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She always likes to tan, get plastic surgery and avoid plucking her eyebrows and have thicker eyebrows.


Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp shop together in SoHo... after ex Dennis Quaid finalizes his divorce

For anyone who remembers the show Bonanza, one of the sons was an actor named Pernell Roberts who played the oldest son. He was appearing in our city Philadelphia in a play and was having dinner in the restaurant where my friend worked and she waited on him. He received a phone call and one of the bartenders came over to get him.

He was totally irate at being interrupted and yelled at my friend "What did you do - tell people I was here? He was typical of those C or D list celebs who think they are some big deal. This was years after Bonanza and no one in the place even looked at him twice. I don't know how relatively nice or nasty Michael Caine is as a private person, but I was impressed by how much emphasis he placed in his book "Acting in Film" on being well-prepared, conscientious and just generally not being a thoughtless asshole.

Maybe these were hard-learned lessons he had to find out on his own, or he was hoping to pass on to a new generation of actors better working habits than he was used to dealing with.

After reading the obituary of Loretta Young's daughter, I would place her as the owner of this thread. Not to be contary, but I have worked with Marlo Thomas and she was just fine, perfectly pleasant. He was not pleasant at all and yes, seemed to be a rageaholic. I once heard a story about Farrah Fawcett being on a flight and being such a bitch sorry, I don't know the specifics that when she later asked for a glass of ice water, a few of the stewardesses got together and each of them spit in it.

She drank it, of course not knowing it was tainted. Knew someone who did construction work at Julie Andrews' house who claims she was a huge, snotty bitch. He also said her husband was the complete opposite. R76, perhaps you could clarify that you are referring to Miss Young and not to her daughter, Miss Lewis.

The ambiguity of your statement is unfortunate. Everyone has off days or moments when they are nasty. All of us have out moments.

But Reese Witherspoon is a mean person. Plus, everyone knows he was a rent boy in NY before he hit fame in Hollywood. That's where he got the STDs that made him sterile.

I've met Nicole and she's very nice. She has an Australian style that can sometimes come across as snotty, but she's completely down to earth, altho very shy and she is an awkward person, too. She is a very cautious person, but not a snob and not rude or mean. I wish people would say things they know, instead of assuming things based on your personal dislikes or impressions you get from looking at a photograph. Tom Cruise is another one. Unfailingly nice, kind, and thoughtful and polite to most people but can be a real control freak to people on his payroll.

He moves fast and expects you to keep up, doesn't like to repeat himself. He is willing to give an employee a grace period for about weeks. He doesn't like chatty, overly familiar people, but likes to take the initiative.

If you're his PA, he's mostly polite, and he'll give you a lot of rope, but when he starts getting snippy, and impatient, and sarcastic with you, or doesn't answer you when you ask a question, then you know you are on your way out the door. LAter he will be quick to blame himself and be zself critical. He is not nearly as unpredictable and demanding as many are. Held up as a role model, one of the great actresses working today, holds a particularly cherished place as a strong black woman.

She's a racist bitch. She's currently doing a play on Broadway with Samuel L. But 2 girls were hired, and Ms. Bassett treated them like dirt, called them incompetent, and 2 days before opening fired them both loudly at half-hour before curtain charges are pending, since they both filed grievances with their unions. Replacements were needed in a hurry, and there was no time for Angela to interview other black candidates, so the Company Manager hired two well-respected people who were not black one's a Latina, the other a gay white male.

Angela does not SPEAK to them - they come to her dressing room, do their jobs and leave without any chit-chat. But if she's unhappy with them or their work, she has the Stage Manager tell them.

I'm sorry to hear that R I love her as an actress but I've heard rumors before that she's a racist cunt. I don't know what Joy Behar is like when the cameras stop rolling however she did tell a story when she found a cockroach at the bottom of her cup after she drank all the soda at a restaurant in NYC.

Joy Behar was always very kind to her CNN crew. When the show started she invited them all to her apartment for a casual get together. I think she's a cool woman.

Bob Keeshan, the Caption, was the nastiest, most vile, meanest and most sadistic man I have ever meet. He actually had the entire wardrobe dept. A first class asshole--my stories would curl your hair Bob Hope was known to make really nasty racist jokes about blacks and Asians offstage.

He could also be a bit of a prima donna at times. Why would Captain Kangaroo be nasty to the wardrobe people? He wore the same ugly jacket every day for 30 years. I remember my dad hardly one for celebrity gossip telling us as kids that Captain Kangaroo wasn't a nice man in real life. That's something black people say so they can be racist against white people and claim that they aren't.

She probably wanted someone black because most likely they'd know how to help her with her hair. Ask flight attendants about Oprah. She could also be a racist. Most flight attendants thanked God when she got her own plane. R, can you read? Bassette had two people fired. On what planet is an international and rich movie star not 'powerful'?

R, that makes no sense. There is nothing so exotic and unusual in black hair and cosmetic care that requires a Rosetta Stone to crack. Based on your example, stereotypes are a hiring guide when it suits minorities. Models, and entertainers have been complaining for YEARS about their frustration with clueless white people fucking up their hair and skin with products meant for white people. Try reading some books on the subject.

I'm sure there are some whites who can tend to black folks hair, but there aren't a lot of them. I can understand Angela Bassett insisting on a black hairdresser. Black hair is different, and difficult to work with. It requires experience working with it. There's no excuse for refusing to speak to a non-black hairdresser, though. Barbara Bush is a hardcore bitch according to Kitty Kelley, who told some tales of her uber-nasty behavior in "The Family.

They are a very sick, sick bunch, and God help us if the Republicans gain control of the Senate next year. It will be the end of America. All this talk about Angela Bassett ignores one thing in my post - she weara a wig onstage.

Her "Hair" person is in charge of setting the wig and putting it on her head, not dealing with her actual hair. About the weirdest and most hateful regular thing insecure celebrities do is to pointedly not speak to people who work for them Angela has been the victim of a lot of overt racism in the industry so I can understand her behavior. Isn't Greasy Reese Witherspoon supposed to be some megabitch from the planet cunt?

There was a whole thread on her shenanigans a few months back. Ashley Judd allegedly has some weird ritual she uses when people want to talk to her, using stones or pebbles or some shit. Hyperbole aside, I have heard that Bob Keeshan was a tough bastard to work for. I was astonished to learn that "Debbie" the adorable young woman who appeared on Captain Kangaroo in the mid-seventies killed herself at age 27 by jumping out of a 16th floor window way back in shortly after she left the series.

No one knows what compelled her to do it, but people who knew her said she felt that the kiddie show ruined her career by typecasting her. She was incredibly talented. They must have suppressed the news of her suicide. I can't believe I hadn't heard of it until just recently.

Maybe Debbie was broken by months of constant abuse from Keeshan. Maybe he raped her. Maybe he pushed her. Maybe he kept one of her molars on a key chain. This "don't look them in the eye" is an Urban Myth, and if it has been spoken it's probably from some minion that wants to guarantee his boss is not disturbed.

All entertainers are nervous before a show. It takes a lot to get up in from of thousands to perform. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Performers sometimes need to get in a zone and if they aren't particularity huggy feely to you before, well they are getting ready to go to work, doesn't make them a bitch.

R will change his tune when he gets fired for handing his celebrity employer a cup of coffee that is slightly cooler than the celebrity wished it to be. Keith Olbermann is one of the "don't look at me, don't speak to me" celebrities. But I don't think his public image is particularly squeaky clean. I think they just hate being stared at, but the problem is that we're conditioned to stare at famous people when they're in our sight lines, and do it without thinking, as though they're just always putting on a show even when they're just going about their normal business.

It's just a socially awkward situation. And I've been there: I've encountered a couple of famous people who stared right back at me until I got the idea.

It was embarrassing, but I don't blame them. Now when I find myself around famous people I try very hard not to even look at them. Which probably pisses them off because they think I don't know who they are, but what are you going to do? I don't really recognize celebrities in public. I've encountered a few and just had a fleeting thought that they looked vaguely familiar but I can't place them but I'm usually preoccupied with my own things.

You are wrong R It is true and there is a reason for it. Looking someone in the eye leaves you open to having a conversation. Can you imagine if they had to say hello to everyone who looked at them backstage?

Then can you imagine how many people would take that opportunity to try to say something to them? They don't have time for that. I don't remember this at all, but my mother who watched the taping said that during breaks, as well as before and after the show, Scott refused to even acknowledge us kiddies except to reprimand. She said he yelled at staff, the children, and was an all-round meanie. So, I wonder about David Nivin, because his first wife fell down the basement steps at Tyrone Powers and died.

How often does that happen to an adult? My mother was on American Bandstand in the late 50's a couple of times.

She said he was a total asshole - and this was while the show was still in Philly. Whenever we have a thread on asshole celebrities like this one, Marlo Thomas always comes up.

I've also heard how hideous she is elsewhere. Seriously, the stories are legion. I wonder why she's such a bitch, because god knows she hasn't exactly had a hard life. I have a friend who's been on The View a few times.

She said that the only person who was nice off-camera was Elizabeth. The other four were cold bitches who wouldn't speak to anyone. She was very surprised. I want to hear more about Richard Carpenter being gay. I have heard the rumors about both him and Karen being gay, and both of them ping to high heaven to me This is going back to the paleolithic era, but Al Jolson and Wallace Beery were both mean, awful shits in their personal lives.

Isabel Sanford said that Sherman Hemsley was a gay. She hated the fact that he was always trying to hit on her. Sanford was in fact, a man as well, but most people don't know that. I used to work at at television talk show, and would escort the guests to and from their dressing rooms, and had nothing to do with their cars. When Corbin was leaving and his car wasn't there waiting for him, he glared at me like one of those uptight bitches in The Help.

I could feel his cold, spiteful stare. Also, Martha Stewart grabbed my wrist and yanked it 10 inches higher because she thought I wasn't holding her wardrobe high enough off the ground.

Her helpers are terrified of her, and implored me to stall her with fearful eyes, and not let her know that they arrived late. Cocaine cover to cover, her younger years, peak of fame, hanging with John Belushi, keeping an apartment after she was married so she could do coke in the middle of the day, going on more recent reunion tours so she could stay in hotels and snort more blow away from her husband and son.

You wake up to that mess on the living room coffee table every day as a child and try to be nice as a result! Apparently Ellen is a nasty lush off-screen, prone to rages at those who work on the show and often in a foul mood. The whole nicey-nicey act is just that, an act. Also heard that she and Portia are only together for the mutually beneficial 'power couple' crown Portia sleeps around with other women and Ellen gives nary a fuck.

Ellen left her ex for Portia when she became hot property again. Speaks loud and clear about her character. And of course granny Ellen can't satisfy Portia in bed. It speaks a lot about both Ellen and Portia that they cheated on both their partners and quickly dumped them for each other.

The way the dykes on AfterEllen moon over them and think they are so perfect makes me sick. They deserve each other actually. I can only hope that it all goes arse over tit and we are all treated to a highly entertaining Tammy and Melissa mudslinging match when the smokescreem finally gets ripped down Bill Cosby - despite all his humanitarianism, he's awful, and a big cheater and a letch. When he hosted You Bet Your Life the contestants were warned that they were only there to make him look good and if they didn't, he'd have them for lunch.

Karen Carpenter - was asked to leave the Sheraton by the management after she exhausted them with her unrealistic demands. Joan Rivers - a friend of mine just had a very nice conversation with her in the lobby of his building, and a friend in LA did set design for her years ago and really liked her. So I don't know. Jackie Gleason - pathetic, had Walter Pidgeon's understudy fired in Take Me Along because Pidgeon, not being a singer, did the best he could with a song, but his understudy was an opera singer and brought down the house.

He walked off stage and was fired immediately. Barbra - my sister-in-law was just at Clinton's foundation thing and said she's a "moody, miserable bitch. Madonna - at the film festival in Italy the people working there were not allowed to make eye contact with her or speak to her. No R, not Charlize! I love her work and find her to a great guest during interviews.

But I don't know her personally, so what do I know. Was this during her period of severe anorexia post ? That might explain any neurosis or mood swings on her part A friend of mine had the misfortune of being on a plane with her while she was practically duking it out with a flight attendant, and the poor flight attendant was saying, "I can't believe this. That Girl was one of my favorite shows!

I used to really like you. I seem to remember it had to do with her wanting the restaurant opened or something so I somehow doubt it was during her anorexic period. Prima opened a door that she thought was a closet and it was the doorway to the basement, and she fell. I'm not sure what you're wondering about as far as David Niven, but supposedly he was a very charming and well-liked man.

Plus he died an absolutely horrible death. I saw a documentary on Billy Wilder, and the interviewer asked him, didn't Bogart make fun of his accent? And Wilder said yes, but it's all forgotten -- and he mentioned Bogart's sad death. Lou Gehrig's disease is no fun, so in the case of David Niven, if he was ever mean, I'd say "it's all forgotten. So I probably shouldn't have said what I did about Karen Carpenter. She went through a great deal with her illness. I don't think that you need to apologize, you didn't say anything nasty about Karen, anyway.

I'm sure that she had her moments and wasn't always the angel that she is made out to be The fact that her belligerence was related to the restaurant is intriguing, it would seem to me that it was probably linked to her unhealthy relationship with food somehow Fiendish annihilator of the Master's true intentions.

Ruth is a sweetheart: From everything I've seen and heard, she's universally well-liked. An older friend of mine used to go to the same hairdresser once a week at about the same time, so she and Dr. Ruth often sat next to each other. Ruth was charming and patient and never behaved like a star.

Alan Alda is a very nice man. His colleagues seem to enjoy working with him. He's devoted to his family. When he did MASH, he flew home every week to spend his off days with his wife and daughters. I knew his schedule because his kids went to my school and he drove a carpool that included one of my friends, who said he was just like any other parent but friendlier.

Marlo Thomas has always been a cunt. My aunt and uncle ran into her with her parents at a restaurant when she was in her early 20s, before "That Girl" and before anyone knew her she did a bunch of single appearances on TV shows up to that time and was so publicly rude that her behavior became legendary in the family.

Pretty special, Marlo, you old bitch, you. Bill Cosby here, too, R An acquaintance did production on some network ads featuring stars and Cosby made a list of demands flowers in his dressing room, champagne, etc. Bob Hope, otoh, he said just came in and shot his spot.

No demands, no b. Robert Wagner is a very nice man and was extremely good to a relative of mine who helped him after Natalie died. You know, I can understand arranging that sort of thing discreetly but telling the organizer of a charity function?

I've worked in radio for over 30 years and have my share of meeting celebrities. First you've gotta understand, shitty or not, they get bombarded every day with people interupting them at dinner or the typical "just one more autograph" from a guy who's got a stack of photo's to sell on Ebay. Met Faith Hill twice the first time she was so sweet, the next time she had hit super stardom and wasn't as friendly but still being cordial.

Kenny Chesney - Just starting to get noticed and we hosted an invent with him performing. After everyone had left he brought me back on the bus and played some tracks from his upcoming new CD that they hadn't even started work on the tracks were just Kenny and a guiar.

The band that was with him wanted to go to a strip club but only had the bus. I had the 2 seater station cargo van. My wife was driving as I had a couple of cocktails. Wife driving, I was in the passenger seat and the band all in the back. Kenny then asked me "where do I set" and I told him either on my lap or in the back with your band. For the 6 blocks we had to go he sat on my lap?? A few years later he came back to play a larger venue and came in on my show again and I told the Reader's Digest version of our escapade after his last show in the area.

John Elway in his rookie year in Great Falls Montana. Local news hounds were there ALL asking the question that I am sure had already answered thousands of time "why did you say you wouldn't play for the Colts"? He was kind and they left.

Being from Colorado I was like a kid with an Idol, I was afraid to talk to him so he struck up a conversation with me. A couple months later received a larger envelope at my radio station, inside was his first team photo and signed it "To my name thanks for all your support". We all suspect that Mr. Chesney is the type to erase the past about a lot of things. Such as the facts about his "marriage. He could have just said that he knew it was a fun time but he's concerned his fans wouldn't understand, so please keep the story between him and you.

Julianna Marguelies is mean. I worked on that show a bit and she'd go ballistic whenever anyone else missed or forgot a line.

If she were just nicer to them they'd relax and stuff would go smoothly The directors would tell her to go easier on the guest casts but she just didn't seem to want to. You worked on Good Wife? What are the other cast members like? I didn't interact much with Czurchy unfortunatly! He seemed like a pretty cool guy the few times I met him. Josh Charles was kind of low key, professional, did his work. I liked hearing stories from her theatre days and she liked to tell them so we got along well.

Panjabi always seemed a little nervous and quiet like she had to work real hard to get things right. Cumming was a clown, goofed around a lot, but didn't really talk too much to crew people like me. Chris Noth is the friendliest I'm sure Ellen can be a bitch like anyone, but I don't believe the stories about her being completely opposite from her public image.

And I also don't assume that she and Portia are only together to be a power couple. For one thing Ellen is not an ugly old hag, she looks quite good for her age. She's not "hot" but she is attractive. Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, was sullen, nasty and rude with me on a shoot. Claimed he had not been told in advance what he was supposed to do -- his agent reminded him that he had been but he acted like an asshole anyway. Tom Hanks is a asshole,before he was famous, he free loaded off someone in LA for a long time never paid them back for anything.

R, There are sets where if you even look the star's stand in in the eye at any time you could be in big trouble.

Hello Bruce Willis, Demi Moore. Cesar Milan appeared on a local Toronto chat show that has seen it's share of many big name stars. He was thought of by everyone to be the biggest asshole ever. Extremely rude and arrogant like he thought he was the second coming. Christine Baranski is a nice, funny lady. Josh Charles is quiet, mellow, and very easy to work with Alan Cummings is crazy, but he's cool.

Shit, where to begin? First, she thought it was better for poor women to have children they could never take care of than let them have access to birth control. She would make friends with the most evil dictators and allow them to be photographed with her so to improve their image, providing they made a big donation to her charity. And where did the millions she raise go? Certainly not in any of those hospitals she built.

They are absolute shit holes and were not good enough for her when she needed medical attention. Only the most expensive American clinics would do. If there is an afterlife, we can only hope right now she is getting tag-teamed by Hitler and Stalin while Roy Cohn serenades them with the complete catalog of Irving Berlins alleged music.

Thank you for the Good Wife actor info, r and r! The biggest cunt in the world is Jennifer Aniston. Vastly inflated sense of her own importance. And she hates doing charity work. One time she got wrnagled into doing a PSA-type bit and was scheduled for the same time as Sidney Poitier, to be shot both separately and together. Poitier could not have been nicer or more cooperative. Aniston, on the other hand, was a rude bitch who demanded that she be shot first and was barely civil to the man who is one of the industry's greatest living actors.

Every single person on the set that day was mortified that she would be so openly a nasty harridan. Poitier said, "Of course, of course, let Miss Aniston go first. She's got more important things to do than does an old man like me. I don't have first-hand knowledge but an older colleague told me that of the old-time stars, Danny Kaye was roundly hated for being a gade A-for-asshole martinet.

Also most likely to believe his own bullshit press releases. Yeah, I also want to hear more naughty bits about Richard Carpenter. In the 70s he defined squeaky clean. You just had to see him and hear him sing and the term magically came up. I always got the impression he was the virgin till marriage kind. I'm going against the usual 'Ellen is a bitch' grain. Worked on a few things featuring her and she was amazingly friendly. I didn't expect her to be so nice, especially to someone low on the totem pole like me.

Amazing PR coup that anorexia was considered the cause of death. Speed freaks don't have much of an appetite. Musicians and singers are notorious. Many times they are left behind and tend to benefit those who have to clean up afterwards. It doesn't mean that Cosby was an angel, but it was common practice. Bob Hope's generation didn't have them. With Karen, they talked so much about the anorexia and the damage it can do to muscles -- including the cardiac muscle -- but her autopsy said her heart looked fine.

I'm not one familiar with drugs and their effects, but could speed stop her heart without grossly damaging it? Yes that's the thing with speed.. Unlike heroin where the drug is lethal and kills most of the users. However, use enough speed a massive amount in one hit and it can cause a heart attack.

Any other good-natured celebrity would have seen the humor in that story. I'm sure it's not the first male lap he's sat on willingly.

From what I've heard he seems to be quite miserable and rude with many people. Not trying to be an antagonist, but didn't Karen first try stimulants to help with a slim figure? The cause of death as "anorexia" is kind of dumb, anyway.

Heart attack or kidney failure are the most popular, actual physiological culprits If only it was so simple.. Often eating disorders go hand in hand with stimulant abuse.. They love coke and speed.. I think it was probably a combination of both. Speed addicts get skinny but not like anorexics do.. One of Karen's girlfriends - they one she moved in with when her marriage to the guy who was using her financially was breaking up - said that Karen was a major abuser of laxatives and that she would use syrup of ipecac to induce vomiting.

Lewis is an asshole but why do you take it out on a whole group of people? Can't believe even on the DL and in we have prejudiced cunts like R So embarrassing that these people still exist. Ralph Garmen said on his HollyWood Babble On podcast he does with Kevin Smith that Ben Stiller was an smug asshole who thought he was too good to promote his film on radio.

What a pathetic person you are to hate a whole group of people. How lovely we have a nazi on DL. Andrew Dice Clay does tip but offers tips that don't cost him money such as offering free Dice Clay concert tickets to a limo driver. Bill "full of himself" Cosby. Phylicia Rashad couldn't stand him. She still talks about what an asshole he was to work with. The Captain wanted to go down with his house but she pushed to go to America so the family would have a show business career.

They walked across the border there was no mountain. She exploited the children. They were practically held prisoner, first as members of the family singing group, then as staff in the restaurant in her ski lodge in Vermont. Made to wear lederhosen well into their 30's and miserable. There are many stories about him creeping on women, but he's sure had a long career for someone who's difficult to work with.

He made the player seem heartless, but it sounded to me like this kid just had a pushy, entitled parent. Cosby sat on a folding chair on the lawn while 5 students gathered around him in a circle.

At the time, I very much looked like a hippie. Except for the regular bathing part, I pretty much WAS a hippie. Cosby took one look at me, lit his fat cigar and then proceeded to spend the next half hour explaining how much he hated hippies. It became clear why this was the guy they chose to break the black barrier in the entertainment industry Cosby was the 1st black man to have his own TV show when he and Robert Culp starred in "I Spy". Cosby is the epitome of the Oreo cookie He said nothing different than what I would expect someone like Ben Bernanke to say Bitch has a saintly reputation in Argentina even today , but she was a shady first lady -- manipulative, backstabbing, conniving, vindictive, etc.

I get fed up with biographers like Marysa Navarro an Evitista, really , who try to paint her in the best light possible. That anti-semite troll freak has to go. Really stinking up the thread with his own insecurities and mental problems. The Captain's eldest daughter got sick of that life and tried to run away several times. Finally, Maria browbeat everybody into believing the girl was insane and needed a lobotomy.

They have been together since The singer-songwriter got engaged to her boyfriend after eight years of dating, People magazine confirmed on Aug. Lewis showed off her diamond engagement ring in photos and videos posted on Instagram. Dating since , the couple will reportedly be heading out to Maldives for their honeymoon.

Pattinson and Waterhouse "are dating," a source told People magazine on July The two were spotted together in London, England, over the weekend — first watching a movie and then enjoying some late-night drinks. The two were spotted kissing after attending church service on July They first sparked dating rumors in June, when they stepped out for a picnic date. While they are yet to confirm the news, a source revealed to People that "Maria Schwarzenegger's mother helped set them up.

The "Blue Valentine" actress, who appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair September issue, confirmed her wedding with the musician to the magazine.

The couple secretly married in the Adirondacks in New York, U. The supermodel got engaged to her boyfriend after six years of dating. Kloss confirmed the news on Instagram, where she posted a picture of the couple with the caption: The Canadian singer and the American model, who earlier dated in , are engaged, confirmed People on July 8.

Bieber took to Instagram to reveal the news: You make me so much better and we compliment eachother so well!! The duo sparked romance rumors when they were first spotted together at London's Heathrow Airport on March The former "American Idol" contestant confirmed her engagement with the Canadian musician on July 3.

McPhee revealed on Instagram that Foster proposed while vacationing in Italy. Thankfully he didn't push me off the cliff. He said it was one or the other. The couple have been dating since The couple got engaged late last year, after they met on the set of their movie "Chien. After TMZ obtained a marriage certificate stating that the couple got married on Sept. The couple made the announcement of their engagement on Sept.

Pictured The couple steps into a Land Rover Defender with paper hearts and tin cans tied to the back, after the wedding. They were first linked in March this year after being spotted holding hands while strolling in Los Angeles, but after a brief romance, the duo split in May. When the host joked, "Now, you know you didn't have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on our show, right? I feel like I won a contest.

He shared the news on Instagram on June 9, following which the bride tweeted, "Dear Mr. Key, I love you more every day. The two were introduced to each other by a mutual friend last month and have been spotted a few times lately.

The tattoo artist married the Prayers musician in a gothic-style ceremony in Los Angeles, California, U. Von D, who had officially tied the knot with Reyes in February, wore a red wedding gown and matching horns in her hair. The couple shared the news on Instagram, where Von D wrote: We are spending today together reliving our vows, our beloved friends love, and all the artful beauty we created together, and I promise to share our epic wedding photos with you all soon as well as a bit more of our feelings about everything - as right now, we are both so overwhelmed with all the Love.

Con todo la magia y amor en este mundo The couple got engaged in after two years of dating. On her 50th birthday, the pop star confirmed her relationship with the creative director of British GQ. She shared a picture on Instagram in which she was seen embracing her new beau and captioned it as: The couple split last year.

Henson posted a photo of her new ring, recounting the story of how he proposed. He started with the Cartier love bracelet BUT that was my Mothersday gift and then he dropped to his knee and I almost passed out!!!

The on-off couple are reportedly getting back together again, as reported by People magazine. A source confirmed to the publication, "They are dating exclusively again and things seem more serious. The "Glee" alum announced the engagement to her boyfriend of over a year, on April Michele posted a picture of her four-carat ring on Instagram with the caption "Yes. The ceremony took place at Eleuthera island in the Bahamas and was attended by their closest friends and family members.

The country star is reportedly dating Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker. According to Us Weekly, the couple had been "spending a lot of time together" during their tour earlier this year.

The American actor and the Argentine model are reportedly dating and were spotted having breakfast together at a restaurant in Los Angeles, California, U. According to Us Weekly, a source close to the model said that the two have been close family friends and have known each other for over 10 years.

There must be some passionate force pulling the mother-of-two back to the Plain Spoken star despite their splits in , , and That's not a viable career. When I said, "I want to do what you guys do," they were like, "Okay, go for it!

Ryan and John's loved-up street sighting came three days after her ex-husband Dennis Quaid finalized his divorce from third wife, Kimberly Buffington pictured February Family portrait in With Meg's daughter Daisy L in Fans can next catch the three-time Golden Globe nominee attending three events honoring her career at Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival , which runs May in Arkansas.

Meg will also reportedly produce and star in Epix sitcom Picture Paris - based on creator Brad Hall's short starring his wife Julia Louis-Dreyfus, according to Deadline. The show about empty nesters would mark Ryan's first series regular gig since the short-lived ABC Western Wildside way back in Runs May in Arkansas! Fans can next catch the three-time Golden Globe nominee attending three events honoring her career at Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival.

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Tuesday, Sep 11th 5-Day Forecast. Elizabeth Smart is furious one of her kidnappers Wanda Barzee is to be released from prison after serving just 15 years for holding her captive in the woods for nine months Royal insiders dismiss claims Camilla schemed to split up William and 'pretty but dim' Kate before their wedding - as she thought the now Duchess was too 'lowly' to join the monarchy Hurricane Florence could strengthen to 'life-threatening' Category 5 storm with up to 1.

She never deserved it': Model tells Dr Phil she DID order a hit man to kill her husband's ex by throwing her in a wood chipper after she's sentenced to just five years prison Why smokers are more susceptible to the common cold: Your nose can fight off viruses and chemicals - but not at the same time Previous.

Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: CCTV video of two women allegedly trying to steal from salon Botham Jean's neighbor shares video after his fatal shooting Moment bull repeatedly gores man and pins him against fence David Hogg urges Canadians to donate to US politicians Taxi driver kicks passenger out after he threw litter out of his car. Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges quietly comes out as 'not Jeffrey Dahmer's temple of skulls: Middle-aged British man is shot dead by police on the

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