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Ronnie brought so much melody to heavy metal, it was a great change. Für Schulen bietet die Universität die Möglichkeit, Besuchsprogramme an der Universität zu organisieren oder die Beratung zu Beruf und Studium an der jeweiligen Schule durchzuführen.

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Falls Sie gezielt nach allen Bachelor- oder auch Lehramtsstudiengängen suchen möchten, hilft Ihnen diese Übersicht am besten weiter. Unser Online-Vorlesungsverzeichnis listet alle Lehrveranstaltungen der UR auf; darüber hinaus können Sie gezielt nach Lehrpersonal oder Einrichtungen suchen und Ihren persönlichen Stundenplan zusammenstellen. Hier finden Sie auch Ansprechpartner falls Sie psychologisch-psychotherapeutischen Beratungsbedarf haben sollten.

Für alle organisatorischen Abläufe rund um Bewerbung und Einschreibung ist die Studentenkanzlei der Universität zuständig. Wenn Sie sich bereits für einen Studiengang oder eine Fachrichtung entschieden haben und konkrete Fragen hierzu haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Studienberater des betreffenden Instituts oder Lehrstuhls.

Vor dem Start ins Studium schadet es nicht, sich um dessen Finanzierung Gedanken zu machen. Ein erfolgreiches Studium ist auch mit einem krankheitsbedingten oder körperlichen Handicap möglich.

Damit es leichter gelingt, Studium und Familie zu vereinbaren, gibt es an der Universität Regensburg den Familien-Service als Anlaufstelle für Studierende mit Kind ern. Seit gelten an der Universität zudem familienfreundliche Studien- und Prüfungsregelungen. In der Regel finden diese Veranstaltungen bereits in der Woche vor Vorlesungsbeginn statt. Für Schulen bietet die Universität die Möglichkeit, Besuchsprogramme an der Universität zu organisieren oder die Beratung zu Beruf und Studium an der jeweiligen Schule durchzuführen.

Anfragen stellen Sie bitte an das Sekretariat der Zentralen Studienberatung. In einem informativen Überblick werden allgemeine Fragen zu Studien-Bewerbungen, Voraussetzungen, Unterschieden zwischen den verschiedenen Abschlüssen etc. Due to such lengthy process, the cost of travel and time of travel both increased and caused boredom and irritation among passenger.

But due to simple and little backwards conditions of Windhoek make it an attractive place for tourists and adventurers from the whole globe. Due to such trend, the number of passengers who travelled through this airport reached up to , in To make it developed and attractive in eyes of passengers the govt of Windhoek started a construction process in with an intention to increase the level of facilities and technology of the airport in according to the new trends and demands of the passenger and to improve the level of safety and to increase the quality standard of the customer service offered by management of the airport.

This airport has just one terminal in contrast to other international airports. Theo one terminal is divided into two different level. One level is reserved for arrival passengers and the second one is reserved for Departure of the passengers.

The runway of this airport is considered as one of 30th world largest runway of international airports. To increase the level of services offered to the valued passenger a business centre of Namibia s constructed outside of this Airport. This business centre provides services of the taxi and car rental to its passengers. The guitar is almost completed and will be called Trident and will be seen on our next tour.

I love everything about it. I had a real blast playing the guitar solo. In general, on the new album I have injected each song with a new wave of lead guitar playing. It had a lot of fun making the entire album.

Where The Wild Winds Blow 3. To Live For The King 7. Land Of Thunder 8. Temple Of The Holy 9. Bridges We Have Burned Because You Lied Black Moon Rising Dance For The Piper Don Dokken Bonus Track.

All songs produced by: Michael Schenker and Michael Voss; All songs are written by: November veröffentlichen Mad Max ihr neues Album Interceptor und verweisen damit nicht nur namentlich sondern auch bezüglich des Albumcovers, welches von Thomas Ewerhard kreiert wurde, auf das legendäre Wüstenmobil von Mel Gibson im Kinoklassiker Mad Max.

Oder wie es Gitarrist Jürgen Breforth formuliert: Anstatt wie so manch andere Rockgruppe immer seichter und balladesker zu werden, haben wir den entgegengesetzten Weg eingeschlagen und liefern hier pure Energie.

Das kennen die Fans von uns, deswegen müssen wir da jetzt beinhart durch , witzelt Breforth, der auch gleichzeitig die Termine der Herbsttour mit Vengeance bekanntgibt: This essential live rock'n'roll release includes songs performed live in Tilburg, The Netherlands in May , and at London's High Voltagefestival in Schenker sees his music as a building block in the construction of the Temple Of Rock.

The walls were then built by UFO and others in the '70s. Into The Arena Armed And Ready Another Piece Of Meat Cry For The Nations Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Coast To Coast On And On Let It Roll Rock You Like A Hurricane Rock You Like A Hurricane ft.

Rudolph Schenker Formats and special features: Bonus DVD includes the following content: After my old Studio burned down to the ground in april , i am back after a lot of work, pain and hope to launch my brandnew KidPoolStudio! Indeed i'm sitting down on the ground of a swimming pool and feel so grateful being given the chance finding a new home in this awesome location.

A big thanx goes to all my helping hands without their power i wouldn't have succeeded. And the entire Voss family!!! Check out the pics as well. Thanx for the passionate support. This one goes out for you,best michael march The third C. Christian Tolle and me co-produced 12 tracks between summer and winter with a very pleasing outcome: Performed with an incredible amount of energy the album contains a powerful mixture of hard hitting Heavy Rock tracks, catchy hooklines and some of the best voices in the genre: Also a few friends joined Christian on the guitar: Way back in the early 80's of the last century he was the frontman of German based RCA recording artists Tokyo and put out three superb Melodic Rock albums.

After meeting Producer Michael Voss Mad Max, Michael Schenker two years ago, they have been planning to record a full new album calledToday's Tomorrow with Luley's songs to showcase his abilities.

The new label home was provided by Georg Siegl of AOR Heaven who always has been a fan of Luley and gave the whole project the kick off. Klaus Luley ; Drums: Chris Elbers Gary Barden ; Bass: Mastermind Holggy Begg has succeeded in producing another great record which can more than hold its own when compared to its successful predecessor 'On A Trip To L.

The brand new disk continues the chosen path of reflecting a single coherent and passionate story in a musical and lyrical song cycle. And, like before, the band has managed to preserve the musical spirit of the 60's and the 70's in their songs, without caring too much about current fashions and trends.

The dramatic content of the album digs deeper than in previous records however. The record transport the listener into a 64 minutes uninterrupted journey into the borderline existence of a troubled soul.

The story Meet Joey, generally called ' Sugar ', a worn out and disillusioned rock-singer, who through his self-pitying and egomaniac behavior, has managed to isolate himself from the world around him.

His life hits rock bottom as he gets fired by his band and divorced by his wife. Joey falls into a spiral of cynicism and abuse. Standing on the brink of the void he manages to pull himself back and chooses life through the affirmation of music and love. The band Once again Holggy Begg has managed to collect a respectable number of guest musicians.

Of course, his close friend and collaborator Michael Voss Michael Schenker Band is present as a co-writer, singer and lead-guitar player. The Italian poet Rosa E. Haas has also returned, writing most of the lyrics, and can now be considered a permanent member of the band.

The fourth long time collaborator is Fritz Schneider, who plays acoustic guitar. On drums, Mark Schulman P! Without bowing to any commercial calculation, the album can be considered a 'catharsis in the guise of rock music'. A strong statement against consumer pulp, sound-the-same music and creative barrenness, 'From The Wardrobe Of My Soul' is music that hits where it hurts, handcrafted and full of energy.

Me And You Bad To The Bone Shock Me Now Five Knuckle Shuffle Whole Lotta Metal Jans End Piece Paint This Town With SPV on our side, the new studio album and the original line-up we are ready to burn the stage again! D-Hannover - Capitol NL-Weert - De Bosuil GB-London - Underworld D-Langen - Neue Stadthalle Langen D-Saarbrücken - Garage D-Nürnberg - Hirsch D-Kaufbeuren - All-Karthalle CH-Pratteln - Z7 D-Erfurt - HsD D-Berlin - Columbia Club D-Bochum - Zeche February, 27th Dutch rock legend Vengeance is back with a musical bang: Vocalist Leon Goewie promises eleven haunting new songs which forge an arch between the group's glorious past documented by the return of the legendary band logo from the cult recordings "We Have Ways To Make You Rock" and "Take It Or Leave It" and their future-oriented present.

Goewie comments the worldwide collaboration with the german Hanover based label enthusiastically: We finally found our home and together we have many ways to make the fans rock! The new album rocks big time and will bring a huge smile on the face of every fan! The album's sensational all-star cast is just as spectacular as the new material: More than ever before, this is a band which consists of friends, comments Goewie, whose excellent reputation as an exceptional vocalist made this impressive line-up possible: The first time Barden appeared in the scene was as part of the newly formed MSG Michael Schenker Group founded by the former Scorpions guitarist of the same name.

Their first collaboration resulted in the highly acclaimed album The Michael Schenker Group which was released in Besides the great songs and the great guitar output Barden's voice was one of the reasons why this album became a huge success and allowed the band to hit the road in Europe, Japan and the USA.

Their second album MSG saw the light of day in and followed an even more melodic direction than its predecessor. After the following world tour Barden was informed that he was no longer part of the band and replacement was found soon in ex-Rainbow singer Graham Bonnet. Searching for a new band, Barden started to write some songs with the late Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore which later on ended up on Moore's Corridor of Power release.

Their working period was short and so was the collaboration between Bonnet and Schenker. The label's pressure to steer more into a commercial direction made the band quit business in Barden moved on and found a new home in the business together with ex- Thin Lizzy six-string Brian Robertson and the band Statetrooper, who put out their highly acclaimed self-titled debut album in and played a couple of live shows in the following months.

Statetrooper finally re-united in and put out the classy new record The Calling. With his long time pal Michael Voss Casanova, Bonfire and a couple of friends he went back to the roots to perform his bluesy smoky songs that will touch your soul and are exemplified on the release Agony and the Xtasy ESM In the more rockier Love and War ESM was released by Escape Music and it has been a long anticipated wait for the next chapter.

Gary now presents us with Eleventh Hour which features 11 tracks of hard rock brilliance. These new songs are fresh and exciting and Gary has poured his heart and soul into them. Once again Michael Voss is ever present and the end result is just perfect. This is a hard hitting rock album that highlights what a great singer Gary is, his contribution to the British rock scene is just legendary.

Manager Bob Ringe was the mastermind behind the union, and there are some very special surprises up their collective sleeves for this excursion. Following sets by each of these legends, the evening will climax with a jam of all 3 Heroes on stage together, with special guests earmarked to join them in most markets.

My manager Bob and I have been discussing a run like this for ages, and when the opportunity came up I hopped on board. That s right the guy who just had his leg amputated. These guys are monster players and this should be a lot of fun. Michael Schenker offers, It is very exciting to be part of a tour that has very deeply rooted connections with two guitarists that have been at their best since the start of their careers. When I was around 14 years-old, I saw a guy on stage playing amazing guitar.

It was Uli, and he was around my age. I knew my brother Rudolf and Klaus were in good hands. When I was 16 years old, Leslie West was one of my favorite guitarists. He had just recorded "Theme for an Imaginary Western" with Mountain, a song featuring one of my all time favorite lead-breaks on it. Looking back, Leslie is the last guitarist I ever copied seeing that from when I was 17 on, I went completely my own way. So, here we are after all these years on stage together, celebrating the phenomenon Rock Guitar.

The 3 Guitar Heroes Tour Dates: Michael Schenker is a German rock legend. He was a founding member of the Scorpions, and the lead guitarist for UFO prior to launching a highly successful solo career. He is a historical figure in the history of metal guitar, and was honored on November 10, in London with the Marshall '11 award, a tribute to those who represent rock 'n' excess and livin on the edge.

Schenker is one of the most notorious figures in rock, and enters with health, an eye for the future, and a legend that precedes him. The track album features an all star band accompanying the guitarist and an introduction spoken by William Shatner.

If you have a chance get to hold of the new issue of: Furthermore here is a feature called 'rueckspiegel' in the newest german metalhammer fullpage in color!! Strangers in the night coming up. Enjoy the video we shot during rehearsals in brighton. More activities are expected ! Rock 'n' Roll My Soul Together they have penned several of the greatest songs made since the 80s, with Michael Schenker composing the music and Gary Barden providing the lyrics.

Both during and in between his collaborations with Michael Schenker, Gary Barden also worked with various other bands such as Praying Mantis, Statetrooper and Silver and also as a solo artist. Songs which have shaped his career, given it a direction or which kick-started it back when he was a teenager. The recordings are his tribute to his idols and to the immortal songs of the time.

The producer Michael Voss and Gary Barden have poured their soul into capturing the distinctive atmosphere and beauty of the music, breathing new life into the compositions of these tremendous songwriters. Rock 'n' Roll My Soul reflects the emotions and impressions which Gary Barden soaked up in his youth. My love for these songs will never die. Enjoy these songs from a long bygone, but truly wonderful, time. You will hear how broad my musical influences are. There are a few surprises in store.

Joining the ranks on Rock 'n' Roll My Soul: I'm Just A Singer 3. When A Blind Man Cries 5. Let's Work Together 6. Why Did You Do It 7. I'm A Man 8. Stay With Me 9. The Long And Winding Road Zeit macht nur vor dem Teufel halt

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