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Anschaffung von Wassertank-Fahrzeug verzögert koe Kalbe. Aktuelle Nachrichten aus der Altmark auf Facebook.

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Malone and Grant put together a dope Alaskan fishing trip and auctioned it off Grant says not only did that cash help people BG's still fighting the disease LeBron James is out It's true -- the greatest athlete in the history of the city maybe the world is being subbed out for an image of the statue that overlooks traffic on the Hope Memorial Bridge.

City officials proposed the idea during a meeting early Friday morning -- claiming the statue is one of the "iconic landmarks" in town And, if the guardian looks a little grainy to you -- it's 'cause the city wanted it that way Immediate reaction to it hasn't been great Is it too late to get Machine Gun Kelly? In fact, Garnett claims the accountant aided wealth manager Charles A. Garnett claims part of the diabolical plot against him involved his wealth manager and accountant trying to get him to live on a budget so they would have a greater pool of cash to steal from.

Metta's crystal ball is a little cloudy when it comes to the date LBJ will win one -- 'cause the ex-NBA superstar says he sees the Warriors taking home a few more 'ships first. As for if K. Matt Barnes has just obtained a temporary restraining order against his baby mama, Gloria Govan , in the wake of her arrest at their kids' school, TMZ Sports has learned. As part of the court order, Govan must stay at least yards away from the kids.

She can see the kids once per week for 4 hours but a professional monitor has to be present -- and Gloria must foot the bill for the monitor. Gloria is also not allowed to take the kids outside of L. County during her visitation unless she gets written permission from Matt.

It was about the children and their safety. This was a good day for those kids, and that's all that matters. The next hearing is scheduled for the end of Sept. As we previously reported, cops arrested Govan on August 31 after she allegedly blocked Matt from picking up their 9-year-old twin boys on Matt's scheduled custodial day.

Matt claims Govan used her car as a weapon against him -- and claims he feared for his life and the lives of his kids and Gloria punched the gas in her Escalade and "[barreled] toward me. In court docs, Matt claims Gloria put their children and other kids at the school in physical danger -- and Matt claims the twins have been traumatized by Gloria's actions and subsequent arrest. Matt and Gloria got married back in but split almost 2 years later.

Their divorce wasn't finalized until Gloria is now engaged to Matt's former Lakers teammate, Derek Fisher. Nike isn't backing down from its Colin Kaepernick ad campaign -- they just released a brand new 2-minute commercial featuring the QB -- and it's slated to air during the NFL season opener. The spot features Colin narrating inspiring messages about overcoming the odds while real video of really inspirational athletes plays on the screen.

Colin references Serena Williams and praises her as "the greatest athlete ever" -- while throwing similar compliments at stars like Odell Beckham , Shaquem Griffin and the U. Women's National Soccer Team. Be bigger than basketball. Become the greatest athlete ever. It's the second phase of Nike's "Just Do It" ad campaign featuring Kaep -- a deal that we're told was put together in the last several weeks. We're told the deal put together by Mark Geragos and Ben Meiselas also includes a new custom Kaepernick shoe and apparel line.

As for the commercial, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us the plan is to air the commericial at some point during the Falcons vs. Eagles broadcast on NBC. Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Festveranstaltung am Sonnabend Königsmarker feiern ihr Dorf erstmalig mit eigener Fahne xp Königsmark.

Er hielt eine Neue fest mit beiden Händen, nicht seine, aber die des Ortes: Fred Stoller hatte die ehrenvolle Aufgabe, ein Fahnenjunge zu sein und das brandneue Textil am edlen Hartholzstab samt goldener Spitz des Ortes Königsmark zu halten. Rangelei auf Osterburger Parkplatz. Stillstand in Düsedau ist vorbei. Fotos und Videos aus der Altmark Fotos. Hier können Sie Ihren Leserbrief bequem, schnell und einfach online verfassen.

Aktuelle Nachrichten aus der Altmark auf Facebook. Immer mehr Wölfe in der Altmark: Bauvorhaben kommt nicht voran Osterburg. Bereits vor fünf Jahren haben die Planungen für das Vorhaben begonnen.