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The 2x12s for headers sound good, too.

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​best practice is to hang panels underneath, not stretch atop pergola or trellis

While possible to simply run a stainless steel cable directly through the grommets, lacing with rope from grommets to cable is best practice. AVOID corners-only attachment directly to just the four corners of any shade sail or panel. Best practice engineering here is to add stainless steel cable running lengthwise and fabric attached one foot on center with locking clips. Year-round installations on wooden trellis, lanai, or pergola can be made with 'raw material' plain cloth stretched atop or underneath and held in place with 1by2 wood strips batten boards around the edges and interior, sandwiching the plain cloth between the wood trellis and outer trim wood batten board.

Common practice is to roll batten boards into fabric, not just sandwich between batten and framework on the perimeter. This rolling of fabric onto perimeter batten board allows stretching and firm, even fastening without stressing and tearing. Best to use nails, not screws, to avoid snagging material. Pre-drill boards and use large 'fender' washers to evenly spread-out stress and make nails easier to remove without damaging batten boards.

Be sure to use at least galvanized nails, if not aluminum or stainless steel to avoid rusting and abrading the material.

On panels more than 12 foot wide, an optional center grommeted pinch pleat is normally installed to protect the loom splice found on larger width material. Professional installers invariably begin large panel installation by lacing the center grommeted pinch pleat to central frame member ridge beam, cable, conduit and then pulling taut across width sides and finally tensioning across length, towards two ends in-turn.

Vertically hung moveable panels normally are installed as 'drapes' with stainless steel cable running through the grommets and pulled from side-to-side. Or drapery rings can be installed, much like a shower curtain, and panel drape pulled back-and-forth along a pipe or curtain rod. Grommets approximately every foot on center is standard for our panels, making this design possible.

Grommeted pinch pleats are not installed much closer than six foot on center, which is optimal for fixed-in-place, laced taut shade panel installations.

Mobile, horizontal Roman shades deployed overhead, with GPP on very close centers, can present aesthetic issues for some clients. As viewed from underneath rather than looking down at the pinch pleats and grommets, GPP placed close together may appear to waver a bit. Plus, we do not offer special grommet placement to ensure cable slides accurately through all pinch pleats in-turn.

Such Roman shade grommets would have to be installed by client. Note pinch pleats can be added after production on a home sewing machine. Panel is ordered inches longer than finish length deployed, per pinch pleat installed.

Sewing without hem tape webbing on a home sewing machine provides better presentation when pinch pleats are installed in close proximity. Mobile, horizontal Roman shades deployed overhead, standard and best practice is to run several stainless steel cables underneath a single panel and then pull it back and forth, like an overhead 'drape'. Single panel rests atop cables or rope or pipe and is pulled back and forth. Pinch pleats are not necessary with horizontal 'drape' installations less than about 12 foot long.

Longer panels benefit from GPP every five or six foot on center to allow lacing to pipe or rod support, which helps keep panel from bunching oddly, as it drapes closed. You still get plenty of ambient natural light in from the sides, so it is not too dark. It is common to have two shade panels in a hot climate: Functionally, black is the preferred color for a patio see message box above. Patios are a place of relaxation and the black color absorbs more ambient light not reflecting it , dilating your pupils, and generally creating a much calmer atmosphere.

Heated air readily passes through any knit density, so the question of black absorbing more heat and radiating it back onto you is largely irrelevant to your personal comfort level underneath. The darker black absorbs more light, allowing only 30 percent to pass through. Any of the materials can be ordered as a double layer panel, where fabric is folded over for a heavy-duty two-layer panel with much more sun blockage and strength than a single layer shade tarp.

There is a myth circulating that a lower percentage white shade material would have the same cooling effect as a higher density green or black. This is absolutely false. A solid roof or waterproof canvas tarp would function differently, trapping heated air underneath. With an open netting, lighter colors of less density are not functionally cooler than a darker color with a higher shade factor rating.

Looking in from across the yard about 20 feet away, the view is very nearly opaque, as shown in image above. Refraction off glass is a good part of the effect, but the key is lack of back lighting. At night with a light behind you back lit , the shade material would naturally provide much less privacy. Direct natural light can overpower, washing interior rooms with glare on a sunny winter day.

Knitted shade material drapes, sheer or curtain are an easy way to control the indoor environment passively. The shade netting catches a large percentage of direct solar gain, dissipating and stratifying for best radiant benefit always hottest around material. The standard specification is for a series of ten, twelve, or twenty foot wide panels versus a single large one.

The material will handle the wind fine Any local plumbing supply store will have all the fittings and pipe you need and may even be able to cut threads on the straight pipe sections for you. Avoid using plastic PVC pipe as it gets brittle very quickly in the sun. And be very certain to GROUND your metal structure and cables on copper spikes driven into the ground to deflect lightning strikes.

Professional installers invariably begin large panel installation by lacing the center grommeted pinch pleat to central frame member ridge beam, cable, conduit, pipe and then pulling taut across width sides and finally tensioning across length, towards two ends in-turn.

While possible to design large outdoor event covers and wedding shade tents with fewer interior and perimeter posts, it requires much larger posts and better rated cable.

Most common engineering is 4 inch diameter Sch80 galvanized pipe. Permanent structures should be capped and lightning grounded on all corners at least with copper wire and deep-set spikes.

Steel post in concrete base is not adequate grounding. Randomly welded perpendicular rebar is best practice to anchor pipe in concrete post hole. Knit shade panel open weave allows air to pass through, while providing privacy. Total privacy is not possible when someone has their face pressed against the fabric, but as they move farther away 20 plus feet and at an angle, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish objects on the other side.

All colors resist fading very well and normally last over ten years in vertical applications. Key to longevity is avoiding abrasion damage from movement in the wind. Create cooler micro-climates along south facing walls, sidewalks, pergolas, playgrounds, and pet runs. Shading the south side of your home prevents radiant heat gain from direct sunlight, greatly lowering your air conditioning bill.

Installing a knit shade panel trellis is possibly the most cost-effective passive solar building project you can work into any home design, regardless of architecture. We do not sell grommet kits or nailing plates, since these locking clip fasteners are so much more effective and long lasting on plain cloth panels.

Our commercial grade locking clips are heavy duty fasteners with longer barbs than ' residential grade ' locking clips commonly found in stores.

Please note that locking clips are not normally used with taped, reinforced sewn hems. While possible to penetrate a reinforced hem by punching two starter holes for the main barbs, clips are typically used with folded-over plain cloth only. They have TWO front holes for maximum versatility: Shown above left is front and back of a netting locking clip and above right is a clip being installed, showing several options we do not supply the S hooks and lag bolts.

You can even put one on each side of fabric instead of folding over the edge for a center-mounted fastening point in the middle of a panel. Fold over the edge of material once or twice and and then snap clip into place with barbs locking into other side of fastener. These clips are very effective on chain link fences to stop movement in the wind. Please email for wholesale pricing on more than clips. FREE Shipping with service only to 48 contiguous states.

We ship promptly by the next business day. Up to 4 bags are mailed via USPS. We ship by the next business day. Webbing reinforced hems and pinch pleats make it possible to punch grommets and have them hold along the edge of a patio cover shade panel.

Our hem batten tape is tested and conforms to UL standard We figured it would come via small box truck with loft gate and be dropped near our house. It came on a full size semi that could not come in so it was delI've red at the road.

From there we just tore the box down and moved a couple loads of pieces w our golf cart. Maybe killed 30 minutes.

It took us a little more than an hour to assemble. We're getting lots of compliments on it already. We're very happy and would recommend it. It was money well spent. My husband was sceptical but I read him the reviews on the outdoor fireplace which convinced him.

Everything in the reviews were true. It was like building a with building blocks project albeit heavy Building blocks We were able to build the fireplace in 2 hours and have a beautiful fire in the evening.

Picture of Product, Made with Product. This was the center piece of our outdoor living space. Well worth every cent. It was easy to put together. I had it assembled in about 45 minutes.

The video was helpful online. One thing to note the shims are in the box with the metal shelf for cooking. We had a fire that night and several neighbors that were so impressed with it. We have cooked pizza's outside. I am not one to write reviews very often but I felt if it helps someone make the decision to buy this product, you will not regret it. Granite Facing Kits Available in 10 Colors.

Marble Facing Kits Available in 9 Colors. Installation of Facing Kits. Electric Stoves Freestanding electric fires. Plug-In Fireboxes For cabinet, mantel, or built-in applications. Wall Mounts Space-saving electric fires. Outdoor Gel Fireplaces Outdoor logs, pagodas, and table top models. Gel Fuel Find the right bio ethanol gel fuel for your gel fireplace. Vent Free Gas Fireplaces No chimney, flue, or vent. Vented Gas Fireplaces Outside venting required. Gas Logs For use in gas fireplaces.

Fireplace Grates Variety of styles. Fireplace Tools Complete fireplace tool set selection. All Outdoor Fireplaces Our complete selection. Outdoor Fireplace Inserts Gas Fireboxes. It is made of heat dissipating stone and will not crack when used in snow or rain. Cook over charcoal or wood and enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fireplace in your backyard.

Optional Pizza Oven Kit: Perfect for cookng pizza, bread, and more! The gas log kit that comes with this unit is ANSI certified yet does not have a sticker certification. If you plan to build this unit into permanent structure on the East Coast excluding Florida , you will need a gas lot kit that is ANSI certified with a sticker certification.

Our kit enables you to burn wood with either natural gas or liquid propane. Everything you need is included — grate, key, valve, piping, log lighter, and pre-drilled hole for piping. Please contact one of our Sales Specialists to place your order. Cooking over the fire is not recommended with Log Lighter Kit installed. Any returns sent back must be sent via prepaid freight and in the original retail packaging. Proof of purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered.

The sales receipt is the only valid proof of purchase. Our Commitment to your Satisfaction Mantels Direct is committed to providing the most outstanding and personalized customer service in our industry. Within 30 days, simply call or email for return authorization number and instructions. We will ask that you return the item in the original packaging, in sellable condition. For complete details, click here. Mantels Direct offers quality fireplaces at prices that are extremely competitive with other authorized sellers.

If you find a better price, before your purchase, we will match that price to ensure you get the best price. The item must be available for purchase at that price from an authorized reseller, whose authorization we reserve the right to verify.

Buying from someone that you trust and that manufacturers endorse is important. We are one of just a few certified authorized distributors of fireplace products on the internet. Authorized means that we have a direct relationship with each manufacturer regarding price, warranty and service issues. There are several unauthorized internet retailers out there, who can not guarantee your satisfaction with warranty and service issues.

We only carry the most respected fireplace brands in the industry. These manufacturers provide the most significant warranties — we guarantee it. Warranties range from 1 year to 10 years depending upon manufacturer and item.

You will find complete details on your product's warranty in the 'Warranty' tab of that product. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Displaying reviews Back to top.

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