' s gunfire also destroyed the rangefinders and caused heavy casualties amongst Emden ' s gun crews. Müller made a third attempt to close to torpedo range, but Sydney quickly turned away. Müller realized that his ship was no longer able to fight, and so he decided to beach Emden on North Keeling Island to save the lives of his crew.

Her breech blocks and torpedo aiming gear were thrown overboard to render the weapons unusable, and all signal books and secret papers were burned. Sydney then returned to the wrecked Emden and inquired if she surrendered. The signal books had been destroyed by fire and so the Germans could not reply, and since her flag was still flying, Sydney resumed fire.

The Germans quickly raised white flags and the Australians ceased fire. In the course of the action, Emden scored sixteen hits on Sydney , killing three of her crew and wounding another thirteen. Most of her surviving crew, including Müller, were taken into captivity the following day. The wounded men were sent to Australia, while the uninjured were interned at a camp in Malta ; the men were returned to Germany in They had observed the battle, and realized that Emden would be destroyed.

Mücke therefore ordered the old metric-ton long-ton schooner Ayesha to be prepared for sailing. From there, they traveled to Yemen , which was then part of the Ottoman Empire , an ally of Germany. They then traveled overland to Constantinople , arriving in June There, they reported to Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Souchon , the commander of the ex-German battlecruiser Goeben. By , there were reports that the wreck had almost completely broken up and disappeared beneath the waves. Following the destruction of Emden , Kaiser Wilhelm II awarded the Iron Cross to the ship and announced that a new Emden would be built to honor the original cruiser.

Wilhelm II ordered that the new cruiser wear a large Iron Cross on her bow to commemorate her namesake ship. Three of the ship's All three films were directed by Louis Ralph.

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