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First, there are six middle-period mento tracks, as described below: View all 9 comments.

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All articles are selected via computer algorithm, vividly demonstrating that computers have a very long way to go before actually accomplishing truly intelligent work. Because cookies are disabled, reloading this page will clear your settings. Refer to this page to reenable cookies. Cardi B-Nicki Minaj brawl: Nicki Minaj will not press charges against Cardi B. Penn Badgley clarifies molestation remarks. When the gates to her compound swing open ….

Ryan Lochte Is Married! Ryan Lochte marries model Kayla Rae Reid again. If the sound quality seems too low i. We believe that you will find each of these lessons of some value in your life. We encourage you to get out your Bible and use it to verify the things that are said.

And if you are ever in the area, we would love for you to join us and hear a lesson from the Word of God. At West Huntsville, we strive to please God by returning to the pattern of Christian worship and living laid down for us in the New Testament by the Holy Spirit.

We are Christians - no more, no less. Sermons We attempt to place all sermons preached from the pulpit at the Church of Christ at West Huntsville on our web site. Who Can Be Against Us? Clarke Are You in God's Family? Clarke Where are You Going? Members' Area User Name. Sunday Afternoons at 4: Tuesday Mornings Dorcus Class: Wednesday Mornings Golden Seniors: Thursday Mornings Service Group Meetings: Sunday Evenings after Worship.

Huntsville, AL Huntsville, AL Phone: How to Leave a Lasting Inheritance. What Jerusalem Means to Christians Today. Characteristics of the Heroes of Faith. The Foundation of Faith. A Christian's Responsibility to Government. Teachers Guide the Future of the Church. Bibical - Part 2.

Bibical - Part 1. Collected in the early 's in Greece by the grandmother of the current elderly owner. Shown to the Victoria and Albert museum in which confirmed its authenticity.

Tanagra or Kentoripai, c. A woman carrying Eros on her shoulder. This may be Aphrodite or it may refer to another specific Greek mythic story. Repaired from shards but very appealing. Considerable white slip remaining with traces of color.

With furrowed brow and drawn face. In the Hellenistic period a genre of portraying grotesques and caricatures was popular thus this excellent realistic depiction in fine Hellenistic style. From the estate of a prominent Egyptologist active in the early part of the 20th century. Brought to the US with the family in With ornate hairdo and earrings with sakkos bound by a diadem.

Repaired from large shards. Rare this large and with this fine detail. Will be worth considerably more when properly restored. The face with prognathic jaw and typical African features wearing dreadlocks one of which falls longer to the side of the face, another large one down the back of the head. The bearded satyr identifiable by his goat ears. Beautifully modeled ceramic figure of a young lady of style. She stands in contrapposto, with most of her weight on the right foot, the left leg bent.

Her left hand rests on her hip, her right arm falls gracefully along her side. She wears a thin pink chiton inner undergarment belted at the waist with the loose folds hanging to the tops of her thighs.

Over this she wears a blue outer himation open in the front, and a blue head covering. Her lips and earrings are painted red, her face and hands white, and her hair done in brown. Choice and intact in an exceptional state of preservation with no repair, restoration or repainting. Canosan refers to one of the distinctive artistic styles of the Greek colonies of Southern Italy.

Canosan pottery and figurines are characterized by the use of delicate pastel painted colors rather than glazes. Due to the delicacy of such paints one rarely finds a piece where more than traces of the colors remain.

The current piece is highly exceptional in that nearly all of the original paint remains beautifully intact. An important piece worthy of the finest collection. At the base the finely modeled head of a lady or goddess with laurel leaf wreath. Above on a broad strap handle, the molded figure of an elegant lady wearing hat and cloak. Considerable white slip remaining with slight traces of pink and blue.

Intact and very rare this type of vessel was made for the tomb without an enclosed bottom and not intended for daily use. Fired clay stamped with the very high profile facing head of what appears to be the Hellenistic king Mausolus. Such clay intaglios were likely used as seals for papyrus scrolls. Mausolus, the ruler of Halicarnassus, was the builder of the eponymous Mausoleum.

This mirror is exceptional in that it comes with its original bronze mirror case consisting of a nicely fitting container and lid. The case is 5 inches x 0. Both mirror and case in original intact condition, the mirrored surface with patina from original silvering. Top and bottom of case. A NJ estate auction. Solid cast rabbit seated on its haunches in an alert pose, ears erect. Excellent detail with remains of incised fur markings. An extremely rare little gem! Reverse side patched but displays well from the front.

Very rare example of fine Greek bronze work. Of hemispherical form with everted rim. The footed vessel with high neck with incised bands and flaring rim. Nice patina under deposits, a few cracks but still nice. Of elegant piriform shape with ring base and expanded rim. The finely wrought bronze lid with knobbed handle, flanged rim and concentric ridges both on top and inside.

Quite rare and would have covered a fine Greek bronze pyxis. The large bell of subconical form with heavy integral loop. Small line one side. Even though the iron clapper is lost, tapping the bell still produces a clear tone, a sound that was certainly heard also by some unknown ancient Greek.

An unusually large and well preserved example. A wonderful floral ornament only 10 x 14 mm but showing the incurable fine detail of gold smithing the finest ancient Greek artisans were capable of. In the middle of the figure eight ornament sits a small 6 petalled flower, and the gold wire bordering the petals is granulated with hundreds of beads down to an incredible 0.

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