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Nürnberg Hauptmarkt – Nuremberg’s Market Square

The Nazi influence continues to be made explicit in the most recent instalment of Star Wars:

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In some of his speeches Hitler appeared to be close to Rosenberg's views, rejecting traditional Christianity as a religion based on Jewish culture, preferring an ethnically and culturally pure "Race" whose destiny was supposed to be assigned to the German people by "Providence".

In others, he adhered to the Nazi Party line, which advocated a "positive Christianity". After Hitler's assumption of power he moved to reassure the Protestant and Catholic churches that the party was not intending to reinstitute Germanic paganism. He placed himself in the position of being the man to save Positive Christianity from utter destruction at the hands of the atheistic antitheist Communists of the Soviet Union.

Furthermore, Hitler felt that Catholic-Protestant infighting had been a major factor in weakening the German state and allowing its dominance by foreign powers. Hitler privately condemned mystical and pseudoreligious interests as "nonsense".

Heinrich Himmler 's views were among the closest to Rosenberg's, and their estrangement was perhaps created by Himmler's abilities to put into action what Rosenberg had only written. Lieutenant Colonel William Harold Dunn — wrote a medical and psychiatric report on him in prison to evaluate him as a suicide risk:. He gave the impression of clinging to his own theories in a fanatical and unyielding fashion and to have been little influenced by the unfolding during the trial of the cruelty and crimes of the party.

Summarizing the unresolved conflict between the personal views of Rosenberg and the pragmatism of the Nazi elite:. The ruthless pursuit of Nazi aims turned out to mean not, as Rosenberg had hoped, the permeation of German life with the new ideology; it meant concentration of the combined resources of party and state on total war.

Rosenberg was married twice: He and Kramer had two children: Rosenberg's handwritten diary, which had been used in evidence during the Nuremberg trials, went missing after the war along with other material which had been given to the prosecutor Robert Kempner — Former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Robert King Wittman , who helped track down the diary, said, "there is no place in the diary where we have Rosenberg or Hitler saying the Jews should be exterminated, all it said was 'move them out of Europe'".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alfred Rosenberg photograph by Heinrich Hoffmann , Nazism outside of Germany. According to the latest research, we accept five races all of which reveal perceptibly different types.

But it is beyond question that the true culture bearer for Europe has been in the first place the Nordic race. Great heroes, artists and founders of states have grown from this blood. The Myth of the Twentieth Century p. Eine Wertung der seelischgeistigen Gestaltungskämpfe unserer Zeit, München: Hoheneichen, , here p. In the year , Russian Man finally disintegrated.

He fell into two parts. The Nordic Russian blood gave up the struggle, the eastern Mongolian, powerfully stirred up, summoned Chinese and desert peoples to its aid, Jews and Armenians pushed forward to leadership, and the Kalmuch Tartar Lenin became master. The demonry of this blood directed itself instinctively against everything which outwardly still had some honest effect, looked manly and Nordic, like a living reproach against a type of man whom Lothrop Stoddard described as "subhuman".

His personality often makes its appearance as soft and pitying, then, again, bluff and rough. But it is always supported by inward fire. It was in the interest of the Roman church, with its lust for power, to represent subservient humility as the essence of Christ in order to create as many servants as possible for this motivated "ideal". To correct this representation is a further ineradicable requirement of the German movement for renewal.

Jesus appears to us today as self-confident lord in the best and highest sense of the word. He became the god of the Europeans, yet, not seldom did he appear in a repellent distortion. If the concentrated feeling of personality which built Gothic cathedrals and inspired a Rembrandt portrait penetrated more clearly into the consciousness of the general public, a new wave of culture would begin. But the prerequisite for this is the overcoming of the former statutory values of the "Christian" churches.

Emil Jung referring to statements by the Syrian Christian preacher Ephraem 4th century: Ephraem sees this to be not unhonorable and adds: This was what Chamberlain strove for. A completely free man who disposed inwardly over the entire culture of our times, he has shown the deepest sensitivity for the superhuman simplicity of Christ.

He represented Jesus as what he had once appeared to be: Jesus also spoke of the kingdom of heaven within us. The strength of spiritual search already shows itself in the world wanderer, Odin, and can be seen in the seeker and believer, Eckehart , and we see it in all great men from Luther to Lagarde.

This soul also lived within the venerable Thomas of Aquinas and in the majority of the occidental fathers of the church. That is aptly expressed except that the fundamental ground is lacking as to why the allegedly Jewish family had a heroic look to it. Here, only composition and color distribution, not "inwardness" and "dedication", are determining. These are the prerequisites to the success of a formative will, once again, the racial ideal of beauty. To see in place of the light-brown haired, light skinned Jesus child a blue black, woolly haired, brown skinned Jew boy would be an impossibility.

Equally, we cannot think of a Jewish Mother of god next to the holy, even if the latter had the "noble face" of an Offenbach or Disraeli. Jesus unquestionably praised the One-Being with god.

This was his redemption, his goal. He did not preach a condescending granting of mercy from an almighty being in the face of which even the greatest human soul represented a pure nothingness. This doctrine of mercy is naturally very welcome to every church. With such misinterpretation the church and its leaders appear as the "representatives of god".

Consequently, they could acquire power by granting mercy through their magic hands. Jesus sacrificed himself as a master, not as a servant And also Martin Luther knew only too well, what he said, when shortly before his death he wrote "These three words, free — Christian — German, are to the pope and the Roman court nothing but mere poison, death, devil and hell. They can neither suffer, see nor hear them.

Nothing else will come of it, that is certain. Hebrew polytheism was elevated to a model of monotheism, and no deeper knowledge had come to Lutheran theology from the original magnificent Aryan-Persian idea of the world and the cosmic comprehension of God. In addition there appeared the revering of Paul, an original sin of protestantism, against which Lagarde , as is known, attacked by the entire official theology of his day, fought in vain.

Journal of Contemporary History. Retrieved 7 May Retrieved 10 October Visionäre des Dritten Reichs. He wanted a huge force — well over bombers — to drop 2, tonnes of explosives on Nuremberg. The historic city had plenty of major industrial targets, including tank and engine factories, but it was also of huge symbolic importance to the Nazis. And it had not been touched for months. Everyone had lost friends in raids on the German capital in recent months. But relief soon gave way to grave doubts.

First, there was a disturbingly straight red line stretching right across the map. They were to take a direct route over Germany for miles common sense dictated a zig-zag route to confuse the enemy but that would have required more fuel and, thus, fewer bombs.

Second, the moon was almost full. And there was little sign of cloud cover. Arthur Harris, however, was working on the basis that he had one last crack at hitting deep inside Germany before shorter nights reduced the nocturnal range of his bombers and before the impending invasion of Normandy forced him to turn his attention to France. He had ordered four diversionary raids involving bombers to fool the Germans into thinking that the target was Hamburg, perhaps, or Berlin once more.

But the main force was so large it emptied every British bomber base from Yorkshire to Cambridge. Once assembled, this airborne armada stretched almost 70 miles from end to end. The Germans were not going to be fooled for long, especially if all this hardware was flying in a straight line; even more so if the sky turned out to be clear and full of RAF vapour trails. As John Nichol explains in a pulsating new account of the raid, The Red Line, the massacre was soon under way.

More than night-fighters based around the Ruhr and the Rhine took to the skies. On that night 70 years ago, he was a Flight Sergeant at the helm of a Lancaster from 61 Squadron. Unbeknown to the RAF, many enemy fighters were equipped with new guns which pointed upwards. It was all the more shocking for the RAF crews because the weather offered such a good view of friends exploding far and wide.

Seven people in it; gone in an instant. To add to the confusion, the wind was much stronger than expected, pushing the armada north of its red line and even closer to the dense German defences along the Ruhr. Jeff Gray admits that he and his crew missed the target by miles. That light soon went out. To cap it all, the damage to Nuremberg itself was slight — buildings destroyed and 75 enemy dead a fraction of the losses endured by the RAF.

While 60 bombers were destroyed on the way out, another 35 were lost on the return. A further 11 aircraft would crash on British soil. The ruins of Nuremberg in But the damage inflicted by the March '44 raid was slight - just buildings destroyed were and 75 enemy killed a fraction of the losses endured by the RAF. Cyril Barton, minus his radio, one engine and half his crew, had persisted in dropping his bombs. Now, he and his remaining men had to cross Germany, Belgium and the North Sea with only the stars to guide them.

Unable to make radio contact with anyone, they crossed the British coast only to endure the horror of being shot at by their own side. A trigger-happy anti-aircraft battery mistook them for Germans. Cyril was forced to fly back out over the North Sea and find a fresh approach.

Coming in again over the pit village of Ryhope near Sunderland, he finally ran out of fuel. His men survived but Cyril did not. Joyce remembers a despatch rider at the door soon afterwards.

All Mum said was: But she carried that letter with her until the day she died. The villagers still proudly embrace the boy from Surrey as one of their own on their war memorial. Jeff Gray was expecting a roasting at base for missing his target. But there was little time to dwell on the death toll. The survivors hold no grudge. Ask these veterans and they just shrug and say: But it is a pity the RAF is not commemorating this anniversary in any way.

True, there were many other costly raids that winter. This, though, was the night which, more than any other, symbolises the gallantry of those young men, all volunteers, who climbed in to their flying coffins night after night — and then had to wait almost 70 years before being allowed to build and pay for their own memorial.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Tuesday, Sep 11th 5-Day Forecast. In the Hauptmarkt is Lebkuchen Schmidt , a gingerbread shop dating back to All around the Hauptmarkt, there are many attractions as well, such as the Kirche St.

The Hauptmarkt provides just a taste of what Nuremberg has to offer and the roads that radiate from it lead to many other squares, each one with their own attractions. Search, read hotel reviews and book hotels in Nürnberg city centre here. Click here to get a free PDF of this post. Helen Page is a prolific blogger and ardent traveller; she runs Travelsignposts with her professional writer and photographer husband Tony. The Beautiful Fountain in the Hauptmarkt is a replica that was placed here in the early 20th century.

The original Schöner Brunnen was […].

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