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Her winning throw was more than 71 meters.

Like to move fast?

Wertvolle und erholsame Zeit zu zweit mit dem Herzallerliebsten verbringen

Her new world record time is She again won her new gold medal at the European Swimming Championship held in Istanbul, capital of Turkey, And not only this, she broke the world record on 50 m backstroke, and her new world record is This was her fourth world record in swimming at international competitions.

This is for the first time in history that a Croatian sportswoman won such a title. The competition took place in China. Cliff searching in Croatia. Ivo Prebeg , a professional heavy-weight boxer, was the European champion in Marijan Benes was a professional European boxing champion in welter-weight category.

Another well known name is George Chuvalo Jure Cuvalo , Canadian Croat, heavy-weight champion of Canada for more than two decades from to , for as many as seventeen years among the Top Ten professional boxers in the world, and never knockouted.

He had matches among others with Floyd Patterson, Mohammad Ali twice, both times for the title of the world champion , Joe Frazier, and George Foreman. His professional record is impressive: This engagement came as a result of a personal tragedy: Having remarried, he now tours Canada and the USA, accompanied with his remaining son Steven, giving lectures for pupils, students and parents, and trying to warn people about the danger of drugs.

He visited more than schools, appeared in numerous movies, tv shows, and is recipient of "Order of Canada" from Canadian government for his hard work and dedication to Canada's youth. Please, do not miss to visit. In George Chuvalo visited the town of Ljubuski in Bosnia and Herzegovina , where his parents Stipe and Kate were born, and delivered an antidrug lecture for youngsters.

Zeljko Mavrovic won the title of European heavy-weight boxing champion in The European karate champion in absolute category in was Enver Idrizi of Albanian nationality , also ex-champion of the world A world-wide reputation in thai boxing had Branko Cikatic from Split, winner of many international tournaments, including the grand K-1 Tokyo tournament.

Also very successful in martial arts is Stefan Leko. Filip Hrgovic became super heavyweight boxing champion of Europe in Several outstanding results in karate had Junior Lefevre , a Belgian born Flemish, who fought under the Croatian flag. K-1 Grand Prix '99 Finalist, I. In Stipe Drvis Drews won the title of European semi-weight boxing champion.

In he became the light heavyweight WBA champion of the world. This term, used also for necktie , has been derived from the Croatian name. Martina Zubcic feather category, under 57 kg, on the left and Sandra Saric under 67 kg won bronze medals in taekwondo at the Bejing Olympic Games. Stevan Horvat was distinguished Croatian wrestler, twice the world champion in the category up to 55 kg: In a bust was unveiled in his honour at the University of Novi Sad. The meaning of his second name, Horvat , is just - Croat.

Edward "Moose" Cholak became a wrestling star at Chicago Vocational High School and went on starring for 40 years as he took part in 8, matches, in becoming world champion. Zlarin is also known for coral hunting and production of fantastic coral jewelry. The nearby island of Krapanj is famous for coral and sponge hunting. Matija Ljubek has won a fair number of olympic medals in kayak. He is considered to be one of the greatest kayakers in the history of this sport. Our basketball, water polo and handball teams were in some periods among the best teams in the world.

They won many gold medals on the Olympic and World championships. Our water polo team won silver medal at the Olympic games in Atlanta, gold medal for ex-YU at the Olympics in Ciudad de Mexico in , the team had 12 players, out of them 8 were Croats.

The Croatian handball team won. I warmly recommend You the following book in Croatian: Od Ucke do Olimpa , Teovizija, Zagreb, In , when Croatia won the second Olympic handball title in Athens after the first one in , Atlanta , Ivano Balic was proclaimed the best handball player of the world for by International Handball Federation. At the World Handball Championship organized in Zagreb Croatia won silver medal, which was another great success our team. In Croatia handball team won silver medal.

It is interesting that in the period of Croatian team was 9 times in the finals of the European championships. No other country in Europe had such a continuous series of top results. There is nothing extraordinary that the handball team of Cannes, France, once won a match scoring altogether 24 goals. But the following is without precedent: During ex-Yugoslavia, although he was one of the best handball players at that time, it had not been allowed to him to enter the representation, and that is why he turned to an individual sport of skiing as a trainer.

Kostelic is not only a great expert in sports, but also a person knowledgeable on the classical literature. In he was the world champion in pairs with Boris Urbanc. He is one of the greatest bowling players in history. Mladost-Zagreb is the most successful water polo club in the world , with the greatest number of world's and European trophies in its hands seven times: Zapci Froggies , players of Mladost-Zagreb water polo club.

Soccer is of course the most widespread sport. Kraljica lopte , Split, Hajduk is the only soccer club in the world which has its own operetta, composed already Hajduk is the only soccer team in the world which has its own operetta Kraljica lopte , i. It has been composed by Ivo Tijardovic, distinguished Croatian composer. A traditional 36th tournament of Crotian soccer union in Canada and the USA in included the following clubs with indicative names: Believe it or not, there are more than hundred soccer clubs outside of Croatia, throughout the world, bearing the name of Croatia.

Charles Perkins was the first Aborigin in the history of Australia who earned the university diploma. Later he became the political leader of Aborigins. It is worth knowing that as a young man he played soccer for the Adelaide Croatia Soccer Club since In his autobiography he reflected with fondness on his friendships with Adelaide Croats and other immigrants he met through the club.

Here is an excerpt from a lovely description of the triumph of the water polo club Jug from the famous Dubrovnik , winning the European Champions League , taken from www. For the six thousand lucky souls who got tickets to the Gruz swimming stadium for this year's "Final Four," the championship game of professional water polo's premier event was a night to remember. The atmosphere at European water polo matches is unlike any event staged in the United States.

Drums, air horns, flares and constant yelling - cheering, singing or whistling - depending upon the moment. It's impossible to hear the announcer and a wonder that the players can hear the signals from the referees.

This year's event even had an appearance by Elvis. Elvis Fatovic that is. And it's hard to imagine Elvis Presley getting more cheers than his Croatian namesake when he scored the game's first goal at the two-minute mark Elvis Fatovic with the trophy of the European Champions League in water polo. Water polo club Jug from Dubrovnik, founded in , was three times the winner of the Eureopan Champions League: Croatian waterpolo team, led by their coach Ratko Rudic , won the title of World champions in Melbourne, source: Croatian waterpolo team, led by their coach Ivica Tucak , won the title of World champions for the second time, in Budapest, Hungary, We mention that Xavier Garcia is of Catalonian origin.

Croatia won the prestigeous FINA World Championships waterpolo competition held in Melbourne, , with a perfect score of six consecutive wins. Samir Barac, a member of Croatian waterpolo team winning the title of World champions in Melbourne, source: By the way, Miho is professor of piano, which he studied at the Music Academy in Split.

Croatia became European waterpolo champion for The championship has been organized on Croatia's capital Zagreb, and the event was described as the best so far. Semper primus, simper melior - Always the first, always the best. Source Welcome to Dubrovnik , , no 18, p Croatian eight-man boat on the above photo won the olympic gold medal at the Olympic Games in Helsinki.

It was the first olympic gold medal in the history of the then state ex-Yugoslavia. However, the press never reported about this great succes, since all the rowers asked for political asylum after the win and moved to Canada.

Members of the team were from the rowing club Gusar from the city of Split. Many thanks to Dr. Ante Chuvalo, Chicago, for this information. Croatian eight-man boat won the olympic bronze in Sydney in , being only half a boat after the winning GB.

This is one of greatest results in the history of Croatian sport in general. Brothers Skelin Sinisa and Niksa won gold medal at the World cup in This was Croatia's first ever gold medal in a C1 wild water championship. Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic, Split, Croatia. His very nice boat on the photois easily recognizable by red and silver squares from the Croatian Coat of Arms.

They are both former junior world champions in sailing, members of the Sailing club of St. Krsevan from the city of Zadar , Croatia. Damir Martin Croatian rower winning silver medal of golden glitter at Olympic Games in men's single sculls. Kristijan Curavic set a new world record in diving under ice He reached a depth of more than 50 meters under ice 1.

In he improved his own record reaching an amazing depth of After this exploit which is not recognized by international diving organizations due to extreme life danger , Kristijan said: For more information see www.

In Karla Fabrio , a Croatian representative, set up a world record in diving on breath for women discipline Jump Blue , on the World Championship held in Bari, Italy, attaining m. In this way she equalled her own world record attained earliear the same year in Croatia, on the island of Vis.

Toni Pavicic-Donkic was the first Croat to swim across Gibraltar, It took him 3. Toni Pavicic-Donkic; photo from www. No doubt, the greatest success achieved by Croatian soccer is the third place at World Championship Coup du Monde held in France.

The excellent team of Holland was defeated by 2: Thus Croatian team became the greatest surprise of the Championship. In Croatian football team led by Slaven Bilic defeated England in London in a qualifying match for Euro , in front of 88, spectators.

According to English media, it was the greatest display from a visiting nation to Wembley in modern times. Also, it was the first time a country had scored three against England in a competitive game at the venue since Timofey Raskolnikov , Russia: The first known traces of tennis playing in Croatia date from in Zagreb and Samobor.

The first Davis Cup match in Croatia was played in Zagreb in In the finals of the Davis Cup match for the European zone, held in Zagreb, the Croatian team defeated the representation of Germany. The players who brought this victory were Franjo Puncec and Dragutin Mitic.

This was probably the gratest international success of Croatian sport in the first half of the 20th century. Dragutin Mitic was a distinguished Croatian tennis player. From until he worked as a tennis professional in Bogota, capital of Columbia.

It is interesting that his photo appears on a Colombia stamp, see below. In he immigrated to the USA. Dragutin Mitic, Croatian tennis player on a stamp in Columbia.

Photo of the stamp by Vladimir Novak. Zeljko Franulovic is one of the greatest players in the history of the Croatian tennis. He was one of the most important personalities in the organizational structure of the ATP Association of Tennis Professionals. In Croatia managed to win in the Davis Cup quarter-final match against very strong USA team on "their territory". Furthermore, Croatia is only 12th country in history to win the Davis Cup.

Croatian team won the Davis Cup in the final match with Slovakia in Bratislava. This is one of the greatest achievements in the history of Croatian sport. Members of the team were. Nikola Pilic, leader of the team, thus became the first captain in the history of Davis cup to win the trophy for different nations he led Germany to Davis Cup titles in , and Marin Cilic won the Roland Garros gold medal in Paris in the junior category at the age of 16, as one of the youngest competitors.

He lost only one set in the whole tournament. Marin was born in the famous Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In he reached the finals of the Wimbledon tournament, loosing to R. Croatia Open Umag , International tennis championship of Croatia. Croatia in the world of tennis. Antun Stipancic , often called "the golden left hand of Croatian sport", was one of the greatest Croatian table tennis players. In , at the age of 16, he defeated the then European champion Kjell Johanson by Zoran Primorac won several important international table tennis tournaments: The tournaments gathered the best table tennis players of the world.

And Tamara Boros was the best ping-pong player in the world among women of non-Chinese origin for and ranked 13th, the first 12 places being occupied by Chinese players, as well as many places after Tamara. She is famous for her attractive offensive style. After this success she was placed second!

She won the third place at the World Championship in Paris in , which is the greatest success of Croatian and European! Tamara is the only one in Europe capable to cope with ping-pong players from Asia China, Japan, etc. In she has been invited to China to play table tennis in their professional league, which is the strongest one in the world. In , as a young girl Tamara had to escape with her parents from what is now Serbia and Montenegro, when Greater-Serbian aggression on Croatia started.

Her both parents are Hungarians. Sandra Paovic was the world para-tennis champion of the world and Paraolympic gold medallist in Rio In the summer of a qualifying soccer match between Hungary and Croatia was held in Budapest for the World Competition in , when Croatian team already had secured the first place in their group.

Within Croatian fans there was unpleasant disorder, which according to Vlatko Markovic, president of Croatian Soccer Association, has been organized in advance in order to discredit Croatia. Namely, a group of alleged Croatian fans with Croatian design came to the match from a part of Serbia inhabited by Croatians. See his interview to Hrvatska rijec , Subotica, October , No , p Croatia is the only country in the world with no mountain above 2, meters though with probably the most beautiful mountain in Europe - VELEBIT and with world's top skier - Janica Kostelic.

She was shining in women's slalom in being only 17 years old. Her second victory of the season put her in first place in the World Cup overall standings and strengthened her lead in the specialty standings.

In her historical victory in Serre Chevalier, France, 5. December , the difference between the first two was 1. Her ardent supporter is Goran Ivanisevic. This is one of greatest successes in the history of Croatian sport. Upon her arrival to the Zagreb airport she obtained roses and custard slices This was a result of many years of painstaking work undertaken already at her tender age by her father Mr. Ante Kostelic and the whole family.

As stated by Mr. And You And I. Jon's introduction of Rick Wakeman 2. Going For The One 3. This my way of giving back to all those who have shared and continue uploaded all their great YES recordings! Grreat show with enthusiastic audience. The boot appears to have had some hard limiting applied but there is no NR evident, and the sound is quite clear, open and impressive. Not very dynamic, however. The recording here differs from the one at this location.

See my notes below. This was recorded by a friend of mine, Tommy P. This show has been 'remastered' by me twice actually and I think I got it the way it should be this time. IMHO this is one of the better sounding shows of this tour and is marred by the fact that Yes only played Roundabout as an encore. There was no Starship Trooper. Maybe Tommy can shed some light on this as to why that was.

The recording itself is quite good, but as with most recordings of the 70's there are some bad bits. I've tried to fix some bad spots and there are some very minor tape drags here and there.

Overall, this is one of my favorites. I beleive the Tooleman will be reseeding my New Orleans show in a day or so to wrap up the US portion of the tour. Turn Of The Century. Going For The One 4. Forgot I had this Crappy Master. This should be my last in the series.

A little bit of a sad story goes with this show. My wife and I made the 3 hour trip to New Orleans without tickets to the show, but I was confident I would find a scalper and I was willing to pay a fair sum for a pair. The doors to the auditorium were not open yet and there were a gazillion people milling around outside. Soon the doors opened to the place and everyone pushed and shoved their way to get in and my pregnant wife was nearly crushed in the crowd. People were screaming at each other and glass doors were broken as well.

It was festival seating for those that don't know what that was, it meant every man for himself to get a good seat. Anyway to make a long story short, 2 days later my wife miscarried and to this day blames the commotion at the show. The good news is we had 4 kids after that, all healthy. Besides being recorded with crappy equipment, the crowd noise is pretty bad.

The first CD opens with a scream from the drunk sitting behind us. He proceeds to scream for no apparent reason all during the show until at one pont he loses his voice. Its sort of humorous and you'll get to hear it.

He tries hard, but nothing comes out. Jamie Lockhead Artwork 1. Mick and Steve recorded several of Yes week-long stand at Wembley in I've selected some of the most powerful and clearly-recorded performances of each song of the nightly set. Our intrepid recordists captured the entire concerts of October 26 through 29, and Starship Trooper and Roundabout from the October 24 show. The two tracks from the 24th were previously torrented along with a Rick Wakeman recording from January 18, They have been mixed a little differently for this collection.

No other tapes of some of these dates have surfaced, and others were incomplete and of lesser audio quality. Relayerman - Songs from I dug this out of my tape collection and since it was the only Wembley show not inlcuded in the Tooleman's Wembley Collection I decided to clean it up and seed it. I don't know the lineage of the tape, but it appears to be at least a couple generations, probably more an upgrade would be nice. This version runs about 60 minutes. This collection is dedicated to the memory of my son, Danny Toole, who saw his first Yes concert at age 10, and afterward met Steve Howe and shook hands with Jon Anderson.

Danny passed away on October 21 at the age of 20, as the result of an accidental fall. He touched many lives with his brilliance during his short time on Earth. His true potential was only beginning to be realized.

Danny forever enriched the lives of his mother, his brother Eric, and me. He will remain in our hearts forever. Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. Play Us a Tune, Rick! These digital recordings and any and all copies which may be made from these recordings, in digital or analog form, are the property of TheTooleMan.

They may not be exchanged for currency in any monetary form. These recordings exist only to be freely enjoyed by those who love Yes music. So the next obvious questions is And does any one have a "non-bootleg" source?? The recording, got CDs in a trade, was just an 'ok' recording which I tweaked, of course, to bring out what best I could. Its at least a 2nd generation if not more.

As an added bonus I have included a 20 minute backstage interview with Steve Howe recorded by the brother of a fellow UK taper from way back. I don't believe this interview has ever been circulated it was conducted for print I think. Good audiance recording, I believe that this is second or third gen.

I got it in a trade, I believe that the trader taped the show. Video soundtrack, thought to be soundboard Lineage: This soundtrack was on two CD's. Each CD contained one continuous track. All I did was break them up by track, sector aligned them, and converted the WAV files to mono to reduce the size of the torrent. The original recording is mono, so nothing was lost here. Buzz, hum, speed variations, and drunken Scotsmen abound. Have fun with it, if you're inclined to try to improve it or just enjoy a certain amount of masochism.

Hopefully the video will be seeded. I thought I had a copy, but no such luck. I have seen the video - it's all shot from a single camera and a bit boring, but it's a document of what people saw on the tour, and for that it stands as an important artifact.

This soundtrack comes from a color version. I have no idea who seeded this originally, no name was mentioned in the original info file included. I expect i got this from Dime, but it is also possible that it comes from a different site. Everything in this torrent is exactly the way it was originally seeded, nothing has been changed, except for this reseed info file you are now reading and the torrent folder title just to make it a bit clearer!

Originally the folder was called: The folders included in this torrent are: Originally mastered for inclusion with the "7 From 77" set, this show was dropped in favor of the recently uncovered Milwaukee show of September 1, In hindsight, that might have been a bad idea, since the audio quality of this show is excellent. Rather than patch it from another show, I edited the song to the form that Yes uses in its more recent shows, which also omits this portion of the song.

Going for the One Country of Switzerland? Yes were off to Switzerland to record their new album, Going for the One. It was an escape from the tax man and the familiar surroundings of England. Patrick Moraz made the trip with Yes, back to his home country but did not stay with the band once they arrived. Things were just not working out between him and his band mates. Rick Wakeman was brought in to take over the keyboards again and the band was off!

Skiing in the morning, recording in the afternoon; this was the typical day for them at the time. These recording sessions would produce one of the very best Yes albums ever! With plans to move back to a song oriented album Jon still directed the band in the production of one of their most impressive epics of all time: Rick Wakeman was required to produce church organ for this piece. However, the only way to get this sound was to use a real church organ, located 10 miles from the studio.

A rather unique way of recording this instrument was devised, they used a telephone line. The pipe organ was recorded direct into the studio. I listened back over the cans, drove back to the studio, cut a little overdub and that was it. Yes travers ed the United States playing 55 shows to sold out venues night after night. Many who attended were pleased to see Rick back with the band. The new material was well received both during the shows and on the charts of the time.

In July of the album reached number one in England and number 8 in the U. After the tour of the states Yes returned to Europe to continue their tour; thirty-six cities in 45 days, a grueling schedule to say the least. With some 68 shows under their belt on this tour, the band could do no wrong as they reached Gothenburg, Sweden on November 12, At this point in the tour, the band is also very comfortable with the new material which they deliver with confidence and power.

The spirits of the band also appear to be brighter as old conflicts have been put aside. This last bit with Rich is reminiscent of the Peter Gabriel skits of Genesis. The more difficult days of the Tales From Topographic Oceans tour have been left behind and the band is bursting with new found energy. So listen closely and you will hear some of the best music ever performed by the band called Yes! Notes from the Re-Master This is a wonderful audience recording of a great Yes performance.

The taping was probably made from the middle of the performance theater because the acoustics of the room are quite apparent. The audience is quite respectful so there is little in the way of talking or excessive clapping. The quality of the recording is quite good. The noise level was moderate but noise was easily identified within the spectrum and reduced. The complete show is here with the exception of three gaps that arise during the taping.

The break is 19 seconds long so it is likely a tape flip. Whether there was a switch in tapes or taping problems will never be known. All three gaps were patched using segments of a Yes show from Long Beach California September 26, This source was chosen because it is also an audience recording with similar acoustics and is less than two months before this current show. Finally, the show needed re-tracking because many songs were grouped together.

Complete show plus bonus tracks from Berlin. This concert I taped so many years ago I can't remember what equipment I used. I remember it was a big recorder with an included microphone. I layed the recorder on the ground of the hall right inside the middle of the floor about 15 metres from the stage. All the people around were sitting down those days. The sound quality is o. There are cuts for the tape-flip after "Close to the edge" and in the middle of "Awakening".

I remember this concert as one of the best in my life if I see it from the point of how I enjoyed it when I was there.

This is definitive not the music I prefer now. I don't know if this one was ever seeded here on dime, but I think it is worth doing it again or - I hope so - seeding it for the first time!! It could be very rare!! Keep in mind that this is really old and what a lot of trouble it was taping concerts in those analog days.

It's a new year and we still have alot more to share in this series WTE. As usual, be prepared for some strange and interesting bands and recordings. And of course some time honored "Classic" bands as well!

Once again i would like to ask those that still have such "treasures" tucked away, to please consider sharing them the way these generous people have.

None of us are getting any younger and what good will any of your recordings be when you're DEAD! Please thank the gentleman that recorded the show; "Judge Free" and his friend "William Tell" for providing the "raw file".

Audience recording, remastered by TheTooleMan Lineage: This is a not-so-hot recording, released by Highland with one of their nonsense names. Naturally, Highland did nothing to improve the audio on this recording, just spending their funds on the packaging. I have made some improvements to the audio here, but with bass distortion in loud passages and parts missing from some of the tracks of this recording, there isn't a lot to do to rescue it.

The hum was not in the encores, which were also much louder than the rest of the recording. Could they be from a different source? Remaster of an audience recording featured on the bootleg "Soleil Our Sights" received from Remy of the website Yessongs.

NL many thanks to him again. Remaster made by me: Track markings arranged newly. There is some low frequency hum no clue if this was in the original show in some of the middle tracks which I did not remove in order to keep a balanced sound.

The bass distortions could not be removed but all in all the recording is very listenable. The last 3 tracks of the "Soleil Our Sights" bootleg are not from the Heidelberg show but from Esslingen This show I attended when I was still a prog fan ok I re-discovered this kind of music again in my older days. I can remember that the venue was so full with people that it was difficult to stay seated on the ground during the show. But this was still common at that time and so people were patient until Roundabout which unfortunately is missing here and latest then everybody was up on their feet and dancing or something likely.

I think this was Yes up on their peak and you could really feel how they enjoyed playing and the interaction between them all was just fantastic. My friend Klaus Hiltscher made some great photos during the show here: My thanks also go to Remy of Yessongs.

NL who sent me the show some years ago and who has a fantastic website: He is such a nice guy! Support the artists, go to their shows, buy their albums. Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. I acquired this in the spring of and got it out for someone who wanted it in a trade.

I figured that others may enjoy this as well. Sonically this one isn't too bad and the performance is enjoyable as well. Why someone put Close To the Edge in 2 parts is beyond me. I tried to piece this together but was unhappy with the results of my work. There was also a bit of static at the very start of the concert that I removed.

Starship Trooper missing Artwork 1. Firebird Suite - Parallels 5. I've Seen All Good People 6. Going For The One 5. And You And I 9. Flight Jam - Awaken This my way of giving back to all those who have shared and uploaded all their great YES recordings!

Sound quality differs per track, sometimes if differs within the track 2. There's a gap between track 2. The sound quality is far better as I can remember.

The sound is really good for a recording. Hope you like it. It would have a 9 in a scale from 1 poor until 10 perfect. As always, you can help thank dave ;] for his shares if you'd like, by keeping the info with the files and the files in their original state. Tuesday, November 29, City: These are the ones I'd like to propose you. Most of these come from my cassettes collection, so they will be released at a slower pace than my Master Series!

But you won't be disappointed! I will try to gather the most unusual things I have in my collection and, as always, your feedback and comments will be my reward for all the work involved in this project.

DO NOT share this music on mp3, just convert it for your own use. Sharing mp3's is the right way to make me stop sharing music here. Siberian Khatru not recorded I've seen all good people Close to the edge Turn of the century And you and I Going for the one Yours is no disgrace. This is a decent-sounding stereo recording, with some hiss.

Yes is in good form, heading toward the end of their lengthy tour with a full head of steam. In this performance you can hear them adding some different voicings to the songs in the now-routine setlist.

Instruments are clearly distinguishable and performances are excellent. The audience is enthusiastic and attentive, and the band members are enjoying themselves.

If there was a "tour song" played this night, it is not included on my copy of the recording. Forgotten Yesterdays gives lyrics for a tour song which say it is the band's last night in Germany.

Also unusual for the tour is the lead-in to "Going for the One," which is not the usual humorous bit with Rick Wakeman, but instead a little country-blues jam. The original files came to me from my friend Orjan in Sweden. The audio quality would probably benefit from an updated transfer.

I don't know if it was released by Highland or is simply a copy from cassette to CD, but there were some differences in the quality of sound in each channel which took a while to resolve. Some of this may have been caused by playback on a less-than-excellent cassette deck, but possibly the age of the tape is also to blame.

By the way, that ticking sound in "Country Jam" disk 2, track 1 is in the original files and is not caused by corrupted FLAC files in the remastered version. And there is a little static or distortion in the left channel at about 5: Through the conversion process I try to get the artwork for each show and Remy's site is an invaluable tool for that purpose, among others thank you, Remy.

Well, I suppose I could download it from Remy's site and saw that there were 3 versions with each missing tracks. According to my notes only Firebird Suite and Parallels were missing. So instead of downloading from Remy's site I went to my tape archive Dave has all my tapes and archived all of them for me to a portable hard drive; thanks, Dave.

I had the more complete show! I set to work fixing that show up sound-wise, tracking it and so here it is for those that want the Longer Version. This is an excellent-sounding show. It is close to an A or at least an A-. I did speed-correct it as well. I've Seen All Good People 7. This is a good but incomplete recording which starts near the end of "Close to the Edge. I actually think this was someone else's remaster of the original recording. There are some changes in volume that sound like someone adjusting recording levels on the fly, perhaps when transferring the cassette to CD.

There were some cuts and abrupt jumps in the applause around the encores, and the songs were not in the usual order on the downloaded recording.

The speed of the downloaded recording was quite fast, and the pitch too high. Channels were not well balanced, and the EQ needed some boosting on the high and low ends. This raised the noise level, of course, and I dealt with it best I could without NR! There is also a gap in the final verse of Roundabout, which I filled by patching in the same bars from an earlier verse.

With that done, it's now a good listening experience of Yes having fun in France! Unfortunately, I can't give credit to the person who seeded these files as their name is not in the old torrent's original info file. Art is included from either the seeder or someone else who provided it when it was seeded in I have just one more recording in the 30th Anniversary Series: Paris, , the final show of the tour.

I will seed it Thursday, its anniversary date, and it's definitely one to get! If you have any of the recordings below from the European leg of the tour, as listed on Forgotten Yesterdays, please share them.

These are not in my collection:. I got this show in a tape trade in the early 80's from one of my UK traders and while I think that this is probably a 2nd gen tape the show is Yes at their full-ahead rock'n'roll steamroller best. The tape was pretty good, but I worked roughly 6 hours or so to get this bad boy in shape and I'm quite pleased with the result.

I can't quite give this show an A, but maybe an A-. The recording is very good and the performance is, well, excellent! At times you'll think you are right at the foot of the stage as the music gets right in your face and every instrument's notes are heard. Steve Howe is on fire, Chris's bass is thunderous, and every drum lick can be heard from Alan. There are even some Wakeman things that I had never heard before such as some synth sound effects during some spots during various songs. I actually like this show better than the Paris show that was seeded awhile back that was a good recording, but cold have used some work.

This recording gives you more of an impression of being there and up close. It also shows you Jon's meek personality during his in-between song talking as its so soft.

The all of the sudden you're plunged into a song where his voice just soars above the instruments. The soundman gets it right after the first couple of songs. This recording had its usual tape problems such as pitch problems and microphone movement here and there.

Here's the lowdown on the work done: EQ applied for high end could have used a tad more, but turned hissy 3. EQ applied for low end to 'feel' the bass rather than just hear it 4. Tuesday, December 06, City: Pavillon De Paris Capacity: Monday, December 05, City: I am online everyday from approx. But i will keep seeding it until at least one of you has it complete!

Thanks for understanding my predicament! I wil stop seeding it when there are a few fellow seeders question of bandwith, you see. Many people ask what the sound quality is of a recording. The sound quality rating i mention is what is generally used on Yes collector sites! Also keep the recording date in mind! Highland factory boot CD via a different Dime member. As stated above, an exceptional AR for its year and decade. Like even poorer-quality ARs it captures more of what the audience heard and felt than most sterile soundboard-sourced and brutally mixed industry "live" releases do.

This one was clearly one of the best for original sound capture and had to have been taped with the speculated Nak or equivalent studio-grade cassette deck of its time, giving us enough to work with to provide a significantly more accurate document of what its Parisian audience actually experienced than the industry-like editing savagery of Highland.

A thankfully great deal of the boot factory's destructiveness has been reversed here. Please see 'weaknesses' below for more detail on this.

A series of EQ passes created specifically for ARs was used to restore high frequencies and others in the upper bass spectrum originally flattened by Highland [we can be sure of this because they did it frequently and I have several raw masters to compare their work to]. The main benefits are now highs like percussive metals and certain keyboards sounding like they're right in front of us - just as they did to concert attendees thanks to Yes' superlative sound systems and engineers.

So too have midrange items like vocals, deeper layers of Moog synthesizer sound and nonmetal percussives which had all sounded like they were coming through a telephone line after Highland got through with them. Anyone who actually experienced Yes personally knows how coequally important bass guitars and percussion were to the band's melodic structures, and how 'bassy' they were in concert as well as crystal clear in the upper frequencies. As stated above, no noise reduction was applied to this version and while not industry-"quiet" by any means it really wasn't needed.

NR work is very dangerous to desired signal in any case and there are examples all over Dime and elsewhere of its destructiveness when carelessly applied. Some evidence of NR work by Highland can be heard in their source discs and it may have done some damage, but in this area at least they didn't do too badly.

Slow speed and pitch in the Highland discs as mentioned may well have been a property of the masters. Often such ARs then went into circulation without correction, and this one really needed it.

Thankfully Yes in Paris '77 can now be heard at their natural tempo and pitch. Yes' performance in Paris that night was end-of-tour and they were clearly tired, but it was nonetheless vital. Reuniting with an old friend [keyboardsman Rick Wakeman] injected its own energy even though much of GFTO was probably cowritten by Patrick Moraz, who many of us Yesnuts regret even in didn't stay on with Yes through the '70s at least.

In any case they were justifiably excited about their new album and Wakeman brought his own evolved, exciting new style to the fold. Inevitable AR tradeoffs - more tape noise, variably uneven sound including pretty severe dropout in places and seems to include some irreversible Highland tinkering. Many ARs of Yes' tour are weirdly afflicted by a difficult to describe "pulsing", "rushing" sound in certain of its high frequencies like crash cymbals and resembling some sort of deliberate psychedelic sound effect.

This assuredly was not intended or heard by attendees but it's pretty ubiquitous in '77 tour ARs, and to my knowledge impossible to mitigate. In Paris 77 it's quite bad at times, particularly during very busy moments by all members. Hypothetical causes range from a strange interplay between phase shifters in Yes' sound system and the contemporary cassette tape technology to air movement in the venues, but it hasn't been nailed.

Despite weaknesses this torrent should provide Yes aficionados some real listening pleasure and I hope its new remaster becomes very popular. Please enjoy and reseed often! Gromek's original text file is just below and includes the unaltered setlist, lineup etc. Again thanks to him for making this effort possible to begin with. Artwork also as he provided it. If the original Yes-Paris taper or a friend of theirs sees this - please consider uploading your original, unedited master tapes to Dime and we may be able to turn it into a Holy Grail!

And now we've arrived at the end of the tour, partying with Yes in the City of Light! There are nuances in the music that you cannot hear in lesser-quality recordings.

Synthesizer patches and guitar effects are awesomely clear. You can even appreciate the flanging effect on the voices singing the "counter-lyrics" in "And You And I" you know, "Coins and crosses This kind of quality is rare in a year-old tape. I received this recording in a trade in It may not be the same version that Highland released, and which Lestat used for his recent remaster.

From his description of the audio quality of the Highland recording, this is apparently much better! Relayerman provided a lot of detail about what he did to enhance the recording of the first night in Paris. Since I did some of the audio work on this recording in , I don't have the same detailed records of everything that was done. The original recording ran slow, so the pitch was flat. I corrected the pitch and balanced the stereo channels, each of which had somewhat different frequency response.

There is a patch in the last 90 seconds of Awaken which I think was in the original recording I received in trade. It's not bad, and it's probably from another average quality recording of the same performance.

Relayerman says he has two versions of this show, but I have not confirmed with him whether both have this patch. I worked with the pitch and EQ of the patch to help it blend with the rest of the recording. Overall, this is one of the most satisfying remastering projects I've undertaken, mostly thanks to the quality of the original recording. If I had deliberately saved the best for last, I still would have chosen this recording and this show.

It's been fun sharing these recordings with you, and I hope you get as much out of them as I have. Yes Lititz, PA late July lineup: The show gets off to a rough start with Wakeman's organ inaudible at the beginning of Parallels. TheTooleMan June, Lineup: I equalized the recording and tracked it. Lost Brook January A slight upgrade to this one: The return of Rick Wakeman From the beginning, Jon shows the strong assured voice which so moved Tony Wilson to write so favorably about the band back in Always remember - the more generous you are with your music, the more it comes back to you.

Below is the original description of the show from Barry Rogoff. Tracking set to be consistent with Rogoff recording with no fadeout at end of disc 1 Notes: This is the first of two nights Yes performed at Detroit's Cobo Hall. The lineup is the same, except Patrick Moraz is on keyboards, not Rick Wakeman. TheTooleMan November, Tracks: Back in , Mike Healy pulled together a bunch of material which I cleaned up and assembled.

These are fixed in this version: Comments from YOU, the listener will be much more interesting. Turn Of The Century Disc 2 1. Show dates and tracks: Starship Trooper Roundabout All credits go to the original seeder! When one of you guys gets a time machine, let me know. Art produced for this show as part of the "7 From 77" set is included in the torrent. TheTooleMan June, Yes: PayPal is the largest and most trusted payment service provider for internet payments with over million satisfied users and is available in more than 80 countries.

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VRC Pro always starts with the Updater. The updater checks for software updates and new content and will download it before you can start VRC Pro. This may take some time depending on your internet connection speed. The first start may take more time because the updater needs to download all the components and accessories to be installed on your system. In order to find your account on the server you must enter the same email address and password that you entered on the website for your VRC Pro account.

If the email address or the password is wrong the game cannot connect to your account on the VRI server and you will not be able to play. Click on the Register user button and enter your username which is the e-mail address you use for your VRC Pro account. A user can only be logged in on one computer at the same time. Once you have connected successfully to your account on the server you can go back to the pit table and start exploring the features of VRC PRO.

Only the components, tracks and accessories that are free or have been purchased by you can be used in the off-line mode. All racing modes requiring internet are disabled, as is in-game purchasing. When your subscription has expired you can no longer use VRC Pro off-line. You must go on-line and your account will be reset to the basic FreePlay membership. In front of you there is your first car, the Intercept ER10 Spec 1: This car and the RC Speedway are the default car and track.

Any time you have a problem and would lose your settings and have to restart the game, the default track and car will be loaded. There are 2 ways of navigation. You can left-click on top and bottom menu bars. You can also left-click on certain 3D objects to trigger the same action:. You can right click on most of the objects on your pit table, including the laptop screen, catalogs, folders etc.

The object will then be lifted off the table and zoomed in on, and you can spin the object by holding the right mouse button pressed, and moving the mouse. By pressing the Shift key at the same time you change the spinning axis which can sometimes be useful. Several objects are linked to a website. Clicking on the blue More info button at the top will open a browser and show the product page of that object.

When playing in windowed mode the new browser will open immediately. When playing in full screen mode the game will first go back to windowed mode, this will take some time. All parts that belong to the car and are used to run the car are called components. Each component has its own properties that are used to set up the car and affect the performance.

Branded and the RS series components have slightly better specs than the generic components so if you want the fastest stuff go for the branded stuff. Branded VRC PRO components have equal physical properties and the same performance, so you don't need to purchase all the brands, unless you just want to own more stuff or like to race for another brand or factory.

Some of the components are also placed on your pit table, for instance wheels, motor etc. Of several components we also place the packaging on the pit table to add to the realism. With a right mouse click you can pick it up and view it in 3D from close by. You can customize your pit table by selecting different accessories like your pit towel, a starter box, a charger, you name it.

Except for fixed accessories like the pit towel and setup board, accessories can be picked up and viewed in 3D with a right mouse click. Consider them like banners on a website, but now in 3D, you can pick them up and spin them around like any other object, and visit their website.

The commercial objects are filtered so that if you are running 1: We feel these commercials add to the realism of your pit table and we hope you will also experience this as an enrichment. We will start off with simple commercial objects but you may see real interesting product introductions in the near future!

Make sure you have an active internet connection! In order to find your account on the server you must enter the same email address and password that you entered on the website when you created your VRC Pro account. If either the email address or the password is wrong the game cannot connect to your account on the VRI server and you will not be able to play.

In Accounts you set yourself up as the main user. You can register other users who like to use your system incidentally. Under Options you configure your settings for graphics, sound, controller and racing.

The more powerful your CPU and graphics card, the higher the graphic settings can be. When VRC Pro is started for the first time the hardware configuration is checked and the settings are pre-configured. You can optimize these settings in this dialog.

The settings affect the performance of your computer depending on the graphics card capabilities. This mode will run the game not in a normal window but full screen. Because of all the dynamic scaling changing from windowed to full screen mode will take some time.

While changing the window mode the screen will be black. If you don't want this you should stay in normal windowed mode and select any of the pre-set resolutions. This works as a filter for the drop down list of screen resolutions. Select a specific one to match your monitor.

In the drop down list you can select a pre-defined resolution which could be useful when capturing video for example, a screen resolution of x gives you P video quality. When the selected resolution is changed the game needs to rebuild the whole interface to the new resolution and this can take some time. While changing the screen will be black.

Larger screen resolution reduces the performance of the game. It is advised to restart the game after the resolution is changed. This controls the roughness of the edges of each object. The higher the setting the finer the edges of objects. But this goes at cost of performance. This sets the method used to render textures on distant objects. The higher setting, the sharper will be the details on distant objects appear. Since anisotropic filtering requires intense processing, it may affect performance.

You can turn the object shadow dynamic on and off. This has considerable impact on the performance of the game.

If your computer can't produce min. Cloud shadows cast shadows on the track and pit table, this applies only to outdoor tracks. You can turn cloud shadows off to increase performance. However cloud shadows don't affect performance that dramatically as object shadows. These settings affect the performance of your computer depending on the level of video memory of your video card.

If your video card has low video memory, like MB, you should use lower settings. This sets the level of rendering based on how old your graphics card is. Cards from before use Pixel Shader 2. You can also adjust the quality level of the textures, a lower setting produces less detail than a higher setting. This is especially important for graphics cards with relative low memory.

This limits the frame rate to the vertical refresh frequency of your monitor usually This gives the smoothest game play. If it is turned off the frame rate may go higher but this will not necessarily make it smoother.

We advise to keep V-sync ON. This enables you to show the frame rate at the right bottom of the screen when racing on the track. Ideally you should have 60 fps or higher. When V-Sync is on the frame rate will be limited to the frame rate of your monitor, usually 60 fps.

In case your frame rate is well below 60 we advise you to reduce the graphics settings step by step until you have 60 or more. This will improve the smoothness of the game play experience. Start with turning of dynamic shadows as this will have the biggest effect on the frame rate.

Here you decide what you want to see in VRC Pro and what not. Player and opponent smoke nitro cars are actually rendered particles and can have a significant effect on the frame rate.

This only applies to nitro cars. You can decide to turn the smoke on your own car off to further improve the performance of the game, especially important for computers with lower end processor. When turned off you will see no smoke on the opponent cars in Multiplayer. This improves the performance of the game. When turned off you will see no dust on the opponent cars in Multiplayer and replay mode. This will restore all the values in the Graphics options dialog to the default values.

Use this to go back to the original graphics settings. In Sound options you mainly set the sound levels of the various sound sources. These settings have no effect on the performance of the game. By changing the sliders you change the volume of each of the sound sources. Usually you would like your own car a little better than the opponent cars. It is all a matter of personal preference.

You can also turn each sound source on and off. Select what sort of speaker system you will be using, this also depends on your sound card capabilities. This will restore all the values in the Sound options dialog to the default values. Use this to go back to the original sound settings.

With F10 you can stop the background music, with F11 you can jump to the next song. With the sliders you control the volume of the background music. Adjust the sound volume of the background sounds that are played when the game is started and while on the pit table. In Control options you select your controller and adjust the input. If you are using the VRC adaptor with your own transmitter you can probably adjust the input also on your transmitter.

The VRC adaptor uses the servo output on your receiver so everything you adjust on your transmitter affects the control in the game.

The default controller is the keyboard, but this is the most primitive means of controlling VRC PRO and it is impossible to feel the quality of the game using the keyboard. All controller devices plugged in to the USB port of your computer will be shown in the drop down list.

Select the controller you want to use. The model will be detected automatically and the name displayed in the drop-down list. When you move the steering you will see the bar move to the left and to the right indicating that the steering channel of your controller is working.

It is also advisable to re-calibrate after a certain period of use, like once a week. The calibration process is started by clicking on the orange Calibrate button. The Windows Game Controller dialog will open. Next click on the button: This opens the Windows Device Calibration Wizard. This wizard guides you through the calibration steps. You will see the axis move in all directions and when done somewhere near the centre of the calibration window.

When done click on Next. Your controller is now calibrated and ready for use. You don't need to restart VRC Pro after calibration. The higher the number the better the 'feel' of your controller. The maximum value is , limited by Windows itself. For fixed USB controllers it might be necessary to switch the steering if the car, driving away from you, goes to the left when you steer it to the right.

Then click on Reverse steering ON. Exponential steering changes the sensitivity of the steering. Normally it is linear 0 meaning that the steering angle changes exactly with the amount of steering on the controller. Decreasing the exponential means that in the beginning there will be less steering than your input on the controller, but at the end there will be more. So decreasing steering exponential reduces the sensitivity around neutral.

Increasing exponential increases the sensitivity and is hardly used. You can set the amount of exponential steering you would like to have; this is useful for USB controllers that cannot be adjusted. For a start you can use During adjustment the value is displayed in the left bottom corner of the game. If the throttle and brake are reversed on your controller you can put them right by clicking Reverse throttle to ON. This works the same as for the steering exponential. If you want less sensitivity around neutral then decrease the exponential setting.

If you are using a more advanced transmitter with programmable functions you can also set exponential steering and throttle, dual rate, steering and brake trim etc. Everything you change on your transmitter will affect the steering and throttle settings in VRC Pro. Use the customize button to configure a joystick, a USB game pad suitable for Windows also Xbox and even your keyboard. Specific PS3 gamepads require a special driver to be recognized by Windows. Most Xbox gamepads can be used for Windows 7 as well.

Move the selected controller device stick, trigger or wheel which you want to use to steer left. For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the left, for example O. Move the selected controller device stick, trigger or wheel which you want to use to steer right.

For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the right, for example P. For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the right, for example A. Move the selected controller device stick or wheel which you want to use to brake and reverse electric only.

For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the right, for example Z. Dead zone is the area around the neutral position where nothing happens. Saturation is used to set how much stick or wheel movement you want to use to reach the maximum steering or throttle. A low value means that you need only half the movement to get the maximum throw, this makes the control of course very sensitive. For example using a regular joystick it may take too long to move all the way to the left or right for steering.

You need a certain dead zone to keep your car stationary in neutral. If you can't keep the car at rest with your controller you may have to increase the dead zone. For example using a regular joystick it may take too long to move all the way forward for throttle. Exponential settings do also apply to customized controllers. The camera has a vantage point, can zoom change field of view , can rotate and tilt. VRC Pro features intelligent camera which is adjusting itself based on the situation in order to improve the racing experience.

You can control this behavior in Camera options. This setting is saved per track. When you revisit the track the main zoom will be automatically set to the value you last adjusted it on this track. When you revisit the track the camera will be automatically switched to the mode you last used on this track.

VRC Pro features other camera options allowing you to optimize how you view and experience the sim. In Camera options, you control how camera reacts to different situations. It will affect how you view the car, the zooming and the position of the car on the screen. This is global setting and it applies to all tracks and cameras except follow mode in the game. It will remain as you have adjusted it until you change it again in Camera options or on the track using shortcut key.

If you have very special camera settings for a particular situation, you could write them down and save these values as text in the Remarks field of the car setup. Distance zoom produces additional zoom adjustment based on the distance of the car from camera. As the car is moving away, additional zoom is applied. It's very subtle at the beginning and increasing with increasing distance. The value is then shortly displayed at the left bottom corner of the screen.

Velocity zoom produces additional zoom adjustment based on the speed of the car. Usually you want little less zoom more overview at high speed, while slowing down at corners needs more details.

We advise to leave it OFF for beginners as it can produce undesired zooming in and out when the car is not driven fluently. This can make the learning process a bit more difficult. To increase track overview on edges, camera is not always pointing exactly to the center of a car. When the car is on left side of the track from camera point of view , camera will look more to the right in order to show more of the track at right side.

As a result, car will be visible at left side of the screen instead of center. Opposite will apply when car is on right side of the track. The amount of offset can be varied from 0. When using VRC Pro with 3 monitors you should set the offset in such a way that the car always stays inside the middle monitor.

With damping you control how quickly the camera adapts to new situation. When turned off 0. We strongly advise to leave it OFF for beginners as it can affect how you control the car, possibly making it difficult to drive. On the other hand, it will allow you "feel" car acceleration. You can also like this effect when you are capturing video footage from your race or replay. In ON-mode the camera will stay focused on the track surface and allow the car to move vertically.

On off-road car jump will therefore look much more natural. This is especially interesting when driving off-road type cars or on tracks with serious elevations. In this mode, when entire track is in the view, the camera will no longer focus on the car itself but on the center of the track instead.

It will only work properly if your screen is capable of displaying entire track and camera is completely zoomed out.