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That would be an enourmous amount of yeast to get enough weight for getting full grown adults stoned. Probably easier to just grow some real weed. Here in washington we have that high.

If you can take one toke to relieve what ails you why would they make you smoke more of lesser grade when they know smoking is bad for you? As in the substance patented by the US government US as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant? Got some kind of agenda there, Discover? The cat is out of the bag now; we are all finding out about their lies. Some may have even been cured. Instead they were allowed to suffer and die. On top of the tens of thousands who had their lives ruined and their freedom removed via prison over cannabis.

I am glad so many know the real truth and are speaking out and educating others. Best and Easiest works for anyone.

Visit My Proofile for more info.. The War on Drugs makes an obscene amount of money for a tiny group of people. The controlled substance acts were plain stupid, and maybe not constitutional. Its all about money. Incarceration is a private industry. The war against drugs…is just another money making war. The more in jail the better it is for shareholders. It is simple cupidity; as most of organized crime is…even when it is government sanctioned and legal.

THC potency is just one aspect of the medical qualities of cannabis — by itself it is a pale imitation of whole plant preparations. Personally I think it is a misuse of the plant to emphasize potency alone — the current interest in concentrates for the intense high only underscore the public perception that all use is abuse.

Is the wheat taken out in the process of yeast in the factory? I have a state medical card and am able to use cannabis made available here where I live. Higher CDB levels usually get me high anyway.

Not the same as High THC levels. If this process can be scaled up to compete with the plant, it should save water and other resources. We all know money makes the world go around, sadly but true!

We can use hemp as biofuel, cloths, and paper the Declaration of Independence is wrote on hemp paper come on. They talk about crime will go up its easier for kids these days too get drugs rather then cigerattes and alcohol! The reason for this is stores have to see an id too verify you are the proper age. When you walk into a medical marijuana dispensary your for one thing THC!

So much of our tax money goes into petit simple possession charges when we should be focusing on the real criminals murders, child porn, trafficing, rapist etc. It actually does so. I note the reluctance to discuss this issue with full disclosure. The gluten you refer too comes from the grains it was fed on. Please educate yourself on the disease you claim to have I doubt you really do….

Legalization has ruined the marijuana plant. Very few people actually cure their marijuana. Grow your own its only way to ensure quality! Also, harshness and paranoid effects are reduced dramatically with slow curing because again scientifically proven facts. The plant continues to convert sugars and other chemical processes continue to take place that ultimately enhance all aspects the plant.

Sadly however almost all marijuana in Oregon is only dried from anywhere from 5 days — 3 weeks. I wonder how they will cure this THC? I feel happy and brave.

I use Cannabis Oil every night before bed. My blood work is perfect. They will have the specialist tools, as well as the protective clothing to safely deal with the problem, and you won't put yourself at risk of a swarm of angry insects.

If a nest is small enough, it's possible they may be able to move it to another location, but if it is a fully-fledged nest then it could contain thousands wasps, and will need to be destroyed. Hitting a nest with a stick to dislodge or destroy it is make the wasps inside angry, and the swarm will attack to defend its home. Trying to 'smoke out' a nest by lighting a fire under it is also dangerous, as it is easy to lose control of the flames.

The last thing you want is your house catching fire while you're trying to fend off an angry swarm of stinging bugs. If you are allergic to wasp stings you should be especially cautious around nests. If the wasps do attack you could be stung multiple times, putting your life in danger. By Andrew Snell Homepage Editor. Wasps can be a nuisance Image: Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

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