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Opening with day latch function If a continuous signal is applied to this input e. All bolts remain withdrawn as long as the continuous signal is applied.

The importance of their compliance must be pointed out to builders and users alike. In the event of non- compliance with these necessary instructions, faultless operation of the locks cannot be guaranteed. All safety-relevant hardware must be checked at least annually for wear and tear and if mechanically secured.

Depending on the requirements, fixing screws must be tightened or the damaged or worn parts exchanged for original parts by a specialised company. Additionally all movable parts and locking points must be lubricated and their function must be checked. Troubleshooting In the event that your FUHR multitronic lock should fail to function properly, please refer to the table below to find and rectify the fault. The entire FUHR multitronic lock has been subject to extensive inspections by the manufacturer.

The radio key is not tuned in. Tune in the radio key. The distance to the receiver is too Hold the radio key closer to the door. Please refer to our web site www. FUHR multitronic control unit with radio receiver FUHR multitronic switching power supply unit Model: Primary switching controller single phase, primary clocked built-in power supply Impulse load capacity, short circuit protected, open-circuit proof, high efficiency, thermal overload protection Tested in accordance with: EN emitted interference.

With 2 channel techno- necessary. Connects directly logy, opening impulse via to the motor drive socket. For triggering exis- ponder reader. In order to activate the alarm system function via terminal 16 and 17, both the motor's circuit board as well as the control unit's circuit board require software release 4.

Page of 36 Go. Page 5 - delivery scope Page 6 Page 7 - installation instructions Page 8 - routing for the electronic drive unit in Page 9 - routing for the tappet contacts in the d Page 10 - routing for the switching power supply u Page 11 - safety instructions Page 12 Page 13 - installation of the tappet contacts in t Page 14 - installation of the multipoint locking s Page 15 Page 16 - installation of the magnetic contact in Page 17 - installation of the control unit casing Page 18 Page 19 - fabricator's function check Page 20 - master radio key Page 21 - tuning in individual radio keys max Page 22 - deleting individual radio keys except t Page 23 - deleting all radio keys except the mast Page 24 - external connection options Page 25 Page 26 - application examples for circuit board a Page 27 Page 28 - maintenance and care Page 29 - contact device Page 30 - troubleshooting Page 31 Page 32 - technical data Page 33 - fuhr multitronic switching power supply Page 34 - optional accessories Page 35 Page 36 - wiring diagram.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 3 Introduction The FUHR multipoint locking system multitronic locks doors electromotively — at all times and fully automated.

Delivery Scope Delivery scope One-piece keep or individual keeps Multipoint locking system multitronic Profile related version, incl. Installation Instructions, Routing And Drilling Operations Installation instructions Routing and drilling operations The routings for the FUHR multipoint locking system multitronic are carried out in accordance with the routing drawing provided.

Routing For The Switching Power Supply Unit In The Door Frame Drilling in compliance with the separate routing drawing in the frame profile, laterally at the same height as the tappet contact device Make sure that the surface-contact device and the tappet contact device are aligned accurately horizontally.

Page 12 The installation requires exceptional care. Deleting Individual Radio Keys except The Master Key 2 seconds and then lights up for 1 second and then goes continues to flash slowly. External Connection Options External connection options The FUHR multitronic control unit is equipped with a multitude of input and output sockets to connect additional compo- nents such as e.

Page 25 Opening with day latch function If a continuous signal is applied to this input e. Contact Device All safety-relevant hardware must be checked at least annually for wear and tear and if mechanically secured. The result is an album that gives an intimidation of the musical treats that await us the next time they record — and the times after that. Living Tradition Magazine, March The Friels who many readers might know from Catskills Irish Arts Week play with familiar ease and a lovely sense of grace.

Their instrumental work is top-notch…and show off their superior talent. The album abounds with small, smart touches that draw the ear…The sound of three woman singing together in unison is attractive and the friels do it well, bringing a distinctive and nuanced style that makes their approach particularly satisfying…The Friels have a beautiful and intuitive way of playing together.

They are impressive young bunch with fabulous taste and impeccable chops who have released an excellent debut album. The Friels have adopted a compelling and rare vocal tradition. I can echo that here, an excellent debut throws light on a family tradition of music making in Donegal that spans three generations. A decouvrir a de toute urgencies. Le Peuple Breton, Feb Nightly we would wait eagerly for their smiling faces to come through the door albeit always late! The Friel Sisters are great people who come from great people and it goes without saying that they play wonderful music.

Musicians spend time perfecting skills and techniques, but I know from listening to these girls over the years that they must have an innate understanding of music for their musicianship to mature to this standard.

It is something that cannot be learned. Their tunes also reflect people whom they have met and who have influenced them on this musical journey. But what Anna, Sheila and Clare have done is listen to these great musicians, learn from them, and then make the music their own. Traditional Irish music is in a richer place for having these young genuine people carry it on to future generations. Traidphicnic — Clare teaching Click Here. Festival Bondeno, Italy Click Here.

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